Rufus - Any Love Lyrics

You go out every night as a single
But you don't really know what to do
You see someone that you'd like to mingle
And imagine that she is waiting for you

Any love that you feel
Is real
Any time that you use love
You lose love

There is no certain crowd that you run with

But your passions they never run thin
You say 'hi', they say 'hi' and it's done with
Still you don't really love from deep within


Batted eyes and bitter tears
Price you pay for all the years
Of holding back what's deep inside
And living with a hell of a lot of lies


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Rufus Any Love Comments
  1. The Man In Red - Funk, Soul, Boogie e Hip Hop


  2. Derrick Manciel

    This shit is way too fire!

  3. Boho Lif3

    Soul Train used this as an intro back in the day.

  4. Hankster

    I wore this album out👊👍❤

  5. tulliogiusi

    Love this. Masterpiece

  6. Neo Jake Tee

    Omg! I am lookin for the guy who gve out random lyrics in the comment section?

  7. Kirmet Lyons

    Chaka at her best. Wow this song is killer,

  8. Joe Brinkley

    Uhh oh they're playing my mom's song she love chaka Khan songs I like to see my mom dance and sing off these songs her and my aunt's it be a lot of them

  9. Kevo Law

    Masterjam. Rufus and Chaka at their zenith. You all know I speak the truth. Amen ☺

  10. The SPIRITLIGHT Surround yourself with

    i remember that album cover haha

  11. Elizabeth Williams

    Every night as a Single

  12. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #24 on the R&B charts in 1980!!!

  13. Elizabeth Williams


  14. Richard Smith

    Happy to report I'm a 54 yr. former dancer/choreographer...and just stumbled onto this Song. Pretty sure I knew every groove to date, So thank You Ms.Khan for bringing Fresh Grooves to my rehearsed moves!

  15. Avery Fisher

    The ultimate jam😎🎤👍🏽

  16. Paul Egan

    Many a night, this was my last song!

  17. Hamid X

    Someone beat me too...but this all Paradise Garage circa 81..82

  18. Sweetohm55

    connection btw real life and songs ,its one of my passion

  19. Lamar Johnson

    Need some insight!! Todd Terry has a House Mix of this track, does anybody what ep or lp its on??

  20. MikeFastSpeed

    Grand Theft Auto 4 brought me here


    MikeFastSpeed I thought so ...Dam!!!


    Love it

  22. t achan

    You go out every night as a single
    But you don't really know what to do
    You see someone that you'd like to mingle
    And imagine that she is waiting for you

    Any love that you feel
    Is real
    Any time that you use love
    You lose love

    There is no certain crowd that you run with
    But your passions they never run thin
    You say 'hi', they say 'hi' and it's done with
    Still you don't really love from deep within


    Batted eyes and bitter tears
    Price you pay for all the years
    Of holding back what's deep inside
    And living with a hell of a lot of lies

  23. ReeseMac

    Does anyone know where they were when that picture for the album cover was taken?

    Jeff Hooker

    Los Angeles, Ca

  24. Frederick Gillette

    I remeber when i was in high school i brought this album for do u love what u feel the first i played this track i immediately liked it then some years later it's played over on 430 Broad Street and 84 King Street wow and it still has UMPH ! ! !

  25. PH Ugly Duckling

    Bbq/cook out music.
    night club music.
    Bar /lounge music.
    Cleaning~the~crib~on~Saturday music.
    Dance as if no one is watching music.

    Any Rufus feat. Chaka Khan ~~Yeah....THAT MUSIC 🔊📢📣🎼🎵🎶🎛🎷🎸🎹🎺🥁

  26. Roosevelt McCarter

    Any Love is a great song. From the lp "Master jam."

    SJPompey Pompey

    Just got it on discogs for £5 jammin the neighbours ears off .

  27. Gracie Beatz

    Omg I love this song!!!!!

  28. Ray Stevens

    SUPERB!! One of their best!! Way ahead of their time!!!



  30. albert Forlini

    :-) :-) :-) The start kind of sneaks up . Good bounce and stroll too.

  31. Tom Biber

    Firstly, shout out to my pops for playing this record in the house when I was a kid...I just played this joint at a disco night out in SF and it blew the damn roof off! -Absolute FIRE!

  32. terry avant

    Yep that's it, I love this, since 79'

    terry avant

    someone to enjoy this with would be nice

  33. el scientifico

    I haven't heard this in years. I'm all goosebumps!!!

  34. Phyllis Foster


  35. pattifanalwayz

    You know yo shit too

  36. Annette Talavera

    Who else listening 2018?

    Sky Pilot

    Still listening in 2019 Annette...Peace and Love,,,

  37. James Whitelaw

    As good as it gets

  38. Travis Wooten


  39. bagley232

    first time I have heard this I love it

  40. xavierdh2000

    My aunt had this album and this was the song I listened to the most

  41. Lillian Balkum

    Chaka at her best!!!! Memories of the Paradise Garage!!

    Uncle Buzzy

    Annnd Better Days... !!!

    SJPompey Pompey

    Skanking tune

  42. MizAnn Wells

    The jam!!

  43. MizAnn Wells

    27 dumb asses don't now any love

  44. gerald deyounge

    Genius composition and vocal supremacy

  45. carl grant

    I can't get enough of this song

  46. Kelvin Anderson

    so much wonderful music bangin hard in 1979 . fort hood texas. just before i was to go to germany.this album came . i really didnot want to leave fort hood. but i had to go.


    I don't know why but everytime i hear this song i am reminded of Brainstorm song called "Loving Is My Game" sung by Ms. Belita Woods.

    Adam Christopher

    A CHOSEN VESSEL like that song!

    Adam Christopher

    A CHOSEN VESSEL I like that song


    I totally agree

  48. Conrad Kirnon


  49. Jerry Tasker

    Everytime I play my system, this is one of the tunes sitting by to pop in.

  50. positiveposition

    This has that positive anthem effect. I miss the organic momentum building bridges and then the crescendo when the dance floor explodes. Song of that era were designed with this and didn't need a deejay to manufacture that effect. Wow Chaka is still my number one screamin diva. No other voice like hers.

  51. sandra basket

    Oh yeah!!!

  52. Hankster

    I had this album

  53. eric anderson


    Kirmet Lyons

    eric anderson real vocals

  54. eric anderson

    all you youngun's this is MUSIC

  55. positiveposition

    Alls I can say Chaka does it for me from sun up to sun down!
    This cut really moves me...the melody and chorus is groovin. The band Rufus was tight and that Tony Maiden can stand blow next to Miss Chaka and take on that screamin diva so he's alright with me.

  56. Big Shark

    Chaka is life.

  57. Gregory Hollenquest

    i remember when I bought this album
    ....oh Chaka

  58. Terrance Black

    Throwback Tuesday!

  59. michael morgan

    I always liked Chaka but when this came I  fell in love with her.First time I saw her live was at the Paradise Garage in nyc

    michael morgan

    we never went to 54

    Kevin Lopez

    +Braighdan Silas
    Very true. 54 was the worst. Lightning and DJ was the worst. Went straight to the Garage . My late brother was spinning that night with Larry.

    Tasha Thomas

    taking it back :)

    Joan Waipouri

    She's my favourite female artist of my time anyway, love this album and others that her and rufus have put out...

  60. Phyllis Foster

    Come on Chaka and Preach!!!!!!!

  61. ron coomans

    old times keep time after time swinginggggggggggggggggggggggggg and its never it to more more moreeee

  62. Bobby Linning

    The magic of Quincy Jones!!!!!!!!!

  63. Michelle Savarese

    SERIOUSLY...the lyric "any time that you USE love you LOSE love"...TEACH CHAKA!!

  64. iluvtheband

    This song never gets old!


    Indeed - although sadly the rest of us do :(

    Cynthia Walker

    It sure doesn't☺


    ewaf88 lol

  65. ISPANOS2001


  66. Mrs. Tina Wilson

    Brings me back to skipping school with Cheryl Shaw (R.I.P.)...We were Chaka Khan's BIGGEST FANS! Miss those daze!

  67. Stefan Svensson

    What musicians played on this?

    StillDre 61

    +Stefan Svensson Rufus,of course,and other studio guys that Quincy Jones liked.The strings were excellent in this piece......

    ordonize holmes

    StillDre 61 Jerry hey horn arranger

  68. BK2BX

    YES, Chaka!!!!

  69. Kenni Wells

    My jam!

  70. Dionne Brown


  71. alexbob ross

    CHAKA ...I love you so much !!!!        : )


    Thumbs up if GTA brought you here and two if you knew it already!

  73. DaOrigTruthSeeker

    This is my favorite song with Chaka Khan.....this just brings all kinds of good memories to me.

    StillDre 61

    +DaOrigTruthSeeker I was @ NCCU in Durham,NC....We was killin' this @ the house parties.If these kids only knew....ha-haaa

    The Beast

    +StillDre 61 heh yeah you ain't kidding!

    StillDre 61

    @The Beast Real fun with real girls that had real hair....lmao

    love goddess

    StillDre 61 one of the best things about her all "natural beauty" she really influenced me with that.. love her

    StillDre 61

    @Dee Graves The range (of her voice) Chaka had at a very young age....God-given And like you said,"natural beauty",you could feel hers inside and out..........Classic/Class p.s. Heaven Bound same LP

  74. Demark Manigo

    Love this song!!

  75. alexbob ross

    ........... CHAKA I LOVE YOU !!!!! : )

  76. R Stevenson

    Its TOO bad they can't get back together. This song fits with the music of today. Jam on miss chaka

  77. Kevin Lopez

    The memories of Paradise Garage, The Loft, The Ice Palace and Ones. The wonders of Chaka's voice still resonates deeply. What memories of this song, then leading to her solo career. OMG!!

    Kevin Lopez

    That's very true! ! Especially Better Days!

  78. Lynn Berna


  79. ordonize holmes

    Right after quincy produced mj off the wall

    ordonize holmes

    Oki was born in the 80s


    Yep you're right. I had all those albums plus The Whispers self titled album & Shalamar-"Big Fun" album, Prince self titled album, Funkeldelic-"Uncle Jam Wants You", Rick James-"Fire It Up", & Natalie Cole and Peabo Bryson duet album-"We;re The Best Of Friends". An awesome & memorable December 1979 when R&B was really kicking.

  80. GIZMO G

    I totally enjoy Chaka Khan's music , specially this hit

  81. T. Price

    This clearly a Quincy Jones production!

    ordonize holmes

    The recording spring and summer 1979 at westlake studio in l.a and bruce swedien engenier


    Signature Q

    Rodney Sands

    @ordonize holmes that's right 😎

  82. Kevin Larner

    class song will stand the test of time gets me every time i here it great days

  83. Honor Thy Melanin

    K109 The Studio

  84. MsCharlieBrown78 (Charlie Rae)

    Totally awesome. It has Quincy Jones written all over it. Was Rod Temperton & Louis Jonson involved in this particular song by any chance? I know they were pivotal in many of Jones' productions of this era.

    MsCharlieBrown78 (Charlie Rae)

    @Sky Pilot Hi Sky :)

    Sky Pilot

    How you doing and good to hear from you. How are things going for you, hope you're having a great summer, let's talk so more...Peace and Love...

    MsCharlieBrown78 (Charlie Rae)

    @Sky Pilot Morning. I'm great thanks, you ok? Yes, were finally getting summer here in the UK - about time really and I hope it holds up!..  :)) 

    Marvin G. Harden

    MsCharlieBrown78 (Charlie Rae) yes they are playing on it.

    jerome Jackson

    This song was written by David "Hawk wolinski" keyboards for Rufus, the driving force behind most of their songs. He also wrote "ain't nobody", "Do you love what you feel" And many more. He's a bad White !!!!!

  85. njplr

    OMFG I forgot all about this one, and I used to LIVE for it. I am getting chills all over, remembering how GLORIOUS this sounded at 84 KIng. Sweet Jesus, did we ever have FUN. These kids today, well, they just don't make songs like this, and haven't for a long time. Chaka, you were THE VOICE.

    Virgil Wyatt

    IKR!! I almost forgot about this one, too! This IS M U S I C!!

  86. Sweetohm55

    hundreds of plays

  87. Arvid Stark

    Min favorit

  88. gerald deyounge

    No other singer will ever produce the joy this women displays. Genius.......

  89. gerald deyounge

    This has to be one of the greatest feats in music history.

  90. Anne Hamilton

    A Great Classic........Chaka Khan & Rufus were the real deal, back in the days!

  91. Markos Andronikos

    Get up from your chair and dance.!!!

  92. gerald deyounge

    Incomparable vocals by Ms. CK unmatched. To have an instrument that is so unique in music is unimaginable, but Chaka does... the voice of many centuries to come.

    wanetta renay

    helps out black people too, she started a recovery house in compton, I understand. lot of talent and beauty packed in that tiny frame

  93. Annette Lowe

    Great junior high school days! The best!

  94. Dave Garcia

    The absolute best.

  95. I Am Not A Robot

    Goosebumps !!!

  96. pattifanalwayz

    anytime that you use love you loose love