Roy Orbison - Dance Lyrics

Well they're dancin' down the corner put your best dress on
Get with it baby we're gonna go all night long
Yeah yeah, uh-uh, yeah yeah
Get ready right now we gonna dance on and on

Well, put those rings on your fingers bells on your toes
Get with that feeling baby body and soul
Yeah yeah, uh-uh, yeah yeah
Well I got the dancing fever we gonna dance all night

Well dance baby dance yeah dance baby dance
Uh-uh-uh, dance baby dance yeah yeah, dance baby dance
Oh yeah, alright, let's dance

Put those rings on your fingers bells on your toes
Get with that feeling baby body and soul
Yeah yeah, uh-uh, yeah yeah well I got the dancing fever
Baby let's dance all night

....yeah...yeah yeah yeah, don't stop

Come on now, dance baby dance I said dance baby dance
Come on dance baby dance yeah, dance baby dance
Come on dance baby yeah yeah, I said dance
Come on now, dance baby dance I said dance baby dance
Come on sugar, sugar dance...

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Roy Orbison Dance Comments
  1. John Benn


    From a mad keen 75yo Aussie fan.

  2. Sam Christie

    Love it from 1962 album: Crying. Thanks


    oh my. thanku. too much; it;s great.

  4. Steven Ford

    One great artist The big o

  5. PazzaTV

    Talented beyond measure, as a solo artist he's easily on par with the Beatles. One of the few musicians that truly embodied their music personally, a credit to all music.


    He was better than the Beatles!

  6. Nancy Ann Prohira

    Who doesn't love his music,what a great talent.

  7. canica delbajío

    Yes!, More dancing! My RrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooYYYYY!

  8. Barbara Stevenson

    Tomorrow will be Roy's birthday.A day to celebrate his wonderful talent ,and a day to wish he could be with us.Love him forever.

  9. canica delbajío

    Just look at him singing in his only film, sooo sexi, Yeah!

  10. canica delbajío

    Roy was really handsome and sexi, he decided to wear those black glasses to cover those beautiful eyes and dye his blonde and beautiful hair, He wanted not to appear sexy so women can not close to him. 

  11. Phil Cross

    Thank you for sharing this Tino!  Awesome song.

    Fern Reed

    Love love love this!!!  But then again I love all his songs......

    Fern Reed

    I am on his pages on facebook Phil~~~~  Love all his fans too!!

    Phil Cross

    @Fern Reed Indeed yes Fern! 

    Fern Reed

    I love it too!!!   I just love Roy more all the time as time gos by!!!

  12. Fern Reed

    Hi Tina, Oh I loved this one!!! I had not heard this one before!! He sounded so happy!!
    Saw some pictures I had not seen before too!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks girl!!!

  13. Maureen Mulheron

    Hello to The King, Have a look at Google for - Ulli's Roy Orbison In Clingfilm Website-and you will see where this photo if from. This is a strange man who writes funny stories about talking to Roy Orbison and then wrapping him in Glingfilm. The stories make me laugh.
    Best Regards,
    Maureen - Australia.

  14. The Official Pete Rivers

    Love it!!!!

  15. Tinorbison

    I not know :S


  16. Tinorbison

    Ha sim sim eu sei heheh, uau, que sorte: D
    Veja se tem coisas ha Roy? Boa sorte
    And the picture yes, is true :S I can´t believe but yes... I don´t like and you?
    Bye bye and good travel.


  17. Tinorbison

    Really friend? Wow, good! I´m glad for it.
    Bye bye and keep your visit here in my channel. You´re welcome.


  18. Tinorbison

    I not know my friend :S
    I´m sorry.
    Bye bye and see you soon.


  19. Tinorbison

    Thanks my friend, I´m gald for you enjoyed.
    Well ,I thought that you was upset with me for posting his photo without warning, sorry: S
    Bye bye and take care.


    Anita Bingamon

    I had to do a double-take there ;-)

  20. kerrsteel

    Thank you Tina, I liked that, Roy is a Favourite of mine.


  21. Maureen Mulheron

    Hi Tina,
    This is so special to have my photo appear in the clip line-up with the great Roy Orbison , and in such company as his co-writers Joe Melson, and Bill Dees plus the photo form the 1970's of the backing band. I am very happy to be up there with them.
    Best wishes,
    Maureen - Australia

  22. Tinorbison

    Thanks very much your visit here :D I´m very glad for it.
    It means that you are always to see my jobs. It is very good for me.
    Bye bye and take care my friend...



    Good video with brand new pictures. Most of them I have never seen.