Roberta Flack - Just When I Needed You Lyrics

Darlin' Angel,
Somebody, Save me,
Yeah and I feel all right,
I won't forget how I feel tonight, 'cause you're mine
You're right on time
And you look so nice...

Just when I needed you,
You had your arms around my life
You understood, said you could,
I never dreamed you would

Be there when I needed you,
You were the only land in sight.
You seem to be, all I need

Somebody sent me you when I,
Somebody somewhere heard me cry
Somebody gave me you when I,
I needed you (huh oh, huh oh)
(Ooh yeah)

Just when I needed you,
Up when my mission in my mind
It came to me, in a dream
I wondered what could it be?
And just when I needed you
You made me see that I can run
So naturally I believed,

Somebody sent me you when I,
Somebody somewhere heard me cry,
Somebody gave me you when I (gave me what I needed),
I needed you (huh oh)

Somebody sent me you, you (somewhere)
Somebody somewhere (sent me you)
(Say yeah)
Somebody gave me you,(gave me what I needed)
I needed you

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Roberta Flack Just When I Needed You Comments
  1. BLESSED Ms Lady

    Remember bustin loose,❓ That's when somebody gave me this lovely song😘

  2. chasacart

    MY GOD!....this song is sooooooo Beautiful!!!!!!

  3. MyaXjadeX XxxmyaJxdxx

    Get well soon Roberta flack

  4. Monique Dantzler

    They don't even have this song on Itunes or Spotify... I love this song always makes me cry.... when love was real love...

  5. SheliaL37

    When I first heard this song on bustin loose, I had to look this song, cause this song was so true for me, it brought tears to my eyes, but on here you can hear luther vandross voice but on the movie you cant hear him, the person I needed he is no longer here and I need him now more than ever

  6. BLESSED Ms Lady

    To : MY LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS🙏 From :. Kimberly Suzette Young😇 Thanks for everything 🌷

  7. Deidra Phelps

    Dedicated to Ken these lyrics is my exact sentiment oh how you came right on time just when I needed you❤😘

  8. Jocelyn Lundy

    I m dedicated this song to the man I always love Maurice my soon to be husband

  9. David R. Davidson

    Truly beautiful song! It made Bustin' Loose such a great movie. Its one of my favorite Richard Pryor movies. God bless.

  10. Jay RR

    This is such a beautiful song! The words 🥰 and Luther in the background 💜💜

  11. Rhiaanon

    Classic! Thank you for posting!!!

  12. Gail Fulson

    i love this song I want at my wedding when god bless me with a husband lol

  13. Skip Cassady

    Today's music isn't music. This is what music is suppose to be.

  14. Latia Davis

    Who is still listening in 2019?!?!?!?!? This song has always brought tears to my heart. It's so sweet and heart warming. As a little girl I dreamt of having the type of love in my life that this song talks about. This song got me through some tough times!

    shannelle Beason

    Watched the movie today and have been listening all day

  15. DMAREE Burks

    Bustin' Loose brought me here🤸💛💚💛 🚌 🚖🚌🤸🤸😊☺

  16. Towmeah Eubanks

    This song makes me cry...yes I'm am what....🤣🤣

  17. wendeor78


  18. David Aguilar

    Joe "Mother fucking " Braxton

  19. Coach Damion Brumfield

    23 years ago my friend was on the floor of her bathroom holding on to her toilet throwing up from a broken heart as I stood in the door frame watching. I said to myself, if she was mine, I promise I would never ever make her feel that kind of pain. This nov we are going on 21 years, she is now my wife. We’ve been through breast cancer and all, she’s had both breasts removed. I’m still here because like this song says, “I needed you” she needed me then and now and nothing else matters. I ain’t going nowhere! I love my wife. ❤️

  20. Curt Lanier


  21. Tommy Gallow

    I love this song sooo much

  22. Catherine McCurry

    Beautiful beautiful song

  23. Eddie Brock

    Thought it waz Dianna. But it was a choice between the two. Heard this a few timez glad ive found it. Its beautiful. Cant imagine a song or singer of now (2019) singing with such depth.

  24. Crystal Norfleet

    I love this song

  25. Terrell Grisom

    Was I the only one that got 1:40 deep into this song and STARTED IT OVER?!?!? HOLY HELL! Such a beautiful song! These 2019 song writers need to take note! This is FIRE!

  26. Calvin Sonnirea

    This song takes me back the goo old days that i always miss so much

  27. Antwan Lee

    this mad real right here.

  28. Sun1God2

    Dang.. I Remember This.. Even Then As A Kid I Felt This.. Children Of Today This Is Also Their Song As It Was During My Childhood 2019 2020 And Beyond

  29. Jeremy Witte

    Marcy said she thought of me but the situation turned around.
    She never should have brought another man in my place.
    Not very Witte of her .
    She's about to Mosley on to divorce ville .

  30. LiveLife16

    For the Loves of My Life...My Precious Children!! Good gave you all to me...JUST WHEN I NEEDED YOU! 💜💜💜 #oursongforever 06/06/2019😘

  31. Lark T

    Busting loose brought me here

  32. Adrienne Harley

    Who dislikes this song!?? I wanna feel this way about a man...Ms Flack this is an amazing song!! Kudos to you.

  33. Vergón 666

    OMG - the lyrics touch me so deeply - too bad we didn’t work out....

  34. Trevin Pieh

    Just When I Needed this song. First time watching Bustin' Loose in 30 years, and I had to look up this great song.

  35. Kevin Richmond

    Oh wow. What a time capsule of a gem! My Aunt gave me and my two cousins money to see Bustin Loose at movies back in the day. We were around 10-14 yrs old. We stayed and watched it twice. First time I ever did that. Can't count the numerous times I've watched this on tv, vhs, and dvd, but this song really takes me back to great memories of long summer days, backyard football, family cookouts, comic book records & battling it out on Intellivision, Stratego & Electronic Quarterback. Amazing how music transcends time.

  36. Camesha Lynch

    I love it

  37. T Mayo

    It feels soooo dam good to be black !!!!!!👍🏾

  38. Ebony Lowery

    The soundtrack for "Bustin' Loose" was everything and Roberta Flack is a musical genius. I'm surprised that a lot of people don't remember this song because it was one of her most beautiful songs ever.

  39. NRock

    This is my jam!😀

  40. Adolfo Hernandez

    I sent this song to my mother..

  41. Talan


  42. MECCA bryant


  43. Aijalon Oliver

    Any 90s Babies Hip To This 2019

  44. Sherice

    This song makes me want to cry.

  45. Agility Beats

    And here it is in 2019... Just when I needed this song.

  46. Holli Coburn

    Best song ever..those guitar riffs though. I remember watching Cicely Tyson as Ms. Vivian Perry and Richard Pryor in 'Bustin Loose'

  47. SheliaL37

    This is dedicated to the man who helped me with overcoming my depression, i still am but not like i was before, this song is a tear jerker

  48. Brigette Law Franklin

    I can't believe that I've slept on this song. Can't wait to step to it tonight with my honey

  49. Toby Bryant

    My old ass daddy swear he know EVERY oldies ever made, I had him scratching his bald spot with this one. (He know about Roberta he just didn't know this song)

    Ebony Lowery

    He probably didn't watch the movie. 😂😂

  50. De Bo

    Smfh Luther and Roberta mannn

  51. Holli Coburn

    My favorite song of all time. My Pops and I used to listen to this all the time. Roberta Flack is DOPE

  52. Anthony Morgan

    Who feel this song besides me real feelings


    This song made me cry literally so i feel this song completely

    Anthony Morgan

    @SheliaL37 try jerry butler understanding mellow i get deep about my music

  53. Kasim 0wens

    There's a guy named I know cash I told him on YouTube he should bring this one back out it's a story of himself in the making if there is a God the Asiatic black people we'll get reparations is long overdue dude talking about a wall how about giving the Asiatic black people their money in the zillions of dollars should be in my bank account nothing says zillion but 20 million I would accept

  54. Kenneth Moore


  55. Jetaun Strong

    My daddy used to sing this to me as a baby... I got the courage to sing it to him last month when he passed away. Thank you for giving me my voice Walter Wayne Strong 1951-2018.

    Jessie Hammond

    Beautiful song...must of been a great dad...R.I.P peace!!

  56. Sharkleah

    silly movie loved it.

  57. Pj Mills

    This Song Is Epic. Soo Much Love & Passion In This Song! Won't He Do It

  58. Odessa Clark

    You got a friend, I right here!

  59. Mrs Evie Rich

    I truly love this song! My kids and I love Bustin Loose! Robert Flack voice is smooth n touch ever part of tht movie❤️

  60. p mcfarlane

    The soundtrack literally makes the movie wat it is !!

  61. Sinful Rican

    2018 and still listening 👀❤.

  62. Eric Scales

    Congrats to newlyweds the Cole's. Was just Best Man at my boys wedding and this song was played. I swear the gangstas were fighting back tears.

  63. Tiffany555

    Absolute perfection!!

  64. P K

    You can hear Luther singing at the beginning!

  65. Derek L.

    Timeless Classic......

  66. Rebecca Whetstone

    My brother sent me this as a dedication and said it reminded him of our childhood and thanked me for being there for him. Xoxoxo


    For my son ❤️❤️❤️🥰

  68. Nhleko Clement

    Eish! Can't get enough of the background vocals. So beautiful.

  69. JT SmoovBoy Thomas

    In my dreams of Heaven this song is playing.2018 still listening.

    P K

    JT SmoovBoy Thomas I listen to this song like 10xs in a row!!

    JT SmoovBoy Thomas

    P K It's a beautiful song.Plus I grew up on it, watching bustin loose.Lol.

  70. Lady D

    Love this Song...Thanks for sharing...😉👍🏼💕

  71. Christina Howard

    This song reminds of my mom... Love you... RIH!

  72. Ann Johnson

    Playing this next year to renew my wedding ANNIVERSARY 25 years.

  73. ray 03241971

    Thanks for this beautiful song

  74. StandupGirl1981

    I wanna feel like they did when they arrived to the farm after all they went through to get there, about my love when I arrive home after a long day at work! Lol❤❤❤

  75. One love Mgtow!!!!!


  76. Thomas Woodard

    With record crackle at the end of the song..... Classic

  77. Madame Tia

    Luther's intro is beautiful!

  78. T Martin

    This entire soundtrack is so awesomely perfect R&B ..This is blue print how Soul music should sound

  79. Mary Stroughton

    Wayment. I thought Lee Chamberlain sang that? There's a You Tube thingie with her that said she sang that. What's up with that?

  80. Aisha 2Luv

    This song reminds me of when I was a child. I heard it for the first time in the movie with Richard Pryor "Bustin Loose."

  81. Christopher Williams

    Luther Vandross is singing in the background killing it. She is one of the most underated artist in history.

  82. A. Citizen

    What I remember the most about Ms. Flack, other than her fine voice, is the fact that she was one of the first women to wear fashionable braids. Not the rope people are wearing on their heads today.

  83. Gusto B

    Busting loose brought me here

  84. Bulelani Mahlangu

    Wow , the choral arrangement at the beginning, is just incredible.

  85. Sarah Ann Carter Newton

    This Is A Very Very Special Song Especially I Felt Sorry 4 Those Children This Song Fits This Movie 2 Those Children It Was Funny 2 I Love Comedy.

  86. Zoe Savage

    This song is all i remember about the movie bustin loose


    You don't remember Joe going into the woods and running into the KKK? Lol.

  87. Glorious Asiatic TheFlyEvolutionary

    In a class of its own!!

  88. Bernard Crane

    Brings me a warm feeling everytime I hear this song. Loved it as a kid me my sister and brother loved bustin loose. I still love this song as much as I did over 35 yrs ago.

  89. Sheilda Robinson

    I just heard this song today and wow it's awesome,a beautiful songs done perfectly by Roberta Flack, a sweet love song for all times.

  90. Nhleko Clement

    It's like I'm discovering this song for the first time. Just realised the bass is great.

  91. Queen_Of_Domination

    This song is so pretty. It reminds me of the early eighties, when I was a kid. We were broke, but we had togetherness. Now, I have been estranged from my mom for 10 years. This reminded me of her.


    I'm sorry. Praying you and your mother can somehow find your way back to each other.

  92. Gamage Carter

    So wish this recording were released on itune/amazon/spotify or cd. Have the lp but would love to have it on my ipod

  93. Pentala Taylor

    True voice people don't sang like this today so soul touching lyric.

  94. Jetaun Strong

    I hear Luther!!

  95. Nathaniel Jr Clark

    Really glad you posted this! And, just for the "record", those pops and hisses at the end proves that you appreciate the irreplaceable and untouchable emotions you can only get from vinyl! Great recording, from the voice of the elegant Roberta Flack!

  96. A.I. Online

    Luther's intro is divine.

  97. David King

    Just a beautiful song. I've always enjoyed it


    I will forever love me some Roberta Flack

  99. Kasim 0wens

    Now it's 103 people who don't like this song well they do not know good music if they hear it I guess because this is a good song it was up to me it'd be on the radio every other day I'm maybe once a day I would love to make a remake of this song Beautiful song uplifting talking about God. And God's people I should be going to Studio real soon they remaking go platinum 50 Platinum that would be a dream come true

  100. Kasim 0wens

    I guess I can say I know Paul Mooney cuz I have spoken with him on many occasions I am a singer and upcoming comedian please believe it stage name kasim Soul smooth from Oakland California where I have met Tupac Shakur Biggie Smalls and I was also the inspiration of Tupac song play your cards right my best friend and Tupac our friend name is the governor real name is Joseph flowers we both reside in Oakland California that's where Tupac in the movie Poetic Justice and that's when I sung the song Playa cardz right bye Alice Myers