Ross, Diana - Forever Young Lyrics

May God bless
And keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you

May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb every road
And may you stay forever young

May you grow up to be righteous
May you grow up to be true
May you always know the truth
And see the light surrounding you

May you always be gracious
Stand upright and be strong
And may you stay
Stay forever young

Forever young
Forever young
May you stay forever young

May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
With the winds changing shift

May your heart always be joyful
May your song always be sung
And may you stay

Forever young
Forever young
Stay forever young
Stay forever young

Stay forever young
Forever young
Forever young

Stay forever young

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Ross, Diana Forever Young Comments
  1. viluz26 vivs

    fl we on fight scen

  2. Juno Pranindito

    this is not blackpink

  3. David Yando

    You WISH

  4. Michael Robinson

    Ooooh revisiting this in 2019! Still beautifully interpreted! Bob Dylan would most certainly appreciate this I’m sure!
    She’s shining like a candle in the dark.... ooooh brings me onto another search.... having a Diana YouTube Duvet Day! Should be an international holiday ❤️

  5. Robin Wood

    Stay Forever Young Diana Ross

  6. Guy Will

    It is so odd about her.There are performances that she gives that are so phony. She can come off as such a shallow over made up clown. But then there are these performances. Diana Ross occupies an emotional space in everyone when she draws from something very personal. Not sure if there was a place in her life that she can draw upon to sing this song and instantly you are touched by her. There is her gift of performance that when used separates her from all others. I followed her for years and I think whether she drew upon her own children or her own relationship with her mother she can show depth of a woman that loves very deeply. Glad she was present for Jerry's Kid's.


    I agree completely that is something that I get from her too! She is an amazing performer I noticed now she is older those phony performances are far in between

    Brian Anthony

    OMG her performance in Lady Sings the Blues spelled it ALL OUT for ANY doubters ..
    Ladies and gentlemen we are dealing with one of the MOST realist women there are on the PLANET with Miss Ross!

    But just like with MOST any woman NEVER be fooled by heavy makeup, big hair or a slamming body!

    People think because a woman performs on stage or has a theatrical ability that she is "fake" ...what you will find with a great deal of these type of women is that they are much smarter than meets the eye...and much TOUGHER than any man!

    MANY men are fooled by a woman such as the Diana's
    And I am WELL ashamed to say many people of COLOR tend to TOP the list of haters of women or men of color who DON'T sing like she is some riff ridden gospel belle who sings for "Satan just as quickly as she will sing for "Jesus"

    People of color will be he first to judge who can "sang" I mean if your ONLY point of reference is sister so & so who sings in your local church choir then I guess YEAH the ONLY type of singing you KNOW is based off that character...

    I guess there i some need to feel like one is in church when they are actually at a night club or some other place they aint s'pose to be when they are not in church..
    But never think that the gospel type singer is ALL there is to singing & the ONLY way to FEEL a song!!!

    Because you just lose out on gems like a Diana Ross who may be ACTUALLY MORE REAL than any church woman singer if you know where I am coming from!
    Let's face it there is a heap of fakery & keeping appearance in a CHURCH/RELIGIOUS setting OMG ....heaps & TONS of it AMEN!

    I was guilty of this with Diahanne Carroll....I never saw her realness because I was too busy seeing her facade!

    And YES Claudine was a REAL moment in her career just like Lady Day in Diana's!
    But I STILL didn't recognize...
    Until just now after her passing and going over her appearances & interviews ...

    Diahanne was I am finally learning much MUCH more real than I EVER gave her credit for.. & I am very saddened by that in her passing!

    It is just that she was extremely poised & had immense sophistication BUT it was ALL NATURAL this was WHO SHE REALLY WAS & IS I am watching her later interviews and I am just ASTOUNDED how incredible intelligent this woman was & I am SO SO SO proud of her!

    I am watching her acting technique and I SWEAR I am feeling Joan Crawford or Bette Davis level quality I NEVER realized it before but that is classic acting! & she was an EXCELLENT actress!

    Point is these are real woman with very real talent so much so that they are almost too unbelievable to comprehend.

    And so we basically refuse to comprehend them. Diana may often get accused of somehow not "sanging" IF that was even true (which it is not) ONE answer to that ignorant assertion is ..

    OMG the woman is MUCH MORE than JUST a a "singer" she is MULTI-GIFTED on many front and several levels Diana Ross

    Is often called a SUPER-STAR a SUPER STAR is a SUPER STAR because it is WELL understood that whether you are too ignorant or limited in reference point to comprehend her singing talents or NOT!

    YOU WILL be speaking her name WHY because even YOU know her, you know WHY because she is of that MAGNITUDE REGARDLESS you know WHY?

    Because she was born to be not only heard but seen experienced and have her name roll of your tongue....WHY...because she is a FULL package SUPER STAR not JUST a singing star but a SUPER STAR regardless of our OPINIONS!

    Don't hate ...appreciate!

  7. Riikean •

    This is a perfect beauty

  8. Spirit Angelfish

    This is such an incredibly strong performance! It's better than the album vocal! It should have been released as a single! Of course I say that about all Diana Ross songs LOL... 💖

  9. SwayamNathVEVO

    You are a very good singer

  10. Old Music 80s

    Why her other videos are not available?

  11. candycorn fuckedup

    always been beautiful and still is today always a lady

  12. Daniel Robinson

    Soooooo beautiful!!! Classic Diana Ross. Oh how I love Diana Ross..

  13. Frederick Electrick

    HapPy Bday !!

  14. vonb2009

    This is one of my most favorite performances of Miss Ross'. Standing up there, shining like a candle in the dark, she took a beautiful Bob Dylan song and turned it into an angelic Diana Ross song. I consider her version of "Forever Young" to be an overlooked gem, though I hope it does not continue on that way. May it live on forever, forever young.

  15. Kreatures100

    Ok vocally amazing. High notes and upper part of her range. Crystal clear too. Did not like the dress. Looked like a maternity dress. Unless this was when she was pregnant.

    dressmakers dummy

    She was pregnant.

  16. Kenneth Hamlett

    Ms. Ross interprets the lyrics of a song. She makes you believe the song's message. She does not oversing or use tricks to show off and distract from the song's beauty. That is why early in her solo career, the songwriter's association gave her their award for her impressive interpretations of their work. She is certainly a songwriters greatest asset, and the list of great writers whose work she has elevated with her amazing talent and her impeccagle phrasing is an impressive one..

  17. dressmakers dummy

    She is the best, and classiest entertainer ever; so beautiful too!

  18. Randy R

    Just beautiful and lovely as only MIss Ross can be.

  19. Cooly G

    We love you Diane. My you stay forever Young.

  20. Scott Pangburn

    Almost perfect copy, too bad about the glitch in the middle. Nice there are no telethon telephone numbers on the screen.

  21. 3FromTheOutside

    Thank You Diana!!!

  22. Guy Will

    when she wnts to she really can be beautiful

  23. Daniel Ortega

    2:29 Really? +DianaRossVEVO please pay attention.

  24. thewizboy

    Classic Diana Ross! There will NEVER be another Lady like this one! Miss Ross THE BOSS!

  25. TheReturnofStephan1

    A stunning interpretation!
    Thanks for posting.:)

  26. Miana Joss

    Thanks for finally uploading again.

  27. Paula GC

    i love so much, my god, she is unique, a icon, an example to be follow, i love you from the bottom of my heart, ms diana ross

    Paul Mcdermott

    Great vocals always thrilled to listened to miss Ross love her repertoire

  28. Daniel Ortega

    Very nice, +DianaRossVEVO! Dylan had to win Nobel prize for you to take seriously this YouTube channel, and you decided to upload this formidable non-single video. There are videos as "In The Ones You Love", "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" or "Chain Reaction" that would take this channel to the roof, but you do nothing. Disappointed.