Ross Lynch - Cruisin' For A Bruisin' Lyrics

You better run, run, run
Here we come
Revving our engines under the sun
You're cruisin' for a bruisin'

Keeping it cool!
Smooth and steady!
Slick back hair
Man, things are getting heavy!
You're cruisin' for a bruisin'

Two wheels and an open road
Wrapped in leather, ready to go!

Don't stop, stop the music!
We ride fast like a bullet
We do anything we want, anytime we want

We just ride, ride, ride all day!
We're not gonna live any other way!

Bubblegum cherry pop
Go to the hop
Hanging with my brother
'Cause his friends are so hot
While they're cruisin' for some bruisin'!

I went to the drive and what did I see?
A hundred little Bettie's all staring at me!
I was cruising for some loving!

I got these two wheels and an open road
Just pop that clutch, I'm ready to go

Don't stop, stop the music!
We ride fast like a bullet
We do anything we want, anytime we want

We just ride, ride, ride all day!
We're not gonna live any other way
Oh no, we're not gonna live any other way

It goes a 1, a 2, a 1, 2, 3!
A who, who, who's riding with me?
I got a gang full of bruisers, all cruisin' with me!
And we're tearing up, we're tearing up, we're tearing up the streets

Don't stop, stop the music!
We ride fast like a bullet
We do anything we want, anytime we want

We just ride, ride, ride all day!
We're not gonna live any other way

So don't stop, stop the music!
We ride fast like a bullet
We do anything we want, anytime we want

We just ride, ride, ride all day!
We're not gonna live any other way
No, we're not gonna live any other way!
Oh no, we're not gonna live any other way!

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Ross Lynch Cruisin' For A Bruisin' Comments
  1. Spar Tin

    I didnt grow up with this movie, but damn this song is so good

  2. Nashalee 2001

    I keep replaying the beginning for the guy in the red shirt. I mean 😮😮 he’s fine!

  3. SynthOnYT

    Am I the only that's getting Presley vibes?

  4. KorNixX

    My Childhood! When I Grew up!?

  5. [FTM] Seth

    Lela broke everyone's sexuality

  6. Michael Ramprashad

    0:46 has a shocking resemblance to Tom Cruise

  7. s a t a ñ •

    i still know every word

    *why am i proud of that?*

  8. Nellie Sokknah

    The guy in the red shirt is hotter

  9. j g

    I love how even though this movie was made in 2013, when we were in this weird pre-Hamilton slump where we all thought musicals were lame, the writers just ignored the trend and made an actual movie musical, with fun choreo and non-diagetic music. In fact, this is one of the few modern-day movie musicals with choreo I can even think of! They even had a really lovely storyline with Mack learning to appreciate how fun musicals can actually be, and how everything doesn't always have to make sense (i.e. the #1 complaint about musicals: "Why is everyone just randomly singing?!?!?11?") So kudos to these writers. They stuck to their guns and stayed passionate about musicals, and the end product turned out pretty great.

  10. clássicos disney

    Se você conseguiu ficar parado, VOCÊ É UM GUERREIRO


    clássicos disney 😂😂😂😂

  11. LittlemissMelanie

    When he pops his chest though😕

  12. Valerie V

    yesterday i rewatched both teen beach movie and teen beach movie 2 and the entire soundtrack is so good!!! BUT THIS REMAINS MY FAVORITE

  13. Charity Baptist Church

    I love this movie make a teen beach 3 plz

  14. Random Cat

    Butchy is ripped af.

  15. rozdolskaaa :3

    lets wear black shoes and don’t tell rascal

  16. positive vibes


  17. Mya Pacheco

    Chris and Mya

  18. Laila St rose

    This sounds like a song for a black mom u crusin for a brusin

  19. FlashDoge

    Is it said that I know the whole song

  20. Mirrored Dance Videos

    omg i did this song for show choir and i love it 💀💀 cause like memories

  21. diego Barcelona

    Hasta este men canta mejor que el basura bony :"v

  22. Jaime Rangel

    Didn't know Adin Kolanski was in movies .

  23. i stoled Jimin’s jams

    *how did I do this hard dance when I was little but can’t do it now?*

  24. daphnė -

    1:12 Does anyone think the girl in the middle looks like Kelly from Melanie Martinez's movie called K-12???

  25. •eliza marieee•

    takes my back to when my sister and I’d dance to this every night lmao

  26. kacper babynko

    Hey, this was released on my 8th birthday I think. I'm 16 rn

  27. Love Child

    Soooo they just time traveled to the 80s

    I’m hungry 0216

    Love Child no to the movie

  28. Samantha Matcher

    Merry Christmas y’all 🎄💞


    Same honeypie

  29. m e l i a h c

    This stuff hits hard ...

  30. Izzy 123

    I still know every word in this song

  31. unicorn sprinkles

    It’s like a pg westside story set at the beach

  32. Tu Danny

    Why does the chorus sound like “Great ball of Fire”?

  33. Brig Barn

    When I was younger I found the blonde boy hot but omg Im older now and Butchy (or whats his name is) is so hot.. I can see his abs over his t-shirt and his vains etc.. So he is hot haha

  34. ur mom's thong

    istg that middle-aged woman dancing is so me right now i can't believe i forgot her name..

  35. satire

    Kids today are learning tik tok dances... Meanwhile this dance was the shit and I still remember some moves lol

  36. ᴅᴜsᴋ

    was i the only performing this in the dining room for my family on christmas when i was about eight or so?

    jesus, i remember rehearsing with me cousin in my room lmao

  37. Andrew Breen

    How did I get here. I’m 16 and haven’t even thought about this movie since I was 12.

  38. cayenne khatib

    ok but why is the name of the song based off of a scene from Grease

  39. Erika Sanchez

    My sister when she was listening to this:💃👩‍🎤


  40. Evelyn Polanco

    Butchy is so cute😘😘😘😘

  41. Freshavacado ‘

    Damn, this hits different.

  42. Alal 56

    Omg my Favorit kid movie😍❤️

  43. Puff

    Omg my childhood I remember when my brother graduated their hole class did this dance

  44. Aksel Klit

    What is the name of the movie and where Can i see it

    Anythink Reviews

    Aksel Klit teen beach movie, it might appear on disney channel from time to time.

  45. katy

    his voice is deeper than namjoons right dimple...

    shout out to those who understand 💜


    Ilegal dimple . cause u are ilegal

  46. Callie LuvYT

    Brings back memories 😔

  47. DaVe Animación

    Letra: entrando al pari como si foera mi casa

  48. Izabella Christine

    tell me why i know this entire dance

    Kamila Cuevas

    Tik tok

  49. Aisha G

    Why is everyone here so hot it isn’t fair

  50. Gwappo

    Walked into the cafeteria in my school with these song and felt like the men 😎

  51. lolo taleb

    I like this flim his chire ❤️🎶

  52. DylanSarOkie

    Ross can get it🥵

  53. Freya Maddick

    What I don’t get is no one had a clue who Ross was but when he joined in it’s like they knew he was gonna do it like they had a whole verse prepared for him so why would they let him sing a lot of the song if they don’t know who he is?

  54. Wendy Ruiz

    Am I the only one who would’ve liked this movie a lot more if it weren’t because of Mac?

  55. OOF 12

    I convinced my school to do this for the spring musical I was Brady that was one of the best song I could sing I also dyed my hair blonde just for this everyone says I should keep it I might

  56. Rodrigo Acuña


  57. Egypt Gentle

    Bubble gum cherry pop go to the hop...ooohhh how that used to be my fav thing in the world

  58. Lakya Holloway

    2020: kids will never understand the good old days

  59. Emily Hicks

    When I was a kid I used to be so obsessed with this movie so much that when I was bored at school I would write ALL the lyrics to the songs in my notebooks. Has anyone else did any sort of crazy stuff like that before?

  60. Chelsy McLean

    Butchy had no right to be that fine???

  61. Stacey Rodriguez

    he lowkey looks tom cruise

  62. Bhradain Salmon

    When they’re rockin out on the fender and the les paul tho...

  63. Mayo Poppins

    The bikers were way cooler (and hotter) than the surfers, just sayin'

  64. Juliette sbge

    My childhood

  65. RandomBlake

    9 year-old me loved this movie and 15 year old me still loves it😎

  66. Selena ฅ

    Es más genial al reproducirla x 1.25

  67. Maria Jose Magdaleno

    How can he go from dis pretty boi to an serial killer

  68. Charizard Rules

    this was a random video for youtube to reccomend

  69. Nadya Flotskay

    русские вы где ?😐

  70. SophiaMaria Bianco

    I wish these were the new E-boys ;v;

  71. Graveyard Baby

    Whenever I’m at work I start singing this song. It feels like yesterday I saw this at my dads house

  72. Zoe benitez

    I just came to see how hot Ross Lynch looks in this

  73. Talia Chan

    2:12 what a wast of drinks tsk tsk

  74. iinsanekiids

    6 years later and I still want every outfit

  75. Corey Sullivan

    I never got to see the movie

  76. Dp.slayer

    Watched this once 6 years ago
    6 years later this shit was in my head for 4 day

  77. Isabella Lawrence

    never realized how HOT Butchy is omg.

  78. Adriana Rios Gudiño

    Soy su fan los amo

  79. Sophie Gabaree

    I haven’t heard this song for years and I still remember every single word

  80. sis whooo

    I always wanted her pink jacket and shorts

  81. Hannah Ward

    This song is an actual bop. no cap

  82. Bowl-full-of-goblins

    Person: what was your favorite movie when you were younger?
    Me:teen beach movie!
    Person:oh yeah it had some good songs.
    *me remembering how much of a crush I had on all the girls*...yeah..songs

  83. Simply Broken

    The dude in the front abs show every now and then and wow

  84. min suga

    when nobody talks about the "I got 2 wheels and an open road" lyric

  85. clairefm

    you can put any song behind this and it works i-

  86. Racky Mamadou Ba


  87. Happy hippos

    Hello Elvis 😂

  88. simply sophia

    i named my minecraft world after this song

  89. simply sophia

    the girl who plays lela went to my school

  90. Layla F.A.P

    Who’s here in December 2019 ?