Roxette - Way Out Lyrics

I used to work it out with my head in a cloud
A record machine playin’ out loud
I guess my fate had to turn
Followed a star to a candle that burned

Bag full of crackers an’ chocolate bars
Breakin’ my back, sleepin’ in cars
Ha! I always woke up in doubt
Well, now I know what the fuss is about

Way out, out of the blue
I met a young girl
It could’ve been you
Hey, what was I supposed to do
I didn’t want to fall in love

Try to keep sane an’ savin’ the light
Two things to do when you can’t fight the night
I always lay down in doubt
Well, now I know what the fuss is about

Way out, out of the blue
I met a young girl
It could’ve been you
Hey, what was I supposed to do
I didn’t want to fall in love

Sometimes you don’t decide for yourself
Sometimes you don’t decide for yourself
Sometimes you can’t decide for yourself

Way out, out of the blue
Hey, what was I supposed to do

Way out, out of the blue
I met a young girl
It could’ve been you
Hey, what was I supposed to do
I didn’t want to fall in love

Way out, out of the blue
I met a young girl
It could’ve been you
Hey, what was I supposed to do
I didn’t want to fall in love

I didn’t want to fall in love

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Roxette Way Out Comments
  1. Alejandro

    2011 was a great Rox year. I loved the Charm school era, the best one after the good old Joyride days.

  2. Serafim Nitsios

    RIP Marie...

  3. marisol cortez

    Gracias Marie fuiste una maestra!

  4. Piotr Kiczek

    Wszystkiego najlepszego po tamtej stronie Marii anioły ściągnęły cię do siebie pragnąć słyszeć twój głos na żywo....

  5. Aguś B


    karin härtwig

    Ruhe in Frieden
    Deiner Familie 👪 mein Mitgefühl! 🕯️🕯️🕯️

  6. Mundo Das Ferramentas

    Rip Marie

  7. Saul Goodman

    Who knows what is the music instrument plays in very beginnig? I am russian and we call this "kamus" and it's very very rare. At least it sounds similar. Sorry for bed eng.

  8. Alecsandra Tauana Patel

    Aaaa q dlç de som

  9. Suellen Roxette

    Quem ta assistindo em 2019???

  10. allan 157

    Adoro essa canção, RoXette é maravilhoso Marie Fredriksson linda extraordinária.

  11. LolTra


  12. Ольга Свирина

    Шикарная музыка. Потрясающие голоса. Музыканты на все времена!

  13. ducksoup2007

    love this band

  14. suci ramadhona

    the vibe from late 80's and early 90's. love.

  15. rita fantasma

    Gran tema! levanta el ánimo y alegra con solo escucharlo... y el video va perfecto con la canción! no sé si solo a mi me parece o habrá sido un guiño intencional por parte de ellos pero... no les recuerda al de Run To You? es.. como el gemelo pero en la actualidad jaja ♥ lindos siempre!

  16. Flavio Klippel

    este. son. muito bom parabens

  17. Aparecida & Você

    l lovy You 💖💖

  18. Александр Маяков

    Лучше не бывает

  19. Fodel Sedagen

    That's a very Roxy Roxette song! Thanx 4 this wonderful music!

  20. Elisângela Cavazzini


  21. clara espi

    love Roxette 😍😍😍

  22. Henrique Lima

    Preciso ir no show venham pro Brasil

    Alecsandra Tauana Patel

    eu também preciso ir em um show kkkkk e que venham logo se para o Brasil né

    Marcos Barros

    Infelizmente isso não irá acontecer mais. Quem teve o privilégio de ir a um show do Roxette agradeça, realizei um dos meus sonhos fui a dois e agradeço até hoje pela oportunidade!

    Mateus Carvalho

    Eles iam entrar em turnê em 2016, mas o médico de Marie achou melhor cancelar por causa da saúde dela.

    Mateus Carvalho

    @Marcos Barros Você foi em 2011 e 2013? Caraca, era um dos meus sonhos ir.

  23. Maria lucia Neves

    Fico muito feliz em estar a vê-los juntos novamente. Tinha saudades da vossa energia. Saúde. Beijinhos.Lucia neves - Portugal

  24. Andreas Raeder

    Marie, we wish you all the best from all our hearts! Best wishes from Germany!

  25. Ваня Моралез

    вечно молодой Пер

  26. Lyubava Vlad


  27. Sabrina colaço

    muitooo boa a musica e o video muito bem feito .... Roxette 💗💗

  28. Juan Acevedo


  29. alexis cristobal calderon gonzalez

    gran grupo de música roxette por siempre

  30. Marisol Morales

    me alegra tanto verlos juntos otra vez ...cantan hermoso mi grupo favorito

  31. Tom Fugl1971

    Yeah, Just Posted it Again ☺☺☺ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ 6/6 = Top i gav it 7+ ☺. Nice Text All together Perfect for me right now. Take Care Great Nice Blessed Day/Night. Greetings Tom

  32. Yul Saharig

    very nice song!! :D

  33. Ivan

    Wonderfull song!!!

  34. patrringg aloguis

    they're growing old gracefully and beautifully together yet their voices never lost their charms and magneto.

  35. grarghov1

    Very nice song, lively, and rocks :)

    however (don't stone me to death for this sentence, dear fans, I am an avid Roxette fan too...) they seem to have run out of ideas as the whole beat and structure of the song (and even guitar play, VERY similar licks at the end of main riffs) shows peculiar similarity with Joan Jett's "I love rock'n'roll" :))))

    David C

    That was the intention behind the song

  36. Samppa Ankka

    I´m so so happy my all time favorite band is still around <3  forever in my heart!!
    Thank you for the music Roxette and for making my life a bit better. Forever!
    waiting for 2015 releases... :D

  37. УБО РЩИК

    Its what I call the real music! Lady gaga or someone else just smoking from the outside. The Best Band eveeeer!

  38. KlausM81

    Meine Fresse die habens echt drauf.....30 Jahre im Geschäft und ein Song besser als der andere. Roxette war damals schon meine Lieblingsband...aber dass sie sich so lange halten würden und dann so ein Comeback hinlegen....einfach nur GEIL. Von Herzen seis den beiden gegönnt.

  39. Alessia De Merulis

    Save the date...10th may 2015 milanoooooooo

  40. Bajro - Nuhanovic

    Eccelent fresh new song, catchy lyrics, Unforgettible tune: that's what happena when Mr. G writes a song :)

  41. Rarapas

    I love this song so much!!!!

  42. Helmut83

    Grande Roxette! Uno de las últimas bandas viejas que quedan haciendo buena música.

  43. Maria Martha Herrera

    los adoro!!! los mejores sin duda!!

  44. vane sa


  45. Radek Ventruba


  46. ToastyFloss

    6 people had no way out

  47. Radek Ventruba

    i like it!!! yeahhhh...!!!

  48. Alicia Morales

    Chile ...:) Wow ¡¡¡

  49. Danica van Rensburg

    Best song on Charm School!

  50. Claudia Martinez

    amo a Roxtte desde siempre y para siempre! este tema m encantaaaa

  51. Henri Fadhel Soumaré

    I really love you.But I learned english by your songs. I ve been listning you since my childhood. I' m from Senegal and my will is to check your hands one day.

  52. TheCrazyStranger

    great song. why not HD? :(

  53. Florencia Fredriksson-Gessle

    in Argentina, waiting for April to come...

  54. sanjogar

    Powerful and funny. I like it very much.

  55. Helmut83

    This song is so good it could have been one of their strong songs from the early nineties.

  56. Bajro - Nuhanovic

    Oh yeha they're back..
    my friends are becoming RoxFans :D

  57. ImakiluvSJS99

    Roxette is great!!!

  58. João Henrique

    I know they are great!

  59. DcU

    Surviving cancer like a BOSS

  60. Nachiro82

    ROXETTE welcome to Madrid! :D

  61. motorclip

    ROXETTE welcome to Spain

  62. AGAVA

    Their voices and style of singing remind me of old good times and old good music.

  63. L A

    who have made this music vid?? :)

  64. Adilson Dilson

    Roxette são os melhores;;;;;;

  65. Bajro - Nuhanovic

    Roxette never dies, this video prowse it!

  66. holypetel

    They rocked Tel Aviv last night!!!

  67. Lizzanie xxx

    love you roxette love you <3<3<3<3<3<3

  68. Max


  69. Karolina X

    he's got great earrings ! ; D
    and song is fukcing good <3

  70. apteekinsalli


  71. G C

    im so excited they are coming to Melbourne on Feb 18..

  72. Isabella Pancheri

    Gute Laune Musik - schön, dass Roxette wieder zurück sind!! :-)

  73. Kate LB

    Im dancing to this right NOW!!!! So excited they are coming to Auckland Feb 11 Im so there!!!

  74. Rodrigo Hernandez

    real talent.. stays for ever..


    well well i have to say this is very good song...

  76. Billicent Macuse

    I just noticed the male half sings more often than the female half just 'cause she is still recovering from the illness she dealt with nearly a decade ago.

  77. TheNiko2295

    I'm child and i love your music!! Thanks Roxette

  78. Lauren Allison

    I am 15 and my childhood was listening to you guys! You are awesome!

  79. lynckan


  80. Mittcher

    I'm obsessed with this song, really good

  81. radkos77

    rokowy zestaw=uwielbiam
    [email protected]

  82. Tiya Gumiwa

    rock on....

  83. reichardtagi

    Roxette foreveeer :))♥

  84. Jânio Melo

    just like ROXETTE...................(happy)

  85. Jhonatan Rivera

    con este video puedo notar que ROXETTE ESTA DE REGRESO, primera vez que puedo vivir esta etapa que saca cosas nuevas, lamentablemente cuando conoci a Roxette (2001, desde el cual me enamore de ellos), ya estaban de retiro, pero ahora SIII....

  86. duartem70

    una emocion ver en este video una parte de las tribunas del luna y saber que entre esos puntos estube yo, simbolicamente me reconozco aunque no me vea, fue el dia mas feliz de mi vida!!!! INOLVIDABLE!

  87. Lorena Olivera

    feliz de haber salido en este video, es el mejor regalo, despues de ser fans hace mas de 20 años...ademas AMO ESTE TEMA.

  88. 0chickear0


  89. Yozif Perralt

    Marie and Per look great... I love the video and I love their music no matter how many years pass by

  90. Omar Chavira

    were can i vote this video

  91. Jânio Melo

    perfect song.....s2 s2 s2 s2

  92. Javier Ceballos

    Tuve las entradas para ir a verlos al Luna... Lamentablemente una desgracia me impidió poder disfrutarlos y revivir lo de Ferro...
    Solo me quedó Charme School, un excelente trabajo... ROXETTE FOREVER!

  93. Jacek Piotrowicz

    World's love for Roxette will never end. And the time has stopped for Them in the 80's: so much love and hit after hit and big sucess (well: I'm gonna get dressed ;) since Then. Since the very first single! How can We not love Marie, Per and the staff?

  94. kkme7

    I think this song is just as great as 'She's Got Nothing On', but isn't played as much on the radio.

    Regina Meeves

    Ich vermisse sie sehr . Ich denke sie stets an ihr , fasst jedes Konzert habe ich nach gefolgt
    Und jetzt ist sie nicht mehr . Ich trauere richtig um sie , denn weil sie mir einiges zurück gebracht hat .was ich nicht erwartet hätte .

  95. João Henrique

    Perfect song! Perfect Album! Perfect singers! Perfect Band! Ah! Roxette is the best I've ever seen!

  96. GINGERbloodSUGARsex


  97. Omar Chavira

    so great video , being a roxette fan will always be a joyride to me, i love you greetings from mexico ROXETTE ROXETTE ROXETTE¡¡¡.

  98. Martin Kris

    Yeaaa Just Normal Video ! Thanks Roxette :)