Robinson, Tom - This Little Romance Lyrics

When I met you
It was midway through the summer
Wearing dungarees
Like a Dexy's Midnight Runner
We spent three or four weeks together
And hit the rocks in no time whatsoever

I've chewed right through the end of my tether
It looks like we ain't gonna live forever in clover
Call me arrogant, perhaps I am
But I ain't a tramp and this little romance
Is over... it's all over

Every time there's a break in the conversation
You imagine I'm lost in admiration
You may be cute but you ain't no sensation
And I can do without the aggravation

Whoever might be my ideal dream
I know it ain't gonna be some teenage poser
You still think I wanna get into your pants
You're crazy baby, this little romance
Is over... it's all over

You call me hard and cold
You must be joking
When I get close
You only put the spoke in
Please don't bother to write or try to phone me
I know you tell your friends how you've outgrown me

How come you're acting so surprised
I keep my ears and both of my eyes wide open
Why bother giving it one more chance
The magic's missing, this little romance is over
I don't give a monkey's, don't give a damn
I'm happier now this little romance
Is over... it's all over

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Robinson, Tom This Little Romance Comments
  1. Vijay Raj

    Wow what a bgm!

  2. Gergely Gergely


  3. Blay Thierry

    very very nice !

  4. Bryan Sowder

    Wonderful video, thank you so much!!!

  5. hancock63

    Diane Lane makes me think of the movie "Streets of Fire." Would you consider making a video for that film?

  6. Mari Barreto

    Faz um vídeo sobre o filme Arthur (1981).

  7. Olga C Martínez Gutiérrez

    Muy bonita



  9. N MBryce


  10. Juan Ramon Zamora Flores

    Ésa película me confundía un poco parecía inglesa otras veces francesa pero más italiana. divertida romántica y graciosa.debes en cuándo aparece en canal clásico.ha el lo eh visto ya mayor ella lo mismo.en otras películas.