Ross, Diana - Bah-Bah-Bah Lyrics

Bah-bah-bah-bah-bah, bah-bah-bah-bah-bah
Bah-bah-bah-bah-bah, bah-bah-bah-bah-bah.

You don't hold me in your arms the way you did
When you were so much in love with me
I recall the time when you were all mine
And I didn't have to share your love with anyone.

And when I feel I wanna be with you
And I can't right then, it almost drives me insane
'cause you're the only one who can easy my mind
'cause you're the reason of all of my hurt and all of my pain.

When I guess my world was made believe
'cause I thought I can have your love all to myself
And there's nothing I can do 'cause you're gonna do
What you wanna do anyhow, anyway.

But loving you is blinding me so
I still hold on to every hope and every dream
While deep inside I feel the tide is about to turn
And you won't find me hanging around you anymore.

But keep this in mind for the end of time
You're gonna want me more than I want you now
Ooo, it's gonna be a shame, hate to see you that way
I know how it feels 'cause I'm on that cloud today.

Bah-bah-bah-bah-bah, bah-bah-bah-bah-bah
Bah-bah-bah-bah-bah, bah-bah-bah-bah-bah.

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Ross, Diana Bah-Bah-Bah Comments
  1. Hussein Dawodu

    Florence Ballard is On This Track she Recorded on this Track Listen closely

  2. Branner

    The "ghost voice" in the back is Diana singing with herself in a lower register.

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    Thank you, Branner! I've been puzzling over that for years.

  3. shmuli9

    Yes, this was one of their oddest recordings, and also one of their best. Most people think of them as a generic "girl group", but they matured from doing songs like "Baby Love" to this, "Love Child" and "Stoned Love"...

  4. lovelychick84

    @tomovox Ehhhhh, The production may have sounded weird to you, pal, but I actually thought it was awesome! :-) It tied into the theme of the album.  Though moody, it was very clever, IMO.  Besides, it was the lyrics of the song that kept my attention and "Bah Bah Bah" hook will stay in your head for days. 

    By the way, am I the only one that thought the "Then" track stuck out like a green thumb? Melodically, it had nothing to do with album.  >.<


    I didn't mean to say that you thought it was weird or anything about it.  That was my word and my interpretation of it.  It was nothing against what you said.  If it did offend you, I apologize for saying that.  I truly am, my friend.  As for the song, I totally agree with you 100%.  H-D-H was heading out the door at this point and a lot of their productions were before they left were really top-notch and very clever, in my opinion (i.e, "Just One Last Look" by the Temptations; "It's A Good Feeling" with Smokey & The Miracles just to name a few).  So it's really not a surprise to me, in my opinion, how moody and dark it was considering how experimental with the Motown sound they were at that point. However, I still agree with you.  Really?!! I have to DEFINITELY look into getting that. 

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    Just got home, and I'm apologizing, my Sister!

    Oh My God. This is why I need to stay away from the internet after spending pressure-cooker time with relatives.  I'm looking at that reply I hacked out and am absolutely HORRIFIED by it!  I put way too much drama in there where it wasn't at all necessary!   I had a bit of a blow-up with a cousin and I can see the madness really crept in to that crazy post. 

    You have no need to apologize- I'm doing the apologizing to YOU. And I'm going to let this be a lesson to not visit You Tube after a visit from my crazy cuz!   

    AND wow you're on point when you talk about the top-notch productions HDH were doing before they left.  Those songs you listed are incredible in how they were just straight-ahead dynamic productions! (and they are among my favorites!)  

    By the way, there is a radio commercial for Coca-Cola that I'm guessing came out in '67.  It's a full-length song that sounds like an HDH producition and it has that excellent sound like "Just One Last Look" and "It's A Good Feeling."  If I can find it, I'll try to post it.  With a few changes in lyrics, it would make a fantastic song in itself. 


    Awwwww, you are forgiven, my brother. :-) Don't let that distress you at all.  Things happen.  Besides, I didn't take offense to it. :-)

    Yeah, it was like they wanted to leave out with a bang kind of thing.  And leave out with a bang they did because Mr. Gordy started enlisting everybody to get DRATS back to the top of those charts.  They had lost their momentum, IMO.  Fortunately, they had a string of hits so it wasn't that catastrophic. 

    As for the Coca-Cola commercial, I'm really curious to hear that.  If and when you do find it, please let me know.  I actually heard a commercial not too long ago of Marvin & Tammi doing a Coca-Cola (I believe) radio ad from a hit song they did (I forgot which one though).  It's on YouTube either way. 

    Once again, don't take it personal. :-) You're alright with me. :-)

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    Happy Tuesday-going-into-Wednesday!  I found those two Coca-Cola jingles. I added them to my "The Girls Have It!" playlist and you can find the video here:

    See what you think. I think both jingles have that sound you were talking about on the Temptations and Miracles songs. When you can dance to a Coke jingle with a Motown beat, that's living!


    I just heard it.  A two in one jingle.  Both were great! Things STILL go better with coke! It's delicious! :-)

  5. BroccoliQueefed

    Pretty soulful for the woman they said didn't have any soul to her voice

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    Nice! I like that comment. I've heard that bit about Diana lacking a "soulful" voice for years and yet I never felt that way. She had her own way with a lyric, and there was nothing bland or soul-less about it. Still, when I listen to her very early recordings, I'm still knocked out by just how gritty she was back then. 

    I really like Bah-Bah-Bah because it IS a pretty soulful performance.

    And I like that name of yours!


    @tomovox A lot of people refuse to believe those recordings are even Diana's voice in the early days (1961)  They think it's Flo. She had a very rough, shrill , rock type of voice then, later on she got buttery, warm and cutesy pie

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    @BroccoliBeefed Diana could really pull the changes on you though. Listening to some of the live material on the latest CDs, I was amazed at the very rough edges Diana's voice took sometimes. She does a version of "Yesterday" that honestly knocked me for a loop. She sang it with such genuine feeling- a bit of the "sandpaper" in the voice that took me aback.  When she sang "Let Me Go The Right Way" live, it was like a straight-up R&B revival. 

    Her "Pop" voice, though amazes me even more for the sheer control she had over every note. I've heard other singers who sounded similar to Diana, but they couldn't hold those notes as precisely as she does; they couldn't manipulate the notes with the same laser-perfect finesse. If you really listen to some of that stuff on those albums like the tribute to Sam Cooke, she's really mesmerizing in her sheer mastery over every note sung. 


    @tomovox I've always felt the same way. That's why it's way more interesting to hear the albums that aren't standard pop/soul fare that she and the Supremes recorded.

    And also, why does she get so much criticism with people just rendering her voice as thin, weak. ... "She couldn't sing", blah, blah, blah.  Really haters?

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    @BroccoliBeefed  I think you summed it all up with one word: "Haters."  There really is no good reason for all the pot shots taken at her singing voice. 

    I'll mention another area where I get chills hearing Diana singing: standards. Those MOR, standards that the Supremes recorded are nothing short of extraordinary- especially when you consider this music is not what the group grew up singing. Diana proved to be an amazing interpreter of the Great American Song Book, and when Mary and Florence and Diana sang 3-part harmony, it was incredible. 

    That unreleased album, "There's A Place For Us" is actually far better than the "I Hear A Symphony" album when it came to the standards. There is such a sense of cohesion and joy in the singing, it honestly stumps me why that one didn't make it to the marketplace in the 60's.   

  6. marknorthwest93

    A very well thought out commentary  on this darkly fascinating and haunting song written by the Holloway sisters.  I've heard that they recorded their own version which is buried in the legendary Motown vaults.  Perhaps that "ghost voice" you allude to may be the guide vocals provided by Brenda and Patrice. I personally totally enjoyed the  entire side one of the "Reflections" album.  Perhaps it was meant to be a concept album, but   Motown may not have been quite ready to take the group there at that time.   Even The Temptations iconic "Cloud Nine" album only carried the new "psychedelic soul" concept to one side. Perhaps hedging their bets.  Thanks for posting this wonderful departure for The Supremes.

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    Hello Mark. I appreciate your comment! And I really love your thoughts on this song and Motown's albums.  You hit on a great point that maybe this was to be a concept album of sorts. There is definitely a strong relationship between all the songs on side one- lots of use of that brooding electric organ and all the songs having a decidedly more adventurous sound than what had come before.  

    I think I read too that the "Love Child" LP was supposed to have more of a focus on songs dealing with social themes but as you said, Motown may have decided to hedge their bets and not go all the way with the concept idea.  

    I always have to be careful when I play this song because it almost always puts me in as dark a mood as the song itself.  And I absolutely love that about this one.

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    @***** I'm sorry that somehow I missed your comment. Yes, that album cover is an odd bit of Supremes/Motown history. I've heard about the original album cover featuring both Florence and Cindy. I finally found a very small image of it on a 45 sleeve. I attempted to photograph it, but it doesn't show very well. Still, it is pretty intriguing that they made a paste-up of such a cover and then edited it so that all photos featuring Florence were cropped to just show Mary and Diana. 

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    @***** It took a bit to figure that out, but...YES! It is!

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    Mark, the same thing, I feel, happened with the Love Child album. Listening to songs from the Motown Vault that were recorded in the same time frame, you get the feeling, the Love Child album could have been more of a "theme" album with material that was harder-hitting and darker. Certainly, "The Beginning Of The End of Love" is another brooding song that would have worked well on in the line-up.

    Don't get me wrong, I think "Love Child" is one of the strongest of the Supremes' albums, but I think it is as you remarked about the "Reflections" album- Motown may have been playing it safe by not stocking the album with too many songs that would go too far afield of the Supremes' image. 

    I love these tunes that took the group into newer territory and Bah-Bah-Bah is just one of the darkest things I've ever heard from them.

  7. Charles F. Roland

    I luv it!!!

  8. dchi2012

    i have no problem with loving him some Diana lol i dont blame him. I just wish he would show some respect for the other Supremes.

  9. Discover Motown, Jingles & More! with Tomovox

    Now, now (grin) Oceanbound and I have talked before and it's always been nothing but good talk! Welcome to the snipe-free zone! (smile)

  10. dchi2012

    Im with you, I'd rather hear the group members do their vocals then having the songs sounding generic, also if you havent guessed it yet, good ole ocean is a major Diana fan and will not give any other Supreme credit where credit is due.

  11. Discover Motown, Jingles & More! with Tomovox

    I was really surprised when I read that Brenda Holloway, Patrice Holloway songwriter credit. This is fantastic.

  12. Discover Motown, Jingles & More! with Tomovox

    Hi Lovely! This one seemed so out of left field when I heard it first. I had to go back and play it over and over. That entire album has a vibe all its own. The tracks don't seem to flow seamlessly, but there's still something there about the songs on that LP. Bah Bah Bah is the one I play the most. I wanted to include that second play here where it's just the left (or right) channel only- it just sounds so much more bluesy hearing only the ladies and electric organ.

  13. Discover Motown, Jingles & More! with Tomovox

    For me, it's not so much about the smoothness of the background vocals as much as I prefer to hear the actual group members. For me, I always prefer that group sound- there's more personality to the tracks that way, not so slick that you loose that human element of the two unique singers' voices mixing.

  14. Discover Motown, Jingles & More! with Tomovox

    I've always loved this one. It's so completely different from what the group had been doing. Very dark, almost gothic in nature. And I love hearing Wilson and Birdsong on these songs too!

  15. Branner

    Nice job! Thanks for that--always great to hear the cuts with Wilson and Birdsong on them.

  16. lovelychick84

    Absolutely LOVE this, tomovox! LOVE IT!! It's one of my all time favorite tracks by Diana Ross & The Supremes. It's even better when you listen to both versions as well. Excellent work, my friend! ♥