Robert Johnson - Hellhound On My Trail Lyrics

I got to keep movin', I've got to keep movin'
Blues fallin' down like hail, blues fallin' down like hail
Mm mm mm, blues fallin' down like hail, blues fallin' down like hail
And the days keeps on worryin' me of a hellhound on my trail
Hellhound on my trail, hellhound on my trail

If today was Christmas eve, if today was Christmas eve
And tomorrow was Christmas day
If today was Christmas eve and tomorrow was Christmas day
(Aow, wouldn't we have a time, baby?)
All I would need, my little sweet rider, just
To pass the time away, huh huh, to pass the time away

You sprinkled hot foot powder, mmm
Mmm, around my door, all around my door
You sprinkled hot foot powder, mmm
All around your daddy's door, hmm hmm hmm
It keep me with ramblin' mind, rider
Every old place I go, every old place I go

I can tell, the wind is risin', the leaves tremblin' on the tree
Tremblin' on the tree
I can tell, the wind is risin', leaves tremblin' on the tree
All I need's my little sweet woman
And to keep my company, hmm hmm, hey hey
My company

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Robert Johnson Hellhound On My Trail Comments
  1. Barbara Henry

    Do all the people think that he sold his soul you're wrong rip

  2. Stephen Reid

    I know this is old and a classic but this music sounds like crap. I usually respect a lot of our decision in music like country and rock heavy metal R&B and classics but for some reason this song sounds like someone scratching their nails on a chalkboard to me f****** irritating

    your bass sucks if you're reading this

    That's cool

    Stephen Reid

    @your bass sucks if you're reading this right!!😂😂😂😎😎😎

  3. Honestly dont care duh

    Supernatural took me here

  4. Lebohang Mabitle

    Without the lyrics I wouldn’t understand a word....🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️

  5. Jesse Gibson

    To black folks living in that era in the was pure hell!! The devil was the pale faces walking around looking down on those with darker skin and making up rules to benefit only their kind.

  6. Brian Banuelos

    My intro to jazz class brought me here lmao

  7. manikiahn

    The occult brought me here

  8. Matts Crazy Life

    What is supernatural

  9. Cal Nebraska

    This man played awful music sounds very ameaturish to me and others

  10. Calvin Hobbes

    A lady I worked with some years ago gave me a CD of Robert Johnson's works. I never knew the CD existed. I told her .... "Do you have any idea who this guy was? You need to keep it .... just let me rip it for myself!" "No, she said ... it's not my kind of music" .... I wound up keeping it. It's one of my most precious CDs.

  11. The Real Natural Born Smoker Aka TheReal

    I listen to this on Christmas Eve & tomorrow is Christmas , now all I need is my sweet rider just to pass the time away

  12. 戦前ブルース音源研究所ーPAN RECORDS


  13. reuben waweru

    December 2019 R.i.p Legend

  14. dB Music Group

    1:46 legendary

  15. Samuel Neil

    The "hellhounds" were probably a metaphor for the Klan that would chase successful black people out of their towns. Or it could have been a metaphor for his reckless lifestyle catching up to him... Very tragic regardless. I wonder if he ever realized his songs would be the turning point of music, influencing and inspiring countless artists after his passing.

  16. bass reeves

    still fresh in 2019

  17. quint rampersad

    He was condemed to hell because he was singing blues because of SLAVERY

    quint rampersad

    something wrong

  18. Trenton Remai

    Crossroads with karate kid got me here

  19. Dean Kirby

    man he had the longest fingers 👋

  20. James saint

    Wow marketing genius.

  21. Jan 37

    I love thanks

  22. Clickbait

    At 2:12 did anyone notice that on Roberts head looked like an eye if you look closely?🤔

  23. deadkiddo

    He knew devil was comin to collect u can hear it in his voice and the words

    Slavic Aussie

    No you can't.


    Slavic Aussie then open ya fuckin ears stoopid bitch

    Antonio Lopez

    @deadkiddo 😂😂

    Kevin Gruen

    More like some dudes husband because my man robert johnson was a lady's man. I wouldnt believe the conservative propaghanda thats exactly what johnson was making fun of in these satirical songs...they couldn't believe he was that good so they had to make up stories about how he got so talented.

  24. Colton Mabes

    Ok so People make deals with crosroad demons whitch he probably did trade ther soul for somthing they want in his case music but when there time comes cuz they ceep there soul for normaly 10 years then the demon sends hell hounds to kill them abd take there soul to hell

  25. mk t

    God is with me 💗

  26. Delta Lou check out this cover of the song!

  27. Danatio Colasanti

    Those that thumbs down this song or any by this man. Have no clue what music is. You have been robbed and brainwashed by mainstream bs that they want you to call music.

  28. Devin Hill

    Must be a reference in "Oh Brother Where Art Thou'"

  29. Joshua

    I mean the guitar is good, but couldn't he have asked Satan for voice lessons as well? Man's as trill as a siren.

  30. Yung Annapooh

    Every single song tha I had heard from him is really true hellhounds,me and the devil walking side by side it’s not a legend it’s actually a true story and he might be really tell the truth tha he went to the cross roads and sold his soul to the devil.

  31. IDoNotRecall E

    The devil plays only the most masterful melodies on his lute

  32. Leslie Webb

    I hate Robert Johnson.

  33. viollett snape

    Spn Referenced this once said that he made this song as the in show hell hounds were chasing him to collect his soul

  34. Karik khnum the son of darkness

    The real question is do anyone know who or what " the devil " is ? People only speak of " the devil " in terms of what someone else TOLD them to believe , instead of doing research themselves and getting to the bottom of who or what " the devil " is

  35. HyShade

    Karl Smallwood brought me here.

    Diego Sabah


  36. Dope


  37. erica glass

    I don’t know why I’m here🤷🏾‍♀️

  38. HELL BOY

    Go to those crossroads little before midnight play a tune any tune a big black man will appear and tune your guitar and play then hand it back but you best be prepared to pay when the time comes

  39. MrDetroit1701

    One of the best.

  40. black sabbath

    I guess devil who had givin his soul to Mr johnson

  41. jaydon C

    Anyone here because of supernatural I am

  42. 2serveand2protect

    Jeesus! - this guy was OBSESSED with the devil!...

    Space Ghost

    The devil is such a great character! (just a character, he isn't real.)


    @Space Ghost don't say???...

  43. Jose Luciano

    Supernatural is why I'm here

  44. Hellhound666

    The fact the rumors are he sold his soul at the crossroads and his last songs were about death makes you wonder.

  45. T.H. Nettleton

    I'm going to sell my soul soon.

  46. T Boudreau

    Bleep all of you. God given talent! Terrible rumors cuz he was black and crazy talented

    Justin B

    Black people are the ones that started rumors about him. He wasn't hanging out with white people and playing in white venues at that time in Mississippi

    T Boudreau

    @Justin B yeah gotcha

  47. cliford 035 MR

    What scares me it's the picture he looks scary

  48. stmike5707

    if you aint heard a Hellhound barking,well,you just aint livin right

  49. Christopher Costantini

    This was the beginning of Rock and Roll/Metal/Blues/Rap/R&B/Hiphop/reggae/ and basically every major musical genre we can name besides Jazz

  50. Chef LeRoy Gordon

    Its 131 assholes that visited this page

  51. Godly Mike

    This song sounds good but I don't know why.

  52. Mr P

    He sold his soul for this shit

  53. D. Maldo

    We have the church to blame for the narrative of "devils music". The men were chillin at juke joints on Sundays while their wives were at church. Less members means less in the donation box and Mr. Preacher can't have that now. The rest as they say, is history.

  54. Blinded Christian

    If anyone's interested here's my Acapella cover of this masterpiece:

  55. HalfOgre

    "blues fallin down like hail"

  56. Lil Moop

    Hot powder?? Isn't that what they use to keep hell hounds out? I heard somewhere. 1:27

  57. M V

    he catches him

  58. Tyler Tanner

    A cute girl brought me here. Is she the one? :p

  59. Joe Nomura

    Sounz like crap

  60. Michael Powers

    Bobby Dollar brought me here

  61. Oh YEAH YEAH

    You think this Guys a guitar genius?
    Let me fuckin tell you about something called Metallica

    Tek Sight

    He's not known for his guitar, he wasn't a natural. He was known for his compositions, his songs. He's out of time, but not bad for someone who only practiced for a year. His teacher was Son House. But his singing got him remembered as "The King of Delta Blues Singers."

  62. Anthonee Stephenson

    understanding wtf hes sayin ahmm ahmma hhmmm

  63. Billy Callaway

    the upper room, nirvana in blues form


    We who truly see & truly know - love you always

  65. Malinibai

    When it comes to the blues, this man was a god. Period.

  66. Bilb Ono

    God I love the south - with all its faults and all - it is so beautiful and pure.. In one word "real"

  67. Larry Jaramillo

    I was born 5 minutes ago and love this song!

  68. AgainstNone

    this song is about his father escaping a lynch mob

  69. Gabriel

    After i couldn't believe my eyes, he said "then listen"
    Said the devil whispering in the shadow of a mirror.

  70. john wayne

    Making deals with the devil never goes easy as the road of success pulls you into the death of hell

  71. 999 zosoz 999

    His voice! Who else have you ever heard sing like that??

  72. crazy10bears

    Occasional bouts of diarrhea brought me here.

  73. XxAngelForeverXx Angel

    Robert Johnson The Legend Greatest 🎸 player ever


    XxAngelForeverXx Angel have you never heard any metallic

  74. taco cat

    Robert Johnson is my hero!

  75. Tony Freeman

    I brought myself here.I walked 40 miles on the back roads of Maine

    David Trevino

    Tony Freeman Please don't compare the beautiful state of Maine to the mosquito infested backwoods of Mississippi. Go there yourself and you'll see what i mean.

  76. D Davis

    Don't matter what brought him there or took him wherever, the dude is legend. Period.

    Johnny Blaze

    Good Doc on Netflix...influenced many many Musicians

  77. elly

    My favorite song by him

  78. Rixar13

    🍀 Irish Bunny & Irish Honey Badger -> 😂

  79. Kameo Kid

    I think the myth is more interesting than the man’s music itself

  80. Greg Riddle

    Something, supernatural happened to him. He either had it out with an evil spirit, or his was attacked by dark evil forces. How can you go from nothing to all out stardom in the South in less than a year? Then turn out to be THE biggest influence in blues and rock and roll that ever existed. Whatever Robert did, if his point was to make himself known, well he definitely overshot that runway! Incredible lyrics that haunt and make you really wonder.

  81. terrace Robinson

    Im waiting on the movie of Robert johnson from Hollywood it would be a deep movie

  82. John Flaherty

    Freebasing with your mom got me here

  83. • Skull head •

    2019, April. Here to listen to the grand Master of the blues :-)

    j reid

    Creepy song

    Christy Kenworthy

    Paul Fusitua this fucking sucks and not to mention he sold his soul to the devil. I’m sure he’s burning in hell right now regretting that decision

  84. Anthony Shope


  85. james allen-jones

    I sold my soul...worked out ok...5 Xs divorced/4 kids/countless groupies...and 2 botched record deals later...

    Now i'm ready 2 sell it back...

    4 1 more......night like that 1 way back when...<\M/>

  86. Tyler Poole

    This guy knows “who” the devil is. Let’s just say he’s reading this comment right now

  87. tony gilbert

    I have all his songs reissued

  88. Reaper Redni9e

    I come from a heavy metal background, but when I heard Robert Johnson sing crossroad, my soul changed shape. Hearing his voice at 4am, feeling my body snap into place, starting my car to go to work, singing hellhound on my trail, it has a supernatural effect on my day. Can't explain

    Adam Sargent

    Do you still listen to him

    Reaper Redni9e

    @Adam Sargent every day

  89. Lou David

    To spread the good word and Truth of Christ Jesus brought me here. God loves you unconditionally, and our Lord and Savior Jesus, God himself, died for your sins - your very thoughts and actions. Do not wait. Accept Jesus and have Faith He rose from the dead and you will be saved today. God bless you all.

  90. Gavin Blair


  91. Jsg Guitar

    Steve Vai is here? 😂😂😂

  92. robert lopez

    I’m 65 and it brought me here

  93. Jason Jones

    He didn't sell his soul. People are so stupid. He dedicated his life to his craft so people that Satan is so cool sorry to bust your bubble

  94. 800 subs without no video

    Who's here because of satan

  95. Mike Aziz

    The Devil is not in fiction he has died his descendants are still alive one is sitting in the Oval Office of the United States today

  96. plot vibes

    Am i the only one who isn't terrified of this guy's songs??


    There's always hell hounds on the trail. There's one on yours right now

    Daniel Stucky

    Wether we realize it or not. I don't know how the hell I'm still here after being very near death on a few occasions due to health issues. I guess I keep slipping through the devils fingers.

  98. Iconhulk

    Sold his soul....

  99. Takhe Tada

    Can any of you appreciate the music .it's good.