Robinson, Tom - Blood Brother Lyrics

Ben was born in Lincoln County and he grew up in the fens
Teased and bullied by his brothers in a family of ten
Sociable and easygoing, helping out around the home
While his inner life ticked on like an unexploded bomb
Just waiting for his moment

Going shopping with his mother like a whippet on the leash
Always straining at the traces, out of sight and out of reach
And anytime the house was empty he would work out on his own
Disappearing on his bike in the middle of the night
And stealing from the kitchen

Open your eyes...
Open your eyes... here I am
I'm your blood brother

Well he saved up his allowance and he studied like a slave
Worked his passage to Australia to try and make his getaway
I was single when I met him, he was bitter and nineteen
And he so reminded me of someone I used to be
A long long time ago

Open your eyes... I said
Open your eyes... here I am
I'm your blood brother

Now the years have been and vanished and I've lost a lot of friends
I do twenty at the pool then take my kid to school
Since the party had to end

But at a benefit last Sunday we met again as if by fate
I barely recognized Ben when he grabbed me again
And whispered in my ear

Open your eyes... he said
Open your eyes... here I am
I am your blood brother

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Robinson, Tom Blood Brother Comments
  1. Mad Biker 3020

    Bravo. Much the best version.

  2. Tony Foster

    Such an atmospheric track - better than the studio version. Glad you like it

  3. josiechalmersxox

    Saw him perform this on James Whale tv show donkeys years ago and song has lurked in the back of my brain ever since. Poignant lyrics and superb guitar. Great to hear it again.