Ross, Diana - Eaten Alive Lyrics

Animal stalking you at night
I'm a sucker for someone
And I got the prey in sight
Lying on a bed of leaves
In the modern times
You forget and let your spirit breathe

Capture me my blood is red
Another victim of your ritual
For you my skin is shed
Ecstacy ain't what you find
In the modern world
One flick of my tongue changes
The meaning of the world
And you say

That's impossible
That's not impossible to do, oh
And you digest what I can see
The taste of you can be

I don't wanna get eaten alive
'Cause you're so dangerous
No more hearts I can trust, you see
I don't wanna get eaten alive
To be eaten alive
Eaten alive
I don't ever wanna be
Eaten alive

Now I got you on the run
And the quicker my senses
And the chance is, I'm the faster one
I know the universal law
Primeval times
With a little stimulation
It'll come once more, and you say

That's impossible
It's not impossible to do, oh
And you digest what I can see
The taste of you can be

I don't wanna get eaten alive
'Cause you're so dangerous
No more hearts I can trust
You see
I don't wanna get eaten alive
To be eaten alive
Eaten alive
I don't ever wanna be
Eaten alive

I don't wanna get eaten alive
'Cause you're so dangerous
No more hearts I can trust
You see
I don't wanna get eaten alive
To be eaten alive
Tie me to a tree, crawl all over me
You can rip my shirt, drag me in the dirt
I will be your slave, anything you say
I don't ever wanna be eaten alive

I don't wanna get eaten alive
'Cos you're so dangerous
No more hearts I can trust, you see
I don't wanna get eaten alive
'Cos you're so dangerous
No more hearts I can trust, you see
I don't wanna get eaten alive
'Cos you're dangerous
No more hearts I can trust, you see
I don't wanna get eaten alive
To be eaten alive

Gotta do her, crawl all over me
You can rip my shirt, drag me in the dirt
I will be your slave, anything you say
I don't ever wanna be, eaten alive

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Ross, Diana Eaten Alive Comments
  1. fordfalcongt

    How was this not a huge hit. I had to read a bee gees biography to even hear of it. This is amazing. Can hear Barry Gibb 0:57

  2. Sirad Godi

    Very good memory

  3. Sirad Godi

    My childhood

  4. Marta28MJJLuvU

    I'm still here 2019 ..luv it so much!!! Happy Birthday MJ

  5. duncanblue124

    Three great voices are in this video diana ross micheal Jackson and Barry Gibb of the bee gees doing back up vocals

  6. James Falk

    Who's that swimming? Hey it's Joey from friends! That's an 18 year old Matt Leblanc in this video.

  7. justin castillo

    Is this the song Barbara Corcoran played at her "funeral" birthday? I can't find "I'm Alive"

  8. Random Guy

    2:45 That’s the Michael Jackson magic

  9. sandflee

    It is not a good idea to add Michael Jackson to your song. He steals the show and it becomes his song, and you are just an interference. You can easily see it by the number of comments here that talk about MJ vs those about Diana... You can say MJ has "Eaten Alive" Diana in this song.


    Naw...these people are MJ fans and always comment on anything Diana did with MJ...this is Diana's song he in no way stole it from her...pullease

    80s/ Horror fan

    I'm an MJ fan and I don't do that. Not all fans do it dude.

  10. Tanya Kelly

    A year ago this video was banned here in the state y it came back who cares love this video

  11. marie campbell

    She took it to church at 3: 32. Lol

  12. Dashland B


  13. Tanya Kelly

    Love the song n video

  14. danny6092

    Brilliant '80's song !! I think it's very English HI-NRG sounding, I can have just pictured Hazel Dean singing it. Now wonder America didn't "get it".

  15. later39

    Southern University Dancing Dolls brought me here

  16. Jacob Heyden

    The best Michael Jackson's song!!!!

  17. Evian Mason

    Its Werid and Cool @ The same time when diana Turns into a were Kat Is really tripped out

  18. Evian Mason

    Favorite Duet Of Theirs!!

  19. 90's Baby_58

    Michael loved doing back vocals for others artists hits but he never wanted any artists doing it in his songs 😂😂😂

  20. 90's Baby_58

    hearing Michael's vocals make me wanna beaten alive by him 😍😍😍


    Love this video classic and sexy

  22. Ghost Of Another Lover

    I Don't Care Even If It's Wrong Or Right
    It's A Family Thing (It's A Family Thing)
    When The Day Show Me Deep Into The Night
    It's A Family Thing (It's A Family Thing)
    It's Family

  23. ProUSA burttly

    🏆Best Actress Diana Ross, this is one of her best videos to date,,
    This video was nominated (AMA) for best Video but lost against Aretha Franklin's Freeway of Love ,why,??.... still Miss Ross killed it,,, as the character in Hollywood studio version of H. G WELLS, classic The Island of Dr Moreau,👏👏

  24. Bob Cummings

    We are always EATEN ALIVE by stuff and people even in 2018!

  25. James Wilson

    Such a Sexy Vid....From the Gorgeous #MsRoss !!!! MJ doing Background Vocals !!!! Based on the Horror Movie Classic...….The Island of Dr. Moreau !!!!!

  26. Bob Cummings

    She could have eaten me alive with this song! Still a jam in 2018!

  27. Alphawindman IVL

    All these years and I never knew there was a video for this :/


    Wow at 2:59 that is one Scary Look.

  29. Maatization

    Barry Gibb layered her voice under the music....which made it hard to hear her..I think that's why it wasn't a hit...her vocal was the bomb just listen to her sing it live...but how he produced her voice made it sound tiny....

    M Byley

    It's more a Michael Jackson song than a Diana Ross song.

  30. A K

    R.i.p. Michael Jackson

  31. Maatization

    she was gorgeous in this video

    Artel Miller

    I agree, I kind of like the way she put on the cat Like Mysterious movements, with the freaky animalistic face expressions, I admit, it kind of turned me on a bit, hmmm ok diana, I see u...

  32. Bob Cummings

    She could have eaten me alive anytime! LOLLL!

    Taylor sara

    Bob Cummings MJ was eating her

  33. Bob Cummings

    WOW! I heard this song alot in the 80's and NEVER seen the video until now in 2018!

  34. Rhythm Nation Princess

    Love the black cat symbolism, just like in Mike and Janet's vids!

  35. Nicolè Bradley

    Please does anyone have the lyrics.. I'm singing words that make no sense 😶

    Valentina Veneziani

    I'd like to know them too actually 😂 maybe go on Google and search "eaten alive lyrics", sometimes youtube doesn't have them

  36. Heiswise

    I loved this song back in 85'! I even bought the single which I still have left. It brings me memories from my youth when I was living in Stockholm. I still like it and wonder why it wasn't a big hit back then.

  37. Silvia B.

    I'd never get tired to listen to this song.

  38. Rowenda Wijders

    2018 anyone?


    Rowenda Wijders 👍🏻😃

  39. carina

    Tie me to a tree,crawl all over me,you can rip my shirt,drag me in the dirt
    I will be your slave,anything you say,I don't ever wanna be eaten alive

    Taylor sara

    carina He wrote those lyrics for her Cuz he loved her so much...

  40. Gabriel Grimaldi

    Diana Ross and Michael
    Jackson are the perfect match!!! ❤️

    Taylor sara

    Yes. She should have married him like he begged her to for yrs.

  41. Milton Barros Cruz

    Diana ross uma verdadeira DIVA

  42. michael65

    That's Tom Ryan from Knots Landing. Such a cutie.

    M Byley

    Joseph Gian to be exact.

  43. Nicolè Bradley

    Classic song.

  44. CBJUNIOR04 - Rock Nacional no Baixo

    Michael Jackson in back vocals and keyboards!

    leo kyrtatas

    CBJUNIOR04 - Rock Nacional no Baixo in the chorus i m hearing more Michael Jackson than Diana Ross

    Chris Gambaro-Vega

    MJ is NOT on Keyboards. Check the credits on the album. He's only contributing vocals, in addition to co writing and co producing.

  45. Claudia M. Claudia

    helene Fischer atemlos

  46. Nicolè Bradley

    Great song and backing vocals

  47. Alan Fox

    diana ross & michael jackson are one and the same person.

  48. Tess

    The actors looks like Matt LeBlanc.

    M Byley

    Yes he does.


    Only cuter..

    H Md

    The actor is Joey Gian. He has good vocals as well.

    Libertu Bey

    @H Md He was a male vocalist contestant on "Star Search" back in 1985 or 1986. He won enough times to qualify for the quarterfinals.

  49. ROZZY Reignz

    does anyone else think there's a semblance here between Diana Ross beast face and Cameron's avatar......

  50. megacultureman

    she looked so scary, I was scared of her....

  51. PamelaDF

    omg I have such a dirty mind.
    such a dirty mind.

  52. lvmeszoely

    will never understand why this wasn't a huge world wide hit

    cameron davila

    Its better than Upside Down hate that one

    David Richardson

    Overseas it was. By that time the musical tastes were shifting again.


    @L0uL0uisa What? i was 9 when the song came out and i remember i was bumping this shit in 85! the chorus is catchy a fuck!

    ProUSA burttly

    In the US the original Video had Heavy airplay on MTV n BET and Diana Ross did receive a
    American Music Award nomination for Best R&B Female video.....

    Reggie Robinson

    mike and diana ate this song ALL THE WAY UP!

  53. Ross City of Liverpool.

    I loved it when Diana went into a bit of hi-energy sounded do good, a great song and a great video. Diana is the boss.

  54. Tite Flo

    I just discover now the album Eaten Alive lol. I was 14, and the song I remember is Chain Reaction. I heard it so many times on the radio at the time and I loved this song, but I never bought the album.
    Chain reaction and Eaten Alive are my favorite songs on this album, then Experience.

  55. Jamie Linson

    Barry Gibb wrote this song for Diana Ross.


    Barry's falsetto can also heard singing some parts in the chorus!


    Michael Jackson actually wrote this song- off the " Eaten Alive" album. The album was written and produced by Barry Gibb and Alby Galuten. Executive producer Diana Ross.

    Taylor sara

    Jamie Linson MJ chd the whole chorus. That's why he said ",Cuz our soooo dangerous,.... Beci he wrote tons of songs about Diana including dangerous....

    Carolina Gonzalez S.

    Dirty Barry.

  56. Duke E-Baby

    80's Diana Ross music rocks!


    Aside from MIchael background vocals, the BeeGees contributed a piece of background vocals too especially on the 12 inch version

    Sebastian Zmener

    The whole album is produced by Barry Gibb. You can hear his voice in the background chorus while MJ is singing.

  58. Calli Ope

    I absolutely love MJs vocals at 3:34.

    Reggie Robinson

    he ate those ad libs on the chorus up!

    Victor Fraja

    Barry Gibb...

  59. megaphoenix2001

    song was written by barry and maurice gibb but michael heard demo and thought he could improve the chorus its why he gets a writing credit on the song

    Taylor sara

    megaphoenix2001 He rewrote most of the chorus, that's why he added "Vuz our so dangerous! "
    Becuz he write tons of songs for Diana. Incl dangerous...

  60. MultiMrMiles

    80s was the BEST, all else is crazy weak to what we did back then, dont deny it....

  61. roderua

    the parody of isle dr moreau


    +roderua I use to call it the female version of Thriller lol

  62. Marialuisa de la Cruz Marin

    Me encanta escuchar a Michael

  63. Christian Rizzi

    era così raro che la prima sega alla tv l'ho fatta con questo

  64. Elisa Dias

    Michael Jackson did this song for Diana.

  65. Halliwellsson

    After this project the Gibb-brothers produced Runaway for Carola!

  66. Роналд Найденов

    This song is so energetic and powerful! I love it! You hear the Michael Jackson's background vocals? Oh his voice is strong as hell! MJ is a perfection! I love him with all of my heart!

    Taylor sara

    Роналд Найденов Me too. But he was so in love with Diana! Its crazy....

  67. rachel k

    Wonder why Mj's voice inaudible as the original blasts their voice fabulously. Eaten Alive RIP Michael.

  68. J Gould

    Prodigious. Thank you so much for posting.

  69. Asif Tanvir

    AWESOME MJ!!! The other song he sang on backing vocals for Diana Ross was the Muscles, brilliant!!! GONE TOO SOO....MJ!!!

    Taylor sara

    Asif Tanvir He wrote muscles for her! They also have a CD of love songs together. He was desperately in love with her. But she broke his heart....

  70. 80sMusiclover MJ

    When I heard the song for the first time, I thought the Background sounds so much like MJ. And later I read that MJ really sings in this song!!!
    I love his voice...MJ's like an angel... <3

    Vishal Thakur

    Not like, actually is

  71. Disco.discotheque

    This video clip is tightly based on the film "The island of lost souls" (1932) with Charles Laughton as doctor Moreau; Diana Ross plays "The Panther Woman" (Kathleen Burke in the motion picture). The island appearing in the mist, first image of the video, is also the first image in the film. The house is the same too. Nice video clip and excellent motion picture. The book is HG Wells' "Island of doctor Moreau" (1896).


    Exactly. There is also the 90's new version with David Thewlis, Faruza Balk and the famous Marlon Brando.

  72. Jonathan Smith

    Sane here nightrise, remember my parents had the video and this was the b side of chain reaction. Used to be intrigued but scared at the same time

  73. Nightrose

    loved that one as a kid , fascinated and scared same time.. finally found it again after so many years. yay !

  74. Heyam Salem

    LOVE Michael soooooo much

  75. Frederic Toye

    Based on the book 'The Island of Dr. Moreau'. Two feature films have been made about it, but either of them is worth watching according to IMDB.

  76. kruboo chan

    I really enjoy watching this vid. ,and i love this smexy tune from Diana

  77. Luciano Vidal Lyra Pereira

    A perfect mix of the talents of Miss Roos, Barry Gibb and the stunning Michael Jackson!

  78. wonderboyjoy

    i'll say one thing...diana's film clips always had a little creative license and i love that she did that...everything else seemed to be done by russell mulchay. did great.

  79. supremes ballard

    only DIANA ROSS ...what was she thinking LOL

    eaten alive? really?

  80. TheWolfieRankin

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this song, and the video, pure brilliance.

  81. Harry Martin

    Diana, Barry Gibb and Michael jackson, this didn't get the exposure in the states it deserved. can you imagine Michael singing back up? and the gentleman in the video si Joey Gian, he is fabulous as well. Go Joey!

  82. Gasoline85

    With Michael Jackson doing back-up vocals, you're guaranteed a hit!


    With Michael Jackson on backing vocals your guranteed shit!


    It's too bad this song didn't sell. The Gibbs voices are on this track too.


    sidrat69 sit yo ass down.

  83. Bill Bob

    they are re-making the classic Horror moive " THE ISLAND of DR. MONRUE" its surppose to look like the 1920s,,,

  84. Bill Bob

    yea MJ wrote this for DIANA s new cd' with the BeeGee,s GIBBS BRO,singing also in CHAIN REACTION"...this song Proves that DIANA can REALLY Belt out some STRONG POWERFUL notes and HER Acting is at its BEST she should have done The MOIVE, ROSS"s BEST Video !!!!!!!THE BOSS RULES,,......

  85. roderua

    the great son of bee gees

  86. Péricles Brazil


  87. Paraipan Viorica


  88. Phil Simpson

    so cheap,muddy lyrics barely understandable. And funny as hell! HA HA HA!!!


    Phil Simpson I understood them perfectly

  89. Poul Turner

    oh Michael you are the musicccccccccc

  90. Alyse AK

    i know im saying he can't be no brackground singer, it's not in him. he overpowers the songs. i.e. rockwell somebody's watching me.

  91. Carlos Carr

    MJ wrote the song and is doing the backing vocals

  92. Alyse AK

    MJ could not be a background singer. boi stop lol

  93. Suanna Holloway

    meanwhile, back at the ranch.........

  94. Obsidian Queen

    u can Barry Gibb in parts

  95. Obsidian Queen


  96. David G

    The video was inspired by an old movie named 'Island of Dr. Mareau'. It was about a mad scientist on an island conducting experiments combining humans and animals.

  97. David G

    Oh okay. That makes alot more sense.