Ross, Diana - One Shining Moment Lyrics

Tell me who, what, when,
Where did it start?
Tell me when, where
How did you get in my heart?
I feel your love washing over me
In waves of emotion so strong
I want to say while I've got the chance
In the words of this song

You're my one shining moment
You are all my dreams come true
Honey, you're my one shining moment
And if I never have another
I'm glad that I've known you

You fill up for me all the empty spaces
All the pain I ever felt, you've erased it
Is it any wonder? No way
That I'm growing fonder every day
There's a freedom that I never knew
and it's all because of you, honey

You're my one shining moment
You are all my dreams come true
Honey, you're my one shining moment
And if I never have another
I'm glad that I've known you

I wake up with you on my mind
You light up my day
There is nothing better I can find
Oh, my love, I'm so proud
That I can say, hey
All my dreams wrapped
Into one under the sun, honey

Honey, you're my one shining moment
And if I never have another
I'm glad that I've known you
If I never have another
I'm glad that I've known you

Shining moment

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Ross, Diana One Shining Moment Comments
  1. Laura White

    My dad is a product of his environment

  2. Elizabeth Devine

    Who wrote this song!!! Does anybody know????


    Vaneese Thomas wrote it ;)

    Elizabeth Devine

    @lovinthe80s1 Thanks for that.. love it, takes me back to my early teens...

  3. Derrick Evans

    Isla Brooke evans you are my shining moment love you so much

  4. Mic

    Love the video and Miss Ross but I can't listen to this song because I was in a really bad place when it was out. I played all the time. Now I can't bare to.

  5. Adelaide Dupont

    And the black and white dancing - I love it!

  6. Adelaide Dupont

    Hope this is #oneshiningmoment for you who love the 1980s and 2019. #tellmewhowenwhat #whendiditstart #dianaross #straightfromlaserdisctoyoutube

  7. Irena Rudnicki


  8. Lyndanie Caravio

    My mother's jam rip Mommy😭

  9. Graham Brooks

    For Gill Murphy ..where-ever you are..
    My One Shining Moment .....

    I never had another , but I am glad that I had you ..

  10. Catherine Jackson

    For my kids

  11. Shane Gary Colgate

    Lovely song

  12. Julie Rudland

    Fantastic bootifull song

  13. Jonathan Lewis

    she looks great with the short hair

  14. peter dhizaala

    Great song Great memories......

  15. Nick Cook

    Sarah Cook 13 yrs ago today we decided on this song as our wedding song ...... I miss u so much xxx

  16. john clegg

    Music a fantastical.

  17. Darryl Wyn Williams

    Class act x

  18. Andrea muir


  19. Graham Simpson

    The true queen of pop sounds so great on this

  20. Vinmar Sterlu

    Vinmar Sterlu Car Wash Beverly Hills !😀!

  21. tofelt


  22. ProUSA burttly

    Love how they kept working on her and she's not distracted,,, its all Microphone and love. Miss.Ross Rules

  23. Brian Woods

    Diana climbed that note near the end of the song was up there ,she usually does not go that high ,Ashford & Simpson said Diana doesn't like to hear herself sing that high tho she could , she just personally doesn't like the sound of her voice at that range , and Ashford ,& Simpson said she sounds great, up in her upper registers .Ashford told Diana that when you really start too cooking ,Diana didn't agree with him ,and that's why we don't hear her sing up there often .Ashford& Simpson said they had to really wrestle with Diana to get her to use her upper register. I agree with them she does sound great hitting those notes , but also agree with Diana ,her style affords her to be able to sing in those ranges if she wants sort of like punctuate her singing giving fresh hightened excitement to her singing

  24. Fadia Thomas

    2019..still lovin it..❤

  25. Thokozani Gabela

    Oh my god, this is so, good

  26. Gillian Morris

    This song was my wedding song unfortunately my husband left me still worship him Neil Morris

  27. 1mariadean

    Just beautiful ❤️

  28. Mitchell Zhao

    This is actually one of her best songs! Big fun!

    Irena Rudnicki


  29. Eric Forbes


  30. charles Crawford

    I also loved the prettiest lady with the style all her own.

  31. Tonyburgessful

    Reminds me of a Jody Watley song

  32. Pauline Walker

    My son used to sing this to m6 mum ( his nan ) on her death bed she told me she loved it 💔

  33. Shirey Shirey

    God gave Diana Ross gift and no one can take away that is the gift to sing damn this her and may she continue to sing with that beautiful voice Shirley

  34. Shirey Shirey

    dad gave Diana Ross something and nobody can take it away and that is to sing and that

  35. Shirey Shirey

    I love to hear Diana Ross sing God blessed her with a beautiful Talent to give to the world

  36. Riko Herwanto

    ...And if I never have another
    I'm glad that I've known you...

  37. Margie Sunter

    Love this song, I love Diana ross she is the best

  38. Vinmar Sterlu


  39. Sammy Edwards

    Our wedding song 27years ago it brings back so many happy memories ❤️🌹❤️

  40. cristina c

    Elegantemente donna !

  41. Lunar Gaming

    Tina turner rolling

  42. Kathleen Cadorette

    Love you. GREAT HAIRSTYLE.

  43. Dinah Dodrill

    Im sobbing listing to this love her song

  44. Susan Taylor

    She looks amazing with short hair

  45. candycorn fuckedup

    beautiful song and video

  46. Charyl Heche

    FastTrack to the year 2100

  47. Charyl Heche

    FastTrack to the year 2100

  48. Charyl Heche

    FastTrack to the year 2100

  49. Charyl Heche

    FastTrack to the year 2100

  50. Charyl Heche

    Forever 21

  51. Charyl Heche

    forever 21

  52. Charyl Heche

    forever 217

  53. Charyl Heche

    forever 21

  54. Vibeology

    How was this not #1? Compared to all the early 90s sap- this is much better

  55. Vinmar Sterlu


  56. Charyl Heche

    Bravissimo jolly quite undone and unsung. On the other certainly timeless. Seconds

  57. Charyl Heche

    Not only is she easy on the eyes but ears and palate. Joi de vivre. Bravissimo jolly quite undone and unsung

  58. Charyl Heche

    I beg your pardon but she is not only easy son the eyes but ears and palate. Joi de vivre. Seconds. As time slips by so are the days of our lives

  59. Charyl Heche

    Easy,Peasy on the eyes Agathas

  60. Charyl Heche

    Keep off the grass, jaguarundis and kinkajous. Creepy crawly. Slinky kinky.

  61. Charyl Heche

    Could be a theme song for missuzes

  62. Raimundo Francisco

    Inesquecíveis linda maravilhosa amo essa morena p causa de suas canções

  63. mercy mallari

    I would love to offer you to listened this song "you are my one shining moment my Doux Bèbè 😎😍

  64. Irena Rudnicki


  65. jeanette Hinds

    I met Miss Ross backstage stage at a red carpet event. She approached me and grabbed my face and said "your so beautiful".

  66. Tyrone Jackson

    DIANA, is everything, I don't say that without the many years experiencing her; the wishful voice, the talent,the work...the tours,best night cluds,ascension to top,helping others,motherhood,the Music,the privacy, the class,guineas world record,documented,the human and humality..not least The CLASS,NOT PRETENTION,THE REAL THING...CUDOS MISS. ROSS

    Tyrone Jackson

    The Wistful,elegant voice..

  67. วรวีร์ ริ้วสิริโรจน์


  68. Champagne thenbed

    😢😭😭😭😭😭 my grandad played this as the tribute to my grandmother. Then he died a few weeks after. God bless you both. RIP

    Straus Davis

    I will always say it, with Diana Ross, it is interpretation, she simply knows how to convey the messages of the song.

  69. Tanya Kelly

    She is giving us a new version of Mahaogany modeling session love it

  70. Pauline Walker

    My beautiful mummy you are my one shining moment I miss you so much I would change places with you in a heart beat

  71. Ciao Arrivederci

    I love this video and song....

  72. Beverly Hills

    This song is amazing.

  73. Tiffany Lakatosowa

    Opět jsem se cítila jako v sedmém nebi. Je to neuvěřitelná zpěvačka ta Diana Ross. Good blase you.


    GREAT song off of an AMAZING album!! favorite!....LOVE the video too!

  75. helen cherry

    over 50 years a superstar incredible lady,i just love her.

  76. Bob Miller

    man take me at 3:22 minutes in...YESS Miss Ross YESS.

  77. C Walker

    Class, Always been a favourite.

  78. Nick Cook

    My wedding song... 11years ago love my wife more everyday ..I miss her sooo much

    Shirey Shirey

    L I love any song that Diana Ross sing especially the voice of the heart she also can sing One Shining Moment she know she hit that high note nobody can t top her singing do your thing lady Diana Ross

    Shirey Shirey

    You know you can sing Diana Ross you are my favorite singer all time

    Nick Cook

    Shirey Shirey my wife is my world n I love her more day after dayxxxx

  79. Frans van Liempt

    This song and the clip as well always makes me feel so happy. This month it is exactly 50 years ago that I got The happening for my 11th birthday and I've been a fan ever since.

  80. Maria do Carmo Paulino

    maravilhosa Diana que saudades!!!!!!!

  81. Mell Tel

    I love this song and clip

  82. Andy SKINNER

    lovely tune

  83. Sas sas

    a fantastic sung,words are spot on xxxx

  84. Maria do Carmo Paulino

    Esta Mulher é uma Diva Maravilhosa |||||||||||||||

  85. Francisco Javier López López

    Diana Ross... DIVA forever and ever..!!!

  86. something for the people Israel shslom

    this song man! when I bought the album well CD. and heard this song I went omfg then Lord , waiting in the wings I love this lady she her music literally saved my life, when I was a youngster I was abused In every way imaginable. I wanted to die and tried several attempt suicide. well one day I was in my funk . I had just grabbed a handful of pills I took from my neighbor medicine cabinet. as I walked through the house my mom was playing " the boss " album and I heard a song that saved my life it was " im in the world " man I wept not because I was sad no . there's a line in the song that says I'll take my chances cause it ain't about leaving . man I never knew anyone had questions or felt hurt like I did and right there was Diana saying hey boy I feel you but you got to stay

    John Too

    Wow.that was truly serendipitous.timing was perfect.your mom just happened to be playing that album and the right song came on at the right moment.


    My mum was a huge Diana Ross fan and chose to have this played at her funeral.

    Tommy Langton

    I'm sure she's be proud of u may she rip

    Erric Siler

    Erric hi. My life change because of. Her


    Diana, Tina, Withney, Donna, Aretha, mention them and many others all as good but different. That happiness ! Oh my God thank you for these voices that give me joy.

  88. Herman Procell

    I've been a fan of Diana's for many years. This song has to be my favorite. Brings back great memories of a loved one

  89. Gary Preston

    My favourite song from Diana. I play it all the time xxxxxxxx

  90. Carol Cunliffe

    Love this song , it was playing on the radio just after I had given birth to my long awaited daughter after so many years of pain and heartache trying to get pregnant and then sadly losing them

    Tracy Prescott

    Carol Cunliffe

  91. AlwaysPrisms

    I loved her long hair to

  92. myeyesinside out

    looks good with short hair

    Catherine Jackson

    Its a wig.

  93. Tory C

    I agree

  94. Paul Leighton

    this lady is very special to me my partner that passed away with cancer was a very big fan and ill always remember him every time i here this lady she was the last he heard when he took his passing god bless

    Dinah Dodrill

    Sorry um sobbing here sorry for ur loss

  95. Paul Leighton

    this lady is very special to me my partner that passed away with cancer was a very big fan and ill always remember him every time i here this lady she was the last he heard when he took his passing god bless xx

  96. Paul Leighton

    this lady is very special to me my partner that passed away with cancer was a very big fan and ill always remember him every time i here this lady she was the last he heard when he took his passing god bless xx

  97. song serenade

    Love the ending where she steps off the stage in those heels,and that body fitting outfit and jacket.Just beautiful.!!!

    Posh Girl

    me too! that part is awesome!! elegant and class

  98. song serenade

    I think if Diana Ross wasn,t a singing legend,she could have been an international supermodel.She is the epitome of class,loveliness and elegance.But I,m glad she chose music,cause we,re all the happier for it.

    Brian Woods

    song serenade I always thought of the same , because her movement in front of the camera , the camera loves her , her style her body shape , the way she moves in her clothing the way the clothes fall on her all of that speaks high fashion model if weren't a singer , print , catalog far and away stunning

  99. Guy Will

    hated the styling here that short ass wig was horrible but the song nd the voice are perfect as usual


    +Guy Will That's Miss Ross' real hair, not a wig.

    Guy Will

    nope. wig.


    @Guy Will
    No. Hair.:)
    That's how she wore it back then, when she was "resting" it, between weaves, which is why she still has all of her "edges" after 50+ years of wearing wigs and weaves. She wore her hair this way in her "Gone" video, too.
    Good evening.:)

  100. welshnproud99

    this song is and will always be special to me as it came on the radio which was placed in the labor ward when my 14 yr old daughter was waiting to give birth to my still born grand daughter Sophie, I remember looking at my poor brave exhausted daughter with floods of tears streaming down my face wishing I could take away all of her heartache and pain and thinking yes, you are my one shining moment , because she was so young and so brave and so dignified dealing with what most adults would not have coped with , and it was nothing to do with her upbringing she ended up in that situation because she had a good upbringing it was more to do with a stinking pig taking advantage of a child who walked Scott free while my brave girl was left to pick up the pieces which the authorities were fully of aware of as we a parents reported him umpteen times all to no avail .
    she as since had three beautiful daughters Angel ceryn and maddie but Sophie will forever stay precious in our hearts and minds , sleep tight little one xxxxxx

    Trixey Labelle

    I've just read your comment from a couple of years ago and it's heart breaking i couldn't even try to imagine what you your family and more so your poor daughter went through and at such a young fragile age..And it's lovely to know she's now a mum to your three precious grandbains, God bless all of you, and God bless little baby Sophie up in Heaven.

    Eileen Ward

    that evil piece of scum will get his punishment 1 day god will be the 1 to judge him I wish your little girl nothing but hope & happiness people like him will be judged 1 day I no how it feels cause it also happened to some 1 really close to me but turned out to be her father that done it to her and the whole court room let him walk free so I no what it feels like & may your little granddaughter rest in piece she is in heaven now god bless her