Roberta Flack - Love (Always Commands) Lyrics

Love, one of a kind, something for you and I to share between us
Made of heaven sent by Venus; Love, moving through me, seeking
A place with in my heart I'm sure of everyone is in and out of...

Love, older than sky, like every cloud that has a silver lining, Love is new and
Ever shining, Love falls just like rain, Love is the only thing I know that lasts
Through time and even after... that is LOVE.

Love, laughing and high, feeding the magic that I find within me, quicker than the
Eye yet simply love warmer than rain, quiet as night but it's stormy in its passion
Ancient never out of fashion.

Love, always commands, it never obeys the heart that's bleeding badly, aching
Tears of breaking sadly, Love, one of a kind, love is the only thing I know
That lasts through time and even after than forever.

Love, reach out for love, not to be treated for a moment's pleasure, real love is the
Lasting treasure, Love, for certain, sure, Love is the only thing I know that lasts
Through time and even after than forever.

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Roberta Flack Love (Always Commands) Comments
  1. Sylvia Mirasol

    💔💔💔i miss my hubby Junn 💔💔💔

  2. Era Javukh

    Much better without the cheesy voiceover in the first minute tbh.

  3. Riya Khan

    Nice video, you may also want to checkout the review of Love Commands on my blog here at *gohonestreviews. com/love-commands-review/* Thanks, Hewet.

  4. lonelyheart Mp

    Very romantic song!

  5. Charie Fabinal

    Great roberta flack

  6. Maricel Talusig

    Pls. Po yung karaoke version po nito thank's po

    Ma Fe Hernandez

    Oo nga. Sarap kantahin nyan

  7. Pat Cook

    Roberta has a very good voice . Enjoy her music

  8. Pat Cook

    I will always remember. The roses need sun and I need your sunshine.

  9. emjoy music

    Very artistic! Music, images and poetry, all toghether. 👏

  10. izzey miyaki

    yes...always..thank you so mch💜👈💞

  11. easy listening ( Remember someone today )

    remember someone today with this song.. :)