Rucka Rucka Ali - Destroyed With Facts & Logic Lyrics

Melting the snowflakes with my laser vision
Destroying leftists with logic and hitting
Logic and science and separate latrines
These are what trigger the dangerous teens
Dealing with leftists some serious damage
Stab them with logic and give them a bandage
Owning the left, is this where the left is at? Really?
Sorry kids but facts don't care about your feelings

My wife is a doctor, my wife is a doctor
The left is a problem, my wife is a doctor
I fry snowflakes with sunglasses, smoke chronic
But at 6PM I can't use electronics
It's Shabbos, good Shabbos, I can't read your comments
Can't have any involvement but my goyfriend can post shit
He'll own you with logic while I sit back and do nothing
But on Sunday I promise I'll post lots of content

Pwning the libtards and the snowflake bitches
Separating dairy from all my meat dishes
Got separate sinks in two separate whole kitchens
This country was founded on God and religion
Whoever's not married by 25 is
A sodomite living in sin, this is science
Have an abortion and you're getting sentenced
To slave labor in Egypt, okay, this is epic

My yarmulke is keeping away all the demons
I slay them dumb snowflakes while I'm sleeping
I cornered the whole damn snowflake melting market
I own feminists, socialists and shvartzas
Ok, this is epic, ok this is epic
My wife is a doctor, I'm probably adopted
I fly to Israel with my rocket launcher
My rockets, my laser, my bible, Fedora

Sippin' Manischewitz and tweeting for some drama, Obama, more like NO-bama
There's more than 2 genders NOT, life begins when your dad busts a nut
I don't mean to brag but my IQ is a thousand
I'm the chosen people's spokesperson, king of the whole internet

Running loops
Around the liberal groups
Is this how low liberals stoop?
I play it cool
Speak at your liberal school
Sippin' some matzoh ball soup
I fire back, logic and facts
No matter how triggered the liberals get
Don't fuck with me before the High Holidays
I swear to God that I'm not fucking gay

I'm not gay, I'm not gay
My wife is epic, I own the leftists
Eviscerate the libtards and snowflakes for breakfast
With logic and logic and facts and logic

Ok so seriously, who thought this song would be ok?
Who in the world thought this be ok?
Like, ok, I'm not even personally offended, ok, like
But this is definitely, like, seriously, literally offensive
My wife is a doctor, ok, so I know what I'm talking about
This guy is not even a real Jew
He should drop his pants

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Rucka Rucka Ali Destroyed With Facts & Logic Comments
  1. Caleb McGiffin

    I feel like the left and right can both love this video

  2. Supersonic2747


  3. Nailson Oliveira

    Ben is gay for Crowder #ChangeMyMind

  4. Scout Pup

    This is why I love youtube

  5. ryandontlikeyou

    When I was a kid I wished grandpa would get off me

  6. Blonde

    Ali speaks the truth and destroys leftist but yet makes untruthful statements about Ben Shapiro?

  7. dreamkrusher07

    did he just say the n-word in yidish

  8. The FBI

    Maztoh ball soup is pretty good tho.

  9. Cory Bove

    WHAT! dude how did you get Ben to sing this! Nice beats


    The stuttering at the end was perfect

  11. Mad Max And Madi

    You forgot the part where any valid criticism is anti semetic.

  12. GKXPress

    Can't believe it's already been 7 months since this video came out, feels like just a few days.

  13. DoubleYou3D


  14. David Massey

    Aunty semetic me am

  15. Epic drone Gaming 2.0

    Your gay

  16. Ryan Russell

    Funny asf but bens a good guy

  17. Smakek

    This is so bad that it's good.

  18. peixarado

    in minute 0:18 that guy seems Flávio Bolsonaro(Brazil president's son)

    this is so useless,but i like to do it

  19. John F

    Steven Crowder needs to react to this.

  20. Wermhats Wormhat

    I'm a fan of Shapiro, wasn't sure if I'd like this, but it was EPIC. I wonder if anybody showed Shapiro this epic roasting

  21. Sean Hartnett

    Where can I get the Ben sharpio laser vision? It sounds fun.

  22. Echo

    Play at 2.0 playback to simulate real Ben Shapiro

  23. why RU knechtel

    It's feelings over facts when we talk about Shapiros height

  24. Robert Jacobs

    The fact that you use logic gates is awesome

  25. Gabriela Moore

    I’m conservative and this is pure gold man

  26. Oscar Donegan

    I'd like to see Ben Shapiro react to this.

  27. One Moment

    0:25 is that a transgender Kurt Cobain?

  28. Connor Allen

    1:27 is totally science

  29. Hesse

    Bad impression though

  30. Emil Johansson

    You believe in fucking God.
    And you don't even do what your religion tells you to do.
    Logic And Facts are missing from your life.

  31. Chetnator

    Love how this throughs shade on both wings (Im left)

  32. Dropkicksmurfy

    WOW! His wife is a doctor?!

  33. Gunnar Geroy

    "Your life begins when your dad busts a nut" 😂😂😂

  34. Anunnaki Propaganda

    Are you his son?

  35. OllieG59

    Only because he won't debate anyone in the alt right 😉

  36. Bigbrisk

    Tunasub!!!!!!!! Aka busanut

  37. AkiDave

    I wanna get this on ITunes

  38. Zeus


  39. Tiernan Wilkinson

    "My wife... Is epic."

  40. GoldenBuzzer 006

    Ok boomer

  41. Oroku Saki

    Needed more logic and facts.

  42. Geetar Bear

    Ok THIS is E P I C

  43. Shotjaw 555

    I give this a facts and logic out of 10

  44. Vince Lashinski

    It was great when I listened to it
    Then i saw the editing and I laughed even harder

  45. Tyler Durden

    Nick and Ben look a lot alike.

  46. Ben Shapiro

    ok,this is epic

  47. whenyoueat9

    Truly funny

  48. Patient 0

    Uden rauss

  49. SSTLibertas

    I like the part where Ben Shapiro uses facts and logic

  50. Tommy De Sadi

    I find Rucka kinda moronic for having such a distaste for Ben, while he is in bed with Sargon, who single-handedly ruined (formerly) great political party with his utter ignorance.

  51. Dami Sule

    1:43 - 1:45 Me rebelling in 5th grade Spanish class

  52. Jackson Briley

    “These are what trigger the dangerous teens”🤣🤣

  53. Vladislaus Dracul

    Damn AOC's so 🔥. I'd tap her fo' sure 😏

    Brett Kavanaugh

    And get idiotic babies for sure
    Good luck

    Vladislaus Dracul

    @Brett Kavanaugh I just said tap, not impregnate

    Illidari Knuckles

    But that face hasn't aged well.

  54. Buchen wald

    Ok this is epic :)

  55. Austin Johnson

    I can't stop laughing at the part
    "Separating Dairy From All My Meat Dishes"

  56. Jason Griffin

    Ok, this is still epic!

  57. P.M

    "Lets say the water levels rose 10 feet... You think the people aren't going to sell their homes and move?"

    -a man of facts and logic

  58. Aczxser

    Ok, this is epic!

  59. Nicole Jessica

    Obama? More like NoBama.

  60. Daniel Dai

    Just ask Osama for help and he’ll fly some planes into the Liberal crowd

  61. Matt Kolak

    Is Bens wife doctor or something?

  62. Nathan Mas

    Who is a JEWISH Arab

  63. Jinga986

    You know, if you asked you probably could have gotten him to actually sing this

  64. Cap'n

    im a very right and Conservative
    and hate liberals, but still this was funny


    Why do you hate liberals though?

    Kyle Boyle

    They’re fucking pansies

    aRadical Kiwi

    Kyle Boyle true, you know who wasn't a pansy. The Anarchist who bombed Wall Street, he was a badass

  65. J Ay

    Did you know that Ben Sapiros wife is a doctor?

  66. Jason Griffin

    With all the libtards and this impeachment sham going on, this is my favorite Rucka song for 2020!

  67. YM Travis

    wait Rucka is Jew? this is pure gold btw

  68. perrymkwii

    god this is giving me a mindgrain, cant stand it



  69. The_Matrix

    Ben the commie, he he he

  70. Y El

    Omg you are racist

  71. Ben Mayhew

    i want ben to watch this lmao

  72. Sanket Thakuriya


  73. Karen Skinner

    ben shapiro is a sociopath, no better than Ayn Rand, fighting against gay rights when he is as gay as he can be!

    Steve the Killer of Ender Dragons

    Karen Skinner Joe rogan interview, he said he doesn’t care if you’re gay or not.

  74. Ok buddy

    I honestly can’t tell if you’re making fun if him or not.

  75. LegoManiac101 /ScarAndShereKhanFTWMufasaFTL

    This song made me like Ben Shapiro.

  76. Aidan Perkins

    Ben Shapiro is my guy homes, don't be dissin him like that

    Ze Activator

    Aidan Perkins it’s a joke

  77. Mcronin_34

    Why are these spoofs better than the actual songs

  78. Darkening Karma

    Ben sharipo Knows What's up He knows That this is a joke

  79. SuperMarioGucci

    I’m a Liberal, but not the snowflake kind

    Kere &

    SuperMarioGucci ur gay

    Kere &

    CityFN boomer


    Kere & I’m 14

    Kere &

    CityFN zoomer

  80. rukfas pa sta mai

    Being homosexual is bad because it's gay


  81. Timmy Fay

    Shapiro is so strong with the Schwartz that he gets force lightning.

  82. Derrick Toaster

    Rocket propelled laser guided bible fedora. #secondamendment

  83. Zachary S

    This guy isn’t even a real Jew. He should drop his pants. Lmaooo

  84. Cryoraptor

    Is his wife a doctor? Can't tell


    Epic as F

  86. CopyThief

    This seems clearly making a mockery of Ben Shapiro. Rucka doesn't seem to think highly of him. Can't say I disagree.

  87. tiger king

    So who is Gea somebody have to be gea

  88. Zachary S

    Ben I rlly don’t give a rats ass if your wife is a doctor

  89. gaming greg and more

    Okay, this is epic.

  90. Lostintime

    politics = rotten limb of philosophy, once you see at everything through it, you don't see anything. You're just cheering.

  91. Sam Blue

    this song is so bad ben shapiro is for truth rucka ali is a little loser that makes good songs this is to far freedom of religon make a song to congardulait ben shapiro


    Ben ahapiro is a fuckikg dick

  92. JohnnyxBarknutz '

    Did he almost laugh at 2:35 or that just for the effect

  93. Thomas Bailey

    I wonder what his wife does

    Carol From HR

    I'm not sure about it...but I believe she may be a doctor.

  94. Jason Griffin

    This concept should have been used for President Trump. He alone has cornered the whole snowflake melting market!

  95. Konnos X

    Ben Saphiro : Rucka Rucka's music is destroying western civilisation

  96. Hidden Name

    My wife is a doctor.

  97. Tinywizzard

    ok this is epic

    Nutt Cracker

    @Angeł Myłæ because its a meme

    Jesse Brennan

    Ben "Die for Israel" Shapiro

    no name

    @Jesse Brennan get a life you commented this on every comment


    Meme review 👏👏

    Shrek Orgre

    I couldn’t have said it better myself