Rogers, Kenny - Scarlet Fever Lyrics

I stood outside the Lucky Star
Staring at the flashing sign
It read: come on in and watch young
Scarlet's body come alive
Let her dance for you and catch your spell
You'll swear you can believe her
Be careful not to catch the scarlet fever.

So I paid my fare and walked down front
And found an empty chair
As I settled in young scarlet took the ribbons from her hair
The moves her body made while the music played
Were the likes I've never seen
And she became the envy of my dreams.

One by one her teasing movements
Brought the crowd out of their seats
And all at once young scarlet
Danced straight up in front of me
From the moment that her eyes found mine
I've never been the same
Scarlet locked another heart upon her chain.

Now I get scarlet fever every time I see her
But she's a night club teaser
Not paid to notice me
Yes, I get scarlet fever
If she knew how much I need her
She'd place her hand in my hand
And dance away with me.

She looked 25 but I was told
That she was just 16
She had a way of making a man believe
She danced for only him
As she tantalized I fantasized
And felt the sound of my heart beat
And every night I'd dream
She'd fall in love with me.

Then one night while driving in
My eyes begun to tear
'cos the sign outside the Lucky Star said: scarlet isn't here
She'd left that day to find a life
Of bigger and better things
And she left behind my chain of broken dreams.

But still get scarlet fever
In my mind I still see her
Out there dancing somewhere
To another fool like me.
Yes, I get...

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Rogers, Kenny Scarlet Fever Comments
  1. HaraDell Lovett

    Love it!!! Loved it live

  2. Kadeer Mullings

    I don’t think there’s is Kenny Rogers song that I’m not familiar with


  3. Major woody

    I'm envisioning a soldier from the first world war (Lost Generation) sitting in the lucky star seeing young Scarlet before he heads off to the trenches😔

  4. Ruben Galvan

    Love Kenny's music, am named after his songs, Reuben James.

  5. Major woody

    Why does history always forget about the lost generation?

  6. Ava Daley

    I get scarlet fever every time I see him. Kenny Roger's u are the best ever. ❣❤🙏

  7. Mariano Fernandez

    Hello out there in the world I hope the world can lose it slef in great music of the great one s😁

  8. Suzette Campbell

    One of my favourites

  9. Jesus Salazar

    great song from a great singer u move a lot of us thank you the. gambler

  10. Jacqueline Porter

    Love you Kenny, I've got the Rogers fever had it for many years and I don't want to be cured

  11. amaka aneke

    An all time favorite of mine

  12. Major woody

    This reminds me of the 1st world war and the forgotten generation.

  13. Ahmed Abdallah

    medical school brought me here.

    Suzette Campbell

    Interesting. How?

  14. Li Inkoomah

    I think I have scarlet fever for Kenny 😘😍

  15. Li Inkoomah

    I just love this man soon much .I remember when mom use to listen to these songs which she still does she has taught us what music is really about thank you so much Kenny there could never be any one like you ever.f from Trinidad with Love

  16. Walter Erbaugh

    Anything like Cat Scratch Fever?


    Living on the road, I've fell in love with a hundred Scarlet's over the years ------

  18. wilfred heggart

    i love this song

  19. Skelter

    You can't turn
    a Whore into a Housewife.

    ursel doran

    I had a pal decades ago who had made the rounds of the world in the Navy, and he observed that that was not always maybe the case, that when matured at least she would be grateful. No statistics to back it up, but maybe if you get the right one............

    Suzette Campbell

    Sure he can

  20. Deplorable

    I caught the fever once.

  21. stephan st-pierre

    The best song ever

  22. Sean Netterville

    Today's country songs is lacking the story that made the oldies great

  23. rainwolf034

    Met Kenny twice, gentlemen both times and he remembered me 10 years later, he said ‘are you the kid that took the picture on the back of that bear’ and I was..

  24. Jamie Temple

    A true favorite. My first album of K. Roger's. This song took me. Reminds me of Lonesome Dove...Cut the cards....

  25. Chileshe Mutale

    l love this song

  26. Alfred Brown

    One of my favorite by kenny

    Stephan Zawadzki

    same hete

    Alfred Brown

    Stephan Zawadzki thanks glad you like it Also

    wilfred heggart

    same here

  27. WWE fan talker

    Good song

  28. David Konen

    This song, as well as "Coward of the County", is among my GREATEST songs by Kenny Rogers

  29. Alejandra Tejada

    hermosas canciones

  30. C Lisk

    good song..remember when this used to come on the radio in the 80s..

  31. Jake McKay

    Is this original version? Or a re-recorded version? Why should i haffta ask those questions? I was (and still am) A Loyal Fan.

    Steve R

    Jake McKay It sure sounds like the original song that was on one of his greatest hits tapes.

  32. Tills Mackie

    I love this song like the rest of your songs Kenny Rogers

  33. Tills Mackie

    I love this song, I gonna  put this on my cell phone to

  34. Nyongesa Stephen

    ken was a blessing to me

  35. Alfred Brown

    love this song

  36. Gerald Scott

    Kenny Rogers Lady

    Gerald Scott


  37. stephan st-pierre

    My best one

  38. Colin Sanders

    entered Billboard Aug 13, 1983 ..reached #94

    Dallas James

    Colin Sanders. Yes on the top 100.. But i thinknit hit number 5 on the country charts.

  39. Hamish Stott

    Im only 21 have been bought up with Kenny gotta love him :)

    Michelle Davidson

    Hamish Stott same here I love Kenny's music.

    Kevin Miller

    @Michelle Davidson This is real country music, not the c rap they play today that they try to pass off as country.

  40. Scarlet Bocock

    I love this song

  41. Egon Spengler

    this song never would have made in today's society because someone would have been offended by its content because he fell for a 16 year old stripper...and Kenny Rogers would have been sued..the song is a great song...

    Egon Spengler

    The United States has a law in place that makes it a federal offense for an American Citizen to leave the country in order to have sex with someone who is considered a minor under U.S. laws. Personally I think the law is intruding on the domestic jurisdictions that other nations enjoy, but I do understand why the United States would pass a law like this. They did it to protect children of other nations against U.S. Sexual Predators.

    Patrick Snavely

    Yep, or that Into the Night song by Benny Mardones

    Ayava Kyavata

    Or Strawberry Wine by Deanna Carter, or countless others.

    Genealogy Girl

    @Ayava Kyavata or Cher's Half-Breed

  42. Angela Maria Melendez

    Memories,in Augsburg,Germany, I met this American soldier,in 1983, his name was Lyle Floyd Schommer,,from Minnesota,we fell in Love,and we made love while this Song was playing,I was my Soulmate,and he will always be,I love you Lyle

    Mr Buck

    Angela Maria Melendez that is so beautiful


    wow been looking for this song fianally found it it is beatiful

  44. Steve W

    Great song lyrics and superb deliverance from Kenny. Love the "still get scarlet fever" line!

  45. Jody Bullock

    Song was before my time but saw writer Mike Dekle perform it at the Bluebird Cafe a couple weeks ago. Best "In the Round" out of 50+ shows of world-class songwriters I've seen there.

  46. Ethan Dekle

    My grandpa wrote this song

    wilfred heggart

    does everybody else find there comments dissapering

    Geoff Powell

    Ethan Dekle yer wat ever dick ed

    Roger Hector

    really wow

    Genealogy Girl

    "Scarlet Fever" is a song written by Mike Dekle, and recorded by American country music artist Kenny Rogers. :)

    David Pitts

    My uncle wrote Lucille lol and coward of the county

  47. OG_Triple_OG

    such an amazing song...

  48. Dean Johnson

    I totally love this song

  49. Michael Spicer

    When I think of Kenny Rogers I think of great ballads, and this is no exception. Great singer and songwriter, always love listening to his music.

    Li Inkoomah

    So true 😍😍😍

  50. Joe Koncz

    great song

  51. Noke Noke

    this song is one of my syndrome. LSS.

  52. Hawthrone Thompson

    Big up Kenny Roger... your the best 

  53. stephan st-pierre

    Cet homme est un génis

  54. grant dumkopf

    love this ring tone

  55. Jakki White

    This song makes me think of those poor people whose dreams don't come true. But Kenny is a Master at singing!

  56. Nycholas17

    "Bam!" is right. This song's got crunch! Solid music.

  57. Demon2236

    Kenny is a country genius..

  58. James Jiao

    My fav song from Mr Rogers

  59. dimytri gibson


  60. Harold Narrie

    the irony of the lyrics is so wonderfully written and melodiously sung

  61. rosiebabe18lovesJLS

    i love this song kenny rogers is my fave country singer love coward of the county to xx

  62. Nino Iammatteo

    qeusta musica e la musica de tempi migliori del ventesimo secolo

  63. Vilma Barão

    gosto dessa musica porque relembro minha adolescencia

  64. Steve Hammond

    This is a clasic! True country music.

    Roger Kasprowicz

    Steve Hammo

  65. Nino Iammatteo

    it is a ssuper star of contry musik

  66. asdfkie

    Reminds me of Scarlett Johansson.

  67. Kymone Lala

    Which idiot would dislike this song....this is a legend!!! i love kenny rogers

    Lynn Kanerva

    @Harry The Hammer
    Anybody who's a TOTAL IDIOT

  68. j wenum

    He may have had his troubles---BUT still one the best there is!!!!!!!!

  69. Dave Wollenberg

    HIt #5 country, #94 pop in Billboard. God bless!

  70. hpdrifter1960

    A very special song, and I'll never forget the girl that danced for me to this one, many times, it was almost prophetic that we only knew each other a few months, then she was gone. But every time I came in the club, she would drop a quarter and dance only for me, while all the other guys wonderin just who in the hell I was. (;-))

  71. Mel Jus

    Im going to use this for my Biology project on Scarlet Fever :)

  72. thundereye92

    @Darrellv99 Ole Grey Beard was released as single in 1981. You can also find the song on the album 'Share Your Love'.

  73. David Outman

    This man is a living legend, I was proud to meet him about 10 years ago at a photography store in Los Angeles

  74. Nino Iammatteo


    Steve Cochran

    Listen to this to go to sleep when I was a kid

  75. chasrusso

    One of my favorite KR songs. Good stuff!

  76. thundereye92

    wow that's what I call a great fan :P

  77. thundereye92

    easily one of Kenny's best!

  78. parrahdigm

    one of my favorite kenny songs

  79. donnacheer11

    I met a girl named Scarlett in Colorado back in my army days, alas she was already married

  80. Kristen L. Reed

    what about lucille?

  81. COUNTRY2DBONE - Randy

    i like this one very much!!!!!! great post!!!!

  82. bourne chez

    One of Kenny's best songs IMO. The writing on this son is tremendous, and it is sung so well.