Roberta Flack - Making Love Lyrics

Here close to our feelings
We touch again
We love again
Remember when we thought
Our hearts would never mend
And we're all the better for each other

There's more to love I know
Than making love

Here no more confusion
We see our lives
We live our lives
Remember when we thought
We never would survive
But now neither one of us is breaking

There's more to love I know
Than making love

Some things never change
Some things sometimes do

[Instrumental Interlude]

And now I'm feeling strong enough to let you in
And now neither one of us is breaking
Knowing now there's more to love
Than making love
And I'll remember you and making love
And I'll remember you
And I'll remember you
And I'll remember you
And I'll remember you

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Roberta Flack Making Love Comments
  1. maha77

    I was just reading an old journal with an entry from May 13th 1988 and I mentioned the song to myself in the journal and I realized I have not heard this song since then, so here I am and it sounds as good as it always has


    Some songs have a way of transporting you through space and time...

  3. bostonsirish1

    OMG this is a staple in my childhood and I couldn't remember anything about it except the harmony ! I knew it must of been Roberta flak that unmistakable voice! Thanks for sharing I totally balled my eyes out

  4. Daniel Blain

    Love the movie love the song the movie was ahead of its time

  5. ConsumerWarrior

    The movie to this song was controversial for its time. I never saw the movie through. However, I did hear that Kate Jackson and Michael Ontkean did an excellent job at playing their respective roles in the film. In any event, there's nothing controversial about the song itself. Nobody could have sung this song better than Roberta Flack. I was a teenage kid back when this song was all over the radio dial, and it brings back memories of the summer of 1982. I give it a thumbs-up. :-)

  6. Jose Ruiz

    OMG. This is a really beautiful song.

  7. Kelli Elaine

    Intimately Yours

    Written By: Kelli Elaine?

    Intimate Conversations

    Mental masturbation

    Though quite stimulating

    CunningLinguistic pro

    Trying to get ahead in my bed



    Go getter

    Story teller

    I know you well

    I know me better

    It starts slow

    A smile here

    A kind gesture there

    Before you know it

    Late night words


    Pillow talk, evoking

    Slow, sweet and sensual

    Are the thoughts that internalize

    You just know he's got to see the desire in your eyes

    The tension is palpable

    Intentions mused

    She's confused

    She loves time spent

    But can't be sure

    If what's happening is meant

    To be


    What are we doing here

    I'm grown

    I'm aware

    Feelings getting in the way is what

    I fear

    It's all or nothing

    Always has been

    Can't be a lover

    Without first being a friend

    In doing so

    The story is over

    Before it begins



    Stroking that fire

    Watching your lips

    Needing to feel your hands on my hips

    I'm not good at games

    A novice, if you will

    You're looking in the wrong direction

    If all you need is a release for your massive erection

    I could put my feelings on the shelf

    But I've never been one to play myself

    Games Games and more Games to be played

    You should have come with instructions

    Thought it was more

    But no, we were just two people fucking......

    Bed games


    Head games

    To think,

    I did things to you and with you

    I never thought I'd do

    To know I would be with you intimately,

    I would anticipate

    Shit, couldn't wait

    But for all my efforts

    Being disregarded

    Should've just had a V8

    I shouldn't have come over

    I shouldn't have stayed

    I lost myself in a moment in time

    Looking for

    Seeing something that wasn't there

    Shit, I wear glasses but when it comes to shit like this

    I may as well be blind

    Time is too precious

    To be played with and playing around

    Intimacy is too delicate

    Things shared so privately

    From you I want to flee

    But that shit you do so well

    You did that shit to me

    It wasn't the sex

    That's just gravy

    I opened up and shared

    Like never before

    To have a trust like that broken

    But it's cool, it's okay

    I don't get even

    I don't keep score

    Never request

    From another

    What you're not willing to give in return

    Trust, is an honor

    And with me It must be earned

    I am just a woman

    Just like any other woman

    But if games are what's on the menu

    You've got another thing coming

    Check please

    I am no mystery

    I'll give you a clue

    The friendship

    The connection

    Whatever it may be Is history

    No matter what you do

    Never value one more than they value you

    Intimate friends

    Maybe, once

    As we mature

    And look at our lives

    We must grow up

    What I see

    What I had hoped

    Well, was just a dream

    Because people wear masks

    Things aren't always as they seem

    Looks like we've run our course

    Lack of care On your behalf

    Now mine

    Out of sight

    Out of mind

    No time to waste

    I've lost my taste

    What a fucking waste

    I'll bow out gracefully

    No need to try

    All that's needed is a simple

    Take Care



    Intimately Yours........

  8. Justin Justice

    This song always makes me feel better no matter how bad things get. Roberta's beautiful voice is better medicine than any drug.

  9. Johnny Johnson

    Heard this song when I was very young, but didn't understand it until after the hurt, pain and spiritually of Marriage...

  10. Ruby B.vd.K

    My gosh her voice is so beautiful.

  11. Alexis Araneta

    Ever since discovering this song, I've been wanting to see it on YouTube for the longest time (so I can pull it up and listen to it anytime I want). One of my favourite things about Ms. Roberta is that raw, warm voice that drips of emotion. You feel every note. This one showcases that perfectly. The rather simple instrumentation also reinforces that. A real gem !

  12. Barbara Peredo


  13. john stewart

    This movie changed everything 💕

  14. john stewart

    Oh my 🙏
    I 💗this song

  15. tim coker

    ......and I remember you......Susan......thirty years ago...... How could I ever forget.....two years of pure magic...... A lifetime of memories!!!!!

  16. patrick ryan

    The emotion that makes its way through the stillness of this song - anguish revealed. 11/2019

  17. Bronxboy47

    This gay man is thinking of sending this to his dearest female friend. I'm sure she'll understand. I love her deeply, and there's more to love than making love.

  18. Gilbert Fernandes

    It is just kind of weird but sweet nostalgia.

  19. Darla Lett

    Underrated song!

  20. PB King

    Ahh, the 70’s!

  21. Jaye Barr

    This song takes me back. life is good!

  22. Yuland Goodgame

    I did see the movie that goes with this song. I thought it was too pretty of a song to be associated with that movie. Just saying.

  23. jacksor2

    Awesome Song for Sure...1982 GEM!!

  24. Alonzo Goode

    Y’all should watch the movie making live way before its time

  25. Geralyn E


  26. Peter Pitula

    Written for a film about 2 men in love 39 years ago.

  27. Steven Vanaria

    This is such a Beautiful song from such an breakout and interesting movie.

  28. Luiz Fagundes

    This song stirs a lot with my heart. Roberta Flack's voice has made me float in this song for many years.

  29. mister1763

    This came out at the same time me and my first love broke up in high school. Today was the first time after our breakup, where I could make it through the entire song...still feel the pain, but I have someone that I love just as dear, even more..."and now I'm feeling strong enough to let you in..."

  30. sam sam

    Back when people could still love someone other than themselves.

    The Diesel

    Great comment!!

  31. Just Me


  32. Will O'Neil

    Tearful love song.

  33. Alex Lemos

    I almost forgot about this song... I haven't heard it in well over twenty years! And just right now a memory popped up in my head and simple little note came to my head after and this song popped up... And here I am right here listening to it such a beautiful song!

  34. jk mj

    o_O. .. our 💙 never mend.......

  35. Jojo

    The entire track is so perfectly composed...thank you Burt!

    But oh those few last measures when Roberta’s angelic voice is singing “...and I’ll remember you” followed by the Rhodes keyboard emulating the same notes.

    My entire being is immersed in the most powerful melancholic state; tears aching to stream down my cheeks while the corners of my mouth break into a subtle smile as poignant memories of past love affairs parade through my mind!

    Where are those women now...

  36. Lionel Thomas

    A great song and I love the movie

  37. IrishnPNW

    There is more to love...and life and air and heart beats....please ALL OF YOU READING THIS...remember you are ALL lovely, sweet, handsome, beautiful and incredibly delicious and soft and lovely... PLEASE believe that.!!!! Here is a hug for all of you reading this!! and a soft kiss on the forhead of each and everyone of you!!!

  38. Kenneth Hamilton

    This is song is magical and mistical.

  39. Lawrence Davis

    I remember this song from the summer of 1982 in Greenville, N.C., listening to this one summer night looking at the stars in the sky with my girlfriend, before I went away to college at Morgan State University !!! 💓

  40. Loretta De Herrera

    💘 💘 💘...chills and tears...💘 💘..

  41. butchtropic

    Roberta's ability to go from soulful purr to amazing power has her as my #1 all time female vocalist.

  42. Kelsey Thomas

    And i'll remember you...

  43. Geraldo Barbosa

    Classics Voices. Great Singer!

  44. Brenda Pratt

    This song brings back so many great memories

  45. Erica J

    So true!! True love is beyond lust, its internal the heart

  46. Eric Benjamin Johnson

    A very sad movie and when they played this song at the end both my wife and I were in tears.


    Here close to our feelings we touch again
    We love again
    Remember when we thought
    Our hearts would never mend
    And we're all the better for each other
    There's more to love, I know
    Than making love
    Here no more confusion, we see our lives
    We live our lives
    Remember when we thought
    We never would survive
    But now neither one of us is breaking
    There's more to love, I know
    Than making love
    Some things never change
    Some things sometimes do
    And now I'm feeling strong enough to let you in
    And now neither one of us is breaking
    Now we know there's more to love
    Than making love
    And I'll remember you and making love
    And I'll remember you
    And I'll remember you
    And I'll remember you
    And I'll remember you

  48. Charles Jones


  49. Michael Beck

    I miss my Beautiful Wife and Beautiful Daughter so much. I never Dreamed I could hurt this bad. I Love You TD and LCB.

  50. Justin Justice

    WOW, this song is so classy, elegant, and gorgeous compared to the crap out today. This coming from a white boy still in high school. I'll be sure to play this for my girlfriend but not my friends haha.

  51. colin vh

    Such beautiful lyrics

  52. TheG5Studio

    This song sent me off to my adventure of finding the meaning of LOVE... I've meditated with this song looping it for hours... cried tears of mystery... Roberta I still am in wonder where you dreamed up these devotional lyrics... Thank you So much for the inspiration... I will remember you!

  53. Holly Herring

    Great song from a great movie with the same title.

  54. Terrence Ragin


  55. MisterHot

    Great song still after all these years

  56. Brett Wilkinson

    Absolute classic.

  57. golddredgewater

    I got married 12/23/86. A few weeks later I was driving to work on the freeway and this song came on the radio. I was thinking how lucky I was to be married to this beautiful girl that I was in love with. It’s 2019 and I am divorced and feel intensely lonely at heart. How do people recover?

  58. James Habovick

    Just a beautiful song from the heart. Wow

  59. Willie D Whipp

    🌷I Remember Listening To You,Your Words Are Astounding💓

  60. Carol Vaughan Davis

    And I remember you....

  61. groovinmoose

    just so so good.....a song that was overlooked....

  62. Wendy Waddell

    For you chouvis I love you so very much. I'm so glad we finally found each other.

  63. Nadine Colbath

    Such a romantic song.

  64. Joann Johnson

    I loved this song the movie was good 12years old

  65. patrick ryan

    As fine a delivery as on he "First Time..." and "Killing Me Softly..." three inimitable deliveries by Ms. Flack -genius. 1/2018

  66. Brendon Foster

    One of my favorite songs ever...deep song!

  67. Terrence Ragin

    Therevis more to love I know than making love

  68. Terrence Ragin

    And I remember you and Making Love

  69. garr christopher

    can't go wrong with this song.

  70. Flavio Machado

    Song of my life!!! Roberta Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. hwnsrfaboy43

    What a beautiful and timeless song!

  72. Lion King

    One of the most Beautiful songs ever created 😎

  73. Tony Negron

    🎤 What a lovely song. ♡ You Roberta! 🎹

  74. Tray B

    September. 2018 🎶🎶❤

  75. Leo Ricard

    I absolutely love the sentiments expressed in this song my favorite line in this song is, some things never change, some things sometimes do.

  76. Kelli Elaine

    We must first become that which we desire to see in another......
    I embody love
    When you love, you just do
    There's no expiration date

  77. Lamont trent

    And I'll remember you and making love.

  78. TheMuzikall

    Loved it soooo much ❤❤❤..I learnt to play it on the piano 👏👏👏

  79. chris pate

    thank you for letting me listen to the song the first time I ever heard this song was back in 1982 I was in the third grade remember it well it's one of the most touching songs I ever heard sometime you can bring tears of joy to your eyes just by listening to it and understanding it

  80. Marvin G. Harden

    My all time favorite by Legend and soulful #RobertaFlank. the theme to the movie #MakingLove. 🌏

  81. Lynda Bennett


  82. Rene Castillo

    Beautiful Song & Movie! 1982

  83. Torwyn11

    Roberta Flack has, undeniably, the most beautiful voice I've ever heard.

  84. Rev Dr Kathleen Raphael DD LPN


  85. Ronald Elston


  86. Donna Cobb

    Roberta you are truly amazing talented women your music n style and voice it blows everyone away you are treasured god blessed you with that amazing voice !!

  87. Harold Callahan

    Her voice carries this whole song

  88. thomas Romano

    Roberta Flack is certainly a fine composer in her own right, but I believe this song was composed by Burt Bacharach.

  89. Jonathan Gransee

    This really is an amazing song; sad, but beautiful

  90. Verity Heywood

    Truly love her music !!

  91. Daughter of Zion

    2018 still listening.

  92. Jasper Smith

    Heard this on Sirus XM Radio Channel 70.....Speechless!

  93. B Sa

    Theme from "Making Love" woman finds out her husband is gay.


    Reminds me of the season finale of 1981-1982 season of Knots Landing when Val left Gary for cheating on her with Abby


    The scene where he is chasing her on foot by the side of her car as she is driving away crying