Romain Virgo - Dutty Man Lyrics

No mek dem
Take advantage of you
Nah nah, nah nah

Young girl gwan ah school, ya
And nuh follow nobody
'Cause that man weh a call yuh sexy!
Could be twice your daddy
Mi know time ruff like grater
Plus yuh momma don't have it
But please mi ah beg yuh nuh mek dem come mess up yuh body!

Yuh dutty man
Yuh dutty man
Leave the people pickney dem alone
Yuh dutty man
Yuh know it's wrong
Leave the people pickney dem alone
It's a disgrace, man...
You're just a waste man...
A waste man...

Hey, mommy yuh fi listen to your daughter
When she tell yuh she nuh happy
Yuh see the signs & turn a blind eye
Mi ah beg yuh fi stop it!
That man weh yuh have ah come check yuh
When yuh left him still ah tarry...
You left yuh young girl all alone
Nuh tek your daughter sell out to...

Your dutty man
Yuh dutty man
Leave the people pickney dem alone
Yuh dutty man
Yuh know it's wrong
Leave the people pickney dem alone
It's a disgrace, man...
You're just a waste man...
A waste man...

Unoo fi talk up, talk up!
If unoo know dem thing yah ah gwan!
No badda wait til it too late
Alright now we fi sound the alarm
Unoo fi talk up, talk up!
If unoo know dem thing yah ah gwan!
And if yuh know and yuh nah say ah thing?!
Yuh worser than the

The dutty man
The dutty man
Leave the people pickney dem alone
Yuh likkle dutty man
Dutty man
Leave the people pickney dem alone

You're a disgrace, man...

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Romain Virgo Dutty Man Comments
  1. Audley Shea

    Warn cas Juliana

  2. Audley Shea

    Wen. .ca

  3. Ryan Williams

    I love these song

  4. Akeya so sweet

    This song n Jada kingdom say execution is the best song I've herd in a while nobody not talking about the dutty man dem. I can see that there is 784 plus dutty man n mothers who betray dem daughter did watch it y them dislike this

  5. nimrod fitzgibbon

    God Bob 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😂😂

  6. bro god

    This song released the right time, the concept, the choreography, the moral of the story yow this well put together. Put some respect on govana creativity

  7. Inranee Mattai

    you should have won a grammy for this song its so ture

  8. Shauntavia Mcleod

    True song yah bad chargi 👌👌👌👍👍👍

  9. chozen charity group

    We love this a lot of man not going to like this video and mothers 2 that's the reason why a lot of girls want girls they do not want a boyfriend or a husband because they have been messed up by some man that supposed to protect them leave the little girls and look big woman mothers stop sell out your daughters and look work

  10. Mecca Parker

    A Tru! Wasteman Look ppl pickney A F**Kn Disgrace

  11. Jamaica vibe

    Romain this is another great song. Your are currently the best artist in the country.. Nuff respect!

  12. Royalty Williams

    The persons who dis like the video do not understand the lyrics

  13. Paul Rainford

    Be good live clean love god .

  14. Michelle Malcolm

    All of Romain Virgo's sell off to the world
    Michelle Malcilm

  15. Maryoung Christine

    I love it so much

  16. Kejo Buchanan

    Thank you for sharing this important message. Our community needs to be diligent to stop the cycle and heal ❤️🙏🏽

  17. AllendreStar

    I've experienced a Dutty man when I was a child

  18. melesia kelly

    To all duty man fi suck dem mada

  19. Taijah McIntyre

    It is true then must leave the children alone, so much things come on the news about them

  20. Lovida Smith

    Americans: what are they saying?
    Me: omg so true those men now a days are disgusting like omg I live in Trinidad but I understand lol

  21. Jelecia Smith


  22. Letecia Lawes23

    A true unu dutty man fi leave the pitni them alone

  23. Keleta Douglas

    love this song omg this little girl can sing😀😀

  24. cristopher alcota

    De chile ..buen tema saludos

  25. Makeda Frederick

    And we have people still disliking this??says much about mankind SMH!!

  26. Shanuey Frater

    Y people dislike this video? I whould really like to know Y, (Me a Wonder if a the dutty man them dis like it ja know)

  27. Nickaela Wynter


  28. Daina Palmer

    Iam in new York and my sister was play this sing

    Daina Palmer


  29. sniptedakill

    All who hate this is a pedafile

  30. Positive Mindset org.

    Must a real dutty pervert bwoy give this song a thumbs down ...u dutty bwoy ...leave people little pickney alone ...good one Romaine...

  31. Ower_patterns James

    Let's not forget our boys

  32. VS MÚSIC

    unfortunately, this type of bulmo is very common all the time around the world and many times the mother does not listen to her daughters or children.
    I’m Brazilian and that’s why in Brazil many children are being abused 😭😭

  33. beres henry

    Dirty man

  34. Victor McCarthy

    Who would dislike this? Must be a dutty man!!! Big song!

  35. Nicola Andrews

    Love the music video...good acting.

  36. Gabs

    Wi love fi hide behind the saying that these girls are fast. But in reality, the pedophilic men are the issue. Leave di people pickney dem alone

  37. Jahmeillia Webley

    Who really dislike this song? Like really though

  38. Elfreda Walker

    Love it's true



  40. Samantha Wood

    Very very very powerful song....big up virgo

  41. Natasha Roberts

    Still can't believe this song has 669 dislikes what's wrong with people this is a powerful song

  42. princess neka

    Who sing the song

  43. Tommy Biggz

    EASY MR VIRGO.....

  44. Els van Teijlingen

    Nice song meaningful

  45. Nikecia Williamson

    You are a great singer

  46. fitzroy fox

    dutty man

  47. # Queens


  48. Asif Mannichan

    Romain god bless you a million times for this brother

  49. cody general

    Very good

  50. Sollo t O'Sullivan


  51. Britney Powerful


  52. Akeem Scott

    600+ Dutty Man disliked this video enuh..

  53. Tasheena Stennett

    Big song❤️❤️❤️👌🏻

  54. Tashauna Haughton


  55. Fredrick Rhooms

    Why I am just hearing this? Why isn't this being played on radio every 10 seconds instead of some of the nonsense they play? BIG CHUNE sir!

  56. Jasmine Mendez

    Any body who dislike is a real duty man

  57. jassiah1 i

    Song of the the year, share the cake right

  58. Kaylia Morrison

    Hr3er said he had 5th year in the United states and 😤😘🤣

  59. Matthew Sayers

    Love your song

  60. Kedesha Swaby

    Anyone who dislikes this is someone who is a pervert

  61. Neisha morgan

    Young girl wanna School MiFi don't nobody know following is a ugly Pokemon you see if you seem again the talk to him he's a dirty man with mix up Demi mix Seattle PR gilmanton Chucky Chucky tell your mother say Mexican funny girl school in the motto and try and try and try and try and cannot touch you emoji a big emoji a big the following year younger not going to school limit the Buddy family gospel just want to school and I'm not the one trying don't get the damn mind looking for a girl school number to Amtrak Jamaican fire on girl 🤦 emoticon like i you must come knocking Nicki Minaj 🤷😜

  62. Ziel sutton

    To all the dutty man

  63. jassiah1 i

    631 pedifiler🤔

  64. Avinash Seedial

    Greatest song I've heard in a long time

  65. Venise Campbell

    Love the song because they are some dutty man out there so listen to your children when they are telling you something 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  66. Kaylia Stewart

    I love this song

  67. chaz brandon serunjoji

    Hahaha the dutty man actor in this video is so talented

  68. Tony Clarke Sr

    617 dutty man in a jamaica

  69. Twaine Meikle

    Really true

  70. JustFluffyQuilting

    Deep message.


  71. Shanice Duffus

    Yeah a true leave the people child a lone and go look your size and make braze blow pon we mon

  72. Nadecia Camron

    Good song romain fi di dutty man dem

  73. Darking Gamer090 ennis

    Dutty rapest man

  74. Shennel King

    All 609 who dislikes this a dutty man 😑

  75. sunisha Harry

    i love this vido and i am saying to all the dutty man outthere to STOP it is not nice do you agree whit me

  76. Odaine Leavy

    This is a very good song everybody should like and share

  77. Shanicke Turner

    Yes you are right Romain leave the people pini dem allown

  78. Shoyan Small

    Being a victim of all this I am so emotional this song ! Continue doing great work Romain Virgo

  79. Nelly Heavens

    Nice song

  80. peter xing

    Live the people Pickney dem alone

  81. Brianna Phillip

    😭u is not going to get into that

  82. Jennifer Haufiku

    Beautiful 👏👏👏👏🇳🇦

  83. Debra lavia

    The first time I see day

  84. Venise Campbell

    Nice I love it😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  85. Kerryann Margan

    If your not a duty man like


    Ditty man live them

  87. Cheikh Atab Gassama

    I love yor musique you are last

  88. Cheikh Atab Gassama

    For eve this is very good

  89. Rihanna Lyons

    Good one Romain love you talk thruth

  90. steffeaun shaw

    Real chune Virgo 🎶🎵

  91. dj jeffery Godfrey

    Every time I hear this song I cry tears big big big tune pull up sweet song Jeffrey