Ross, Diana - Funny Girl Lyrics

Funny, did you hear that? Funny!
Yeah, the guy said
"Honey, you're a funny girl"

That's me
I just keep them in stitches
Doubled in half
Though I may be all wrong for the guy
I'm good for a laugh

I guess it's not funny
'Cause life is far from sunny
When the laugh is over
And the joke's on you

A girl ought to have a sense of humor
That's one thing she really needs for sure
When you're a funny girl
The fellow said "A funny girl"

Funny, how it ain't so funny
Funny girl

Did you hear that?
The guy said I was funny
We'll wait 'till the laugh's over
And the joke's on you

That's me
I just keep them in stitches
Doubled in half
And though I may be all wrong for the guy
I'm good for a laugh

I may be all wrong for the guy
I'm good for a laugh

I guess it's not funny
'Cause life is far from sunny
When the laugh is over
And the joke's on you

A girl ought to have a sense of humor
That's one thing she really need for sure
When you're a funny girl
The fellow said "A funny girl"

Funny, how it ain't so funny
Funny girl

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Ross, Diana Funny Girl Comments
  1. Anthony Yusef

    This is Diana as the queen of Motown. Nothing common about her!

  2. Damo Trent

    Diana Ross, wow!!!

  3. Tim W

    Diana Ross didn't like singing these songs

  4. reealitychick

    @ 6-04---- whoops!! thought you were Flo there for a minute!!!

    Official Jermaphobic

    reealitychick yooo fr she looked just like flo. Same facial expression and body language too wow!

  5. Kent Allen

    The album is fun to listen too. It didn't do much on the charts but one of my favorites. America was not ready to hear Miss Ross sing and perform Funny Girl, but that she did with style and class.

  6. Wayne Brasler

    Cindy's smooth entree into the group was a tribute to both her talents and her strong ethic as an artist. She was always prepared and was class personified.

    Deano Marshall

    So true!! Cindy was always her usual & dignified self! Both Mary & Cindy looked quite stylish together on stage!


    Wayne--yes she is talented and later had a mental breakdown?? too much stress..--She was on the Tammi and JIm Bakker Christian Show singing--- she had a lot of guilt she had to deal with.. Now she is better and doing fine. after telling the truths and asking GOD and people to forgive her.. .

  7. Alvin Blake

    Superb Performance from them. I can’t help but say Diana Ross is magical. Singing live, choreographed and dancing and she is acting the lyrics out. Eyes movements, shoulders, hands all type of body language and vibes to show that she’s a true artist even at a young age.

  8. Alvin Blake

    There shouldn’t be a comparison here. Diana Ross is just a naturally talented person. She’s and the camera connects like no other person does. Beautiful Performance by all three ladies

  9. Road Hog

    Such a Natural 😗

  10. Michael Nix Jr. Family Members

    I love Diana Ross & The Supremes.

  11. Micaï. Claude.

    Fabulous Diana Ross & The Supremes !

  12. MICHGO1


    Jobu Cats

    Check Itunes.....a couple of years ago, this was released as an expanded edition.

    Diane Sellers

    It's on CD. I purchased it from Amazon Music.

  13. skitsy17

    Flo is spelled capital F

  14. skitsy17

    Mary Cindy.. cool.
    im the greatest im Diane im gifted these are facts r u blind

  15. skitsy17

    i thought that was richard nixon at first. Ahhhhhh!!!

  16. mdmarshall2

    Thanks for posting/sharing this video. Watching it brings back a lot of very pleasant memories of Diana Ross & the Supremes on Ed Sullivan. I especially liked this performance because they sounded so good doing songs from their Funny Girl LP.

  17. Syd Hawdon

    they were something else. I could watch them all day.

  18. Mandy Irving

    still looks and sounds good.

  19. oceanbound222

    Ross brilliance

  20. clouds overnyc

    You guys need to remember this is the 60's, blacks in some places not being able to perform in certain until The Supremes. And to this day they are still the number female group of all time. And in the 60's number 2 behind the The Beatles and who cares about Barbara she had it easy!

  21. Moutton Noir

    I love the Supremes and Diana but Barbra Streisand has nothing to worry about here...

    charles edwards

    +Moutton Noir , nor does Diana.


    Apples and oranges: Entertainment and art. But, as a matter of fact checking, Streisand did feel the need to respond. Something to the effect of, "why is she singing my songs...the world only needs one Barbra Streisand." Of course now we know that Gordy was behind this; and Streisand's great friend Quincy Jones, who was musical director for The Wiz, was probably behind her cover of Home. Another fact: neither star has anything to prove, despite anyone's personal preference.

  22. Ross City of Liverpool.

    Class act, instead of bitching about the Supremes, Diana, Mary, flo, or Diana, Mary Cindy, just listen to the music they gave us, the shows we can watch and how they changed the world at that time and kicked the doors down to let female groups we have now, enjoy what the girls have given us and what each one did to make the Supremes the greatest female group ever and can never be touched or anyone will ever come close to doing what they all did, don't moan or put them down just enjoy the music, the songs, the shows and the talent...


    TERRY--- NO ONE IS REALLY BITCHING--- but~~~~ truth must be told and Flo is crying from her grave -- that it does and GOD commands it!!! IT IS ALL GOOD!

    Diane Sellers

    YES! It has always been my hope that THIS is what the Supremes will be remembered for, that THIS impact and THESE performances would be what comes to mind FIRST whenever the Supremes are mentioned. Not the rumors and dirty laundry, mud-slinging bickering that has divided not only the group members, but fans the world over. Their HUGE impact on music history should be their legacy.

  23. Marquiese Monterro

    at 4:37 Cindy looked like florence


    UNCANNY---- FLO S SPIRIT WAS THERE--(((It looked like Diana was asking Flo to come down from heaven and join them-- at the beginning of this [email protected] --0:09-- ))) --that is why @ 6-04 ----- DRoss felt her but she did not consciously feel it--- but her sub did!!! @ 6-04........glad you caught that Mar..... how many others did???????????? for those who know!


    That’s the main reason Cindy was hired because there was a similarity with Florence. The look of the group flowed well with Cindy who wore Flo’s gowns when she joined for she and Flo wore the same dress and shoe size and both sang soprano though Flo had a more stronger voice.

  24. osimeon00

    This was 47 years ago. My God.

  25. derc montgomery -Vocalist

    No group could cover the standards like The Supremes!!!

  26. Michael Kessler

    Barbra is THE GREATEST STAR!!!


    @Michael Kessler diana is better on "don't rain on my parade" than Barbra.

  27. ASU19992006

    Diana Ross is the Boss. Such a class act. There will never be another Diana!


    @ASU19992006 NEVER!! Diana Ross is timeless and the GREATEST Female singer/performer of all times!! Miss Ross set the blueprint! and nobody ever since has been able to surpass her timeless everlasting grace, style, charm, talent nor beauty. Diana Ross is forever!


    @thewizboy  I agree with you! I said that she is the" BOSS". Diana is in a class all by herself.

    Sky Diamond

    I'm the next diana ross and the supremes

  28. Martha Marvelette

    She should have gone Solo after Baby Love, Seriously, her background singers are nothing more than distractions


    @Martha Marvelette Yes, The Jones Girls were terrific. 

    Leki Jolo

    Diana Ross went solo and The Supremes did better than her, until Barry intervened. It's very easy to look up.Looking at her discography, had solo Diana Ross been on another record label, she would've been dropped. She has more flops than actual hits.The Supremes were a great foundation for her to grow artistically. I don't think there's any reason to diss the other members. If it didn't matter who sang behind her, the last attempt at an Supremes tour wouldn't have flopped so horribly. I believe every horrifying story I've heard about her. There's a reason why her contemporaries could rack up gold-multiplatinum albums/singles well into the early 2000's, while she couldn't give one away for free. It's called KARMA.

    Demo Device

    Leki Jolo the

  29. miss birdsong

    Vocally, Dionne could have tackled all of the material but the comedy, the flirtatious manner, the playful rendition.  I don't think so. We all have our gifts and Warwick had hers. I love Dionne an extremely versatile singer but I doubt she could do all we see here, then or now.


    miss birdsong dionne warwick mary wilson whitney.


    damn another all nighter. cleaned house tho


    miss ross put on some weight. see it in her face

  30. dtrn254

    GREATNESS ! Enough said...

  31. ruapraia

    I adore it!!!

  32. Gene Flores

    You could always count on The Supremes to deliver great performances. This is one of the greatest.

    Michael Nix Jr. Family Members

    Gene Flores I like them and they care about me, cause I got love for Diana Ross & The Supremes.

  33. Joop van Eijk - Slootweg

    the arms..

  34. john pretty

    Superb... they are the best

  35. Larry Watson

    xxxxstruooerekka6969 now we understand your crisis. You wear a weave for pubic hairs!!!!!!!!.  You need to get that checked and refrain from allowing your predicament to prompt you to write mean spirited remarks. Are you who you say you are or one of those "plants"  I read about?

  36. Larry Watson

    People are reading things in expressions that is not there. Diana Ross was the clear definitive lead singer. The execution of these songs transcended vocal prowess and were depended on charisma and verve, something Diana Ross had in spades. Get over it. And last the wig for the time was revolutionary. It was a curly Afro. Clearly someone is not a student of history to call it hideous. 


    Honey, there's good/bad and beautiful/hideous in everything on this Earth. That wig isn't history. It's hideous. It's not an Afro, it's a compilation of pubic hair.


    LMBAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You said compilation of pubic hair!! My stomach hurts!!

    Annette Rome

    @xxxstripperella6969 Back then for that time it may have been some of the best hair women could buy back then. SO in other words you go with the time. AND bty you SUCK!!!

  37. xxxstripperella6969

    And Diane's wig is hideous.

  38. xxxstripperella6969

    The look on Mary's face when Diana leads people...I'm not even a big Mary fan but you can tell she had Flo all over her mind. She almost looked ashamed. Who could blame her? Oh, well. I guess she had to think of herself a little bit, too. Hanging around Diana was getting the bills paid at the time.

  39. rioboy13

    Although I would have loved to hear at least one song from the Funny Girl LP where all 3 sing lead in segments if the song, THIS number needed Diana to be showcased for the queen that she was; sadly enough...she wasn't a KIND queen, but a much too greedy ruler :-(

  40. Tandiweh

    It was not diana's fault that BG was in love with her.

  41. myeyesinside out

    and again she does the arms to hide the girls sad.. she should have pushed to have them excel her greatness,, to show that they were a group of indivisual talents.a star need not make people see only them people will know to see each as a indivisual

  42. myeyesinside out

    sorry Diana voice is not suited for this.. it should have been stronger or maybe she should have let mary sing some


    MYEYE---- THIS COULD HAVE BEEN A FLO SONG --- it could have been done to suit her big voice.. and it would have been GREAT!!!

  43. Chuck Cissel

    Look Berry Gordy was a man of vision and saw that Ross had that "it" factor - could sing, dance and act - a triple threat and he worked to take her on the road to Superstardom and she worked to be that icon and the rest is history. Mary, Cindy and Flo were just not part of that equation. business and Gordy knew what he wanted and how to get there and for the most part Diana Ross was his ticket and his inspiration.


    HEY CHUCK --HAHAHAH-- what a joke --- DRoss was no dancer-- (( Sammy and her)) not good---- act-- yes -- sing - yes but so could the others.. Flo and Mary... face it bub!!!! IT WAS A BIG GREEDY BGORDY MISTAKE TO BREAK OFF THIS MAGICAL TEAM OF SUPREME s--- and you are NOT spiritually educated enough to understand--- but you AARE getting there... God Bless and keep researching and searching...btw---- FYI--- BGordy later admitted he should have handled Mary and Flo s careers differently... he IS older and wiser ..

  44. supremester2

    It's stupid to suggest this when it only lasts a few seconds out of a 6 and a half minute clip - there's no reason to do it. The monitors are not on the ceiling - they are on top of each camera - she cannot possibly be checking the monitors plus she couldn't know which camera was going to make the edit. Nice try, though. You can see her checking the monitors throughout the routine - they are not on the 75 foot ceiling. LOLOLOL

  45. supremester2

    Out of DOZENS of TV appearances, it happened once. One time. It's the most absurd, childish, desperate attempt to discredit Miss Ross I've ever seen. In a six and a half minute clip, she partially covers their faces during the final pose for four and a half seconds. To what end would she do this? If it was all the public got, i could see it, but for less than 1% of the clip, it's petty to even suggest it. Sullivan used 5 cameras, which angle would show it? It's a good dig, until thought out.

    Judy Gaines


  46. MrJeffw223

    Diana truly earned her status as the best female entertainer ever. None of the younger singers today can touch her. She did it all and will go down in history as the biggest diva ever. She even managed to out shine Streisand.

    Gianni XO

    Did you ever hear of Judy Garland?

    Roberto Ignacio

    wrong...nobody outshines Streisand

  47. Michale Milburn-Jones

    I heardm Diana say Cindy was not a Real Supreme. She earned her place in recording History. She is the

  48. TheReturnOfBigBear

    According to Motown Executives, You could have Stuck "Any 2 Girls" behind Diana Ross & The Result would have been the same, I Doubt Tito or Marlon were Critical to Michael Jackson's Success

  49. rameller1

    Just because you love Ross doesn´t give you the right to put down the other ladies who sang with her. Ross was surely a special lady and deserved the success she had but the other Supremes, in this case Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong, were great performers in an act that had world success for many years.

  50. Soulful Moment, LLC

    Belive it or not, this segment came after the group introduced "Love Child" in some hideous costumes and setting.

  51. whatigot2say

    dispels the myth popular in today's music culture that DR is not a serious singer and that she became a star because she slept her way to the top. DR was considered a serious singer one of the best of her era until the advent of Mariah carey and whitney houston. after their arrival on the music scene musical history was re-written to cast DR as a less than average singer.

  52. Charles Thompson

    Diana Ross' voice could melt butter

  53. Thien Phu

    anyone can tell diana was bound for superstardom then.


    Are you nuts????? Anyone could tell Diane was bound for superstardom then? The Supremes were already A list, international superstars! The Supremes were pretty much IT!!! Diane, as a solo act, never surpassed her success as a SUPREME. She may have extended that success, not surpassed it! They were already on top!

  54. californiabrent

    Who care what that Taraborelli gossip book says .... Diana Ross is absolutely SUPREME singing and performing FUNNY GIRL. She is the reason for the success of the Supremes. Many Ross fans turned away from Taraborelli and shunned him after his book. That went as well for Wilson. THOU SHALL NOT GOSSIP !!!


    I read Taraborelli and Wilson's books on Diana Ross and  I still love  Diana Ross.  And because of those books by Taraborelli and Wilson I love her even more.  Those books portrayed Ross as an ambitious what?  That's part of the Ross persona.  I know most people think I'm crazy  but after reading  Taraborelli and Wilson's book  I like Diana Ross even more even if the books portray her as a  grand selfish diva.  However, that is not to say that Miss Ross has made some mistakes regarding her relationship swith people she worked with in the past. But ambitious people often step on others toes especially if they are women who want to get ahead in a world controlled by men.

  55. G G

    That last shot of Ross intentionally raising her arms to cover Mary and Cindy's faces is well-documented by Taraborelli, Wilson and even Birdsong.


    lol-ing... it was always the Diana Ross Way of closing out a song-- that she delusionally thought--- ONLY SHE WAS THE ONE WITH THE REAL TALENT.. as BGordy told her so.....

  56. Juan S Lemon

    Thank you for posting this, I think it's super that you share these with everyone.

  57. shmuli9

    I read it several times, most prominently in the book "Call Her Miss Ross", and although Taborelli seemed to have a thing against "Miss Ross", I kind of doubt this is just tongue-wagging

  58. tom tomlinson

    I highly doubt that.. What is your source? JUSt lashon harah.

  59. legedaryone

    Oh no my dear the discussion has just begun. While I do love Dionne and all that she does, I'm not sure Miss Warwick was able to pull it off as convincigly as Miss Ross. While Dionne did do well and was versatile in her musical style ,her major catalouge that she did with Hal David and Burt Bacharac was purely pop. Infact Dionne was call the "princess of pop" in her hey day.

  60. Blanche Dubouis


  61. Richard Rogers

    finally got to hear the complete Funny Girl lp when I happen to come across it at a garage sale. really a great listen. why isn't it on cd? oh well. thanks to youtube and gracious posters we can all enjoy the magnificent Diana and the Supreme ladies.

    Diane Sellers

    It's on CD. I purchased it on Amazon Music a few years ago.

    Diane Sellers

    I've backed up ALL my Supremes and Ross albums with matching CDs.

  62. tobeydicaprio

    Groundbreaking. Great Group. And Diana! Always rose to the occasion. A true legend with talent to burn. (And certainly not bad on the eyes)

  63. Branner

    That's true. She may not have had a voice as big as Aretha's or Patti's, but she could tackle whatever was thrown at her. And not just her--the Supremes as well. All this bullsh*t about how they could have been anybody. No Vandella or Marvellette could do what Wilson and Birdsong are doing here, and those beautiful harmonies.

  64. legedaryone

    I'm sorry but NONE of Diana Ross contemparies at this time could pullof the versatlitly that had. Can you imagine Arethea,Patti,or Gladys singing these songs convcingly. Now imagine Babs,Liza,Cher singin Baby Love, You keep me Hanging On, and Love Childand not sound out of place. Miss Ross trully crossed all generes.

    Roberto Ignacio

    Im sorry I love Diana, But can't touch Barbra in these songs, sorry

  65. Bochanable

    I have never heard any such a thing. But thanks for your input.

  66. shmuli9

    In her Streisandic way, she couldn't STAND it. "Who the Hell do they think they are?" was a comment from Babs at the time.

  67. Bochanable

    I wonder what Streisand thought of her performance? I am sure she has seen it because Ed Sullivan was the sort of MTV of its time. Nearly everyone watched Sullivan every Sunday night. I appreciate both performances in their own way. Diana was not trying to be Fanny Brice so it isn't really competitive. Besides Jules Styne praised it and he wrote the songs so enough said.

  68. Bochanable

    Excellente! I wonder what Streisand thought of her

  69. Phil X

    this is campy and dreadful. a tribute to Berry Gordy's bad taste.

  70. Empress

    I don't care what anyone says I like this album!

  71. italoman9

    The live DRATS performances showed what great voices Mary and Cindy had--prerecorded sometimes or not for these special numbers, you heard them sing more and better here than the few non-Andantes Supremes album cuts they got to appear on in the late 1960s. :)

  72. TheReturnofStephan1

    If they'd performed "If A Girl Isn't Pretty", "The Music That Makes Me Dance" "Don't Rain On My Parade" & "My Man", this excellent album would have flown off of the shelves!




    @MICHGO1 it has been

  73. james d

    Diana Ross and two hooting owls. Seriously though, great vids Grant! Post more!