Robyn - Ever Again Lyrics

Come on, let's have it out
Go 'head and try a little crazy on me
You don't have to worry
About the pulling and pushing away
We never used to get it right
So baby, alright for getting started
But that's not how it's gonna be
That shit's out the door
That shit's out the door

Never gonna be brokenhearted
Ever again
(That shit's out the door)
I'm only gonna sing about love
Ever again
Never gonna let it happen
Then it won't be all for nothing
Oh, I swear I'm never gonna be brokenhearted
Ever again

Come on, let's have it out
I just want you to be able to be yourself
There's nothing to worry about
How 'bout we stop arguing and do something else?
So many things we haven't tried
Baby, you know we're just getting started
Daddy issues and silly games
That shit got so lame
That shit got so lame

Never gonna be brokenhearted
Ever again
(That shit's out the door)
I'm only gonna sing about love
Ever again
(Never ever gonna be brokenhearted, baby)
Never gonna let it happen
Then it won't be all for nothing
Oh, I swear I'm never gonna be brokenhearted
Ever again

Come on, let's have it out
(Never gonna be brokenhearted)
Come on, let's have it out
(Never gonna be brokenhearted)
Come on, let's have it out
(Never gonna be brokenhearted)
(Ever again)
You know you can trust me, right?
Come on, let's have it out
(Only gonna sing about love ever again)
Come on, let's have it out
Come on, let's have it out
You can trust me, babe
It ain't ever gonna be that way again

Never gonna let it happen
(No baby, never)
Then it won't be all for nothing
Oh, I swear I'm never gonna be brokenhearted
Ever again
Never gonna be brokenhearted
Ever again
(Never, never, ever)
I'm only gonna sing about love
Ever again
(Trust me, trust me)
Never gonna let it happen
(Then it won't be all for nothing, I swear)
Oh, I swear I'm never gonna be brokenhearted
Ever again
(Ever again)

Never gonna let it happen
(Ever again)
Never gonna let it happen

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Robyn Ever Again Comments
  1. JohnnyJohnny

    I still come back to this video, and i am astounded STILL.

  2. Electric Blue

    She's got such a way of "stripping down" pop songs and making them exactly what they need to be. She could produce an epic album with a 808 and a backup singer

  3. Ясен Костадинов

    Great song girl!!!

  4. Picnicl

    I definitely think that the scenery, with its yellow and green and classicism, was inspired by Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico.

  5. Bárbara Volpini Duarte

    tão lindo....🤯💘🥳

  6. Alexa Calderon

    my fucking goodness this track is absolute heat

  7. Shawn Messick

    I feel awkward after watching this video; Seriously though, I feel its a great song.

  8. Bárbara Volpini Duarte


  9. Davor Ivanovic

    I wish I never was broke again lol 🤣😘👍💓❤❣

  10. james livergood

    I'm obsessed with this video. Shes working that mic stand...

  11. Sergio Perez

    I was hoping for more of a upbeat song.

  12. Zach Contreras

    Wtf Robyn. I can't show my daughter this vid haha...ur still a bad ass

  13. Rando Tobogon

    I became very aroused for Robyn in this video

  14. Ernesto Moran

    She is even more sexy now than when DOMO came out. Got to love this sweet lady. Her interviews are so naturally her. Look out!! She's coming for it all!!! Love ya!!

  15. Schoovaerts Simon

    Wendy and Lisa and Robyn, love it.

  16. Smidefix

    As the arab say. Sand gets in everywhere 😉

  17. bluejay nanie

    ...Prince Rogers Nelson..

  18. bluejay nanie

    ...channeling the purple one... and I appreciate! Rogers Nelson does too!

  19. Anesa Mujagic


  20. Prosto Yana

    Прекрасная во всех отношениях, люблю давно и сильно, и чем дальше, тем больше. Ну честно... давно ждала такого клипа... в следующем, надеюсь, будет весь костюм прозрачным) Приезжайте в Россию, ждём.

  21. Geezer

    Робин особенная девушка. Не звезда мирового масштаба как Мадонна или Риана, но у неё свои поклонники, преданные, которые не разбегутся потому-что появился кто-то другой. Может это и лучше? Иметь тысячу верных поклонников, чем миллионы сиюминутных, которые о тебе забудут на завтрашний день.

  22. Mia T.

    An unbelievably beautiful song

  23. Karen Mysti

    This song & video are one of the best things to come from 2019.

  24. Alonso Contreras Vickers


  25. Johannes Moberg

    robyn must be one of the most underappreciated artists of the past 20 years.

  26. Jakub Ambroziak

    If Kate Bush would release Sensual World in 2010s, it would look like this :3

  27. Saxxon Kanuki

    merry chrismas dear, greetings from the sea ...

  28. Omar Alkrad

    I think calum Scott can make this song better than the original

  29. electronige

    Lame could do much better

  30. Dee Marty

    That ass so thicc it added more bass to the song

  31. Daryn Wiseman

    The entire "Honey" album is quite impressive and that's really saying something because it definitely holds it own against "Body Talk," which most fans probably couldn't have predicted. However, I am disappointed that Robyn wasn't nominated for Best Electronic Album or perhaps even Best Dance Recording. I have to give the Grammy's credit for some great choices this year, but Robyn's snub is unfortunate.

  32. Todd Morey JR

    Holy shit. Thank God meaningful pop music is still being created ❤️ beautiful.


    She's like a singer still stucks in type 80's songs

  34. Aleksey Toowykiinn

    I love you!


    It sounds like a classic song from the 80's and i fucking love it, love the 80's 😻

  36. Taylor Cook Jr

    I love that every move has a meaning that l leads into the next just when you think it's all for nothing... Great song and vid.

  37. Itallo Silva

    Thats perfection

  38. Raniel Ramos

    Omg i love so mucth this song ❤️❤️🇧🇷

  39. salvadorbeltransoto

    It’s reminiscent of Prince’s work. I like it.

  40. Reinhold Leistikow

    Robyn ist eine Kanone 🌞🌺🔥🍎💦

  41. Luemani78

    I love it

  42. BiggAlmilky

    The song Prince never wrote but wishes he had!

  43. gimme daloot


  44. Steven Najar

    Wow 🌷🌷🌷

  45. thobeka skosana

    Sam Smith brought me here😍😍😁💃

  46. Garcian Smith

    I’m genuinely sad I only heard about Robyn this year. This is sooooooo fucking good pop music.

  47. arif burak kirik

    Sounds like it’s straight from the 90’s

  48. Suzy

    Tasteless video. Gives me the creeps

  49. Julia Sueper

    Would love to see a live performance, she always lives in her music 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  50. Sandra Terbruggen

    I sooo want that outfit !

  51. Brian krimpens

    is it me or are her boobs showing?

  52. Tanguy Antoine Meunier Prat


  53. B cabs7

    Anyone watching 2022?

  54. Ghastly_Grinner

    Its like the 80s but with nipples 👍

  55. Kush

    Change the music into a slow music and sing the song softly with vocals .
    Then try .
    This was a advise.
    Thank you.

  56. Petr Václav


  57. Troy White

    Robyn, You are so damn good !!!!!!

  58. Felipe Brockveld

    sincerely waiting my NDA

  59. Joshua Fielding

    Robyn is a very beautiful lady and talented singer. Love her voice.

  60. Brad Lewis

    Surprised this video isn't age restricted. She's wearing some pretty revealing clothing.
    Cool song, don't get me wrong, I just came here for music, not... bits.


    omg you saw a nipple! you poor thing, you must be traumatised.

  61. HydraGaming *

    Lol she has no bra

  62. Reinhold Leistikow

    Ich liebe dich 💕😘❤️

  63. Nathan milsom

    This is amazing, just something wonderful to sway and free dance to ♥️♥️♥️♥️🙂🧚‍♂️

  64. Angela Kg

    I saw Freddie here.

  65. P. R.

    hump me mama

  66. Pratik

    Checks how many days left in November. 😬

  67. Sarah Anhäuser

    Can i like this 100 times pls?

  68. voldemort vevo

    I've failed you robyn

  69. Juan Aguirre

    Another swedish hallmark: never hiding that all that's happening is in a set, always allowing to see the lightbeams and the artificial illusion they're making

  70. Kmaxx Fagyan

    Thanka Ola 😁

  71. Ghastly_Grinner

    Wow the return of the 80s video

  72. Q. E.D.

    respect! : )

  73. Mi Pe

    Ola sent me. Now I understand everything... :)

  74. Ken Johnson

    You're a sexy little pixie robyn. Marry me !!!!

  75. Bak Steen

    robyn [GONE SEXUAL]

  76. Irene Caird

    Such a shy woman haha..I do love robyn but that shagging the mic is a bit embarrassing. She also may not bother wearing that top

  77. Sandra Terbruggen

    I soooooo love this song

  78. James Lee

    Wow <333 just Wow

  79. Rangi Taylor

    She’s just so cool man

  80. John doe

    I am so so glad that Robyn doesn't have any tattoos, how original these days

    Harald Moritz

    Very true and actually normal to me. Pure women.

  81. Pippa Jennings

    Fab outfit

  82. TheMortalBeast

    She sounds very much like Kate Bush here, which is a great thing. But this video is one of the hottest I've ever seen

  83. Gedas Salty


  84. Joanna Capper

    Shades of Kate Bush in the harmonies, certainly the chorus. I dint say that lightly!

  85. edgar chavez

    I saw boobies and I clicked then I got treated too a sweet track 😎

  86. Sameer Karamchandani

    Ramy bought me here..

  87. Allen Oberhem

    This is second to aCall Your GirlFriend! Love it

  88. Reinhold Leistikow

    Scharfe Frau, geiles Lied

  89. Sandra Terbruggen

    You know i have breast Cancer and im tired a lot but this song gets me out of my chair and dance dance dance

    Cason Kirby

    I'm dancing with you! Let's move the body!

  90. Sandra Terbruggen

    Your such a beautiful person love you

  91. Sandra Terbruggen

    Yeah Robyn !

  92. rumpnisse95


  93. pami pami

    Love it, very cool song

  94. Emil Christensen

    this song is amazing, and the video is awesome, but can't stop thinking about how embarrassing it would be if you were a teen and she was your mom


    Tjenare HeatoN!

  95. Sam Esq

    woooooow. sexy chick

  96. C Omar Galindo Soto

    When you're talented, you don't need so much production. Love u Robyn

  97. Zee Kmz

    Okay so why is no one talking about this tho, damn our generation is so fake how can u be a hard core Bowie fan and not Stan for this gem

  98. Liz Mari Berg

    Hei Robyn...Takk for låta.. jeg har skrevet brev til deg..!!! Thank;)

  99. mgmred

    Ok, I've wanted to ask this, but is this the same Robyn who came out w/ 'Show Me Love' way back when? She looks so different, but it's been bugging


    Yes. The same Robyn (Robin Carlsson). Way back when (Show me love) was she a teenager and had more "curves".