Robyn - Between The Lines Lyrics

Even reading in between the lines

Every day, you hit my phone up
Every time
(You hit my phone up)
It makes my heart jump
I want you to say it, baby
(It makes my heart jump)
Say it like you mean it
It's right there on the tip of your tongue
(You hit my phone up)
And I can feel it
And I like it baby
Don't you stop
(Don't stop what you're doing, baby)
You know I like it
You stretch it out
(You know I like it)
You give massages
It's not your words
(You know I like it)
It's what's in between them
There's no need to spell out
(It makes my heart jump)
I know you want it
And I like it baby

I'm reading in between the lines
I'm reading in between the lines
(You got me reading in between the lines)
I'm reading in between the lines
(Even reading in between the lines)
I'm reading in between the lines
(You got me reading in between the lines)
And I like it, baby
And I like it, baby
(Even reading in between the lines)

I don't mind
(i don't really mind it baby)
When we get silent
Pressure's rising, it's so intense
(When we get silent)
We're making diamonds
There's no need to say it baby
(We're making diamonds)
'Cause I can tell you mean it
All over the tip of your tongue
(We're making diamonds)
You got me spaced out
And I like it, baby

I'm reading in between the lines
I'm reading in between the lines
(You got me reading in between the lines)
I'm reading in between the lines
(Even reading in between the lines)
I'm reading in between the lines
(You got me reading in between the lines)
And I like it, baby
And I like it, baby
(Even reading in between the lines)

And I like it, baby
And I like it
And I like it, baby
And I like it
(That's amazing)
You got me reading in between the lines
(That shit's so good)
You got me reading in between the lines

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Robyn Between The Lines Comments
  1. Garcian Smith

    Fantastic song. So much class, so catchy, so well produced. Pop at its most artistic and finest. Great music video too. Relax.

  2. Albert Child News

    Ohhhh the 90's house keyboard. we need more songs that brings that back!!!

  3. Vitor Ribeiro

    so bad this song wasn't nominated to 2020 grammy 😭😫 just like the album itself

  4. Madison ave

    This is too good

  5. Екатерина Петровна Замолодчикова

    I wanna party with Robyn if it's the last thing I'll do!

  6. Ziffy Ziff

    Such a joyous video

  7. Santiago Moncalvo

    beautiful montage

  8. Konichiwa bitches!

    Gente, esse vídeo precisa de views, tá empacado os views.

  9. Luke Flegg

    too many bullshit fucing sound effects

  10. BEAR D RAG

    this is amazing!! love the energy, loving the footage, Robyn you are a genius!! XXXXX LOVE YOU

  11. Isaiah Garcia

    Sooo good!!! 😍😍

  12. Sébastien offner

    they are nothing?

  13. stu sis

    favorite track in this album!

  14. Mr. Pop Culture

    What is the other song in the video at the event??

  15. Felipe Marçal


  16. KESHA

    oh god i love you so much

  17. Juntapuchos

    Him: What do we find in between the lines?

    Her: 8=======D

  18. Suraj Arvind


  19. Rohit Ray

    I love the retro style in the music.She is just great❤

  20. missandthrowpee

    @ 0:56 I got super excited when the dog jumped in the water lol

  21. VOYAGEUR -

    So Cool clip !! Good vibe

  22. Steven Pettinga

    I figure many of you are tired of me posting Robyn's Between The Lines. It's one of those summer songs that identifies a year into your head. Loving Spoonful's Summer in the City, Steppenwolf's Born to Be Wild, Beatle's Hey Jude, Sam the Sham's Little Red Riding Hood, Monkees Pleasant Valley Sunday; there are too many to remember at this moment. They all have a bookmark in my brain, probably yours too. So once again, please crank this one up!  I absolutely love Robyn.  I wasn't really aware of her until her collaboraton with Röyksopp.  It's taken me about 8 months, but I think I now own all of her albums.  If you like her, watch the Q&A she did in NYC.  She's a lady in charge of her life, just another reason to admire here.- Steven Pettinga

  23. grryan1

    robyn got ass

  24. Camila Leandra Martins

    *Robyn and madonna?* 🤔 I guess it'd match each other wonderfully! They're both so out of the typical pop standards!

  25. Steven Pettinga

    This song is so fun, great, inspirational; I can't stop watching it. Thank you Robyn for bringing so much happiness to me this sad summer. You were the best part; I can't complain...I have a wonderful life. With love - Steven

  26. monika bočková

    I bet Roisin Murphy loves this one :)

  27. Guilherme Pereira


  28. Julian Smith

    Robyn always got her nips out.

  29. ricardo sampaio

    This sounds like falling in love on a holiday.

  30. Vésaal Rjsé

    The sound mixing on this video is "insane".. I loved how the actual song meshed with the distorted sounds from the home video.. So refreshing.. Takk

  31. Publio Fo


  32. misslady KC

    amazing is right.

  33. Redz

    This is the best video ever, Thank you,

  34. key tools

    You cant keep a good tune down this will go

  35. Haxzy

    Im getting phineas and ferb vibes from this song idk know why

  36. Giovanny Ramírez Gutierrez

    Fácilmente la mejor canción de Honey!

  37. Shaun Noble

    R E L A X

  38. Riccardo Persi

    Cool video, e great song ! <3

  39. Tom Gilbert

    What is the song at 2:38 please😣

    Guinho Rocha

    Love is Free (feat. Maluca)

  40. seekingsolace

    Urgh Ssion is such a dickhead

  41. Bleiko Gonzalez

    Esta muy sabrosa esta canción 😎

  42. -Aleeke -

    Best tune on Swedish radio p3 summer 2019 🤗

  43. Rossiniê de Miranda

    perfeita nega

  44. Matt Toledo

    Miss Robyn NEVER ceases to amaze me!😁😊

  45. Vinicius Hosni

    can some1 pls tell me what song is playing at 2:39

    Jason Cox

    The song is “Love Is Free” by Robyn & La Begatelle Magique feat. Maluca, taken from the Love Is Free EP (2015).

  46. WordSandStorm

    Robyn's ass sure got bigger..

  47. Eduardororiz

    Um rolê desses bicho 💕

  48. Dane Boggs

    Holy shit Robyn has a banging body! Damn!! I love this song glad it's a video

  49. João Penalva

    Cody Critcheloe amo! <3

  50. -Jupiter -

    i remeber venga bus

  51. Junior Tracaioly

    Volta logo no Brasil. Nos te amamos 🥺❤️

  52. Vojta Marek

    this song is so underrated

  53. roseboy 20_01

    This is everything I've ever dreamt of for this song

  54. Daniel Arboleda

    I like this song but this song need remix by Major Lazer or Diplo, Jamie XX, to improve the pace

  55. Jack

    Why no views. I love this

  56. Gustavo V.

    Casi 10 años amando a esta mujer!!! Eres grande Robyn 😍

  57. Catalogue Paul

    I’m the guy in the green pants

  58. Rachel Reid

    Wow! Awesome track!

  59. alf2015

    was soll dieses dumme hochladen von videos, die nicht verfügbar sind?

  60. Peter Sutherland

    No jk lol ya

  61. Shannon Pegg

    Love it

  62. Furacão da CPI


  63. zjon rob

    When you pander to people who do crack....

  64. Sifa Matafahi

    1:22 is that Anna Wintour by Azealia Banks playing in the background?

  65. lavinia buru

    I Love this Song!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  66. nyugiboy

    it makes my heart jump

  67. kyle balmer

    Is that ssion?

  68. Pedro Otero

    Anybody else feel a Shakira's Loca and Rabiosa videos vibe?

    Also, I want to be with Robyn at a pool bar.

  69. Fernando Peña

    Does anybody know the name of the song that plays from 2:34 to 2:50? I wanna know.

    Guinho Rocha

    Robyn - Love is Free (feat. Maluca)

  70. aksel soderling

    OMG ROBYN I was at your concert in Paris last week wow ! It was my firt concert of you and omg i have no words ! You're incredible, so good. Before that evening i was a fan of your music but know it's official i'm a big fan, in love of you as an artist ! So sad that i can't stay to try to see you after the show, i expect one day !

  71. Min Gutierrez

    The next thing i knew, ppl in Sweden starts wearing bra and underwear outside their suit. The fashion is insane :D

  72. Stephen Paton

    'The fashion is inzzane'

  73. oauseer

    Saw her last night in London- her last date on the European tour- and it was a dream.

  74. FinVoilaQuoi

    Does anyone know whose voice is in the song that says "Relax"? Kind of sounds like RuPaul but IDK.

  75. Joel Scanlon

    Ssion doin things

  76. fabián r

    some beats remind me of the knife, i like it

  77. Renan Pinheiro

    its so good to see you looking so happy

  78. Brett Lees-Smith

    I wish I had Robyn's access to pharmaceuticals...

  79. Hatem Alameddine

    What a fucking shit song.

  80. Adrian Brasil

    come to brazil, baitola

  81. Nicolás Lukaszewicz

    So good!

  82. Connor Malbeuf

    EVER AGAIN VIDEO!!!?!!?!!?

  83. Connor Malbeuf


  84. Pedro Paz

    i love you so much come to brazil honey <3

  85. Malkovich Malkovich

    😍ай лайк ит, бэйбе!

  86. Rudolph McNeil

    My Queen!!! 😍

  87. Michael Cerqueira

    My favourite song from Honey

  88. Oliwier Kowalczyk

    2:35 What is the song in the background? I need it so badly!

    YaYapan Yapan

    It's Love is Free by Robyn, La bagetelle magigue & Maluca

    Oliwier Kowalczyk

    @YaYapan Yapan Thanks!

  89. Rafael Camargo

    Wake up and be happy! 💚

  90. David Davids

    a mood.
    a vibe.
    a feeling.

  91. Karen Hunter

    I've this on repeat, best deephouse / garage track a this year, definitely ♥ I love robyn.

  92. Kate Brubaker

    I love you so much !!!! Can’t wait til tickets go on sale for the Mann center Philadelphia

  93. Kate Brubaker

    I can’t she’s coming to Philadelphia and I’m crying. I feel like it’s a dream !

  94. Sweden

    We're loving the vibe!

  95. øgaiht 781460

    Espero que lance vídeo para Ever Again, minha favorita do álbum.

  96. evan moore

    A great video and a beautiful Star!

  97. Miguel Sergio

    É o conceito querida.

  98. David Kenniston

    What's that song in the middle?

    Appiolaza Adrian

    its "love is free /Robyn, bagatelle magique ft Maluca"