Robert Cray - Cry For Me Baby Lyrics

Well I've cried so much for you
Baby, there's nothing new

Well, I've cried so much for you
Baby that's nothing new

Now I wish I had one dollar
For all the times I've cried for you

Almost every night
I cry myself to sleep
Everybody else is happy
But I'll just weep, weep, weep

And these tears, tears, tears
Why won't they let me be?

Now I wish just once
You'd cry for me

Oh, yes!

Why should I remember?
How can I forget?
I wake up every morning
And my pillow is soaking wet

From these tears, tears, tears
Why won't they let me be?

Now I wish just once
You'd cry for me

Oh, yeah!


Yes, yes, yeah!

Cry for me

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Robert Cray Cry For Me Baby Comments
  1. Ron T

    Dang this an 12 year old boy are some of my fav Elmore tunes of all time and Robert does a great job with both!!

  2. Alan Jankowski

    He got nothing on Elmore James...

  3. Mark JK Lawrence

    I found Money at :)

  4. optionout

    This is an AWFUL rendition of Elmore James' version.

    Art Sells

    I'm glad for anyone who keeps this song alive.

  5. Nigel Cassidy

    If anyone has the footage of Buddy Guy playing 'money' at this same show, please put it up. It's the greatest thing i ever saw.

  6. sid77777

    superb! what a great video.... thanks.

  7. Donnie MorTone

    Elmore James

  8. Mary Ruuspakka


  9. Jarek

    @RogueElephant101 this is from a concert called 24 nights its from eric clapton there is a dvd avaiable but it doesnt have all the songs on it

  10. Derek Swanston

    l first saw this many moons ago on a bbc tv series called 'rock steady' buddy guy who is playing in the background along with eric does a great version of a tune called 'money' in the same concert, but l cant get that clip on utube.. thanks to the gent who put this footage online.. superb!

  11. jazzbass25

    Finding all these Cray vids..unbelievable..check the ending! outtasight....

  12. ghughes420

    elmore james

  13. christopaul

    I can't understand why this video isn't on general sale. If I'm right, This was taken from a TV broadcast. There was also a radio broadcast a couple of days earlier,( I've still got a copy of that) This concert was absolutley awsome. I would love a video of the night they put out on the radio.

  14. christopaul

    This was the gig that turned me onto the blues. Than you eric for introducing me to these fantastic musisians.

  15. Jon Gingell

    Thanks so much for posting this!

    Had this broadcast on Betamax a long time ago... great stuff.