Rucka Rucka Ali - Leafy Is Literally Lyrics

Covering my chin
This cringe is way too real
Leafy's what I called
Literally fucking here!

(What up you guys? This is LeafyIsHitler. And welcome back to a brand new video on the goddamn internet. So, uh, long story short, I was...)

Just smoking black tar weed and minding my own business
Literally, literally
This black guy's video showed up on my recommended
It was cringe, with all being said
And without further ado, p-p-p-play it, dude!

(God, this shit's fucking cringe! I mean, I don't think I've seen anything this gay!)

What the fuck on any level? Whatsoever!

Covering my chin
This dude has diabetes
Sleeping with my dog
And FouseyTube is queer!

This homeless man just try to force himself upon me
It was Keem, no but really
The fact is if you take into accountability
It was Keem, no but man see

(Dude look, dude look)

Now I'm not claiming here, to be jerking my own dick

(AKA, I'm not saying like Saddam Hussein's son, Melvin Trump!)

But spoiler alert: This is!

Covering my chin
Reptilians work for me
Drilling my own dome
Drinking Pokémon GO kids' tears!

Covering my chin
This cringe is way too real
Leafy's what I called
Literally, in conclusion here today!

(Hope you enjoyed this video, and if you did dude, please go leave...)
Please leave a like, to re..
(ceive one-hundred-thousand brand new Lamborghinis, no scam! But seriously...)
Thank you, for your support, recently!


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Rucka Rucka Ali Leafy Is Literally Comments

    This song makes me laugh so hard! XD

  2. James White II

    The song!!! ✌✌✌

  3. Legend of Nibbaheem

    bring back leafy

    Nerdy Alien

  4. Chris J

    i respect you more for this

  5. Sonic Rain

    If you like this comment, you will get a brand new Ferrari.
    NO SCAM!

  6. Carol From HR


  7. Paulpro Gaming

    Honestly it's sad that leafy is gone
    He was one of the few people who didn't really give a fuck even after filthyfrank left

  8. John DOH

    Content Cop didn't kill Leafy... this song did. :^)

  9. The mask reborn


  10. Just sub to me for no Reason

    Congrats on 1M subs

  11. swagermuffinz !

    That whole leafy this was pretty entertaining

  12. Snidbert

    RIP Leafy's YouTube career

  13. NOFAPorama

    Very good song.

  14. Robert Patter

    That girl and her dog. Have you made a video about that? It's time. Your a legend in the eyes of the soldiers. Now go, Big Boss

  15. Niiya 255

    Leafy is a cunt

    Zukulent Mike

    Yeah but i kinda Miss 2016. Back on the day we had some of the most offensive content lol

  16. chairmanofrussia

    One of the funniest things about this are the song alterations to the chords.

  17. Z H

    You need to make more linkin park parodies

  18. Graig Simmonette

    *Gay* underneath jacksfilms. Best thing I've seen today.

  19. Wolfsschanze Music


  20. Troy Castles

    10 years from now....Leafy still has more subs than you

    Ensiferum Fan


  21. Conwolf08 Waz here

    This is hilarious

  22. seggy

    I want leafy back not this fucking cyrus kid.

  23. Brendan Liam

    Who the fuck is Leafy.


  24. GEO000

    Leafy was here...

  25. Nanachi

    I’m literally at the moment leafy with blond hair


    Looks wise

  26. thefunnyzskits

    2017 was some year

  27. RessuRekt

    Thats pretty gud

  28. alex gag

    How is the original song called? EDIT I found it it's called crawling

  29. Madison Gann

    This makes me laugh so hard. I’m so happy I found this.

  30. Amier Kohne

    When YT decides your fucked you ARE fucked sry leafy :c



  32. andrew johnson

    The dog fucker ark was internet gold, kinda miss the chinless yin.

  33. maggotz

    wow, leafy is lucky to be noticed by the almighty rucka

  34. lync335

    I'll watch any and all of your linkin park paradies.

  35. Jackson

    What is the song you use

    Will M

    crawling linkin park

  36. Iceman 420

    Wow attacking youtube wow just wow

  37. Family Friendly Name

    I watch rucka so much yet only found this today the fuck

  38. ultra instinct shaggy

    Leafy was here

  39. Lord Playz

    This is the worst

  40. George Costanza

    What was the point of even making this in May of 2017 by this point everyone forgot who leafy was and unsubbed to him like crazy (but nice song either way)

  41. mark aquino

    Leafy died. Needs to stay that way

  42. Interstellar Lapis & the CCCP

    I looked like Keem/Sargon until recently... then I stylized my beard, now I look like fucking John Wick!

  43. Intellectual Iconoclasm

    Fuck, you nailed him.

  44. Troll Face YTPLover

    That Arab image should not be there please and thank you

  45. P1X3L D3L74


  46. Andrej Kempi

    best thing u have ever made

  47. Jackson

    It just shows how much leafy is *Literally*

  48. Grand Dad


    Shows jackfilms

  49. cancerking

    Reptilians we need to attack HISSSSSSS

  50. Poco _

    1:57 Hey, it's Some Black Guy! Seriously, I'm pretty positive that's his YouTube username.

  51. Hollowman1985

    lmao! my fat nigga joey!

  52. PowerTech

    leafys chin is slowly shrinking day by day or is cus he got big gay hands so he can keem a handjob

  53. Derek Henschel

    0:01 the shit from the toilet has come back to haunt us

  54. Gaming Asassin04

    Rip throat

  55. Hunter Moss

    Who the fuck is leafy?

    Hunter Moss

    B3770RD okay who was he?

  56. Deadmangaming

    My favourite parody so far

  57. Aaron

    No content cop jokes

  58. Iturbide

    Ahhh the good old times

  59. imat Roll

    399 Leafy fan boys plus Leafy himself thumbed downed your video. :(

  60. Sophisticated Films

    Most chringiest vid on the dark web dude

  61. Thomas The tank engine

    Try not to sing challenge! (IMPOSSIBLE)

  62. Thomas The tank engine

    Still My favorite

  63. Rob Nie

    Leafy is unique in that he has a very punchable face

  64. pancakekid05

    He LITERALLY Fucking DIED!
    2018 ANYBUDDY?

  65. Andrea Spadaccini

    ****DISS TRACK****

  66. Master Gamer

    people rucka has pornhub

  67. neko Girl


  68. Isaac Sánchez Venera

    *_A R T_*

  69. Kango Bango

    Linkin Park literally hung hime self

  70. beanzy 18


  71. RevanIo09

    Funny how leafy is a dead channel now, Rucka killed leafy.

  72. Demetri A


  73. Jonah Busker

    itsRucka what song is this a parody of

  74. Øystein

    I actually still unironically watch leafy

    *no shame*

  75. Nathan Scheyltjens

    RIP your voice

  76. One3673241

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that MLK speech is some of the cringiest, gayest shit in the world.

  77. Chrounum

    just wait for leafys response.

  78. Peter The Jay

    I LITCHURALLY just found the cringiest person on the FUCKING INTERNET. I'm LITREALLY dying! Lol. This song is amazing

  79. egg noodle

    1:18 you just know he is a fan

  80. Jonablob 1

    This song is Lichrally awsome

  81. SPICYMEMES 458

    This dude his diabeetus I died


    Rip chester

  83. Some Dumbass

    Make one on that little bitch ricegum

  84. The G line

    The good drama of 2016 not this fake drama of 2017

  85. Anarcho-Munchlax

    C O V E R I N G M Y C H I N


    This is the shitz

  87. 2Apiper

    I was in a group with Whitney Wisconsin she is whack as fuck

  88. Smuggle Fish

    Wrong, this video must be stretched to 10 minutes

  89. D_nkness

    come on dude im subbed to you both and im only subbed to 5 ppl i think your both halarious


    but im a fan of both of you and this is funny lol

  90. Isabella Simpkins

    I wish he'd see this

  91. Talûn-karkû The Warchief

    Yo Derrick


    Shit but he actually does do all of those, doesnt he?

  93. DeafBlindMan

    lolled from the start

  94. JMan 44

    Fousytube is queer actually

  95. AdmiredRapier

    hey guys make sure you leaf a like on the video

  96. big shlong dong

    im not saying its bad but at least get some original content. the chin thing was from idubbbz

  97. Dindu Muffin

    rucka...stick with rap. you're black. you're not good at rock.

  98. itsRucka

    Rip Chester


    I think he'd approve.


    From crawling in my skin to hanging in my den

    Kuba havlíček

    You misspelled Calvin

    sgt Hale107

    @PokeBrian1888 They're not pop. They're Rock/Nu Metal

    kurts gaming

    R.i.p best band