Rucka Rucka Ali - Don't Call Me Ginger Lyrics

Don't call me ginger
That word is not nice
Don't call me ginger
You don't know what's like
To have tons of freckles
And my skin is white
(I'm so white)
And I don't have no rights
(I have no rights)
Don't call me ginger

Don't call me "hey fuck you gingerbread"
That word is hateful and shdouldn't be said
Would you call a black guy a Kit-Kat bar? No
It ain't my fault my genetics is rekt
That God and nature didn't expect
I'm a nerd with freckles
That my dad and mom regret

Do you need to be racist?
Do you need to say a word of hate?
It's not part of free speech talk
'Cause I take it as a threat, what? (what?)

Don't call me ginger
That word is not right
Don't point your finger
And yell when I walk by
Have some compassion
I'm pale and scared to fight
(I don't fight)
And I die if I'm in sunlight
(Don't know why)
Don't call me ginger

Making fun isn't funny
We're a hated minority
Always been oppressed
Make you blind when we're undressed
It's not our fault we get hungry
And your blood is what we eat
Yoru soul is what we love best
We come out when the sun sets

They hung us from trees in the south
The north kept us under the couch
But the hate speech ends right now, ow

Don't call me ginger
That word is not nice
David had red hair
As did Jesus Christ
It's like saying that Asians
Eat nothing but rice
(They all like rice)
Or saying they all look alike
(They all look alike)
Don't call me ginger

Science can't explain the ginger life phenomenon
'Cause we evolved inside an egg laid by the devil underground
And when we came up to the light it gave us freckles
And we scared off everyone
Bias and the hate that we experience is wrong
But can't do nothing 'cause the Found Fathers didn't give us right
And Darwin said we were a lower form of life
Than monkeys living in a barn
I look like a carrot but don't call me ginger

Don't call me ginger
That word is not nice
Don't call me ginger
You don't know what's like
To have tons of freckles
And my skin is white
(I'm so white)
And I can't take sunlight
(No sunlight)
Don't call me ginger

Pray the Lord have mercy on his most wicked of creatures
The pale, blind, and lame Daywalking Ginger
God forgive this freckled beast for stealing the souls of regular children
Or as the Scripture says, treat thy ginger with kindness inside his zoo cage and feed him a banana
Amen, brother, hallelujah, Virgin Mary God bless all praise Black Jesus hallelujah

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Rucka Rucka Ali Don't Call Me Ginger Comments
  1. G.H officiel

    Well, i sent this to a ginger security guard on snap, who hot injured twice, "he cant fight he has no rights ". 😂😉

  2. Boxxxly

    As a ginger i think this great.

  3. Fury Fox

    I don’t know about you harry but I’m *EXHAUSTED*

  4. Das Chaot

    This reminds me, I still need to delete my porn.

  5. Ginger Bread Head Kid

    Wait can I say Ginger

  6. Ginger Bread Head Kid

    Bruh I am a ginger

  7. GONE333

    Ginger cucks

  8. Kaleb99j

    Ok ginger

  9. Mikkel Sharwar

    *now make a video about white supremacist neo nazi terrorists/KKKucks if u yourself aren't one, I mean they've done a lot of damage in america with domestic terrorist attacks and shootings and such in recent years, so why not right? Unless u yourself r one of them and that's why u don't have any videos about them, also there's nothing wrong with being ginger.*

  10. ryacus

    Just remember folks even if you're not a ginger but you have freckles you still carry that ginger gene.

  11. Glitch 076

    I wonder what rucka's search history looks like

  12. ksLee

    Omg this so mean I lov.... no I actually hate my ginger hair oh well

  13. MikeSpeaks

    Lmao the ending

  14. GrimLab Rat 2.0


  15. queen of kitties and puppies

    Would you call white boy with tons of freckles ginger
    Would you call a black guy a kit Kat bar

    That's a no no

  16. G.J WALE

    Have some compaaaaaashion im dead XD
    but serius its not nice to call them that.

  17. Athanasius Casanova

    JUDGE: what is the defendant accused of?
    LAWYER: murdering someone
    JUDGE: how do you plead?
    DEFENDANT: it was a ginger
    JUDGE: okay you can go now sorry for the hassle


    Sup nuckas😎

  19. off roblox


  20. Hell is hot don't be a thot

    Bruh i think this girl ariana grenade is tryna steal your song.

  21. Give me some weed

    Ginger is just the N word rearranged


    Make a remix of ranga, Aussie term😅

  23. Baby Jaguar The Cutie

    How did I miss this fucking upload??

  24. ruben johnson

    We need one about furries

  25. Nigit

    Can't wait for Charlie's Gingers

  26. mike sixx

    Ahahahah get fucked ariana grande.

  27. Scorpia212

    Fuck you ginger bread

  28. The Marvelous Mastermind Behind The Movies

    I’m ginger and this is now my national anthem

  29. Heiwiik

    Rucka is back.

  30. Ulti737fs

    Thomas Jefferson was a ginger

  31. Joel W

    Ginger Power bitches. I would like to thank all the jealous little bitches who tried making fun of me my whole life for being a proud Ginger. You made me who I am. The best thing to walk the Earth since Jesus. Thank you all. Now hand over your souls

  32. pbjx pbjx

    מי שם לב לגיי טיוי כול הכבוד לרוקה שמסית נגדו.

  33. Blat Salad!

    Ok boomer 😆👏👍🏻 that’s what the kids be sayin! 👏😎 good thing I’m a zoomer!

  34. Mythical Games

    I am a ginger

  35. Xavier Leroy

    So rucka so have you every had the song south bound from Carrie underwood why don't you make a song called South Park instead
    Because you make songs that are based on the show because I should like to see that

  36. Luna xxx

    lmao finally a song about the real minority 😔😍

  37. el vagabundo ilegal

    Seems like you used a magic wand to turn Blacks into redheads

  38. Medovník

    Yes.. Another video finally. Respect bro im pretty suprised that your chanell is still here xd

  39. Curly animations

    I'm not first
    I'm not last
    but when I see rucka I click fast

  40. why has god abandoned us

    Ginger is just the n word rearranged

  41. thereaperunleashed F

    Man I love rucka this song is absolute trash but its sooo good 😂😂

  42. Hank Hill

    I like to use ginger in place of the N-word.

  43. that narwal dude

    This song is not accurate, all gingers are at least a little fat

  44. Ebenema Cyber Cafe

    just imagine a single ginger in a class and this song is played daamn! hurts

  45. Alt Swede

    Preach Brother Rucka!

  46. Chicken Noodle Gamer

    Let's just get a song called "offensive" that's just dedicated to offend every race, gender, and sexuality at once


    Go listen to I love minorities

  47. CountdownSmiles

    Ginger is derogatory, if you want to refer to a ginger in a friendly manner you can't use the hard r. Ginga is the appropriate phrase. But you should get the G-pass from a Ginger before attempting this

  48. olinpolis

    "Would you call a Black man a kit kat bar?" Nearly kill me

  49. OligarchySlayer

    In before Cooppercab has you cancelled.

  50. yer tre

    The n word is just ginger rearranged

  51. bellaa perez

    we need a song on albinos

  52. Subscribe to me for no reason Subscribe

    I don't understand this yet I love it.

  53. Lamp

    You should have made it boomer

  54. are you a unicorn?

    My gawd
    This is soooo funny

  55. Der Kommentator

    Im the black guy duh😂

  56. ducky

    Very beautiful

  57. ZLK Dominos

    The dislikes are all from gingers

  58. Miss Fox

    I'm from Poland and today at english lessons at school we had to describe a girl that was on a photo. I wrote that she's ginger xDD

  59. Toon Angel 17

    “Would you call a black guy a Kit-Kat bar? NO!” 🤣

    bloodhunter josh

    I mean maybe

    el vagabundo ilegal

    unless it's a gang member that goes by this name, which would be unironically, at the same time, hilarious and dangerous

  60. TheJadeFist

    Ya'll just jealous of the ability to sun burn above the arctic circle.

  61. Mr Monkey Man

    I'm ginger but I still love all the Ginger songs you have done

  62. Henry Palmer

    As a ginger, this song speaks to my soul

  63. DJ Fucker

    Ginger gang

  64. Cineaso 53

    Okay it's official gingers are a bigger threat than blacks

  65. Carson French

    Guys gingers are seriously a repressed minority. This video is extremely offensive and needs to be taken down immediately. Check your non freckled privelage

  66. Elias Koli

    Salaam aleykum

  67. SAWOG

    In ma country noone ginger so i dont have problem 🇹🇷

  68. Matuboy Brawl

    Hello racict bitch you should be banned from youtube but atleast what does the black say got taken down but you reuploaded it

  69. Scott Walker

    I've never seen a ginger black guy.... That just occurred to me

  70. Українець Сірник

    You are allmost my personal hero Rucka Rucka Ali ;) Вітання з Івано-Франківська!

  71. Никита С

    don't call me boomer

  72. Captain Jack Pugh

    I think I’ll have me some ginger ale.

  73. Dang Nguyen

    0:30: nonono
    0:31: yes

  74. Amber

    is this 2009

  75. komal patel

    Dude if you stop focusing on racism then you can become like bart baker.

    David Diamond

    komal patel maybe if your gay bart bakers a flake real ruckas knuckas know ruckas the king dont b such a ginger

    komal patel

    @David Diamond he is king i agree but he should focus more on song quality, rather than focusing on racism.

    David Diamond

    komal patel hes been doing what hes doing for a very long time why would he sell out and become something hes not THIS IS RUCKA RUCKA ALI rucka wont sell out and be a little bitch like bart baker whos videos rnt that great either some of the things thats always made rucka videos number one are the simplistic but story telling photos and the way he tells it like it is hope off barts dick ruckas the. Best how he is ...true to his music

  76. m. kall

    Dont call him ginger, its their word and you need to earn the g-word pass to say it. You are allowed to call him ginga though.

  77. Jason

    We missed old copper cab so much

  78. Asaf Eda

    0:43 israeli youtuber named guyPod 2:42 character from famous israeli comic אומגה לול

  79. Karasique


  80. sports gamer x

    hey ruck this is awesome

  81. Quiternity

    "One in five people are dyslexic"

  82. Thijmen Heeren

    I don’t know any ginger’s

  83. Straw Hat

    If you agree Rucka is best boi, like

  84. hornswoggle lover39

    Rucka I feel like you can give it but not dish it. How come you dont make a song about Jews?

  85. Indranil Bose

    Ah, I see having Ginger snaps mean something else

  86. kakashi hatake

    Top ten rappers Eminem is afraid to diss

  87. zo1dberg

    Call them rangers. That's what we call them in Australia. Doesn't mean they have souls here either.

    el vagabundo ilegal

    You mean drive them like pickup trucks? I have a magic wand for that

  88. Banned Account

    Still better than the original

  89. Automeek

  90. Dillon Connolly

    Proud ginger and it cracks me up

  91. Mirza Porcic

    I'm gay.

  92. Xero Lewis

    Oof, but there may be a point in the future where can't use ginger bread men as they won't be called men anymore 👀😂 (The Radical Feminists Are At Hand.) (Seriously, people go to far with somethings just saying.)

  93. Jeffery McLean

    Gingers are white, The claim the word is racist is to say you can be racist against white people. That is hate speech. So claiming ginger is a racist slang is hate speech.
    Also I don't eat souls I eat the spice from the ginger plant, and avoid sunlight and use a special cream for my skin.

  94. NorthObsidianG

    For me.. gingers are hot.. holy shit, I need help. I'm sexually attracted to them.

  95. thevioletskull

    The n word is dangerous but the g word is even more so.

    Alt Swede

    The n word can take your life but not your soul. The g word...