Roxette - Speak To Me Lyrics

Speak to me with tenderness
Speak to me with gracefulness
Speak to me with happiness and love

Speak to me in loneliness
Speak to me in bitterness
Speak to me in faithlessness with love

You want to hide when you’re alone
Where do you run to when you’re on your own?
You’re looking to find some peace of mind
But nothing’s in sight at the end of the line, oh no

Speak to me in emptiness
Speak to me in failed success
Speak to me in speechlessness with love

You want to hide when you’re alone
Where do you run to when everything’s gone?
You’re looking to find a good thing in life
But nothing’s in sight at the end of the line

So where do you hide when you’re alone?
Where do you run to when you’re on your own?
That dream in the dark just sank like a stone
That voice in your heart,
It won’t come to the phone,
It never comes

Speak to me with tenderness
Speak to me with gracefulness
Speak to me with happiness and love

Speak to me in loneliness
Speak to me in bitterness
Speak to me in faithlessness with love

Speak to me
Speak to me
With love

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Roxette Speak To Me Comments
  1. sasha ret

    Лапочка. Так жаль, что так получилось...

  2. gacel rox

    At the day of today, this song, sound DEEPER!!!!! #NeverIsALongTime

  3. Chris Robson

    What a voice,bless her.She was perfection in human form.Thankyou for being

  4. Bruce Le

    Голос просто Суперрр!!!Помнить будем тебя всегда Мари💜💜💜

  5. Zdena Mrkvickova

    This song amazing☀️ I Never forget sweet angel Marie 🌹♥️

  6. Sergio Prichinenko

    Mary Ford ever

  7. Rus Air

    люблю и детям передам....... земля пухом...

  8. Vint Official

    ты никогда не умрёшь в наших сердцах родная.....😔😔😔

  9. Kristof Mathees

    Roxette best groep ever we gonna miss you ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🥂 rust in peace Maria 🌹❤️🌹😪

  10. Jkob Pearl

    что я могу только память. ты лучшая

  11. Michael Dornelas


  12. Jasmusic


  13. Ronaldo Branco


  14. Eliseu Gosmati

    Me enche os olhos de lagrimas, quando ouço a voz de Marie, e saber que ela ja se foi...

  15. Gunduz Kacmaz

    All time Numberone 🙏

  16. Gabriela Ignacia de los Ángeles

    Recordaré eternamente tus canciones ❤️🙏 descansa preciosa 🌱❤️

  17. zosia

    I don't know about this songs.

  18. Keila Silveira

    You always will be remembered, Marie. Now you sing on Heaven. Love u 4ever!

  19. Antoni Ambrosio

    Obra maestra!

  20. arrobasolar

    I'll never forget you my dear Marie, you were great and your legend keeps on.

  21. Juli_2009_07

    Fanatico de esta banda en mi adolescencia, años 90!!!! Tristeza, por la partda de Marie!!!!! Siempre en mi corazon y mi mente con Roxette!!!!

  22. AnonyM

    epic band epic music forever


    The Giant musicians from the 80's were / are in a league of their own which is why it makes it all the more sadder when they leave us. At least we have their music to cherish for all eternity. Marrie looks to have had a strong mind. The only reason cancer won was because the conventional treatment gutted her immune system. Folks, do NOT opt for chemotherapy and research alternative therapies.

  24. Elisabeth Pichel

    Your voice I never forget Marie!! R.I.P.

  25. Don Marlon

    What a sadness. Adieu sweet lady.

  26. Duncan MacIsaac

    I can’t be the only person who finds this song relaxing

  27. Ulrike Rutzen

    Marie... Always in my ♥ my idol! I miss you so much 😭😭😭😭

  28. Dyl Roberts

    Rest in peace, Marie. Though you've gone to the next realm, you will live on through your musical legacy.

  29. francis mcphillips


  30. Sumit S.

    Most singers today would hurt their vocal cords if they try to sing like this. RIP Marie, Love you.

  31. Марина Лагонда

    Она обалденная. Суорблю.

  32. Kevin Günther

    RIP Marie! One more beautiful voice is gone :-/ all the best for family and friends from germany

  33. Priscila M.

    eu nunca vi a morte como um fim, mas como transformação Marie virou energia de luz e canta com os anjos, sem dor, obrigada por toda alegria que me deu pela vida! sua voz

  34. Максим- мск

    Мари и Роксет со мной навсегда

  35. Darryn Woo

    Though you have left us( fans ), but your voice, talent and songs will always be remembered. RIP dear marie...Roxette, one of the best band the world ever had...

  36. Fregat

    Замечательная группа, узнаваемая сразу по голосам Мари и Пера! Отличные мелодии, отличное исполнение! Всегда ждал их нового альбома. Мари ушла, но их музыка вечна.

  37. wally


  38. sylvie ROX

    watching this video makes me smile with tears in my eyes. love you Marie💙

  39. Lemur Lover

    this is a beautiful song <3 and some awesome kitties :)

  40. Алтынай Ахметбек

    Блин, вроде обычный голос, но какой-то неповторимый и такая прям ностальгия захватывает....

  41. Kate Gaines

    Rip. It's big loss for all

  42. Angela Bezede


  43. Angela Bezede


  44. Татьяна Лопатина Лопатина

    RIP Marie! We"ll miss you

  45. sandy andrade

    Maravillosos y grandiosos Roxette, 🌟Marie te amamos con todo el corazón 💗gracias por dar tanto de ti, de esa voz divina inigualable, tu música 🎶 tu bellísima esencia en este mundo, eres un ángel en el cielo, inolvidable eres y en nuestros corazónes por siempre y para siempre estás, nuestra Marie preciosa y Grandiosa☁️descansa en paz.

  46. Andrey Storm

    До сих пор не вериться.. Очень очень жаль.. Покойся с миром, Мари.. Твои легендарные песни навсегда в наших сердцах!

  47. Татьяна Котова

    Соболезнования всем родным и близким!!! И всем поклонникам во всем мире из России.....

  48. Kašman Šakirovski

    Next life Marie........................... ................................

  49. Татьяна Котова

    Как же мы без тебя теперь?!

  50. Coasterdude02149

    I don't think there was ever a bad song in thier catalogue. They were amazing and Marie was a powerhouse.You'll be sadly missed Marie 😥

  51. Ricardo Andrade

    R.I.P Marie 🇧🇷😢

  52. Radeberger5

    R.I.P Marie

  53. grandcamon

    кого убить за бездействие?

  54. ney trindade

    Love love love love love love.... You're gonna live in my heart for ever. Marie ♥️♥️♥️

  55. Dante Siciliano

    una gran voz, pura sin circo. QPD

  56. 100Singers

    Per has such a sexy smoky voice ... But all that's left is sorrow and many tears. RIP Marie. You will never be forgotten ...

  57. min lee

    always in my heart..........................

  58. Sander Albuquerque

    O Brasil vai sentir sua falta...

    Vai em paz, sua memória e legado nunca será esquecido pela gente aqui do Brasil


    if its your time. to go! it's your time to go! WE WILL MISS YOU MARIE FREDRIKSON,,,,You did suffered..........BUT IT'S OVER NOW!.. i lay my whisper to god bless your soul..

  60. Vlad Rio

    Só tenho a dizer > SAUDADES!

  61. D P

    Your music has helped me through life.
    It will now help me through your passing.
    Rox on Forever!

  62. Philippe Palmiotti

    Tout simplement magnifique !

  63. peter pen

    Marie my love rest in peace....

  64. Лейла Эсмур

    The Best of The Best💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  65. Dmitry Kuzmin

    Спасибо тебе Мари!

  66. Greg

    Best Emotional Female Voice Ever

  67. hakunyan0319

    R.I.P. Marie from japan

  68. Вадим Соколов

    Вечная память!

  69. Стас Україна

    They could write so many anohter cool songs(

  70. Patricia Niño Sanchez

    Solo es es un asta pronto descanza en paz como un día sin ty

  71. Martin Gries

    Per Gessle and Chris de Burgh are Brothers and Marie Fredriksson and Annie Lennox are Sisters XD.

  72. Kristina

    Сколько сил в Мари было! Голос мощнейший! Хотя уже болела очень! Я всегда буду слушать и любить Роксет! Спасибо


    Kristina Мари просто мистически потрясающая

    Алексей Ванков

    Голос просто бомба!До ее ухода со цены, какой был, такой и остался!!!

  73. Carlos Gustavo Trindade

    Triste pela morte de Marie Frederikson.

  74. Bárbara Oyola

    Roxette es parte de mi vida. Descansa en paz Marie. Conmigo siempre. Nos vemos en la próxima ♥️🎶

  75. Andrei Martins

    Estou muito triste por perder esse fenomeno musical descanse em paz minha eterna musa pop😪😪❣

  76. Banda Cavalo Dourado e Júnior Faustino Faustino

    Estou muito triste com a morte dessa grande artista ,eu sou muito fan .e nunca deixarei de ouvir essas músicas maravilhosas ...

  77. jose eduardo lopez

    si alguien pudiera colgar el karaoke para cantar esta hermosa cancion se lo agradeceria mucho, muchas gracias

  78. jose eduardo lopez

    Que en paz descanse marie fredriksson, una de las mejores canciones del mundo sin duda "speak to me"

  79. Artur Zuromski


  80. Digi20

    Godspeed Marie

  81. iEddyson

    bye-bye Marie.... we will always remember you and hear your songs...

  82. Александр Корелов

    Эпоха уходит ...как жаль

  83. Hana Balašová

    You live in my heart forever, Marie!

  84. Дмитрий Ревко

    Как знать, возможно чернобыльская катастрофа стала спусковым крючком для развития её болезни. Молоденькая была в 80-х. После взрыва облако пошло на Швецию, возможно Мари тогда переоблучилась... Занималась спортом, не имела вредных привычек и тут тебе раз... Покойся с миром, часть эпохи, легенда.

  85. triplex 222

    Żegnaj Marie.Wraz z Tobą umarła moja stara młodość.Kiedyś w niebie będę szukał twojego pieknego,niezapomnianego głosu.Ale jeszcze nie teraz,jeszcze nie.Sercem i duszą jestem z Tobą.ŻEGNAJ

  86. triplex 222

    Adjö Marie. Min gamla ungdom dog med dig. En dag i himlen ska jag leta efter din vackra, oförglömliga röst. Men ännu inte, ännu inte. Mitt hjärta och själ är jag med dig. Farväl

    Żegnaj Marie.Wraz z Tobą umarła moja stara młodość.Kiedyś w niebie będę szukał twojego pieknego,niezapomnianego głosu.Ale jeszcze nie teraz,jeszcze nie.Sercem i duszą jestem z Tobą.ŻEGNAJ

  87. Ma Olivia Castro Bolívar

    D.E.P.Deficado a [email protected] las personas que luchan contra el cancer

  88. kihot

    Marie .....lost in tears :(

  89. Carla Dias

    Grande perda, mas ela precisava descansar... Fica com Deus Marie, e encante os corais no céu!

  90. Nelcivan Araujo

    Marie Love forever

  91. Antonio Fernandez

    From Spain RIP DEP I didn´t know this song. It´s important that who mind to you... speaks to you. Express your feelings and worries.. Angel´s voice Marie. Inovlvidables sus canciones románticas recuerdos de los 90s y mi escuela School

  92. Dana Kralovicova

    RIP MARIE 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  93. Marjolein Donks

    So sad, gutted.
    Rest in peace, Swedish Songbird

  94. Richard Caldwell

    RIP sweet angel.....forever missed xxoo

  95. An2freez

    R.I.P. Marie


    Mí Marie 🥺💔😭😭