Rubettes, The - Sugar Baby Love Lyrics

Sugar baby love, sugar baby love
I didn't mean to make you blue
Sugar baby love, sugar baby love
I didn't mean to hurt you

All lovers make
Make the same mistakes
Yes they do
Yes, all lovers make
Make the same mistakes
As me and you

Sugar baby love, sugar baby love
I didn't mean to make you blue
Sugar baby love, sugar baby love
I didn't mean to hurt you

People take my advice
If you love someone
Don't think twice

Love your baby love, sugar baby love
Love her anyway, love her ev'ryday

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Rubettes, The Sugar Baby Love Comments
  1. Maria Grazia Riva


  2. Darren73

    All lovers make the same mistakes.. Very true :)

  3. AudieHolland

    Can you imagine that none of those people had mobile phones?

  4. Antônio Alan

    Music clasic 💗

  5. Niall Connell

    Great miming on this video 😂

    Wicked song regardless

  6. Tiegan sians Rail productions

    I only know this song from watching my favourite celebrity's video on Instagram 😂

  7. Giuseppina Vitale

    Bellissima canzone del 1974.... Io ero piccola, ma mi piaceva lo stesso questo genere di canzoni

  8. Carlos Lameirao

    Velhos e bons tempos

  9. Suely Freitas

    Que saudades.

  10. Joshua Bultitude

    Wicked song and I'm only 19

  11. Kristian


  12. Crypto Knight

    How on earth did they write this song?

  13. CarlosDS

    Great song that brings good memories from early 70's. Alan Williams reminds me of Simon Le Bon, though don't know why 😎

  14. Degree7

    sounds like The Hollies

  15. Tibor Benčík


  16. Mark Valentini

    me too, listening Jan 2020

  17. yassveena

    Hahaha.. '74 when i was 11 years old this was in the charts and my favorite. When i showed it to my mother she thought i'm going crazy, she listened to soul, classic and jazz. I still love it, although it's quite funny now (2020) to watch. Old love, big love! :)

  18. TiTiOne __________

    janury 2020 janvier 2020 anyone listening now ?

  19. Pame Romero Aguilar

    For always I listen

  20. Jiří Karmazin


  21. Renata Mendoza

    2020? Alguien anyone?

    Sergio Soeiro

    Presente! Recordando dos meus 14 aninhos.

  22. Maria João Berrones

    AMO como é possível recordar esta magnífica música com 5 anos e sentir uma felicidade Maravilhosa ao ouvi-la. Estou estonteada de felicidade. Muitíssimo obrigada. Beijinho gentil. Adoro. 🌹💟👋

  23. Michal Kyr

    yea good times are gone :-(

  24. Guillermo Ortega


  25. Gina Sinclair

    Jan 2020 still listening to,happy new year

  26. Luz Medina Melgar

    Recordando viejos tiempos!!!4 de enero 2020

  27. Marmalade Stex1591

    Acrimonious Splits have Led to their being Several Different Versions of this British Pop Band still going to this Day!.

  28. Vchyoss

    Jan 2020?

  29. PJ Angels

    Muriel's Wedding

  30. Dean Richardson

    How can he sing like that, its insane! Fantastic song/sound, still love it and great recording, thanks!

    Colonel Kurtz

    the guy here is pure miming, and he didn't even sing it! That is NOT his voice - he wishes he could sing like that, don't believe me? look it up. Shame the real singer wasn't credited with it coz i mean - what a talent

  31. Mischievous Muffins

    Back when men wore normal pants...god damn that lead singer gets me every time 😭 taking this song with me into 2020

    Tom Bruggeman

    'normal pants' ?

    I mean they're wearing white pants that are tight higher up.

    They're not wearing plain old jeans

    Mischievous Muffins

    @Tom Bruggeman yeah at least they dont look like chicks in skinny jeans

    Tom Bruggeman

    @Mischievous Muffins didn't chicks wear bell bottoms too tho ? How do know we're not going to say the exact same thing in a couple of decades?

    Mischievous Muffins

    @Tom Bruggeman it happens with every decade granted the pants were higher tighter they were more sleek

  32. Alain Colombani

    j avais 11 ans Merci, pour le rêve, et la joie....c est toujours aussi bien...

  33. Patricia Vergara

    1 de enero 2020!💖💖💖

  34. D Targa

    0:16 what or who is making that sound?


    The playback, dear!

  35. Ann Elizza Sandberg

    Falsetto utan dess like,

  36. merv allen

    Jan 2020 still listening happy new year everybody

  37. Sandra Pires

    Thank you so much for this video! 🙏🏻❤️

  38. Debs Clark

    RIP uncle Pete ! He loved this xx ❤

  39. Габріел Попович


  40. jose claudio da silva

    que bela lembrança,muito boa postagem,Valeu Oxygene 80

  41. Karim Sumar

    OMG watching this on my Smart phone 📱 👈.
    But, I still remember the Melody when watching on my black & white TV 📺 in 1975...
    45 years ago 😊.
    Old 🧓 is Gold 🥇!
    Happy New Year 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

    Marie Walters

    Happy New Year!🎆🍸🍸

  42. Leo Oliveira

    *Sensacional essa canção...2020*

  43. Lady Snowblood

    This song proved categorically that there was always gonna be a flip side to being repetitively kicked in the balls in the playground at school — he got to record one of the all time classic vocals on a well loved pop song. Which'll be remembered way longer than the six weeks his balls were smartin' all through that summer holiday.

  44. Jarosław Kaczor

    Comment for Youtube algorithm

  45. Herbi Stan

    Ultra super cool
    Je suis acro
    1975 Un tube planétaire 🇫🇷

  46. Doug Blush

    Greatest UK # One Hit Wonder Ever.

  47. Sandra Luz Fortuna

    Y love Alan forever , Sugar baby Love , 26, diciembre 2019 , quién más ,lo mira y escucha

    Fedeya Pantoja

    Alan es tan sexi....

  48. Gerhard Niederreiter

    See you in Ostend in Nov 2020

  49. Nikki Smith

    This is one of the songs that you could never get bored of in fact if your feeling low just listen to this it always brings happiness x

  50. ginger ginger

    Don’t no y I love this song my brith date 1988 do wasn’t even Born mum or dad didn’t listen to it but I remember hearing it on tv as a child from then on something inside me just loved it mad lol 🤣✌️😜🥊💋

  51. Anna Williams

    Happy Birthday Alan Williams! 71 today! 🎉

  52. Marilda das Neves

    Sugar baby love, sugar baby love
    I didn't mean to make you blue
    Sugar baby love, sugar baby love
    I didn't mean to hurt you
    All lovers make
    Make the same mistakes
    Yes they do
    Yes, all lovers make
    Make the same mistakes
    As me and you
    Sugar baby love, sugar baby love
    I didn't mean to make you blue
    Sugar baby love, sugar baby love
    I didn't mean to hurt you
    People, take my advice
    If you love someone
    Don't think twice
    Love your baby love, sugar baby love
    Love her anyway, love her everyday

  53. YAM Honda

    Perfection absolue 🏝️🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🤓😊😁😀

  54. Fedeya Pantoja

    Me encanta

  55. Zdzislaw Bryla

    Mój pierwszy taniec z moja żona, dyskoteka szkolna 1975

  56. flanker sukhoi

    bei ricordi

  57. Sunny Aura

    One of those songs that sticks with you forever ,no matter what .❤👍

  58. Michael Lack

    I’m 57 years young....this takes me back

  59. giuseppe ferrara

    oxygene 80, great music,  my  sound

  60. namodwin

    Oh my God i was 10. Now 55 😵😵😵 but still love this song !

  61. Jerrry Zevallos

    Alguien in dicember? 🤔🤔🤔

  62. ExpDrift!

    My turn:
    > December 2019 - anyone? :)


    Я. В Сибири

    Jimmy Cranston

    me, love this song, what puts me off watching the video though is Alan miming to Paul, but still a fantastic song

    Barbra Buys

    The best falsetto ever! Love it.

    Jimmy Cranston

    @Barbra Buys yes Paul Da Vinci has the best falsetto ever, but not Alan Williams unfortunately

    JoHn Callaghan

    January 2.0²

  63. Cristina Carvalho

    Aí eu me acabo uauuuuuuuu

  64. Faye davies

    Im that kind of girl that if im not talking to anyone on the PS4 I put music on to help me concentrate but this song has help me wonders lol earphones in blasting this song has helped me big time and im crap at call of duty lol

  65. zdenek kaspar

    Po tolika letech hit c.1

  66. Herbszt Patrícia

    I love this song! December, 2019

    giuseppe ferrara

    surely  my song , we think the same thing.

  67. Cy Brunel

    J'en ai pris plein les Rubettes !

  68. Luis Flores

    December 2019 😜🏁

  69. Felicia Polizzi

    Bellissima canzone

  70. alexis agri

    trop bien

  71. Donald J. Trump

    Cool song

  72. Jose Benedito

    Essa música ,me faz lembrar , minha irmã Jovita ,que mora no meu coração.

  73. Sandra Luz Fortuna

    I Love Alan forever Sweet , noviembre 2019

  74. George Giles

    Love this song.,love the video

  75. Sandrine Rousseau

    J'étais gamine et amoureuse d'eux mdrrr

  76. Jeff Allinson

    The high note at the beginning of the song wasn't even sung by the lead vocalist!!

    Chris Debono

    No it a fella called da Vinci, but the guy in the video could still reach the notes

    Jeff Allinson

    @Chris Debono Yes he could but not as high as Paul Davinci

    Chris Debono

    @Jeff Allinson I never said he could

    Jeff Allinson

    @Chris Debono Lol!

  77. Joey

    I recently just discovered this song, cause it was in a condom ad, and had to find the whole thing. Absolutely love it.

  78. Oliver Niehaus

    Junge Junge Junge wenn der Sänger nicht schwul ist weiß ich auch nicht 😂


    Ma soeur elle adoree les rubbens

  80. Silver Fox

    Happy day's before Maggie and de-industrialisation and privatisation of everything

  81. Davey G

    Written by two of my fellow scousers. A timeless classic

  82. suleth strife

    Paul da Vinci



  84. Chris Debono

    The lead is so handsome


    november 2019

    Patricia Vergara

    Every day!

    Marco FIALHO

    Me either

  86. didier giraudet

    La belle époque ... c'était de la musique

  87. Joe Delaney

    The super 70s I loved all the Rubettes songs 🙂

  88. kitten48484

    Little Snow Fairy Sugar :)

  89. Ant Stead

    Wonderful, nothing less.

  90. Tom Larsson
    The Rubettes were a British pop group of studio musicians assembled in 1973 by the songwriting team of Wayne Bickerton, then the head of A&R at Polydor Records, and his co-songwriter, Tony Waddington, after their doo-wop and 1950s American pop-influenced songs had been rejected by a number of existing acts

  91. K Pope

    Windows cracking all over the place but camp and fabulous.. Impossible to be repeated.

  92. Juan carlos O.

    Nice song. From chile.

  93. Malgorzata Krentowska

    Kiss from Poland 💓💋💓💋💓💋💓

  94. Emilian Epure

    This song is a freakin' drug :)) I can't stop listening to this :D makes me feel good every time

    Lilian Priscilla

    Lo mismo pienso. Es una droga, yo la oigo una y otra vez. Es increíble


    It touches eternity. This is as close as we get to heaven my stinking human friends. And it's beautiful !