Rubettes, The - Teenage Dream Lyrics

Where should I go feeling so low
How fill I find my way
Each night I cry, can't close my eyes
Can't find the words to say
We're more than friends, why should it end
After the love we've seen
Yes, I remember much of my teenage dream

Things started good I understood
All of her funny games
I held her hand as life we planned
We always felt the same
What seems so wrong, we two belong
Forget the years between
I can remember much of my teenage dream

But her hair is long and golden
And her eyes are sparkling blue
Why should anybody let her go
I would keep her close beside me
Everyday I'd hold her tightly
Can't you see my heart is aching so

Talk's only cheap, people will keep
Saying that we've done right
Maybe they'll find, maybe some time
Feeling are not so light
Ignore their words, they've never heard
Don't know the way it's been
I can remember much of my teenage dream

What does it matter what's in between age
I still remember love is my teenage dream

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Rubettes, The Teenage Dream Comments
  1. Cristina Alencar

    Rubettes adoráveis Alan Williams meu favorito forever 😍😍

  2. motormanek

    i miss shrutika so much and i love her forever

  3. Patricia Vergara

    Oh...yes. I still remember my teenage dreams..💖💖💖

  4. Patricia Vergara

    Me gusta muchísimo esta canción.Bill,hermosa y dulce voz.
    Uno de mis Rubettes preferidos.

  5. Maria Condursi

    Pure Bill hurd ha una bellissima voce .

  6. Tony Pike

    this is bill hurd singing this