Rucka Rucka Ali - Aids In Our Butts Lyrics

Tiger Woods is the best in the world
At stealing?
It's a conspiracy
'Cause the white man can't never make it in the golf game
Remember 9/11? That was me
The government pretend,
they your friend
And then when you steal some shit,
they put you in jail
Let's do a revolution
Everybody go outside, and find a white guy to kill

Martin Luther King had a,
plan to kill all the white people,
and the plan was good
But then he stepped his ass outside,
just to get some fresh air,
and someone said,
"Hey, that guy's black. I'd better shoot him. Where's my gun? Oh, here"

And because, Gandhi
was Chinese
They gave him, some HIV
So he couldn't eat meat
Then like a trillion Indians died
And I ask you why,
did they have to die?
Is it because they're black?

The Jonas Brothers,
gang raped Katy Perry's butt,
and gave her AIDS,
and then she gave the AIDS to Lady Gaga
And that made Gaga give birth to Justin Bieber,
and that's why Justin sings like he's missing a nut

No one knows this stuff is up
That's why I'm here to tell you all about this stuff

K, now, let's take a look at Sweden,
all the girls are sluts
Everyone's private parts are beeding
Why can't that be us?
I pay taxes!

And Palestinians always,
look pissed off
'Cause all them Jews be makin' millions
So they blow they selves up
That's pretty, emo

Black people just wanna eat,
in Africa,
but instead,
we give them money
"I can't eat this! Well maybe with some hot sauce.
I could eat money with hot sauce. Especially if it's fried"

The government will break,
break, break into your car
The government is gay, gay
They'll rape, rape,
your mom
They brought all that cocaine,
into our neighborhood
The government put AIDS, AIDS, AIDS, AIDS,
in our butts

Listen bitches,
the white man,
owns all them fast food chains,
that gives us black people diabetes
And just 'cause you steal some cars,
you get boned in jail by some Mexican, named Jesus
They put secret chips in your penis,
but you could never this,
it's concealed
Let's to a revolution,
everybody go outside and find a TV to steal

gingers are the ones,
that have it worse than anyone
'cause, no one will sleep with them,
but they'll always have a place in porn
'Cause people like watching,
porn of girls that they'll never bone

At least not without a condom!

Oh, that feels good
The Jonas Brothers,
gang raped Katy Perry's butt,
and gave her AIDS,
and then she gave the AIDS to Lady Gaga
And that made Gaga give birth to Justin Bieber,
and that's why Justin sings like he's missing a nut

The government will break,
break, break into your car
The government is gay, gay
They'll rape, rape,
your mom
They brought all that cocaine,
into our neighborhood
The government put AIDS, AIDS, AIDS, AIDS,
in our butts

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Rucka Rucka Ali Aids In Our Butts Comments
  1. Subconscious

    You guys ever come back to this video and wonder what youtube would be like if they were as laid back as they were when this was posted?

  2. Romario Desrosier

    It's a fuckin' conspiracy, man!

  3. 六MOE六

    Still listening in 2019!

  4. McLovinMcFlurry

    Oh shit rucka is a Jew

  5. Airport James


  6. Airport James

    Make fun of Donald trump next

  7. Cubic Apocalypse

    aaannd POST

  8. K D

    2018? Classic right here.

  9. BanjoHands

    He knows too much.

  10. lowlifee.child

    That's Pretty Emo

    - Emo Guy 2013

  11. Theamazingspiral

    The world in a nutshell.

  12. Nukes 'R' Us

    I play this song perfectly synced when the original comes on the radio.

  13. Sheria

    I cried tears watching this the first time

  14. Skint G

    I fucking dare Kidz Bop to do THIS song

  15. superfang11

    Why did I watch all of this

  16. Micah Moyers

    By far ruckas most controversial song. Lol!

  17. Big Butcher


  18. The Satanic Gamer From Hell

    To Andy Cabrera:look i don't know bought you but i'm a jew and i don't give a fuck bought the songs there funny and that's all i care who cares bought racism its stupid why are people so sensitive come on its a joke not for kids get a sense of humor

    Cameron Overton

    @***** hes not offended i dont see your point?

    The Satanic Gamer From Hell

    @***** i am not a kid, alright, i am a 17 year old teenager so STFU, second of all what i said is that i dont give a damn fuck a bought the artist or the lyrics of the songs i do care that the songs are veary cathci and fun to sing. all i said was that andy cabrera has his own opinion a bought rucka which is he dosn't like the huge amount of offensivnece the video shows, what i did is insted of hiting reply i made my own post and stated that this is funny i dont give a damn thing a bought racisim so in other words when it sayis jokes not for kids it means if you dont have somthing nice to say dont say anithing at all cuse no one cares accept for other brainless dumn asses who coment on shit they dont like i sad i find it funny (ruckas vids) and you replyed with somthing i dont even understand and i onesly dont give a damn thing a bought offens cuse i have over came that dumn shalow level of life some time ago and i will not stoop to a low level so all i sad in conclusion to this messive wall of text that lackes pheragrheps and other gramaticle symboles also my miss splaing i find it funny ok good thats the joke part and im 17 so not a kid so replay now if you understand what im saying

  19. Mason Olson

    Da gingers tho:/

  20. CallMeBronco

    this is all true, the government raped my mom, that's how I got here...

    Fernando Dember Laguna

    @CallMeBronco Son of Bush

  21. bwc3821

    Everything in this song is true.


    @Zachary Vallas *AIDS.


    +bwc3821 Go drown in a pool of dog shit

    Chitose Sakura [Sakura Studios Headquarters]

    +Pylon Jumper 2002 Then shit in a pool for him

    Ayman Maani

    except the Palestinians part ...

    Wiz Khalifa

    +Ayman Maani "Let's start a revolution" -Rucka, 2010

  22. BestPleb Eu

    1:48 is so good :DD

  23. David Texas


  24. Pudntoogud

    so fking random its perfect

  25. Bush Gremlin

    Just so people know
    a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
    synonyms: racial bigot, racialist, xenophobe, chauvinist, supremacist More
    (racially) discriminatory, racialist, prejudiced, bigoted
    noun: racist; plural noun: racists; adjective: racist
    having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another.
    "we are investigating complaints about racist abuse at the club"
    Translate racist to
    Use over time for: racist

    is the definition of racist there is a difference between stereotypes and racism does rucka thing that whites are superior or does he hate blacks or asain or what ever the case is No I dont believe he does SO calm your tits and enjoy the video its a comedy stereotypes are funny if you dont like it go somewhere else and dont waste your time commenting or watching. Thank you And Have a Nice Day

  26. Ben Turner

    I have the main chorus as my ring tone and it played during class in school :p


    sucks to be you

  27. Ryan Pedro

    Damn government encroaching on FREEDOM.

    Zachary Grossman

    The American Dream was only available for everyone from 1969 to 1983... Their goes Murica, and their goes freedom.

  28. hadyman666

    I showed this to my schizophrenic friend, and he cut off his cock because he thought there was a chip in it.

  29. Johann Leonhardt

    This does explain the modern pop scene.


    fuck u rucka

  31. darrtoph

    The "teacher" is coming

  32. darrtoph

    I may or may not be a conspiracy theorist , if I am is this aimed at me

  33. Thelarryboblarry

    what movie is that scene at the end from

  34. Evan Trotter

    what iff, the government has a woman in it that rapes moms

  35. chillwill4real

    This is not funny

  36. Matt Shilling

    Should make fun of spanish next!

  37. Greg Wallace

    Part gay :D

  38. AwsumGuy Will

    The JONAS BROTHERS GANGRAPED Katy Perry's but, gave her AIDS and then she gave the AIDS to lady gaga, and that made gaga give birth to justin bieber, and thats why he sings like hes missing a nut XD ROFLMFAO

  39. earlid1912

    this is all true

  40. earlid1912

    ghandi is blackenese

  41. earlid1912

    the government is exactly like this

  42. snoopy31555

    why doesnt rucka rucka make fun of italians. im italian and i feel left out.

  43. Merk Diezle

    Type "True Theory of Everything Quadrant Model of Reality 1" into YouTube for the Truth. Thank you.

  44. popsan955


  45. Manuel Marquez

    increible lo de justin embazado

  46. luis rodriguez

    ur fucking dumbass cant read

  47. ilikecamperz

    i didnt get you but this is really annoying

  48. ilikecamperz

    dude marthin luther king made peace to white people an black people dumbass i hate this video

  49. Henry Knudson

    i tried fried money with hot sauce. not bad

  50. 360Nomad

    Anarchy 2013

  51. Julia Riber Pitt

    Government = pure evil

  52. Kayne Mayuyo

    @taeyang45645 you can preaty much eat any thing with hot sauce..

  53. Tyler Marshall

    I am a proud swede...

  54. 360Nomad

    AIDS was the result of Belgian Vaccine Experiments in the 1950s.

  55. bwc3821

    HIV has been known to exist since the turn of the 20th century. It just didnt become widespread until the '70s-'80s.

  56. zach mc.guire


  57. clalle4

    he was joking smartass

  58. stoneeh

    now i want to look into my butt if there's some AIDS in there. cant trust the (gay) government

  59. Falloutboy

    i think swedish girls are HOT

  60. Sebastian Daszkowski

    its a joke thats why at the begining it says this is jokes not for kids

  61. Philuren -.-

    Im a proud swede...

  62. Bryce Bailey

    1:39 sorry

  63. Bryce Bailey

    the picture at 1:40 is hilarious!

  64. Hezrou Dhiaga

    Not really. But you sound very mad right now :)

  65. Tommy Valenti

    dude it is a joke song... u r prb just jealous of da kid

  66. PON3 Twilight

    I love how truthful rucka is... *cough cough* 0:53 *cough cough*

  67. sfasfsd afdsafa

    lol fagg?

  68. sfasfsd afdsafa

    True Story Rucka!

  69. 9093qwerty

    The Jonas brothers are lucky...

  70. DeafBlindMan

    damn the original song sucks hard, Rucka owns!!

  71. JamesEarl Cash

    Justin bieber's nightmare started here at 0:53 ...

  72. cheapytimez

    Wait, so you're saying that we swedish people are the only people in europe who isn't immune to aids? O.o

  73. Rossibell Rodriguez

    This is racis this should not be here

  74. Drunkenbatproduction

    unless youre swedish :P

  75. Exandria Official

    i fav and liked after da first 10 seconds

  76. Julia Riber Pitt

    If you guys take this shit seriously, you're a douche.

  77. Dracopyre

    no, he does, he really does deserve fame

  78. marcelo machado

    que musica massa

  79. Largo Angolo

    all true

  80. WilltheTowelie

    1:33-1:48 is going to be my ringtone

  81. rap52592

    2:35-3:16 i want this as my ringtone :D

  82. blackjedi111

    Honestly, do you think rucka would be a good president..?

  83. Mike Hunt


  84. Simon Jensen

    hehehe awsome song! man i hate jonas brothers and justin bieber

  85. Lisa

    I love Lady GaGa, but I don't care about the fact she gets insulted. It's still funny xD

  86. Steven Fern

    31 dislikes nice try beiber trying to make ur penis look bigger sad....


    justin bieber is a boy ? oh hell !!

  88. Pierre Meiner

    Let's take a look at sweden all the girls are sluts, thats pretty true and i'm swedish!

  89. Juan Quezada

    31 people are missing a nut

  90. proud Noob 1

    @SensationalDude007 it is

  91. Hezrou Dhiaga

    Justin Bieber never had nuts to begin with.

  92. Ajay Prabhat

    Definitely up there as some of Rucka's best work. This needs to be on iTunes! Oh well, until then there's always youtube to mp3 converters...

  93. Kill it or us

    all you have to do is illeagly download it

  94. Cecily Hunt

    Best.Song.Ever :3

  95. juanster555

    The thing I don't get is that part about the Jonas Brothers gang raped Katty Perry...They're total virgins

  96. Deila Wolf

    is that free? im missing 1