Rucka Rucka Ali - Am I Gay? Lyrics

Never been up inside, of any man
I always thought of, my dick is meant for girls
But I just had sex with guys
Now I know what his ass is like
Told you be gentle, when you stick your dick in myself

Don't come in me
Please pull out instead
Don't come in me
Now I'm thinkin'
Am I gay?
Am I gay? I guess
I have semen in my hands
In my ass
On my penis

I heard that HIV's contagious
But I heard it's only gay, if you lick their butt
This guy I met outside, said wanna do it once or twice
But then his dick got long
Over and over his boner was hittin' mine

Don't come in me
Please spit on my chest
Pull out of me
Now I'm thinkin'
Am I gay?
Am I gay? I guess
I have semen in my hands
In my ass
On my penis

I don't like men
I really isn't gay
I blowed a man once
But not two
Was never even Bi

Don't come in me
Please pull out instead
Don't come in me
Now I'm thinkin'
Am I gay?
Am I gay? I guess
I have semen in my hands
In my ass again
Now I'm thinkin'
Am I gay?
Am I gay? I guess

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Rucka Rucka Ali Am I Gay? Comments
  1. Stone Dillon Bosarge

    I'm not gay but I listen to this song so much my friends think I'm still in the closet but I tell them there's too many skeletons for me to hide in there hahaha

  2. Prepare Your Bladder

    The blonde came outta a anime , gay

  3. Blind Kraken

    Onion for prision 2020

  4. din mor 666

    What are you. Gay!!!

  5. Retarded Name

    Ok good

  6. Simon Bahamondez

    none of the onision colabs have aged well

  7. Phenopaz 「Paz」

    Onision's in it cause he's gonna be gay *up in prison.*

  8. lui lmy

    Is this a joke

  9. Kevin Dobler

    Hahahahahah amazing

  10. Jazzy

    Welp time to erase my memories

  11. Fairy Ninja

    Guys listen I think he might be


  12. SkooterxD

    When your homie have been in a loving marriage for 7 years, have 2 adopted children and he still hasn't said no homo.

  13. potatomasher ___

    Now this is pretty GAY

  14. Risky Whiskey

    What's wrong with your English?

  15. CrudeB Explosive

    That's actually rucka in the video

  16. Trojan Horse

    1.6k people are gay and we’re offended watching this video ☝️

  17. Zach Bennett

    Dont cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm in meeehee

  18. Squid's Vacuums

    I found out what he is! A queer and a pansexual lol.

  19. Nianlun Li

    This is epic

  20. Jack Leach

    He is gay

  21. Darker_ synclope

    No, ur european

  22. Legit content

    Now that I think of it half the video looks like a windows 10 wallpaper

  23. Memnoch67

    Lol! you are a bit too disturbed for the public.

  24. Halil Demirkol

    2:17 If you're gays, I'il take the girl.

  25. SneakyJoe's Salad RUS

    I wish you did more full-blown videos like this man. That's a damn masterpiece.

  26. IbbyConCarne

    You know, Onion-boy is such a virtue-signalling sack of lefty garbage, I never would have thought he'd do a collab with Rucka.

  27. abdulrajam esmael usman


  28. Kyle Blank

    Just heard this song by Fuel on the radio. Ruckas lyrics are pretty close to the actual lyrics.

  29. CountdownSmiles

    Look I ain't gay, but between that ratchet hoe and those guys? I'd take my chances with the guys

  30. mehdi remidi

    No homo guys ... it s okay

  31. Toxic Cock

    You have a gat pornhub account?

  32. Tyler Beekman

    Why is Robby in this song

  33. Squid Rider

    How much did Onision pay to be in your music video? #KYSonision2019

  34. Duck Sauce

    Is this KSI's biography?


    Wait robby

  36. The Bedside bear

    But is he though

  37. Zkye

    Wait... Is that fucking onision?

  38. Tanaka Isaac

    His gay

  39. WhosAgreekGod


  40. Foscko 11B

    Hahaha literally your best parody. A true masterpiece of comedy!

  41. Pero Lacin Gliga

    That's gay

  42. Hugh Cuthbert

    its not gay if its under water

  43. Vincent F

    Puddle Of Mudd Parody

  44. That Guy


  45. Dark Wolf2231

    His confession song

  46. DRC

    you play a convincing gay guy

  47. Pepzus

    Your gay you f”””

  48. Living_Empire

    Why are you gay?

  49. CringeWars 01

    Wow Rucka I didn’t know u had a girlfriend

    So that means ur not gay
    ( thank god)


    That's a random hired woman, rucka hella gay...

    Stone Dillon Bosarge

    His wife is a better love story than Jacob hahaha

  50. Early Man Productions

    Mood for 2019

  51. Kush Kid

    James Charles jumped in the pond and now all the frog's are gay

  52. dumb muso rowan


  53. Allison

    He is super sexy!!! I've watched him from the beginning and I think he is HILARIOUS!!! Make more videos with you in them!!!! ❤

  54. Jason Fisher

    Nihilistic Filth.

  55. Conall McNulty

    When you head onto highschool

  56. Adam bar

    LMAO. Awsome parody keep up the good work 😂😂

  57. Shivam Singh

    Damn, I was drinking milk watching this video. Now I am thinking am I gay??

  58. That kid in the dumpster And the grabge

    Thumbnail looks like Elon musk

  59. MR Apple seed

    Nooooo he’s gay fuck another lost hero

  60. Ridha Gamin

    When you stick your dick inside would of been better then when you stick your dick in my self

  61. Nataša Pavlović

    2:10 RoBbY?!

  62. Jen Sim

    a good song to listen to when you are questioning your sexuality (sarcastic)

  63. michael 69420

    0:21 my brother every day

  64. Xavier Smith

    "I blowed a man once but not Tew"

    I think he's mad about that.

    John Nelson

    It does seem to be the case

  65. kalidesu

    This is the premium no nonsense quality nihilistic filth I subscribe too, and I only watched it for 15 seconds while crying in my whiskey.

  66. UFO314159

    Like my comment if you're gay.

  67. cyberduckshark

    All was good until I saw onion boy

  68. Lenster

    So glad one direction came back toghether

  69. Marah Lillie

    Is that.........Robby in the shower?

  70. nerf markus

    Robby fucked u hard in the ass. WTF 🤪

  71. panosalpha man

    This video was straight as a dick

  72. DR.salt4memes

    Either they're gay or they all collectively said no homo before filming

  73. Mariah Fayard

    It’s not gay if you have your socks on😂

  74. nerf markus

    Is roby gay?!!?

  75. Eric Campbell

    He is so lucky too have victoria X rose all over him like that i would go to town on her

  76. Chuchu Chuil

    This is funniest song ever

  77. Raid Fixzz


  78. Lover Soul

    True Rock can be Blue

  79. Burt Gaming

    Gay ass Nigga (no hate tho)

  80. William Lindroos

    whats the orginal song?

    Mo De

    In my hands

  81. James

    Just lmfao rucka is the best

  82. Nyarlathotep

    The only entertaining video with onision in it that wasnt making fun of him

  83. Dovah-kun

    Why does Onision have a fake mustache? Also, why Onision?


    Yeah, why? Is he gay?

  84. FBI


  85. Geo Remixer

    why are you gay you gay

  86. Spiz D

    Not gay

  87. SuperTroll Maximush

    In cartoons, a moustache hides one's identity. Uh oh bro, it didn't work here!

  88. Bannedfrom Youtube

    Is this your coming out song rucka rucka Ali?

  89. Snowy Collar

    Is he gaaaay, or european?

  90. Donald J.Trump

    He might be gay

  91. Alan Gardner

    Lost cage, I guess

  92. Lost Kage

    Is he gay?

    Ron Binder

    @Gaybob no~

    Ron Binder

    @Wolf yasss same its not gay if u have sex with other gender of ur kind I think I'm only 10~...

    Ron Binder


    Jonathan Peery

    Lost Kage yes Thomas is very gay


    did he say no homo?