Rolo Tomassi - Alma Mater Lyrics

A finite line that's hard to see
And it always moves away from

I don't want to wait for
Waste away instead of vanishing
Time will die and
Love will bury it
Time will die and
Love will bury it
Aimless strives to try and
Reach this
Will not stir me from this

Stay wondering
With this reckoning
Watch it go by, just to give in

The rush of waves
I'm flooded in the running
Drifting with this one
The wish to change
Is washed away
The outer bounds
Are out of reach
Is it true it's everlasting?

Stay wandering
There is no place for peak

Everything I thought could be
Shouldn't be within my reach

It comes in waves
I long for it and I feel empty
I watch it go by and I feel
Floating in hope
Persisting to glow
Give flight to this fever or

At fates command, what could
We become when desire is all undone?

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Rolo Tomassi Alma Mater Comments
  1. rol trans

    awesome track.

  2. oKPBo

    My favourite song on this album. I love how it finishes too!

  3. Jason Orme

    Dillinger Escape Plan vibes from this, particularly Miss Machine album.

    Irony Maiden

    They were saying that TDEP influenced their music a lot

    Dawn Leaf

    no wonder I adore it

  4. Josh Taylor

    Holy hell this is awesome.

  5. ElAlbert94 2.0

    That final breakdwon mealt and destroy my brain, Rolo Tomassi is with no doubt, an amazing fucking band!