Rucka Rucka Ali - Coincidental Racist Lyrics

[Rucka Rucka Ali:]
When I was in the 3rd grade
I thought that I was black
Cause I couldn't swim
Destined for a life of fly clothes and golden rims
Told my mom the news with pride in my chest
She's like Rucka you never been arrested
Or failed a drug test, you crazy
Ha, guess she had a point ain't she
I remember adding it all up together in my mind
I'm a straight A student taking all honors and AP
And I can't watch full house if my grades fall behind

Guess I really am white
And that's all I'll ever be
In a world where it's cooler to be a minority
Where you could dance and you could rap
If you're African or Black
But as a cracker what you do is automatically just whack
Man it's hard, when even Obama won't acknowledge
The white half of him that got his ass through college
And the only white person working on CNN
Is a smelly lame crooked tooth bloody Englishman
Man fuck him

And I can't change
That I'm rich and white
That I live in a good neighborhood
And I can't change
That I'm rich and white
That I live in a good neighborhood
With my wife and car and dog
It stinks being white
It stinks being white
But it keeps me employed
And finding a job is hard

If I was Zimmerman I would think twitter hates me
Have you read the tweets
On the trending topics lately?
"Fuck you Zimmerman, you fat faggoty cracker"
It's like for every hate tweet George gets
He gets a calorie fatter
Does it matter
That he took a black girl to the prom
Or that he got a Mexican cleaning lady for a mom
Nah, just call him White
And he becomes our problem
Killing Trayvon means the same thing as racist

It's the same shit they did when Michael Jackson touched a kid
Oh he's White but he'll be Black when he dies and we forgive him
And how did Paula Dean learn them racist words in the kitchen?
If you ask me black and white isn't no different
They're the same thing
So I stay out of trouble
When I see black and white people
It's just like I'm seeing double
If you profile Blacks as more likely to be criminals
You rob them of the right to walk home eating skittles
Drinking watermelon flavored AriZona
You shoot 'em and the five-o shows up
For some high fives and donuts

Think it's time we finally have a honest racist discussion
The 99% of our time we talk about race is not enough
It should be a hundred

"Uh, 35 years ago, I was Trayvon Martin
I changed my name to Barack Hussein so I could run for president
Of Pakistan
Where I was born"

[Rucka Rucka Ali:]
And I can't change
That I'm rich and white
And I went to a good private school
Where I learned to read and write
It stinks being white
It stinks being white
But it keeps me alive
When I'm walking home at night

Justice for Trayvon
I'm pissed that you're gone
Wish we could of have shared a bag of skittles and a bong
But some things went wrong
Now you're up in heaven
I bet Bin Laden works the counter there at 7 eleven
And Zimmerman
You should apologize to Trayvon's mom
Find a way to say you're sorry
Coming straight from the heart
And a gift certificate to bed bath and beyond
Won't fix everything
But it'll be a very nice way to start

Let the black kids walk home
From the store with munchies
Cause from whatever race you are
We all came from monkeys
It's time we get along
It's the we spread the love
This song is for Trayvon up above

And I can't change
That I'm rich and white
And I sit in Caribou
Writing on my laptop
And I can't change
That I'm rich and white
And I'm afraid of black people
When I'm walking home at night

Rest in Peace Trayvon
Rest in Peace Trayvon
Rest in Peace Trayvon
You're my boy, my boy, my boy
You're my boy blue!

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Rucka Rucka Ali Coincidental Racist Comments
  1. Classical Liberal

    Fuck Trayvon

  2. Damian9303

    i never knew the 10th doctor was in this the years i've watched this, till now

  3. Nicholas Vanella

    2:30-2:40 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Kalashinkov 47

    rucka is a great person who agrees

  5. Toxic Cock



    i cant tell whether ur joking or not

  6. Toxic Cock

    I'm white and I don't live in a good neighborhood I'm poor =/

  7. Sober Musik TLN

    2019 & I still can't change

  8. Jordan Elmore

    Rest in peace Trayvon

  9. SaladToss

    This is more racist to white people than anything lmao

  10. Mateusz Mamot

    Rucka is a lyric genius

  11. Brandon the rock star. Purple Productions

    And I can't change that I'm Canadian Italian which is pretty cool

  12. Sodumb and Gomobra

    I can't change

  13. Gvg Df


  14. Random stuff because I'm bored

    Love the song but just saying Michael Jackson was innocent #mjinnocent

  15. Patriotischer Christ

    Schwarzer Knasty

  16. bryce b


  17. Apptor

    *_Michael Jackson disliked that_*

  18. Opheliá

    Tea 🤠🤠

  19. Dileep Jamma

    DJ Khaled - Suffering from success.

  20. charlie Dilltardē

    would you mind copying this conversation? im writing on a shitty lil smart phone and i think this would look great on a youtube compilation of creatards being owned... which i am not, i think our universe began with a localized singlarity in a indescribable void of potentiality, one that requires you create absolute void to start actually doing anything. this place is the guts of gods and that god is this inside out place of this place, like a man looking into his torso, through it, this thing just snapped into awareness of itself and started on projects, the heavens and the earth. maybe the earth is a multiverse, maybe he is running an infinite amount of experiments with different physical laws and torahs he gives to inhabitants he gives to people he thinks will remember him and his organs are agels and he designs them in the heavens and sends them to do tasks. that could be one reason why angels are called god and sons of god, although many things that reflects the aspect of god have been called god in torah, prophets and the temple and the holy city. just wanna say that all the questioning on the origin of god is frowned upon. dont look up your fathers skirt and all that. damnit, actually putting that description into words about the origins of god is downright blasphemy but it is a model i sort of have held for awhile without fully explaining even to my self. kinda eldrich.

  21. Creed Bratton

    I'm black but I'm white

  22. Another French Surrender

    Wait but white people are the true minority’s because of all the Asians

  23. Rileyboyy08

    who would have thought it rucka solves the race issue

  24. John Galt

    Travon was a violent criminal thug. Fuck him and those people that won't let Zimmerman defend himself.

  25. Bdspidey 821

    Paldean did it again. GEASE

  26. Pussy Pounder

    This is better than the lame original version.

  27. Not Sam Sam Sucks

    Oh look it’s Jeremy clarksons punching bag

  28. DMediocreGuy

    2:04 this is who ruck is

  29. Moumen Malas

    I’m Arab most arabs are black BTW so I’m ok😁

  30. Ricky742

    im poor and white wtf

    Blooded Orc

    ThomasTheBlueCunt same

  31. unpopular oppinions

    Good song but fuck treyvon

  32. CatGirl The Little Retard

    Actualy asians are the biggest group of people so white people are the minority

  33. CHill TACtics

    Gonna pull a reverse Micheal Jackson

  34. Baron Von Mott

    Only Rukka could write a meaningful song about a tragedy caused by discrimination...

    ... And still pack it full of his classic stereotyping humour! 😂😂😂

  35. Daniel Lewis

    Did anyone come to this video just to comment?

  36. Nathan Hayward 123

    This is one of his most serious songs I've ever heard and I gotta say it beats all of the others
    2019 Wednesday 23rd of January 1:06 am

  37. Strong Independent Black Woman Who Need No Man

    Black race is best race so far, Rucka can tell.

    Strong Independent Black Woman Who Need No Man

    @charlie Dilltardē even in videogames black race is better race, do you play The Elder scrolls games?, meanwhile Nords are considered the weakest race by the players.

    charlie Dilltardē

    @Strong Independent Black Woman Who Need No Man wood elfs, bitch. shit the lizard men can breath underwater and impericals have higher speech skills. in gta 5 micheal can slow down time while shooting and trevor can go methhead berserker.

    charlie Dilltardē

    also nords are equivalent to swedes, they are being cucked by muslims at the moment. the women are afraid to leave there homes!

  38. 360 Kay

    Rucks feels me

  39. Good Luck Gorsky

    I mean you can probably change that’s ur rich

    charlie Dilltardē

    we are too smart, we cant help but amass wealth, the jews get it

  40. LeoGreck

    Ey thats just how being white is.

  41. Firstand Last

    Rucka your savin lives out here white brother. I know i came down off an edge from around a corner from oblivion by fistpump and chin music or by maul. Laughin by masel i chuckel when i raise my toast and an afirming flaming tikki torch! Hey there hwite brother its hard being made a doormatt aristocrat. My advice i use on my own self. Is to remember it is i who am amased around me a torent of unsuferable torpor and spoil and resentiment. The slaves morality imposed around my neck in shackles i must impose upon my own horizons, to deminsh myself by claiming inocense of birth.

    Recall the most intolerant always win. If u knew just how imperiled u are u would recognize that conditions of occupation and real institutional supresion of displacement and disposesion of our wealth and heritage our identity has been stolen and erased and replaced with a vilians moniker. Resist Do not apologise for or excuse their transgretion against u

  42. M P

    I cried 😭😢

  43. nosyam the great

    Why cant i be rich cuse im white dammit

    charlie Dilltardē

    cuz of the browns and blacks and jews and asians but mostly the jews. i recommend going to synogogue and learning there ways, we will replace them

  44. Squidgie McTentacles

    You know, it feels weird to hear a Rucka song with genuine meaning and a story to it. And this is honestly one of my favorite Rucka songs for that very reason

  45. fbi agent

    It’s sad but true

  46. Raven Martinez

    U crazy

  47. King Exus

    The weird about this song is that both the original and the parody (this) are both about very serious issues

  48. Reverse Universe

    brown flipped backwards is nword

  49. Will M

    hated this song was on all the time non stop

  50. Gastronauta

    Much love Trayphone!

  51. Trapsnatch_ 88

    U could always join a biker gang?

  52. A Random Nugget

    I can’t swim..::

    What does that mean?


    You are black now.

    A Random Nugget

    VipVip999 oh damn


    yes this is the best

  54. joeman


  55. Jonel Dìaz

    Thanks Rucka for this man even though u clowning but u supported his family

  56. Shop Grunt

    White people are born as coincidental racists.

    charlie Dilltardē

    blacks are born as actual racists

  57. lotsodakka

    It does make me laugh when celebrities talk about how they are privileged because they're white. Trying to seem apologetic, like it's not their fault. Many white people live in poverty, many white people live in violence, the majority of white people are just like the majority of other people because at the end of the day they're all people.

    The celebrities didn't get their privilege because of the colour of their skin but because of their social class, and at least in the UK, white working class people are just as fucked as black, asian or fucking blue working class people. It's just easier for them to pretend otherwise.

    charlie Dilltardē

    @Justus Fensune yeah dumb poor people paying attention to them

  58. Mason Giddens

    only one race the human race

    Eliseo Loredo

    What about Nascar

    charlie Dilltardē

    give it a few centuries with space travel.

  59. Clay-Bones

    Was about to write a hate comment then realized it's a joke

    charlie Dilltardē

    so what is the joke?


    The joke is stereotyping white and black people then in the middle says they're no different so if you can't see the joke I'm sorry I can't help you any further

  60. John Galt

    This is what the hippity hop is supposed to be is social commentary not reveling in depravity.

    charlie Dilltardē

    tell the blacks that

  61. Adam

    These videos always make me laugh 😂

  62. Sam Williams

    fckin racist cunt

    Gino Jansen

    you shouldn't take it so serious

    charlie Dilltardē

    @Gino Jansen he was introducing himself

    Gino Jansen

    @charlie Dilltardē lol

  63. Burner 9

    I identify as a subsaharan tribesman. Support our #TransRacial brothers, sisters, and zirs!

  64. Hussein Ramadan

    I love the way he added humor to seriousness of this , so true so good and good job ali

  65. _Wicked _

    Damn pretty insperational stuff

  66. DYNAMO 115

    "It's stinks bein white"

    I'm brown so I don't get that

    charlie Dilltardē

    stink? trust me, you do.

  67. Komodo Nation

    I cream when I think about apartheid

  68. Brandon George

    its good trevon didnt make it that way he cant reproduce anymore

  69. Ben Hardy

    This was great but can we talk about obama 😂

  70. GR J

    Racist & whites are both 6 letter words, coincidence? I think 🤔 not😂

  71. 6Kubik

    Rucka just took the side of a criminal. lmao

    charlie Dilltardē

    he wasnt convicted, and if some kid was trying to smash in your face you would do the same thing. everyone is so eager to throw the mexican under the bus and not over the wall

  72. oh no it's Romeo

    Agree with this so much like just fucking treat everyone equally

  73. Worlds Hero

    everyone besides me is too stupid to love this music

  74. Ethan Hall

    this is my life

  75. chill rend

    Its funny how his country was made famous by slavery and prostitution and discrimation agaist the natives but hes dissing english people but i dont like em so i guess its ok

    charlie Dilltardē

    natives did the same shit, just not as well. it sucks to be second place, huh?

  76. deadpool 177 awesome

    What Zimmerman did was terrible, but race had nothing to do with it until the media got ahold of the story

    charlie Dilltardē

    and what trayvon did was awful too.

    deadpool 177 awesome

    @charlie Dilltardē Agreed, both were at fault.

  77. Lisa Dee

    man fuck him 😂😂😂😂

  78. kingblue 911

    Oh am I now

  79. Hello It’s Bella

    We used to have everything in the world and we still do but it’s not as fun now....

    Gene Harris


  80. ky Wynn

    Hard humour when youre white with an afro
    What side am i on?

  81. anuda emile

    wow... that was sweet 😮 did not expect that at all

  82. legendary sayain Broly

    So true

  83. Traffic Warrior

    gσσ∂ тнιиg ιм ιи∂ιαи ¢:

  84. Poof

    i cried through this sad story

  85. Phill DD

    Yeee I can't change 😂😂😂😂

  86. Phill DD

    Yeee I can't change 😂😂😂😂

  87. charlie Dilltardē

    micheal didnt diddle those kids

  88. The Boss2f3

    It’s hard

  89. Jason Wang

    wait for the A+ part I thought it applied to *asians* lol


    Thats why it said A- XDD

  90. Tube head

    despite the racial comedy this might actually be one of the most sincere things i've ever heard

    charlie Dilltardē

    despite your virtuing signalling...

  91. mcoker4564

    September 11 2018! Still a good song!!!

  92. Josh

    This has aged like a fine glass of milk.
    You know, now that most people know that trayvon was thug who beat the shit out of that dude before he got shot.

    Still sounds good, message is good too, just the trayvon stuff isn't accurate.

    charlie Dilltardē

    shhhhhhh he was a chocolate angel

  93. Rustic Bagel

    Rucka is not racist cuz he insults everyone

  94. Ray Newbern

    >up above

  95. rien smeets

    lmao such a deep song and rucka makes a parody of it