Rogers, Kenny - If You Can Lie A Little Bit Lyrics

If you can lie a little bit
You can lie a little bit more
Once you get away with it
It comes a little easier than it did before.

No hard feelings, no harm done
It's just time that I move on
Though we've only just begun
To see the signs of things to come
It's just a little lie to get in your way.

If you can lie...

Wish you didn't look so good
Guess you never understood
Love is built on faith and trust
There's no future here for us
I have made a few mistakes in my time.
If you can lie...

I wanna believe you
When you say you'll change for me
Shame on me!
Ooh, if you can lie...

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Rogers, Kenny If You Can Lie A Little Bit Comments
  1. The Gadget Guy

    It's like 'Pink' or her song writers poached the melody off of this song for her song "Funhouse", the chorus melody in that song sounds suspiciously similar to this one.

    Rob Hollywood

    Kenny's song titles, tunes & ideas have been pinched by many other act's over the years. Bon Jovi did several times. Kenny is the master!

  2. Bernard Dzialach

    great souvenirs