Robert Johnson - Love In Vain Lyrics

"I wanna go with our next one myself."

And I followed her to the station
With a suitcase in my hand
And I followed her to the station
With a suitcase in my hand
Well, it's hard to tell, it's hard to tell
When all your love's in vain
All my love's in vain

When the train rolled up to the station
I looked her in the eye
When the train rolled up to the station
And I looked her in the eye
Well, I was lonesome, I felt so lonesome
And I could not help but cry
All my love's in vain

When the train, it left the station
With two lights on behind
When the train, it left the station
With two lights on behind
Well, the blue light was my blues
And the red light was my mind
All my love's in vain

Ou hou ou ou ou
Hoo, Willie Mae
Oh oh oh oh oh hey
Hoo, Willie Mae
Ou ou ou ou ou ou hee vee oh woe
All my love's in vain

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Robert Johnson Love In Vain Comments
  1. Da Vid

    I took my girlfriend to the bus station with all her clothes in two Hefty bags in her hands . Bought her a ticket to go back from where she came . When the bus left the station and was out of sight, I went home and removed the P pad off my Sporty . Good Riddance you maniac .
    No doubt she made fast friends at the back of the bus .

  2. quint rampersad

    all my love in vain

  3. Stop ads on Youtube

    When the blue light was my blue and red light was my mind

  4. Jesus Angel Martinez

    Me tuve que fumar los 148 comentarios para saber que soy el único paraguayo que escucha esta canción. Ruego por la salvación del a lma de Rober Johnson

  5. Shoot First

    Jesus, his middle finger looks to be 6 inches long.If you don't have long fingers, you guitar playing will stall at the amateur level.

  6. sfhogman

    Beautiful song.
    Utterly desolate.

  7. King Calcium

    "I don't wanna set the world on fire"
    Wait wrong song

  8. Liam Booth

    Don’t want to comment, but if there is spirits out there, there is no reason The Rolling Stones version should have more recognition than RJ, I always come back here.

  9. Martín Abásolo

    me cure raja y estaba en una disco pasándolo como el pico. Esto si es vida.

  10. John Allen

    This is one of my favorite Johnson tunes. Mick Jagger did a good cover of it on one of their albums, I think it was the one with the birthday cake on it.

    Philip Greenfield

    It was on "Let it Bleed" 1969

    Count Blue

    It was also on the back side of the 45 single "Little Queenie" and its on the 33 LP "Get-yer-ya-yas out" too.

  11. Michael Miller

    I listened to this song 25.5 times the day the siren went away. Pointless really


    Choo choo

  13. Evan Hodge

    Dr Johnson...plays guiter as a piano

  14. Cristian Goncalves Costq

    Legal 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  15. Matthijs Tumbling Dice

    from the club of 27,R.I.P.

    insel alldayinuk

    Matthijs tumbling way...arent you the guy from iorr???

  16. Yazid Bakar

    The pioneer and the master of blues music..he dead in 1938,before jimmy page led zeppelin,ritchie blackmore deep purple ,tony lommi black sabbath and jimi hendrix born in the world..he is the bigger influence to blues and rock guitar musician..salute to robert johnson..

  17. Chaz Hernandez

    Ah this is beauty. !! The so far 27 morons should not give any opinions if they give this thumbs down. Beginning of Rock n Roll.

  18. D B

    Anyone else see the demon in the top right above his guitar? Spoopy

  19. Tommaso Urbisci

    Who hasn't lived those exact feelings in those lyrics? You're not human if you haven't.

  20. Humor Reverso!

    Wonderful! 💗💗💗

  21. DigitalUnderground7

    Thanks for the upload! I wonder what he would have thought if he knew people would still be listening to his music in 2019? (Please dont say “yeah for sure shit he would’nt have drank the whiskey”) Great artist of music. A real pioneer :)

    Cain Kong

    Edit ur comment to stop after 2019. Would be way better

  22. Matthew Herman

    I’m a bit embarrassed, I thought the Glimmer Twins wrote this

  23. • Skull head •

    2019, April. Here to listen to the great master of the blues 😁

    Danny Roberts

    Paul Fusitua September 2019 for me, funny thing is I’m a teen.

    Slavic Aussie

    @Danny Roberts Why the fuck does that matter?

  24. Sanderson Duarte

    The best blues man

  25. Little Mrs

    Amazing musician 💞

  26. Sabrina Laurence

    oh c est foutrement surévalué

  27. Elizabeth Snyder_baldonado

    😢"WHOOooo, WILLie MAE!!!"😭
    LAWD have mercy.....😔

  28. Amanda McBride

    When i was teen i was in love with him...obsessed in 1995 lol!!!!! The part where he says Willie Mae Willie Mae you hall be my wife some day....i imagined him singing to me MandaMae Manda Mae you shall be my wife someday....listen it sound like it. Luv u Robert!!!!

    Red pilled patriot

    But you didn’t even know the guy...LOL..

  29. Joe Nicholls

    Utterly bone chilling, father of 20th century music

  30. Sonja Martens

    RIP Robert

  31. Michael Henry

    This guy literally sold his soul to the devil .. google it .

    Little Mrs

    Yeah Google knows it all 😂

  32. amababa Baba

    End of 2018 and still feeling it ..

  33. Cris Johnson

    shitty recording

  34. sharrison586

    heard the stones version first, which made me so damn upset for so many days I had to listen to the original. yep, still ridiculously sad. ugh at least it's a cathartic listen. why does he show me he cares but always keeps me at arms length? some day he'll be on that train and I'll be at the station watching the lights go away, or his time will come and he never let us be together. love is so damn mean.

  35. Greg Hoppe

    Robert Johnson mentions his girlfriend Willie Mae Powell in this song. Powell was a cousin of David "Honeyboy" Edwards who traveled and performed with Johnson in the 1930's. Lonnie Johnson's and Leroy Carr's influence on Robert Johnson can be clearly heard in this song.

    tyrone shoelaces

    I named my guitar willie may because of this song

  36. mi49mat

    omg Mick Taylor's sole on the Stone's version is a classic

  37. Not Visible

    I always end a party with this song. Awesome song!

  38. Tennessee Magnet Publications

    What a beautiful song from a fantastic blues musician. Too bad he was TOO MUCH of a womanizer. It literally killed him

  39. Bepps

    The Blues: 20% chords, 80% pure magic soul

  40. Quintana Martinez

    Listenining In 2017?

  41. penso alto

    pra quem ja ouviu e reouviu 1 mil vezes as musicas da Amy Winehouse, jhonson quebra mt bem o galho, foi um otimo substituto, pra mim. Amei

  42. Phil Hand

    Don't I know the feeling...

  43. Brandon Ives

    1.Get Yer Ya Yas Out
    2.Robert Johnson
    3.Let it Bleed

  44. CelalOzgul

    Sahnede söyledik bunu da söyledik haha gururluyum

  45. Ms. Amy Corcoran

    I Love Robert Johnson

  46. sergei paranichev


  47. TM Rezzek

    LONE this high-quality version! I can finally understand what Johnson is singing without all the pops and hisses that are on other versions.

  48. Shannon Kearns

    Sorry Robert but the stones did a better job

    Pawn Hearts Reviews the Media

    Shannon Kearns


  49. 3671 jjorg

    jj are you here? love kaleo💋

  50. 0405 Photography

    Just got Johnson tattoo... All my loves in vein... :o)

  51. RManFlint

    The greatest American song of all time.

    The entire American experience is encapsulated in 2:29. In no other country does a song about sitting in a station waiting for a train to anywhere make any sense.

    edgar pierre

    RManFlint - True, pure poetry. it sad but not sentimental. You can hear his pain when he’s humming the wordless sounds and her name. He tells the entire relationship story in 2 minutes

  52. Andreas Franz

    why you good god dont give me a guitar to sing and play this my love in vain. bob urgr8 4ever!

  53. Jessica Ramberti


  54. Cora Visser

    brilliant legend for always.Touch my soul.

  55. Mike Hydropneumatic

    This is where the blues comes from.

    Got a 2CD RJ bought in France with all the Johnson songs on it.

    The Stones introduced me to Robert Johnson, thank you!

  56. Chemco Keith

    any dislikes on any robert johnson song is a travesty. Go listen to ABBA ya morons!

    Father Enrico Pucci

    Shut the fuck up, don't insult ABBA or ABBA fans

    do you even know what "travesty" means?

    Just shut up and enjoy the music. Please.

    Tye Foster

    ABBA is great tho

    Wars Boerse

    Your comment is more offensive than the 4 or so dislikes on this video.

  57. Joshua Stephens

    I actually prefer this over the stones cover, this is a beautiful song

    eight inches

    @ Joshua...My thinking is if RJ heard the Stones version he'd probably like that one better.

    James Nobles 72

    Thiz raw

    Jovana Stankovic

    I actually only found out about the stones cover thanks to your comment

    Amanda McBride

    Uhhh. Yeah! Wtf??

    Ukulele Bobby

    Both good imo, but this of course the original, which is important creatively. Tbf the Stones prob. did it partly as an homage/tribute and maybe a little as a ‘filler track’. An’ if I’m bein’ brutally honest, they didn’t really do *that much* with it... For the record tho’ - I think Jagger always had great natural feel for singing the Blues, and Mick Taylor was his authentic equivalent on the guitar... ‘Keef’ prob. just copied MT in the main... 🤣🤪

  58. Adriano Fonseca

    I can't get enough for this...

  59. Максим Евгеньевич Попов

    Peace and Love!

  60. Alex DeLarge

    He sold his sould the devil you know

    Montgomery Denzer

    We all do in this material world dig it

    Felipe Seniceros

    Alex DeLarge oh well he's still one he'll of an artist


    Devil doesn’t exist. In this context it’s a metaphor but the devil was created by humans to personify “evil”

  61. Maxim Volodkin

    and now i see how the Stones did it right

  62. Owen Scott

    This recording sounds fabulous, even through computer speakers!

  63. Danilo de Melo Lima

    Mr. Robert Johnson. R.I.P

  64. Al Blake

    " The sacred is in the simple "

    Pedro Miguel A. F. de Paula

    Well, this isn't quite sacred huehuehuehuehue


    Its really not. Thats the sway and lure


    @Pedro Miguel A. F. de Paula Its holy. Or unholy.. Depending.. if thats what you mean to say. What are you saying?

  65. Montgomery Denzer

    Mick loved it so much

  66. TheFree2last1

    Beautiful in all it's glory.
    Classic, and sad.
    May this song be re-discovert once more.

  67. Jeff Lightfoot

    This is music from the heart and from the soul!!✌

  68. Jean-Marc Bordas

    This song is short and say all about the sadness of love.


    +Jean-Marc Bordas And it's so American. Does it make sense in any other country for a broken-hearted man to be sitting at the train station waiting for a train to take him anywhere else?

    The Paranoid Blues Man

    @RManFlint Maybe, but that's not what the lyrics are about. The girl he loves is leaving, and nothing he says or does will change her mind, so all he can do is help her with her suitcase and watch as the train carries her away.

  69. last first

    I really don't understand what the fuck white people find so great about this stupid jackass. He could strum a few chords, sing a few fucking what? I can play all his songs without even fucking trying.

    Antonym Scalia

    @Andrew Power Thanks for your comment, happy to learn something new about RJ.

    I'm not merely saying this because we just lost him a month ago, I have been saying this for decades. The most masterful guitar artist we had in recent memory was Prince. He was almost entirely self-taught, BTW.

    RelliKs ReliCs

    WOW so fuckin ignorant! I think my fart has more cultural significance then your fuckin dumb ass comment. Go ahead and smell it!!

    RelliKs ReliCs

    He didn't invent it but he sure as fuck mastered it!

    John Steelman

    Who wrote the song ?

    Katherine Inaction

    because your not really good unless people want to beat you.

  70. nightsunny

    A poem.  Simple and deep.

  71. gasaholic47

    This and They're Red Hot are my two faves of his...

  72. Charles Laster

    Why is this man not studied as the master poet he was?


    @Massimiliano Bertani "he swaped his soul his soul with the devil"
    Did you mistype "He was too good. Envious/jealous people thus made up a rumor to 'explain' why they couldn't be just as good ..."?


    Robert is studied, copied, ripped off more than any other black american blues man. To assert that he isn't studied is absurd.

    G Gucci Pajamas dripin Tony Montana Wut

    Johnny Joseph'sson Ike Zimmerman was Robert’s teacher, not Charlie

    Robert Purser

    He was one of them. But it's said Ike Zimmerman was his main influence/teacher

    valkour snow

    Cause he stole all his tunes and guitar licks from Ike Zimmerman

  73. cooldork68

    Listen to Lonnie Johnson, Blind Blake, and Blind Wilie McTell

  74. Electroelectro

    you sure catch sarcasm

  75. wildsmiley

    Tied with Lowell Fulson's 'Reconsider Baby' for my #1 favorite blues song..

  76. Scowie_Scowie

    @jsteelman1000 you're an idiot

  77. Shawn Swain

    I have always loved RJ, as a guitarist I never could figure his style, I have studied his teachers, Son House etc but I never could play the way he did, He does seem "other worldlly" He and Hendrix are of the same vein

  78. DSM1

    I assume thats a joke since RJ died in 1938 and the Stones didnt come along 'till

  79. John Steelman

    Was he thinking about the Rolling Stones when he wrote that song ?

  80. DSM1

    @jsteelman1000 Sorry for the late reply.
    You need to go check out EC's album - Me and Mr. Johnson

  81. John Steelman

    Hello great vid what songs did Eric Clapton record that were written by Robert Johnson ?


    John Steelman Clapton did an entire album of RJ songs, but Crossroads was a big hit for Clapton or Cream, ever how you want to look at that

    Christopher Conlogue

    Clapton has recorded everything Johnson ever recorded.

  82. m16nut1

    @Cannibalization yes i have but robert johnson has a certain...twist on play songs

  83. Cannibalization

    @m16nut1 Ever hear of Mississippi John Hurt?

  84. DSM1

    @m16nut1 Nope :)

  85. m16nut1

    no one is quiet like him now is there

  86. QPM - Quality Production Music

    Mighty tune, great pictures, thanks for sharing.