Roy Orbison - Hound Dog Man Lyrics

Hey, hound dog man,
Where you been now, where you been?
I wish that you were back,
It was too good to ever end.
Once in a while someone like you
Will give everything for what you wanted to do.

Hey, hound dog man,
My old friend play it again.

You gave the world a whole lot of joy
Now that ain't bad for a country boy
I just knew you could not lose
The way you sang rock and roll and blues.
I still think about these things
And the memory that it brings

Hey, hound dog man,
My old friend, play it again.
Hey, hound dog man,
My old friend, play it again

Sometimes I think about James Dean,
Sammy Cooke and my teenage queen.
Doo ron, de ron, de ron,
Marilyn Monroe and hot rod fun.
I still think about these things
And the memory that it brings.

Hey, hound dog man,
My old friend, play it again.
Hey, hound dog man,
My old friend why did it end?
Hey, hound dog man,
My old friend, why did it end.

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Roy Orbison Hound Dog Man Comments
  1. Patrick Magee

    Had the pleasure of seeing the brilliant Roy Orbison sing this wonderful tribute to Elvis.

  2. Mária454 Szabó

    Roy Orbison - Hound Dog Man

    Mária454 Szabó


  3. Guy Sharwood

    Remember actually watching this back in the '80s. Never have forgotten it.

  4. Martin Page

    What a lovely Human Being, so full of Heart and Love, gentle and sensitive

  5. Kyle Leatherbarrow

    Nice for sam cooke to get a mention as well. Very underrated

  6. Bobby Hill

    Hound dog man Awsome

  7. Still Knower

    I've got tears in my eyes for Elvis and for Roy

  8. Peter Kane


  9. Michael Mc Glinchey

    Great song by a king for a king 🎶🎶

  10. Hebron B. Jordão

    O melhor de todos Roy Orbison !!!

  11. Richie Betz

    Probably the greatest and most reverent tribute to Elvis Presley.

  12. Sherlock Talon

    Elvis said it and I agree, he's "the best singer in the world."


    @CashPresley32 Sorry man I love Cash too but he's no where near the top of singers if you're judging on classic range/depth/pitch but he was damn good and probably one of the most unique.


    @Sherlock Talon Well Elvis did say that but I'm more of an Elvis voice fan myself.


    @JCB Well Elvis himself did say that "Roy Orbison was the greatest singer in the world" but he also said that Johnny Cash would be one of the top singers and he was right.

    Richie Betz

    Johnny Cash was one of the best singers but not the greatest. Roy was a bit better. Especially in vocal. Elvis is the best singer in general.


    Takes one to know one. Two legends. I miss them both.

  13. Phil Cross

    That was great! Thanks for sharing.

  14. John Kentish

    Works for Roy but not for me.

  15. JCandRoyTogether

    Great video...this is a great tribute to Elvis...Roy and Elvis, the very best...thanks for this video...JC


    wonderful♥....yes we miss you Roy but your music is with me every day... thank you for upload..

  17. Vadim Babanin

    We miss you, Roy

  18. misspam728

    ~ ohHowWONNNNNNNNNNDERFUL, cherishing it for my veryFirstTIME evah on the 35th Anniversary of Elvis Presley's death August 16, 2012 ... gladly to purchase this, then to recommend it ceaselessly ! Deeeeply impactin' and every teardrop is treasured. mPj SouCali aka OldeCajunWidowLady