Roberta Flack - Blame It On Me Lyrics

Due to certain circumstances
I have used up all my chances
You're not the one I love
And I'm not like the great pretender
I thought I was
Now it's too late to start again
Just say that it's me
Protecting my heart again
Blame it on me

What a messy situation
Not a night for celebration
You're not the one I love
I'm not like the great pretender
You thought I was
And I was caught up in fantasy
Too long I have tries to be
What I could not be
Blame it on me

And I believed
That if someone loved you
That they would always be there

Nothing left for us to talk out
Why can't one of us just walk out

Oh, no, ooh...

Too late, start again
Just say that it's me
Protecting my heart again

And I was caught up in fantasy
(To late, too late)
Too long
I could not be
(Whoa, you)
Blame it on me...

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Roberta Flack Blame It On Me Comments
  1. j c

    This was a really fantastic pairing of two great singers and this song is my favourite from the album, along with celebrate! Strangely, Roberta sounds a lot like Diana Ross here... but that's no bad thing at all!

  2. Mitchell Ridgeway Sr

    Thumbs UP!

  3. michael ridgeway

    Love this song. They are a great duet team. Pure music. They dont do songs like this anymore.

  4. Luiz Emerson Suertegaray Jacques


  5. Luiz Emerson Suertegaray Jacques


  6. Luiz Emerson Suertegaray Jacques


  7. Donna Cobb

    Roberta Flack and Peabo Bryson one of the best albums I will never forget I had my experience of listening to in my early teens now I’m still loving them till this day the talent n collaboration one of the greatest voice both of them I ever heard i sure miss this kinda music !!!


    ANNEE 1982

  9. Cynthia Lopez

    This is my favourite track from a wonderful LP - I believe it's been re-issued now on CD by Cherry Red Records in 2016

  10. Boogey On!

    She looks like a friggin horse and he looks like a douche with his bad hair and incomplete mustache.

    Luiz Emerson Suertegaray Jacques

    Boogey On! Son of a bitch

  11. Vambe Jirira

    An all time favorite of mine! A combination of class and style enveloped in such beautiful music!

  12. ronny isaac

    if your gonna leave her do it like this.

  13. ronny isaac

    One of the greatest let down love songs evet

  14. mike curt

    They sound so good together!!! I think this particular album is out of print. None of the compilation cds contain this track and it was one of my favorite from the album. Yes YouTube! lol Thanks for posting: ).

  15. Oleg V.

    Great music

  16. my5horns

    Thank you too much for posting this song.
    It's one of my favorite ballads!!!

  17. coconutcatman

    prettiest album cover $ ALOHA nui

  18. Guy Takashi UEHARA

    great singer.

  19. CB Fall

    @LuvPeaceNMusic Thanks so much!!! The first song I've heard of theirs is "Stronger Than Before" sung by Carole Bayer Sager!! Her singing is OK but to me,she's a wonderful songwriter but kind of underrated!

  20. CB Fall

    Hey LuvPeaceNMusic! It's CBFALL! Is track written by Bacharach/Sager? I'm a fan of their songs!! I'll wait on your reply!!

  21. woodja777

    Great Album - Okinawa USMC 1983