Ross, Diana - In And Out Of Love Lyrics

Keep falling in and out of love
In search for what I'm dreaming of
I long to find a love I'm sure about
That certain kind of love that moves all doubts

Keep falling in and out of love
Still searchin' for that special one
To whom I can give my love completely
And feel a lasting love so sweetly

Just when I feel sure love's here to stay
It seems to suddenly just fade away
Can't seem to find that everlasting love
That this heart of mine needs so much of

Keep falling in and out of love
Can't seem to find the lasting kind
It seems I can't find the joy I need
Love always somehow all goes wrong for me

Keep falling in and out of love
Keep falling in and out of love
I keep reaching out for tenderness
Touching a hand that holds emptiness

I'm looking for a love that lingers on
Long after that first kiss is gone
That kind of love that keeps burning bright
Long after we've said goodnight

Keep falling in and out of love
In search for what I'm dreaming of
Keep falling in and out of love...

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Ross, Diana In And Out Of Love Comments
  1. supremes ballard

    I like this better than "REFLECTIONS" .....that song reminds me too much of Florence........ being fired

  2. Brandon Williams

    Florence, Diana & Mary

  3. Anthony Vann

    This is as close to the perfect song as you will get.

  4. Shirley Drake

    Can't beat Motown music it's the best

  5. Linda Easley

    I would have to rank the Supremes as the greatest female group of not just the 20th century , but all time . History will always view them that way .
    What a remarkable time the 1960s were for music 👍

  6. Dr. killpatient

    One of my absolute, favorite Supremes songs.

  7. Steven Scalici

    The backup girls’ harmony is perfect!

  8. Angelique Collins

    and the Andantes..lovely harmonies


    actually these are vocals by Florence and Mary with only sweetning by the Andantes

  9. Neil Ladd

    Beautiful song sung by beautiful ladies.

  10. allany thayze

    J'amier diana ross est une femme perfect

  11. genegeneish

    I knew a sound engineer who worked with ms ross. He told me she is the most dedicated mom to her children and set them up.
    I also new a chopper pilot who flew her out of nyc more often than not, and he says she is a BEYOTCH!! So go figure.

  12. Dan VanLandingham

    This was another above average tune with another killer chart I wanted to do as a high register trombone solo .I'd use this chart.

  13. Ray Lopez

    Memories grammar school 1967 Culver City California

  14. Tory Taylor

    Heartfelt and pretty

  15. Carlos Arturo Sousa Garrido Lecca

    This was the last single with Florence Ballard (released: October 25, 1967)

  16. Dr. killpatient

    My favorite Supremes song.

  17. Jose Orlando Carrasquillo

    Mi grupo favorito a través de toda mi vida , soy fanático de Diana Ross

  18. steve fraser27


  19. Dr. killpatient

    My absolute favorite Supremes song'.

  20. Marty Arnold


  21. EC Marquez

    timeless music

  22. Lord Red

    One of the best Supremes numbers, although Diana Ross wasn't half as good as Brenda Holloway. Obviously she wasn't favoured by berry Gordy.


    I couldn't agree more. Brenda Holloway and Tammi Terrell were way better vocalists than Diana Ross. Thank you for commenting.

    Lord Red

    @SHA LA LA LA LA, BABY IT'S YOU CLARE ONIONS Tammi is one of my favourite female vocalists, she went far to early, my god, imagine she could have been huge.

  23. Rosey C.

    They were, and are, THE BEST! :)

  24. terpmaniac

    Great song! Loved it.

  25. robert

    it's interesting that nile Rodgers was very impressed with diana's vocal range when they worked on "diana" together.  I know there is  a lot of controversary over the final product, but I have the interview he did with Valerie simpson.  it's out there if you care to look.  pbs.

  26. Larry Wolpert

    Diana Ross' voice really shines.

  27. Richard Fontane

    were no poor arias in Detroit then

  28. michpackfan

    Apparently the Funk Brothers didn't provide the instrumentals for this tune.It was finished up in L.A. with the Wrecking Crew. The Funk Brothers played on almost every other Motown hit

  29. michpackfan

    It's a shame they broke up the way they did though

  30. michpackfan

    I have Diana Ross in the top 5 female vocalists of all time! Plus they are the best girl group ever and must have the most hits ever by a girl group

  31. michpackfan

    This sounds a tad bit different than the studio released 45, anybody? The sound here is awesome though, never heard it this good


    It is the original.

  32. Joey Gagliardi

    How great to be able to understand every word they are singing,, these great days of Real Music,, are so long gone. Thanks for all these Video Flashbacks.

  33. Richard Fontane

    one of the first available on tape

    Monte Scott

    In and out of love

  34. Matt R

    Fantastic- by the super cutes !

  35. kristi schrittwieser

    Love this song, one of the best Supremes songs along with Im living in shame.

  36. zola561

    Love this record

  37. Marilyn Willett

    Diana had that energetic show business quality. Pure entertainment. A lovely voice.

  38. Angelique Collins

    I just want to join in with The Andantes:)


    Just to clarify, this is my video and I can say pretty much what I want about it. My opinions on Diana Ross' voice are not said in malice or meant to be horrible in any way. She is a massive part of Motown, an icon, some might say and this is a GREAT song and I love a lot of their tunes. But, I do not believe she was the best vocalist in this group and Tammi Terrell could out sing her any day of the week, Just Saying lol x .


    Egbert Souce I did not turn on you, but my attitude changed when you accused me of leaning towards British female singers because I am a "British bird" That is offensive in so many ways and could not be further from the truth. You make lots of assumptions about people, when you don't know the first thing about them. You are the one who's efffing and throwing out the insults to me. You need to grow up Egbert and you should try and learn to respect others and their opinions. Goodbye.


    Egbert Souce Why anyone would lie about something like that, is beyond me. Looks like you're just trying to get out of sounding stupid. Which makes you even more idiotic than I first thought. Or if you really are a liar, "say no more". Let's just call it a day now Egbert, as I'm getting bored of your insults to me and British people in general. I'm on here to share music, not to argue about it.

  40. Marilyn Willett

    Stop putting Diana down !!


    Marilyn Willett LOL 😂

  41. Marilyn Willett

    They were the GREATEST  !!!!!!!!

  42. Lillian Thomas

    Keeping in love with this gem, Diana, Mary and Florence simply brilliant.


    I just love the backing vocals on this.  The backing vocals go from high to very low.

  44. Bob Tabaka

    Diana - Truly Supreme - This HIT top the charts at no. 5 in Maryland LOVE IT

  45. Lillian Thomas

    Such a wonderful song, the arrangement is amazing. One of Motown`s best.

    Marc Sawatzki

    These girls never had a bad song. Never. Great writing and the Funk Bros

  46. John Snyder Jr.

    Always one of my favorites by them too. Nice post!

  47. LUIGGHY Pérez-Brignoni

    Adorable ♥

  48. Sammy Loffredo

    The. Supremes could do no wrong
    What a great song
    it brings back memories of an easier life.
    Thank you so much for posting.!!!!!

  49. Sandra Jones

    The lyrics are superb. I would love to hear the lead part sung by a deeper, less nasally voice. I'm not putting down Ms. Ross, but I would have loved to hear Ms. Florence Ballard lead this.

    Spirit Angelfish

    peter lewis Right? This one was tailor made for Diana's voice! Perfection.


    YOU TOOK TOOK THE WORDS OUT OF MY MOUTH. im on a supremes utube marathon while trying to study scales. hope this isnt considered oldies, cuz its my childhood. of course im in 40 something no 59

    D Brown

    Agree, they could have allowed others to lead on some songs. As with the Pointer Sisters, each was allowed to lead a big hit eg Automatic was just different and refreshing, gave the group an interesting sound that broke the sameness and the predictability.

    Raffael W.

    Well... I have to disagree.

    After everyone kept telling that Florence had this waaaay better voice than Diana, I've listened carefully, especially to early recordings, where she had bigger parts.
    And well... while her voice was without a doubt the most powerful of the original Supremes - She was never the best singer.

    She came off very sharp at times (not that Diana or Mary were never off) but it was more audible, because she was so loud.

    Her phrasing was poor (exept for a few parts)
    Her runs and ad libs seemed put of place very often.
    The best example is probably the end of (let me go the right way)
    Her 'Hey', 'Ooooos' and 'Aaaas' and that weird lip trill thing....
    It's not well placed or tasteful, slightly off pitch and... just doesn't sound very good.

    I really like her 'O holy night' 'people' performances.
    Buttered Popcorn and ain't that good news were okay.

    And I really like her solo part in the alternate version of 'it makes no difference now' - she's controlled, phrasing is decent, her voice is soft and the sound is pleasing.
    In the final Version however, she was overdoing it again....

    Marilyn Willett

    I've listened to her singing alone and no she does not have a better voice.

  50. ge10good

    just perfect. where has the time gone?

  51. Sammy Loffredo

    This song. Mother dear and. Where did our love go. are my favorite. Supreme records
    Thank you for posting. In an out of love!!!!!


    Sammy Loffredo My pleasure :)

  52. joe jones

    This is one of my favorite Supremes songs, although it's not regarded as a Supreme classic. Interestingly enough, it was the last song Flo Ballard recorded with the group.

    Spirit Angelfish

    joe jones and yet, try as I might, I just don't hear a lot of Mary or Flo on this recording. I very clearly hear the Andantes.

  53. Thomas Downs

    The oldies radio stations would be smart to put this tune on their regular play charts. It sounds just as good today as it did in 1967. Never get tired of listening to it


    AND THEY RECEIVE THE ROYALTIES FROM THIS SONG AS WELL--- in case of Flo---- her children should get it all..


    I like the beginning, especially, so C&W and the first the first "woah ah oh oh oh".

  54. Larry Guyer

    very cool Love song

  55. Henry Morales

    What a great song by Diana Ross & The Supremes ! This brings back so many memories. Thanks !


    Thank you, glad it brings back lots of memories for you.

  56. eric anderson


    Anthony Vann

    One of without doubt. But there were some others. The Ronettes
    The Shangri La
    The Crystals
    All brilliant

  57. Michael James Talbot

    Brings back great memories.

  58. Larry

    The Funk Brothers were awesome on all the Motown tracks. Those guys were playing in the Detroit jazz clubs until the wee hours then headed down to Hitsville USA to work with Barry Gordy and his stable of talent. Some great music was made in these all night sessions! I doubt there will ever be anything like it again, The music business has changed so much.

    Darryl Pope

    Larry; the music track was re-recorded in Los Angeles( probably by The Wrecking Crew ), and The Andantes overdubs in Detroit.

  59. LUIGGHY Pérez-Brignoni

    Luv it ♫

  60. TheAudivisioner

    Travis Tritt
    Country overtones on this song.


    Very much so... especially the beginning.

  61. Radomír Vatral

    to se neomrzí nikdy tohle miluji moc moc prostě šlágry

  62. Vin D

    One of their best--absolutely!

    LP Mitchell

    This would Flos last song recored, same day as the happening and reflections.

  63. Michael Niemiera

    Now this is music.

  64. Thomas Downs

    A great tune from Fall of 1967, when music was fun

    Nan Fagan

    It certainly was. I was only 10 when this song first came out.

    Marc Sawatzki

    Damn great songs back then.

  65. Timmy Tene


  66. Sarah That Girl

    This song is awesome. I also like Diana Ross's song, Upside Down

  67. Tony Trotta

    A true class act of singing and talent for these very young ladies!
    My friend at work went to school with Diana Ross at Cass Tech in Detroit and told me how they were singing then and were great too!
    Crank this one up!

  68. Trinidad Martinez

    Great tune, thanks for posting :-)


    +Trinidad Martinez My pleasure, thank you.

  69. Tim Tene

    You're listening to DJ timmy t AND WBLS 107.5 in stereo in NYC

  70. TheScarletwave

    With apologies to Baby Love and You Can't Hurry Love, I believe this is their all-around best song. The bass line and chord progressions make this the finest they've recorded. Superb musical production! Never gets old.


    "You Can't Hurry Love is my fave song of all time (regardless of by whom), but I also like this song quite a bit... Ad it was probably the first Supremes' song I ever heard. Thank goodness my parents listened to pop stations.

    kristi schrittwieser

    This and I'm living in shame


    TheScarletwave this and reflections

    Arnold Dobson

    Yes not the commercially sound that was the norm.I also like "Some Things You Never Get Used To" underrated song and "You Keep Me Hanging On" especially because Florence Ballad sings along on lead for the most part...

  71. fossie32

    I don't know what it is but there is something special about this <3

    S Tate

    it's because was a rain storm while sitting in some ones car when I heard it first

  72. indy 56

    there is a colour version of this somewhere on You tube, damned if i can find it though,

    Robert A. Lofgren Jr.

    +indy 56 Google Supremes sing in and out of love. When the websites come up, click on the 4th one down from the top.

  73. gacj2010

    always loved them .... a part of the very best time of my past.....they were in the air all about me those days

  74. gacj2010

    Not a sad serious song , but a good beat .... I call it a travelling song of optimism

  75. Mary Broadcast

    nice video, too.


    +MaryBroadcastBand Thank you.

  76. Mark Maese

    the horn section sounds amazingly heavenly.

    Dan VanLandingham

    The chart really digs in towards the end of the record.The strings always turned me on.Motown always seem to mix their records by putting the rhythm section out in front.They needed Hal Blaine on drums.

  77. racer83racing

    it's really cool at 1:54 you can hear some of the notes they used in run run run, ha ha,
    (holland dozier) and their song "leaving here" and "the happening" and love is like an itching in my heart bla bla bla

  78. andyr1313

    Two words- sixty-seven...

  79. brujis08

    I like The Supremes a lot but this song is terrible....It is way messy


    +brujis08 I think it's one of their best, but each to their own.


    +brujis08 I needs something that never shows up. It's no wonder radio ignores it; it's kind of hookless.


    +ABoxOfBroken8Tracks That's exactly how I feel to me has no climax, once you think you will reach it, Diana lowers tone, changes direction to a new completely different tune, as if the song is cut in pieces, then back to original, messy and boring to me, like trying desperately to reach that (quoting)"something that never shows up"...


    Well, it does sort of have a hook - that first "woah-ah-oh-oh-oh" is it for me... And the brass...


    well if there was a movie called holland dozier meets devol (he did the music for whatever happened to baby jane and the brady bunch and a family affair) this would be the theme because their music got a little different lol after the happening.

  80. Heather Ferreira

    What's amazing is this song's chord changes are what falling in love really feels like! The desperately whirling strings, the wild mood swings back and forth in the horns... the song is literally dizzy and searching for a resolution key that never comes. It won't settle down - and isn't that what love feels like? Holland, Dozier and Holland = amazing

    Gregory Sloop

    I agree.  I listen to it when I wish I was in love.


    Heather Ferreira HDH were the best

    ur mom

    Heather you wrote the book on this classic with your commentary

    Robert P. Wainman

    You got it - "it won't settle down" - it's always up on the tops!

    Andy Lockett

    Great summary Heather, captures the feel of this tune perfectly.

  81. Thomas Ponzio

    The last great hit they had as a real trio xmas time 67

    divine williams

    @Thomas Ponzio if it was xmas 67 then they were no longer the same trio. ross was billed separately and florence had been replaced

    Robert A. Lofgren Jr.

    +Thomas Ponzio Also, sorry to say this song went as far as number 8.

  82. kynadi

    God loves you and God bless you. I pray that happiness and blessings will be sent your way.❤️Love yourself and Love others. Be patient and trust in God. (this is for YOU and for ANYONE else reading this)

  83. divine williams

    florence ballard and mary wilson are on this recording, along with the andantes. it was recorded before florence was fired and was one of the last HDH compositions. the background vocals are more subtle and diana's extra vocal coaching pays off here


    I don't know why the Andantes had to intrude their voices into this song.  Miss Flo and Miss Mary were perfectly capable of singing harmony without any help from the so called Andantes.  I know because if you listen to Miss Flo and Miss Mary in their live performances one would know that they certainly were capable of duplicating the sound heard on this  record.


    +JACK ANTHONY I think they helped out on the choruses. But you're right, Mary and Florence could have done fine themselves.

    Robert A. Lofgren Jr.

    +JACK ANTHONY I agree with you.


    According to Randy Taraborelli's second book on Diana Ross "Diana Ross A Biography," when Florence Ballard heard the final playback in the studio of the Supremes' recording, "The Happening" she protested the use of "extra voices" that she could hear on the final print of "The Happening." The extra voices were the voices of  the "Andantes."  Flo demanded that the Andantes be taken off  the mix  of the "The Happening." Her protest was taken seriously by Berry Gordy and Berry ordered that the voices of the Andantes be removed from the " The Happening" as the Andantes contributed nothing special to the song.  As it played out  "The Happening" soared to #1 without the extra voices of the Andantes.   However, "In And Out Of Love" was mixed and released right after Flo's departure and so there was no Flo around anymore to protest the use of the Andantes on Supremes single releases.  As a result the Andantes were mixed into "In And Out of Love." And as has been documented after Flo was fired, the producers completely replaced Mary and Cindy on Supremes single releases.  And if Flo had still been around, you know she would not have tolerated that!

    Spirit Angelfish

    JACK ANTHONY you are very correct that Mary and Flo were completely capable of providing Exquisite harmonies just the two of them, but amazingly somehow they manage to sound like three women instead of just two! I don't know how they did it, except that they had years and years of experience with one another and knew how to compliment each other's voices perfectly! A perfect example of this is their backing vocals on the newly released version 1 of love is like a heatwave on The Supremes A Go-Go expanded. :-)

  84. doreen steinhauser

    loved mary wilson you could keep ms ross

  85. stevewaugh2

    Great Song .. Diana's voice in this Song "imo" is Totally Brilliant !

    Robert A. Lofgren Jr.

    +stevewaugh2 I loved this song. I can't understand it only went as far as number 8. Mind boggling!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Spirit Angelfish

    Robert A. Lofgren Jr. I think it was a bit of a public backlash against Flo's dismissal. And I'm not saying that to bash Diana, because I love her as I love all the ladies, I just am stating I think that's probably what it was. Because there's no other reason this didn't become another number one hit!

  86. Camden Subdivision

    OK I'm listening to this tune, and something sounds different,..the bass sounds like it was played with a pick, which is unheard of with James Jamerson, it possible that this could have been recorded in L.A.?


    Who even cares dude! Just enjoy this great tune!!!


    I get the impression that the Supremes laid their vocals for "In and Out Of Love" in the west coast.   I say this because according to a book I read,  Mary, Florence and Diana laid their vocals for this song in June of 1967. In June of 1967 the Supremes were performing in Los Angeles and then ending up in Las Vegas at the Flamingo where Flo was fired.  So it makes sense that they would lay there vocals somewhere in the Los Angeles or Las Vegas area.   Also it seems that the rhythm of the song deviates somewhat from the Detroit formula and has the looser feel of west coast musicians.

    jack freeman

    Carole Kaye played with a pick and played bass a lot with the Wrecking Crew on recordings.

  87. tumorbeast

    Loved this song Bubba

  88. peter lewis

    The dogs bollox,Mary Wilson is one sweet lady.

  89. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1967 {November 19th} the Supremes performed "In and Out of Love" on the CBS-TV program 'The Ed Sullivan Show'...
    At the time the song was at #29 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; and fourteen days later it would peak at #9 {for 2 weeks}...


    Yes the Supremes did sing this on Ed Sullivan.  But the background sounded timid in their live performance of this song on Sullivan as the Ballard voice was gone by this time as Cindy had replaced Florence around the time of the song's release.

  90. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1967 {November 5th} "In and Out of Love" by Diana Ross & the Supremes entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #65; and 4 weeks later on December 3rd, 1967 it peaked at #9 {for 2 weeks} and spent 8 weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #16 on Billboard's R&B Singles chart...
    The Andantes also performed on the record, this was one of eight Supreme records that they appeared on...


    The Andantes performed on this record? Really? Maybe that isn't Diana singing lead either.  It could be Syreeta Wright singing lead.  After all, Martha Reeves admitted in her book that Syreeta sang lead on a Martha and Vandellas record and the public naturally  thought it was actually Martha singing lead since it was a Martha and Vandellas record.  Martha refused to show for a recording session and so Syreeta Wright, a Motown singer was  recruited to fill in as Martha.  The recording industry is all lies!!

  91. Michael Sabri

    Check out this amazing Diana Ross remix!
    Chilosopher-Someday (Diana Ross Remix)

  92. Colum Rogers

    One of their very best, IMO...


    +Colum Rogers It is one of my faves, too. I kind of heard it second-hand (I was born in 1967), but when I heard this on the radio, I thought it was great.

  93. steve wakeham

    The Supremes , Best girl group ever !!! 
    perfect vocals , world class musicianship . 
    It doesn't get any better than this !!

    Lee Murphy

    Supremes and spice girls best female groups ever will be

    Donnie Mrkacek

    Florence was not motown's doormat' should have kept the original trio, yup that's what I think!

  94. Bobby Dapkus

    I have these feelings 20 times a day. Maybe I need another girl because this one is driving me CRAZY!!!!


    Thank you, Claire Louise Onions!!!
    THE SUPREMES (Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson & Diane Ross) as they are inducted at "THE ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME AND MUSEUM" into music history, here before the 1967 "SHAKE UP" by Motown CEO, Berry Gordy, by now the LOVER & BENEFACTOR of Diane Ross. Here on one of their last meaningful collaborations!

    Once together they (Berry & Diane) "ousted" Florence Ballard (1967) as she opposed the changes in the group that will turned them into a "LEAD & BACKUP SINGERS" instead of what they were, a fully harmonic FEMALE TRIO. That featured SOPRANO (Florence Ballard) CONTRA-ALTO (Mary  Wilson) MEZZO SOPRANO (Diane Ross) now were to become "The Diane Ross Show / Diane Ross & The Supremes". A charade were all musical arrangements, instructed by Berry Gordy would be guided to Diane's vocal ability and Mary & Cindy? Turned into "decorative figures / bookends" to showcase Diane!

    Together Berry & Diane kill the artistic lives of Florence, Mary & later Cindy!!!!!!!! 

    Thomas Farrer



    I agree with you.  It was quite obvious that this was happening the way you describe it.

    Marilyn Willett

    May be true, but personalities aside----Diana had what it takes to be a great singing success. We're not here to judge her life, but enjoy her music. Flo married her abusive driver, huge mistake.

  96. Clive Ross

    Only seems like yesterday when I switched on the radio and danced to this, Aw, those were my favourite  days, the 60s.


    No relation to Diana?

  97. ronald taylor

    listen to the backing on this record..changeing octaves etc, excellent


    changing Keys, not really octaves...

    ronald taylor

    I was refering to the singers

    jack freeman

    Yes a lot of people think that one of the backing vocalists Florence Ballad was the best singer in the band. She was also the founding member with a voice in the same class as Aretha Franklin.

    Chuque vonCallie

    @jack freeman Unfortunately, this was her 'swan song' with the group.

    jack freeman

    @Chuque vonCallie Yes and this swan like Tchaikovsky's had a very tragic end.