Robert Johnson - From Four Till Late Lyrics

From four 'till late, I was wringin' my hands and cryin'
From four 'till late, I was wringin' my hands and cryin'
I believe to my soul, that your daddy's Gulfport bound

From Memphis to Norfolk, is a thirty-six hours ride
From Memphis to Norfolk, is a thirty-six hours ride
A man is like a prisoner and he's never satisfied

A woman is like a dresser, some man always ramblin' through its drawers
A woman is like a dresser, some man always ramblin' through its drawers
It cause so many men, wear an apron overall

From four 'till late, she get with a no-good bunch and clown
From four 'till late, she get with a no-good bunch and clown
Now, she won't do nothin', but tear a good man' reputation down

When I leave this town, I'm gon' bid you fare, farewell
And when I leave this town, I'm gon' bid you fare, farewell
And when I return again, you'll have a great long story to tell

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Robert Johnson From Four Till Late Comments
  1. Kyle Billie

    Blues is not about expressing your sorrows to make you feel's about making people heal bad more than you

  2. yuromacviva

    lots of buzing strings not like any of Lonnies originals.recorded up to 12 years before but mostly 9 and 10 years before no lead notes either.he got some of lonnies chords down ,and as Robert jr said he had a great voice.

  3. Jamesmartens55

    A woman is like a dresser, some mans always running through her drawers...

  4. Mister Cik

    Just imagining that at the time , at rhe other side of the world there was Adolf Hitler and the rising of nazism. It was not yet the WW2

    Edward J. Whalen

    What the fuck does that mean?

    Mister Cik

    @Edward J. Whalen it means that at the time Robert Johnson lived , a Devil with D really existed : his name was Adolf Hitler and unfortunately he was so damned realistic in all his powers

  5. Toulmin Brown


  6. Tom Brendel

    Modern Version Guitar Backing Track

  7. Adriano Fonseca

    I just dont understand why someone could thumb down a song like this...

  8. Ken Perry

    Loved the way he comped!! Cf. also his Hot Tamales from same session. It demonstrated such mastery; in keeping with the rest of his incredible playing.

  9. P247

    Dang, I heard Clapton play this and I thought it was some country song. No idea Robert Johnson was this versatile.

  10. Esther Gavillet

    Shared on Google +, May 8, 2018

  11. Lembit Punapart

    The legend of legends.

  12. Michael Craig

    Everyone forget Eric Clapton. This is the real deal. I am not saying white guys can not sing, play, or have the blues, that is silly. I am just saying stop having Eric Clapton as your automatic go to guy. There are lots of white guys that are way better than Clapton, such as Rory Gallagher and Stevie Ray for starters. This is the real stuff. Robert Johnson and all these guys. Give them a listen. Thanks.

    Matt H

    Hey mike. Absolutely, but throwing names out like Stevie ray and Rory and saying they are better than Eric is a little ridiculous. Its apples to oranges. Each one of those guys had their own unique style and place in music. And I'm sure those two guys wouldn't agree with you as they were both huge Clapton fans. I understand it's all personal taste and you can dislike eric if you choose to, but who are you to say who's better or that Rory and Stevie are the real stuff? Eric carved the path as far as white blues players. He was one of the first and best of his time. Also, not sure when you saw him, but if you don't get it, make sure you've listened to the first John Mayall album, cream and derek and the dominos! That was when he was really in his prime

    Michael Craig

    Yeah, he was great when he was in those bands, I should have mentioned that part. I saw him later of course, and it was real boring. So many people had left, so I am surely not the only one that came to that conclusion. We stayed till the end, just to see, and the last song was Layla, the band came alive for this one last song, with the help of 2 female backup singers. The odd thing is Jeff Beck is still awesome, saw him 2nd row in 2000, and it was absolutely crushing! Something happened to Clapton, after Derek and the Dominos..suppose he got a little crispy on the stuff maybe. Anyway, yes it is about what one likes, guitar is not a 100 meter dash, where one can clearly see who the winner is. So I agree with you on that, of course. It just seems somehow a little irritating that so many instantly go to Clapton, as an automatic go-to guy, as if they never heard any other blues big deal, of course.

    Mason 1

    Rory gallagher's  guitar style is absolutely nothing like Clapton's, so I don't really know what you're comparing him to Eric Clapton for, and no Stevie wasn't as good Eric Clapton, and certainly not as varied in his guitar playing as Clapton. I mean Stevie never even played this style of blues, though Clapton did, and nearly perfectly. Clapton certainly isn't the only great white blues guitar player, but you sound rather contrarian by saying Clapton is boring. You sound like you dislike that Clapton gets so much attention and you're taking it way too far by saying that Stevie and Rory are "way better than Clapton." I don't worship Clapton, I'm more of a Peter Green guy myself, but really take it down a notch with this stupid "forget Eric Clapton" shit.

    raphael vitton

    Clapton is a master

    Ben Scarborough

    I have every song that Robert Johnson produced. Love all of them! I love Eric Clapton. He has all great songs. But I do see a point!!!! Real deal .

  13. James DeVries

    "From Memphis to Norfolk is a thirty-six hour drive..." Just curious, how long does it take nowadays, if you stay within the speed limit and take your two-hour breaks to be safe, but roll along I40 most of the way? Do you swing North on I85 at Durham, or is it faster to go past Raleigh and pick up I95 by following U. S. 64, say, at Rocky Mount? In any case, you still have to cut East on non-Interstate (divided, limited access )old U. S. Highway 58 to actually get there, right? Just wondering. And there are still no high speed, low-temperature conductivity maglev trains, and out in Silicon Valley they are only concerned with the vanity of driverless, trackless cars on open roads? "From Memphis to Norfolk is a thirty-six hour drive (x 2), A man is like a prisoner and he's never satisfied!"


    You're The Lobster Wrong what is hitch hiking my dude

    You're The Lobster Wrong

    @Jamesmartens55 in the Mississippi Delta in the 1930s? also I'm not a dude...


    You're The Lobster Wrong Memphis is in Tennessee and Norfolk is in Virginia... also it’s a figure of speech my dude.

    You're The Lobster Wrong

    ​@Jamesmartens55 hitchhiking through the American Southeast as a black man in the 1930s would have been nigh impossible. you could expect a freight train ride from Memphis to Norfolk to take about 36 hours (why else would he mention it in the song?)

    Being a figure of speech isn't relevant. I'm not a dude and clearly don't want to be referred to as such. You are being rude.

    You're The Lobster Wrong

    oh nevermind, didnt realize I was talking to a fucking nazi. shame on me for talking to you like a person or expecting you to engage in good faith. I sincerely hope you die.

  14. John Wayne

    One year before his death he was so advanced in his whole style :0

  15. Norman Phillips

    Member of the 27 Club.

    Jada Brown

    Did you also see the Netflix documentary?

    Jada Brown

    @Luna Tunalol


    @Luna Tuna same thing here 😁

    Edward J. Whalen

    What the fuck does that mean?

    Paul T

    Edward J. Whalen it refers to musicians who died way before their time and at the height of their fame which happened to be at 27 years old. Ex: Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, and Robert Johnson, to name a few...

  16. Despina Luigini


  17. Gabriel Olinto


  18. Allan Cerf

    thanks! A7 it is!

    Clifton Harmon

    Looks like an Amin7 without the root to me.

  19. wilson mcphert

    Allan, it looks like he is playing a barre A7 in the photo at 12s. As for the one at 36s, it looks like it he may be playing a single note run within that A7 chord. What do others think?

  20. Allan Cerf

    This is truly one of his better songs. Hey I need to figure out what chord he's playing in the famous picture!

  21. truegangsteroflove

    I always thought it was "ache from overload," from what I could decipher from the Cream record. After all these years, an illusion destroyed. Robert Johnson's version is so completely different, his voice giving the song a plaintive quality, a depth you only hear in these old blues recordings. I don't like modern blues because it's all about technique and putting on the style. I do still love Fresh Cream, though, one of the best albums ever. Those songs are in my DNA. High intensity rock.

  22. Allan Cerf

    this sounds like the original speed. i prefer these and don't accept necessarily the argument that the original recordings were as much as 20% to fast (with most saying what, 10%) . The engineer who performed the sessions spoke fairly exhaustively on the subject and he never mentioned it. (Of course he wasn't asked, to my knowledge). One 'key' to me, is that when these songs are slowed down Johnson's vibrato is diminished.

  23. wilson mcphert

    Thanks for your explanation. It sounds right to me!

  24. John Garza

    Usually videos with thousands of hits have some dislikes. Most of the RJ vids I've looked at are all green with likes. Very nice and good to see!

  25. Bill Baer

    Nothing better...

  26. Shroomeryslearyfan

    Wow, cool!

  27. wilson mcphert


    Not sure about the actual lyrics, so I googled it and got the following:
    "It cause so many men wear an apron overhaul".
    But who knows? I kind of like 'apron overalls" and will continue to sing that!
    What does everyone else think it is?.

    christopher hanna

    wilson mcphert he means prison issue clothing garb by apron overalls

    Sol Barton

    It's "because so many men went apein' over her":

    "Apein'" or "apeing" is archaic slang for going crazy or acting stupid. The men went apeing over the woman, they all went crazy trying to pursue her.

  28. Peter Iacontino

    YOU SAID MISHEARD LYRIC, 'apron overall".
    I thought that is tha right lyric.
    If not, what is the right lyric ???

  29. sudo cat sda1 guy

    @apacer232 Actually it is fol in the original meaning of the word. The hippie era genre just stole the name

  30. massammas1

    My dad is a blues musician and he was playing this today

  31. Luka Renić

    @GoodbyeBieber2 Its not...this song is country blues....

  32. Luka Renić

    @GoodbyeBieber2 It is blues

  33. Adrian Langoni


  34. Pasquale Boffoli

    what a pure voice..great Robert! Thanks for post....