Rolo Tomassi - Balancing The Dark Lyrics

Strike, illustrate
Cease, every moment grey

I concur
Retracting these splinters

Take, navigate
Disarm, in cycles crawl on

I concur
Retracting these splinters
Etched always
Lasting, reacting
In movements so permanent

I concur
Retracting these splinters
Etched always
Lasting, undying

A score unmarked

There is no way to compose the unchartered and unknown
The concept of a world without, the severity of it all

To comprehend the fragility
Lost in the harshness of endless
Cursed by what will embody
Lost in the harshness of endless
The cruelty of that which is cherished

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Rolo Tomassi Balancing The Dark Comments
  1. VelociKappa

    When the hairs on your neck and arms stand up straight, that's when you know you found the right band

  2. Josh Beane

    I don't see why people are saying they're so great... I mean, the only things good about them are the vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keys, mixing, ambience, energy... ;)

  3. chris210racer

    Eva is low key ripped af...


    I imagine that she works out a lot during off-tour. Just watch their live performances... you can't keep that up without a solid fundation and core. They did like 4-5 shows a week average during their european tour this year. Its crazy how much stamina that requires. When they were here in Hungary, they were rockin' out in a 35 celsius heat, direct sunlight in their faces. Next day, they were in Italy, doing the same. It's crazy.

  4. survivor geek


  5. George S.

    Rolo Tomassi and Leprous are top bands cause they have super creative drummers

  6. The Crate Collective


  7. Evil John

    This is Hidden Treasure🤘🖤
    Fuck I'm so late for this

  8. Tarkenton

    Why do I suddenly feel like someone is going to throw a box of broken glass and nails at me?

  9. morwen angelus

    even though i loved their previous albums more than this one, they're an awesome band, can't wait to see them live! Would be great to see them live with Spiritbox <3

  10. Juan Mendez

    Can you share of another unknown great band you have discovered? Thanks, I can tell you have great taste

    Juhani Sinkkonen

    Try Tigran Hamasyan, start from "Drip" (Berklee Live) here on youtube.

    Juan Mendez

    @Juhani Sinkkonen thank you for introducing me to the cousins of System of a Down :). Drip's solo between guitar and piano kicks ass. It's a great song 🇦🇲😎

    Juan Mendez

    @Juhani Sinkkonen now i am listening to What the waves brought

    Lyrical Jones

    Car Bomb, Zeal and Ardor and daughters.

    Juan Mendez

    @Lyrical Jones thanks a lot, listening to Dissect Yourself.. awesome, and thanks a lot!

  11. Stephen Guitarist

    Agree with comments below. Best album I've heard in a long time start to finish. Does anyone know the chord structures that show up in the beginning and again at 3:39??

    Torque Bow

    Stephen Guitarist commenting to find out as well

  12. Jungo Bungo

    It’s like blackened horse the band. Awesome

  13. Chase Brenkman

    The way this is mixed feels like everything is blended together and thrown at you like a sharp wind

  14. Paul Harris

    I love alot of bands on the Holy Roar roster. However, I have never been able to get into this band.


    I'm sorry , I feel bad for you then


    Quien mas vino por Shauntrack?

  16. AynaydaZheet

    God fucking damn it! I've listened to this song for more than 100 times in the last 20 days! Still can't get enough.

  17. Anderson

    Steve's Shirt

  18. TheAdjuster1

    DE Steve brought me here.


    Steve listens to them?! I love him even more now


    No one cares

  19. Ryan ;D

    hi whos here because of warframe

  20. JayyBird

    wow. Walls of Jericho .20


    This is really different then Walls of Jericho imo


    But both wonderful yet ass kicking bands


    @tforal2 Oh come on. yYou know what I am saying...You're full of shit if you think that her scream is "really different" than WOJ. For girl screams. They are ALIKE. Stop Trying to be all pretentious about it man. It just is what it is.

  21. Johnny Waters

    This is insane. Beyond words this band is crazy good holy shit.

  22. J W

    God I love her screamed/cleans. The instrumentation is fucking brilliant. TWDALWBI might be my aoty.

  23. cooct baddo

    this chick dances like Elaine Benes


    What are you talking about.... there's not a thumb in sight! haha

  24. Erik D

    I kinda feel some Zao in here...

  25. Daryl Smith

    I adore this.

  26. Nikhil Bejai

    I'm so glad I've come across their latest work. Love the sound. Something Code Orange could have been doing with their electro-metal/hardcore spectrum. This is beyond good. This is amazing. I feel this brings something, that has been missing in the sonic palette of my . Something this meaty at this groove. This is pretty good songwriting. Before anyone blinks, something that should probhably go without saying but, sigh, all of this is my personal opinion. Damn I blinked.

    Adrian Mojica

    You should also check out Employed to Serve if you like Code Orange and this band. Less experimental, but just fun to listen to.

  27. Zafran Aqil from malaysia.....

  28. Jens Laughing Fox

    This is fucking incredible!

  29. Zero One

    Who the fuck needs Tool anyway.

  30. spider7ven

    This is a great specimen of a great songwriting.

  31. SleepingWithPanic!AtTheDisco

    Why'd I think that singer was a dude. Lol this bitch can really scream tho. I gotta check more out croon these guys.

  32. Billy Brookes

    Should have listened sooner. Those black metal vocals are sick

  33. Quatropus

    This totally made my head turn out of shock. I really fucking enjoyed this because I wasn't expecting it. I just got here from a song that was not even similar to this.


    Quatropus welcome to the fandom.👌🏾


    what song?

    Sam Firth

    darude sandstorm

  34. James Ozz

    Good ass stuff. Purchasing the album now.

  35. David Fischer

    Severely insane. Holy shit.

  36. Avik Chatterjee

    almost deathcore !

  37. Bruce Banner

    This is a paradise!!!

  38. Kars Landman

    This band is insanely good, so glad I saw them in a facebook ad :))

  39. Philip Tate

    This is my first time hearing this. Whoa. I have seen the light... er, the dark. Wow. Amazing.

  40. Oleksii Vilchanskyi

    This sounds much better than their previous works, the sound maturity is there and their final album is finally listenable.

    morwen angelus

    you must be deaf then cunt, every album is more than amazing

  41. Jake77

    Their last album hast a 90+ metascore rating . That's how I discovered them

  42. Ondřej Hanus

    This is fantastic stuff. The entire album is amazing. AOTY so far.

  43. Manfredo is On

    Ohh yeah baby!

  44. JTNugget

    Her vocals are mixed oddly. Reminds me of old Isis.

  45. Fuckyourselfgoogle

    I wanna be her when I grow up

  46. Kris Mrzitelj

    hmmm little bit of ZAO here...or its just me...

  47. Amazing Face

    I haven't repeated a song this way for a long time until this

  48. David Davenport

    Their new album is transcendent and beyond epic/beautiful. Seriously, one of my favorite albums I've heard in ages.


    its already my constant album of 2019

    Dustin Clark

    David Davenport it’s kind of perfect, isn’t it? So gorgeous and heavy and emotional. And it’s not that complicated which says something. There’s still simple unique ideas

    Matthew Joseph

    Their best to date imo

    maco de blacko

    I concur :)

  49. Matt Parkin

    Bass line in this is really quite nice, I like the subtle chaos of it

  50. Marc von Gestromt

    Amazing Song, Amazing Album...

    Here is GESTROMTs Review of "Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It":

    By the way: You can follow GESTROMT on Facebook. ;-)

  51. Osh Rou

    So good... as always, sad that there's no Belgium date in the tour though :'(

  52. dylan lewis

    am i the only one getting a deaf heaven vibe from this


    I thought the same while listening to the record today. This could be a mix of Oathbreaker and Deafheaven.

    Mikołaj Śliwiński

    Yes, you're the only one.

    Eben Slasher

    I did and Im not a DH fan but this sounds a bit better to me lol


    I can definitely hear it

  53. Ivan Ovcharenko

    This band needs more recognition. Terribly underrated. I mean holy fuck this sounds amazing.


    Хуйца сосни! Омереканиц хуев

    Ivan Ovcharenko

    友幸田中 Долбоеб, иди рэпчину свою слушай


    Ты у долбоёба хуй сосёшь. Питух ибаный

    Ivan Ovcharenko

    Тебе совсем что ли скучно? Ты дофига японец с таким ником как я понимаю, аниме любимое закончилось вот и тявкаешь как школьничек в доте? Можешь не отвечать, твое петушиное кудахтанье про хуи явно намекает, что ты к ним неравнодушен. Найдешь себе принца, не переживай. Недотрах пройдет, агриться из-за хрен пойми чего перестанешь.


    Ха-ха! Сосёшь хуи ты, а я, значит, неравнодушен?
    Ебать, у тебя логика! Хотя что с хуесоса взять!
    Поешь говна, малыш!

  54. MsCarrionswarm

    Etched always
    Lasting, reacting
    In movements so permanent

  55. jon burford

    This just made my day!!! Shout out to Top Music Video. i see why she took # 1.

  56. espron24 MYFHC

    This was interesting! Curious about how the album is gonna turn out!


    and how did it turn out ?

  57. Prama Adhapranata

    This could be a cure for an endless anxiety.

  58. kragmor

    who remembers that split they did with cutting knives with pens tho.

  59. Hineczech


  60. ShiningSpear

    Where has this band been all my life? This kicks ass.

  61. mohd faizal


  62. Sin Nett

    Fuck yeah! Can't wait for the new album!!! XD

  63. Jacqueline Bellerose

    Sounds fucking fantasticabulous omg omg !!!

  64. yuyi rv

    This is cool!

  65. Debbie Kirton

    Totally gripping. Great stuff!

  66. Xavi Vrath


  67. Данил Гурин

    Ее, новогодний подарок!

  68. Jin Kazama

    Бля, это просто охренительно, 10 раз пересматриваю..

  69. Dillinger Spaceman

    11/10 excellent as always

  70. Daniel Horton

    Just in time for Christmas!!! 🎄

  71. Victor Cajal

    Sick & fap.

  72. Глеб Бегунов

    Eva! One love!
    Очень в духе первого сингла. Это приятно. Особенно впечатляет, как ребята хватают в конце композиции и рубят, рубят, оспади..

  73. Michael Oltmann

    I wasn't ready for that.pretty cool

  74. Koen Leijten

    love it <3

  75. Pizzley Bear

    This album is going to be legend.....wait for it.....dary!

  76. Carlos Ilich


  77. RedHotAmarth

    Extremely cool

  78. Jared Tatopoulos

    amazing song

  79. Toms Alcore


    Tom Pitts

    Toms Alcore best comment

  80. Maddyson


  81. LKAChannel

    So damn sick

  82. Alex Davies

    Aww fuck me dead that's a good one

  83. Top Music Video

    I love this <3

  84. ralf möllerheim

    i can barely wait for the new album to drop.

  85. Lewsick Carrol

    They're back

  86. FIDEL001

    mesmerized. 2.5 months left to THAT DAY

    fukd delux

    ?? u talking about the song by RT?


    It's that day

  87. BenyoBoy

    OK. Holy fuck. This is amazing!

  88. TheHeaveHoe

    Pretty dark and intense!

  89. Matt Allen

    drums guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals are so good, well thats everything!

  90. Anti-Romanticismos

    fucking love rolo tomassi greetings from venezuela!

  91. GodsColdHands

    one day i'm gonna marry her.!!

    fukd delux

    u'll have 2 pry her from my cold,dead hands

    drew koenig

    Lol creep

    Jay BB

    Over her dead body you will.


    Time will die and love will bury it before that happens

    Tom Pitts

    JTNugget yes m8

  92. Michael Kaleda

    Thank you for all.

  93. Noaher Wood

    1:20 I just came