Rucka Rucka Ali - Like A Cop Lyrics

I pull them over, turn off the cameras in a park
They'll find out no one rapes like a cop
No one rapes like a cop

I went out to patrol last night
Saw a girl driving a pretty Chrystler
I rolled it, she could have stoled it
Do you know why I pulled you over ma'am
She said well it's 'cause I'm texting men
My colon, I was just trolling
Then I got out my fucking gun
Said I'm afraid ma'am that the law's
Been broken, let's get poking
And both our fucking hands are tied up now

In this world of violence, I'm all you have
Against the sharks when there's a shark
I control the record, no one will watch me in the dark
When I'm out in the dark
I pull them over, turn off the cameras in a park
They'll find out no one rapes like a cop
No one rapes like a cop

Said now you're free to go, good night
She said you raped me, I said
I don't recall this, would you like to report it?
Ooh, I'll take your rape kit with me
Make sure to test it and we'll see
Results then, give you a call then
There's nothing I can do much more than that
There's not enough of funding we get now

In this world of violence
We're all that's standing in her path
She won't pass
We control the record
So who'll watch the watchers in our wrath?
We expunge the past
I pull them over, turn off the cameras in a park
They'll find out no one rapes like a cop
No one rapes like a cop
No one rapes like a cop
No one rapes like a cop

I thought I would serve and protect
But of my soul there's nothing left
I'm broken, who was I joking?
It's not that I can introspect and stop
But with justice gone we deal with fist and cock

In this world of violence, I'm all you have
Against the sharks when there's a shark
I control the record, no one will watch me in the dark
When I'm out in the dark
I pull them over, turn off the cameras in a park
They'll find out no one rapes like a cop
No one rapes like a cop
No one rapes like a cop
No one rapes like a cop

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Rucka Rucka Ali Like A Cop Comments
  1. Shannon Shaw

    Honestly, the cop in this song is a complete monster. He pulls over and shoots a girl just for driving with her phone, then he rapes her, making passive-aggressive and dishonest remarks about the incident. When he finally feels remorse, he then brushes it aside and figures that raping and assaulting people is the only way the justice system works, clearly not caring that he's a cop either way.

    You might say he's not because the song is comical, but since his actions cross the line twice (and stand out from literally any of Rucka's characters), I think he still counts.

  2. Tyler burton

    fuck you

  3. Surreales Salz

    So great

  4. Elimu

    Soooo dark 😔

  5. Jonas ABBOU

    It’s a bit like the 1st time heard it

  6. RäppiUkot

    Your songs can be so fucking offensive, but so true

  7. David Coppage

    can someone give me a hint as to what this songs about.

  8. The supreme DALEK

    Cop: *forgets to turn off camera*

    Department: heheh your in trouble

  9. tellio

    Nothing breaks like a car, what about that

  10. Dance God

    You put too much effort into editing these tbh. The old low-effort style was funnier and let the songs speak for themselves.

  11. Veqdera YouTube

    This jokes are not for kids :)

  12. Sarah Connor

    Thid happened to me... horrible cops.

  13. Not Here

    "We control the record,
    So who'll watch the watchers
    In our wrath?
    We expunge the past"

    Honestly more profound than the original lyrics (which are already great).

  14. Marcus C

    This exposes all cops for exactly what they are crupt pieces of shit

  15. Rebel Rock

    no ads in video awesome thumbs up!

  16. Ricky Cannon

    I want to be beter than a cop FBI the big dogs 🐶

  17. ViracochaFI

    Now these cops are in Finland too...

  18. Kilex

    9/10 song bravo boys

  19. rick walker

    Sang this when I got arrested for j walking, now serving 15 years....

  20. ChillsWithSloths

    I think this might be the darkest song he’s done.

  21. Alex Kiley

    I actually like this song more than the original

  22. Jazzy

    Let's be cops

  23. Adara Yorke

    Rucka does better parodies than Bart baker

  24. FunnTabby Cat

    Someone should play this in a cop station

  25. The mixed Videos

    Nice song
    This is just mininum how bad of the police
    Police = world worst mafia

    The song is True fact

  26. Gary Sturmabteilung

    Catchy as hell and easy to sing along with.

  27. Tubzy Wilson

    Sounds like english bobbies be at this aswel

  28. Turtle gaming

    I’m a huge supporter of police and this is still funny as shit. Keep up the good work, no one is safe against you Rucka.

  29. general grevious

    somebodies been watching a bit of police porn.

  30. Kaloonin Haggis

    ”In this world of violence, we’re all that’s standing in her path
    She won’t pass
    We control the records, who’ll watch the watchers in our wrath?” is lyrical genius, seriously.

  31. Steven Tompkins

    Fucking yeah

  32. Евгений Игнатенко

    Good song. I`m a Cop btw ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  33. richard brooks

    Fucking idiots.

  34. Lee Stevens

    If there's two people I wouldn't wanna clash with musically one's Eminem, and the others Rucka. I think they'd both kill anyone off. I mean I think Rucka would just make people laugh at you and Eminem would just destroy you seriously.

  35. Mike D

    I think someone got raped

  36. PUBG Player991399

    Most police are good men

  37. Water Napple

    Good song and all

    But fuck this anti cop bullshit

  38. Adam bar

    SNN sent me. So true lol

  39. Richies Restorations

    I'd love to watch Eric Brandts expression when he listens to this. Nobody hates cops more than him!!


    Happy fuck the cops day. Fuck them dirty shit-bags everyday and Thrice on Thursday.

  40. peenless

    prepare for great song

  41. Vanilla Gorilla

    I showed both of Rucka's cop songs to my Sgt. He said they were funny, but if I ever dare blasted them from my squad car, I'd be written up immediately. He knows me so well :(

  42. ann brnz

    one of your best songs..absolutely

  43. general grevious

    looks like someones been to much cop porn

  44. The Shinigami

    Black cops rapes better than white cops ✝️🙏👌

  45. Ahmed Atef

    Just not the men who die to keep us safe


    Ya, you'd be dead if it wasn't for those dirty cops saving your pussy snowflake ass everyday.

  46. Alexander S

    The biblical references, who watches the watchers in this song, holy shit. Fuck a parody this is legit.

  47. Mr Fats

    All Rucka songs have "This is jokes :D" in the description, this one. Doesn't.

  48. animatedbird

    I keep coming back to this song even though it's one of the most fucked up ones, in my opinion. But the music is so god damn catchy.

  49. Nevermind314


  50. riri

    I didn’t know this was a thing. Great song tho

  51. Razgriz Straitz

    *I steal and kidnap but I call it fines and arrests, You live at my behest,.... im the government's angel yeah*

  52. Julien El

    Hey there littles my names jared im a frine can i eat a sandwhich with you ho bout a footlong wheat or white
    What kind of bread

  53. Julien El

    Rucka rucka

  54. Julien El


  55. Steampunk123123

    2:00 yes like 5 fucking cops from south park and a play dough cop is gonna stop anarchy itself

  56. C & K Productions

    Can I get the Instrumental of this?

  57. Vaxtin

    Been many years since I've watched one of his parodies. Still got it, this is pretty catchy. Not to go watch all the really old ones like Go Cops.

  58. Felix V

    This is fucking creepy man considering that cops do go bad from time to time.

  59. Омбре Но Тан Алто Ен Ла Тиерра

    It's time to mock Hollywood in all their perversion and their success in making us do: as they prefer to see, like it, and bully those who don't fit in, as well as them and their ancestors making religions to make people feel it's a moral obligation to fit in to their double standard dressing agenda while naming it and calling it something fully different.

    Also, make one mocking the psychotic managers who would actually try to force employees with bad work experience or who sucked at it by quantitative or qualitative means to never find a new job and to gradually die off if it's what it means if they include it on their work history on job applications or resumé. An example is:

    (Parody to Thrift Shop)

    I am going to force employees with bad work experience to die off!
    I'm a manager
    Go run tell the police
    They will ask you "So what?"

    When you're fired, you're not just fired from one job
    But you're fired from every last job here on Earth
    In fact you're fired from the planet and you're body
    Donald Trump says
    "Hey, let's get rid of all the cripples"
    It's about to get cushy
    When it's time to fire
    Remember Christ would do this to
    "Cleans the world from cripples"
    Happy coming time which we've no more burdens
    Let me show you what management training gave me
    "Okay now don't hire them. I said don't hire them!"

    You should also make a parody mocking those who believe at least one of the following that plant in people's heads since a young age: getting married or living with a loved significant other; having kids.

    And a parody mocking bus companies who lie that they make safety their top priority while allowing bus drivers to take off before passengers sit or stand still somewhere.

    Plus a parody mocking teachers who put misbehaving young students' life and safety in danger by sending them outside to the outdoor part, by which anyone can break in to the school and kidnap.

    Yet a new parody mocking Illuminati targeting individuals and planning genealogy and specific future ancestry lines like deciding who will they be with and when, when, what gender, and how will each child be named, along with the implanting of creepy numerology by making them happen in a very specific timepoint going something like:

    Hey Rockefeller
    Do you wanna target individuals?

    What what what what
    What what what what
    What what what what
    What what what what
    Target them target them target those guys up! ×4

    And also time to make a parody of the song F The Police by NWA insulting those specific kind of people or group, a different one for each one, and one insulting cops for raping females, investigating themselves for doing it, protecting each other even when they did something wrong or even a class A felony, and getting away with it.

  60. Christian Hinojosa


  61. Cannon fodder micky

    These songs are always funny
    But also have a dark meaning

  62. cheeseburger

    this lit

  63. Adolf Kitler

    Considering the timing of this video, you could also say 'Noone kills like an Aussie'.

  64. Lee Stevens

    Lol I've said this before but ive gotta say it again... I think ruckas a genius. I'm serious too. I don't know how you can change the lyrics, make it funny, and still sound the same, and rhyme with the original songs. I mean fair enough I think it's pretty easy to think of a few funny lyrics that rhyme with the original songs, but I think it takes a genius to create a full parody song, and to make as many as rucka has, and for them to actually be good and funny. He's talented with his voice too, but I think it takes a genius to write these parodies. I wonder if he produces his own music.

  65. Mr. Profundis

    That's quite dark

  66. NoNoLabs

    Probably the most realistic song he has ever put out but with said I didn't laugh once 😥😥

  67. SavedEmperor

    It's a lot better than the original version 🤣

  68. Autismus

    I wonder how hard article 13 would strike rucka rucka Ali if he was in Europe

  69. Legitpenguins69

    Im really curious what ruckas thought process is when he "rewrites" a song

  70. Silver

    The instrumentals are so beautiful.

  71. Gunars T

    It is actually better than original

  72. Joseph Sumner

    At least they take care of the sharks

    Sean Hartnett

    Joseph Sumner by becoming sharks!

  73. micky onil


  74. Plata593

    needs more Views

  75. Sasha and The Crew Adventures

    Damm dis song!!!!

  76. Batmoron E

    All rape victims have to do to stop getting raped is act like they want it. Its not rape if you want it

    John J

    If you wanted it multiple times from multiple people it's prostitution without money (for the hack of it)

  77. Alexander Woltjen

    So I get that this is supposed to be kind of serious so I'm wondering if this is something that actually happens. Can anyone pull up any examples of police raping civilians during routine traffic stops or any other situation?

    Dense WaterMelon

    Bruh didn't u watch the video? U wont find evidence

  78. Cody Burtch

    Song is fucked up

  79. Trap Legend

    this is very dark.... i love it.

  80. Zayaan Dadwani

    Funny but messed up

  81. Rumba Zumba

    No one shoots black people like a cop

  82. BillyJohnson367

    Eh. I don't why but I haven't really liked Rucka's recent parodies. Personally, they're just not as good as, say, Jared the Footlong Lover or PETA. Hope some other dope song is released. Keep it up.

  83. Robenspierrelouis

    He is back thank you god

  84. Anton gaming

    love your songs

  85. Gingertheninja

    Ebo la la😂

  86. Michael Svoboda

    ...introspection... Mr Objectivist smuggles in some truth? Also, this is a metaphor for the current government, ain't it?

  87. DirectWolf

    Who remembers the eff Australia song. You know how he said they won’t find about this song because they are so far away well a lot of Australians including myself know it. To be honest it wasn’t a bad song

  88. Steinar

    Oh yeah yeah

    John J

    No one rape like authorities, oh yeah yeah

  89. Calamity

    Being a cop is all kinds of fun

  90. GrimBear

    really like seriously


    hmm yes much like i approve.

  91. Lorcan Sampey

    not the rucka i used to love

    Massive Dohoonkabhankoloos

    he’s the same edgy self as always

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  93. Anonymer Kleber Schnüffler

    It's art.

  94. Nathan Sampson

    What the FUCK!!!


    i take it you don't like the lyrics?

    Nathan Sampson

    @Calamity honestly dude I don't like this song they have saved my ass especially that time when I was in a car I had a accident and my car flipped they helped me out


    @Nathan Sampson yeah! Cops are awesome!

  95. Robert Woods

    For the longest time I thought poc stands for piece of crap but a friend actually told me it stands for person of color and I thought what's the difference?