Roy Orbison - Wondering Lyrics

Wondering, wondering, I wonder what to say
Wondering, wondering, I wonder what to do
Will your love be true, or will you run away

When you have been alone, without love, all alone
You wonder what you'll feel when new love comes along
Is it really real?

Ah ... aaaah ... aaah,
I wonder.

Wondering, wondering, I wonder all the time
Wondering, wondering, are you really mine?
Will your love be true or will I wonder
Till the end of time?

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Roy Orbison Wondering Comments
  1. Chris Lopes

    Absolute perfection

  2. Mickey Bowser


  3. Little White Dove 20119

    Yes I Really Like This Song That I Have Never Heard.

  4. Ronaldo Meirelles

    Elvis e Roy ,inesquecíveis!!!!!

  5. Ian Robert

    Fantastic tune hidden in a nonsense of a film. It should have been released as a single its that good


    magnificent only orbison could sing  like that,good luck to everybody

  7. Milton Williams

    Roy had so many wonderful and beautiful songs out and that was due to the beautiful voice that Roy had, Of the countless number of beautiful love songs and ballets that were recorded by Roy Orbison "Wondering" is still one of my favorite songs recorded by him,You can't get any better than this  wonderful and beautiful love song, which was created and masterfully recorded by Roy Orbison like only he could.

    Judy Daher

    @Milton Williams, again thank you so much for sharing. Howe have Roy Orbison in common. I met my Soulmate and best friend Nick Isaak, he was singing a Roy Orbison song in a band. He got my ears eyes and attention after that. He was singing mean women blues. One of my favorite songs, my Roy Orbison. He is just a talented as his brother Chris Isaak. Nick taught his baby brother how to play guitar. And Chris Isaak had voice lessons. Were has there father put it. May he rest in peace. Nick has the God given voice. Were Chris had to learn. They both love Roy Orbison as much as I do. and you too. Again thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy your day today. Take care. Always love Judy. 😇⭐️😇⭐️😇⭐️😇⭐️💋💋💋

    Milton Williams

    @Judy Daher I've received several of your messages, but am just learning how to reply. We share the same appreciation not just for Roy Orbison but so many of the great talents that started Rock & Roll. We grew up in a time where so many great ballads and love songs were written and had so many great singer's that were enjoyable to listen to, and Roy Orbison was one of the greatest singer/vocalists ever in the history of Rock & Roll!

    Judy Daher

    @Milton Williams . Again Thank you for sharing the music of one of my favorite singer songwriters. He truly will live on through is beautiful singing and writing. He will be for ever in are hearts and never forgotten. I love the last album I found my chance. King of hearts. He was working on the music and songs before. And with the help of his children and Chris Isaak. The album came to be. And Chris's brother Nick never knew about that album until I gave it to him one year for Christmas. It's a great album. And if you never heard it. You probably can her it on YouTube for free. Enjoy. I hope you have a peaceful and blessed evening tonight. Enjoy the rest of your week too. Take care my sweet friend. God bless you. Always love Judy. 😇⭕️❌⭕️❌💋💋💋

  8. kevin cook

    ohh my what a voice the master had this song i have never heard his voice so beautiful and mesmerising no wonder he was the king of music and shall ever be miss u roy

  9. somebodynew1

    This song never got the play it deserved, another one of my faves.

  10. bob seaman

    Ted I would say Elvis would have the better of Roy in the guitar playing department from the early Sun days and on early 50's TV shows when he played some awesome rhythm parts and also in his comeback special in 68 .I don't know if producer Fred Foster would have used Roy's efforts in the studio but was he audible in all his live work too he was on Black and White Night ?

  11. Phil Cross

    That was a great song by the greatest singer. Thank you sharing.

  12. Ted McCartin

    Now you know why Elvis said that Roy Orbison has the "greatest voice in Rock 'n' Roll". I have always been a huge Elvis fan, but the "Big O" could sing as well as Elvis could, he could play guitar better than Elvis, and he could write songs. When Elvis saw a sign at one of his concerts saying "Elvis is the King" Elvis stopped performing and told his fans "Jesus is the King". If Elvis was the King of Rock 'n' Roll and MJ was the King of Pop, what was Roy? A beautiful man with a beautiful voice!

  13. paul m

    just one of a hundred masterpieces by Orbison & co.

  14. jean baker

    roy just had the best gift ever hes voice and love for music

  15. David Willis

    Great quality! Thanks for sharing this terrific Roy tune!!!!!

  16. Tinorbison

    I love this song from Roy Orbison.
    I´m a fan number one of him.
    Thanks for upload.


  17. Tinorbison

    Thankyou friend for the movie ;-]