Robert Johnson - Little Queen Of Spades Lyrics

Now, she is a little queen of spades, and the men will not let her be
She is the little queen of spades, and the men will not let her be
Everytime she makes a spread, hoo fair brown, cold chill just runs all over me
I'm gon' get me a gamblin' woman, if the last thing that I do
Gon' get me a gamblin' woman, if it's the last thing that I do
Well, a man don't need a woman, ooh fair brown, that he got to give all his money to
Everybody say she got a mojo, now she's been usin' that stuff
Everybody says she got a mojo, 'cause she been usin' that stuff
But she got a way trimmin' down, hoo fair brown, and I mean it's most too tough
Now, little girl, since I am the king, baby, and you is a queen
Since I am the king baby, and you is a queen
Le's us put our heads together, hoo fair brown, then we can make our money green

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Robert Johnson Little Queen Of Spades Comments
  1. yuromacviva

    I should have read all that crap you posted ,yer he must been ducking out of school to [email protected]@@ Robert jrs mum.ha ha ha .I love yr chronology its still out all his marriges must have been finished by 27 not started in 27 . still getting married in 29 while he was seeing Robert jrs mum what a dirty bastard.

  2. yuromacviva

    this is take 2,the first mistake is in the intro.its a peetie cover 1934 or 35 yr wiki notes Robert jr says he first met the legend in 1927,fully formed .that would make him 16 years old screwing a 40+ yr old women with a 13 yr old son who believes that.if you were paying attention the legends age has got older over the years,still not oldernuff for me.he would have to be hacksaws age for it to be believable.then why didn't he record during the 20s.robert jr must have been a clueless idiot in the twenties because he reconned the legend was insane on the gat . ha ha ha .drunken hearted man sounds a bit slow too me ,ha ha ha that idiot s got everyone slowing recordings now. there is a slow version of scrappers kokomo on you tube.

  3. Matt Santos

    I like so much!

  4. brat tina

    The best ever

  5. LarryRickenbacker

    Look at Johnson's fingers!

  6. Daniel Prasetyo

    The legend!

  7. Versaín 67

    grandé johnson

  8. ella arceneaux

    The absolute greatest that has ever been, will be, what the fuck ever else you could retort with, period. Je motha fuckin hovah and the devil.

  9. lubyooh15

    Robert Johnson you are amazing!!!!!!!
    Amazing <3

  10. Ícaro Lagranha

    Porra vsf "rob johnsTon" que isso mano --'

  11. busessuck1

    is there an alternate take of this song?

    Conspiracy Theorist

    busessuck1 yes

  12. Scarlett OneFiveSix

    This is one of my favorite of Johnson's songs. :D

  13. Jacqueline Moon

    happy 99th birthday!!!!!!, too bad he didnt get to live till' this day...

  14. P. David Hornik


  15. SoberGeorge


  16. Graham Foster

    hoo cold chills just runs all over me.ha ha slow down son!

  17. Graham Foster

    I dont! play no rock and roll.


    No it's: I Do Not Play No Rock and Roll

  18. MaximillianPeanut

    ahh robert johnson,possibly the most inportant guitarist in the history if music


    But it's so much more that just guitar, the voice too

  19. VandaVisions

    He was so great.

  20. DBluesN

    Don't smoke!


    Guy had the blues

  21. irontoad123

    Im a young man in Australia and I love Rob johnston too