Roberts, Sam - The Gate Lyrics

Over land, I traveled time and space and quicksand
And for sixty days I knew no other road

And through the maelstrom, which turned in time with the kick drum
I was swallowed and twisted and spit out on a coast
And in this place there stands a gate that leads to the heart of the city
And I've spent seven years and a sea of fears in this broken mirror of a city
Listen to the streets there's a heartbeat missing in the city
Sweet sunlight, I can see it in my mind's eye
Yeah I remember feeling alright
And I saw black clouds and Turin shrouds and it smelled of a faded empire
It's all concrete and steel, we're asleep at the wheel, and the mayor's just a gun for hire
Listen to the streets there's a heartbeat missing in the city
Listen to the sound there's a time bomb ticking in the city

I've heard the song the morning sings
Outside the gate is everything
Let in the light! Let in the light!
Streetwalker said to me she has no need for history
She has the key she has the key
Sweet sunlight, I can see it in my mind's eye
Let in the light! Let in the light!

Waking up from a dream where I was the stone and you were the stream
Chemical City isn't all that you need but it's all that you're getting and they've hidden the key

Listen to the streets there's a heartbeat missing in the city
Listen to the sound there's a time bomb ticking in the city

Let in the light, let in the light
I said this place is an unnatural disaster
And I'm a visitor here so I asked her:
Where are the trees, where are the trees?
And she said free yourself from history
That is the key! That is the key!
Sweet sunlight, I can see it in my mind's eye
I see the light! I see the light!

The gate is gone now, you better run [x4]

Can you feel it? There's a heartbeat missing in the city
Yeah there's a heartbeat missing in the city
Where all the fat-cats are hissing at your pity
There's a heartbeat missing
The gate is gone so you better run,
You better run run run run...
You better run run run run...
You better run!

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Roberts, Sam The Gate Comments
  1. spartan876

    Finally I found it!!! The Sam Roberts video where they’re on these floating platforms haha. I would always see this video on much music as a kid

  2. patrick grondines

    love this song

  3. FranKyDanger

    That's a getaway, that's the heartbeat of the city. She is the key ! Get in the line :P

  4. john hansler

    They Rock

  5. The Renaissance

    Canada representing!!!

  6. ADI JON

    Great tune, great band long live Sam Roberts

  7. patrick grondines

    why did they edit the full song

  8. Canadian Bacon

    Sam plz come back too your real home pembroke Ontario Canada I know cuz I was born at the exact same hospital same as Tom green we must share our story's maybe it will be an inspiration too you at least I hope we miss you brother

  9. Thileephan Sinnarasa

    Sam Roberts is way too sick!!

  10. The Renaissance

    makes you proud to be CanadiaN!

    a vb

    The Renaissance can't hit like enough. 😃

  11. Exodus Pessoa

    One Of Canada`s Best

  12. nukchuu1

    He was at Rock The Shores in 2012 and 2013...great artist and performer!! Wish he was goin to be here again this year...:'(

  13. Christiana T

    My jaw dropped at the lack of thumbs-ups.

  14. Eric Dahle


    Eric Dahle


  15. Joffrey Bienvenue

    This song has a bit of the Beatles sound. Loving it!

    Takuan Soho

    uggh the latest electronic noise....

  16. Noel Lacey

    Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, and few there be who find it.

  17. StainOnTHeWALL

    why only 100k views?  These guys are played on the radio all the time in my city!  Canadian talent at it's best.

    josh n

    Them and tragically hip ;)


    @josh n
    Also a great band lol

  18. Chey B

    So much talent, so under rated :(   I <3 you Sam!

  19. Mr.Dioneo

    Interesting. Different than the album version.

  20. Master Debater

    Good hard rock. Class

  21. BassIsBest64

    Listen to their heartbeat. It is uniquely theirs and truly beautiful. Thanks SRB for your sweet sunlight.

  22. AsimQ

    As a Beatles fan, I think they sound more like the Monkees (Yeah, yeah!).
    Still, much luv to Sam Roberts - great tunes! :-)

  23. MrGoboka

    IT HAS SPAWNED 4 OTHERS!!! In the time span of a year I say that's a safe rate. No cause for concern... Yet.

  24. cloud89x

    Paperback writer anyone?

  25. Philippe Vincent

    Who said there is no more good artist today??

  26. Luke Porter

    i hear the beatles.

  27. ENDGAMEx12

    *The Beatles

  28. hartmana100

    Because Sam Roberts is an exclusive club and we would hate for the unready to hear the awesome :P

  29. KCHANDS beach 07


  30. colleen burke

    Yes, I do! I thought that was because I was around to remember the Beatles.

  31. Gerard Hamming


  32. Quinn Cavill

    The Beatles*

  33. MissyLKS8

    I know. Yet, somehow this shorter version is still freaking amazing.

  34. blackbite50

    ;'( make that three...

  35. Natalie Wesselius

    me too!

  36. kevin lyons

    Great Canadian artist!

  37. djo9999

    Sam Roberts is the new Beatles

    patrick grondines

    i find him a little to George Harrison in opinion

  38. GPz84

    Come to watch Sam Roberts, first thing I see is a commercial for that Pitbull shit. Thank god I made it through it!

  39. Adriano Gazza

    Sheer class!

  40. Sandaman4

    great song, I'm gonna say it was definitely influenced by the Beatles song, "Rain"



  42. Robert Bustin

    @gearsofwar44 maybe he does have you listened to rap and the lyrics in it ?

  43. Robert Bustin

    @977Sarah YA DUDE

  44. Dave Tone

    dream rock

  45. Timmayyboy

    @gearsofwar44 How is someone 'acting' on a computer? Also, her friends aren't a genre. No one was insulting rap. They were stating that their friends are so closed minded that they won't even listen to another genre of music.



  47. Sarah Hagerman

    @shiftrockup Yup, I am the only one out of my group of friends that listens to Sam Roberts and rock n' roll in general because I hate rap and pop, and they don't even want to give it a try... thier loss I guess

  48. ShakExcellence

    @shiftrockup you're acting like liking rap is a bad thing. So what? I like rap, and I like Sam Roberts. Do you really need to insult a whole genre just because they don't like a band that you do?

  49. Sarah Hagerman

    @natoplace I definatly agree

  50. Matt Clements

    i thought sam roberts was american O,o

  51. PolythenePamm

    Heard him live at UofT yesterdayy!!! He is SO good live!

  52. sundberg39

    This is one powerful song. I put it on volume 11 while doing a run and added about 10 mph more than my usual pace. Why the hits on this are not above 5 million is beyond me. The extended version is better. At time frame 3:37 in this video it kicks into high gear and sounds good but I think the added keyboard in the studio version adds more adrelaline. One of the best songs I've heard in a long time.

  53. Erin Dunsworth

    This. Is. Awesome. I wish more people listened to THIS...

  54. My20PoundSack

    @Rottmad Get ad block

  55. Rottmad

    damn advertising...I'll never ever drink Perrier again!!

  56. Carter Robinson

    it kinda has a George Harrison feel to it. Nice!

  57. ross62681

    @DeSTruCT0MaCHiNe who the hell are the beetles?

  58. Fatlum Gajtani

    vevo is a cancer to good music

  59. Daymien Deville

    fukin rites they r awesome

  60. Rahuel Alvarez

    now this is music...

  61. SnoozeButton Blues


  62. Meagan Alexandra

    June 25! Sam Roberts and the Hip together in Bobcaygeon, ON. GO GO GO

  63. tyrone2011100

    wickedly catchy tune, but glorifying drugs..terrible..just terrible..socialism and drugs..almost like the cops want more drugs so they can ensure funding..

  64. tyrone2011100

    this guy had everything given to him but his voice..

  65. Carlos V

    Wow... It was a lot of time since I discovered good music. Now I can say Sam Roberts is on my favourite ones.

  66. skrilla88

    Check out Sam's latest song " I Feel You" on my channel.

  67. mclift12

    Awesome tune, hard to believe there aren't more views!

  68. CJDiggs

    @KMminority they still sell cd's?

  69. jiffinbigles

    I hate ads but dogs driving cars never gets old.

  70. vulvoline01

    god dammit this vevo bullshit is starting to get old and anoying ... get the fuck out of youtoube you imbeciles .... if i was a big wig at vevo right now ... id fire anyone working in the marketing dept cause this idea to join youtube was simply retarded ...vevo is now genuinly hated by hundreds of millions of ppl ... just go ...

  71. rtsoccerplayer


  72. xXSKyDragonXx

    fuc*ing VEVO!!!!!!!!!!

  73. In Limbo

    Prime example of what Canada has to offer musically! Great live band aswell.

  74. One01Zero

    @EXAir113 Simple doesn't mean easy or bad.

  75. Do Your Homework

    I was introduced to these guys in '06 at the ACL Festival and they quickly became one of my favorites. I had the good fortune to see him at ACL again last year ('09). Sam was sporting a new haircut. Keep up the good work, guys.

  76. Tonn Pasquier

    @jordanwilli There's some false canadian?

  77. Bruhm Stick

    @petergreenland what part? I'm not hearing it at all.

  78. mstjohn2

    sam roberts is awesome. I wish america liked him as much as i do