Rod Stewart - Another Country Lyrics

Every day I'm awake
I've been thinking about you
And I can't get you over my mind
You're the girl of my dreams
The mother of my children
I'm as proud as any man can be alive

As the wind blows heavy down the mountain side
And the darkness of night closes in
As I lie in my bed
I can hear your heart pounding
Far away in another country
Far away in another country

And I dream of the day
We'll be packing up and leaving
This God-forsaken corner of the world
All the boys getting taller?
Is your tummy getting broader?
Do we know if it's a boy or it's a girl?

And I reach ouy to touch you in the middle of the night
And I swear you're lying next to me
But you're not, I'm awake
With my poor heart aching
Far away in another country
Far away in another country

One of these bright sunny days
I'll be coming down that road again
My journey had an end
God bless you until then

How I miss, how I miss
The colour of the springtime
And the moonlight shining through your hair
Say hello to my friends
And all of our kindred
Tell 'em I will soon be there

There's a tear in my eye as I try to sleep
Are the boys still calling out my name?
Tell 'em daddy's in a fight
Between good and evil
Far away in another country
Far away in another country

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Rod Stewart Another Country Comments
  1. pat

    Great song honoring armed services saw him in cork may 2019.great night...

    The Real Friends Of Rod Stewart

    Thank you Pat

  2. Susanne Roders

    🎶🎶 Great song. 🥰 Thanks to all who served and serving 🇺🇸 Great video 👍

  3. xavier allard

    I have been listening to this fantastic scotsman since 1975 ! Never been disppointed ! A lot more years, Roddie boy, but don't forget your French fans and come sing in France soon !

  4. Armando Fernandez

    One of the best videos of our oldy Rod Stewart.

    The Real Friends Of Rod Stewart

    Thank you.

  5. كريستوف بابيتسك

    Te amo Rod😍😍😍😍😍

  6. BrBruno Tecnologias Automotivas

    Sounds like When we were the new boys !

  7. Il est Content

    I love this song ! And I dance this song in COUNTRY !!!!!!

  8. pat

    such lovely song another country my prayers go out to all that have served and those that have to serve as yet safety to all and come home hopefully for good TAKE CARE. PAT....

  9. angelo do grau

    Que nosso bom Deus te abençoe para todo o sempre Roderick Divid Stewart

  10. Greg Smith

    As  veteran, wonderful song. Thanks, Rod Stewart. Good to see proceeds go to Help for Heroes.

  11. Ambito Videography

    Go non [email protected]!!!!!!!!

  12. Tomasz Hajder


  13. Holly Holy

    Geat song .... from a great patriot.

    marlin wallen

    Right you are mate ,from a yank from Tn.

  14. heather quigley

    great song must help so manyxx

  15. a good Paddy

    Great song-means such a lot:-)

  16. Busrin _2904

    Stop the war......................

  17. Crystal Botsford

    Rod, u r so awesome! I have loved his music since I was young teenager almost 30 years. God blesses.

  18. Tibor Süveg

    The Best!

  19. talleyrand

    Thanks Rod and those that dedicated this clip for those that serve and those sadly who will never return  to family's remember today is 100 years   for the battle of Fromelles  and the 29th of this month 100 years for the Battle of Pozieres ,where so many gallant Aussies  died.lest we forget

  20. david lindsay

    sir rod stewart

  21. Jan Oskarsson

    Det har ni gjort bra

  22. danny gilmore

    great for standing up for the armed forces there all heros

  23. Jaylawrence .sangalang

    I would love to see rod knighted by the Queen.

  24. Jan Oskarsson

    I`m crying when i see this video

  25. Jan Oskarsson

    Im going to see him in Malmö 26 of may

  26. Jan Oskarsson

    A beautiful song.

  27. Jill Morley

    Playing on my Community Radio Show too- Fantastic. Will be special on Anzac Day!!

  28. Armando Fernandez

    Wow really nice rhythm. I really love his songs. I have been fun of him for more than 40 years. HE IS STILL THE SAME. I think he's like wine. The older the better.

  29. Stefan Boye

    This is why I been a fan in almost nearly 40 years!!!! - it dosen´t get much better.
    6 stars from me to you Rod.


    Excellent !!

  31. John Schips

    Just another reason why Rod Stewart is still my favorite after nearly 50 years of listening to his amazing talent. What a class act!

  32. Tim Kingston

    Great song I have been playing this track on my Community Radio show since the release, Great video by the Real Friends of Rod Stewart. Keep up the great work

  33. Rick Mead

    Great track to the dedication of Allied Armed Forces...

  34. Juan luis Navarro Galán

    Bonita canción para los heroes

  35. gary garside

    best video I have seen for a long time &the song is brilliant

  36. Neil Macdonald

    Don't block this video, please YouTube, it hits home. If anything, promote it. Great clips to a great tune.

  37. jim rackitts

    Rod still sounds great after all these years. Brilliant song!