Robbie Williams - My Fuck You To You Lyrics

Don't show your true colours
Let them lie follow someone else's dream
One day I'll look back at this and die
But you won't know what it means
To never see me

Did we sail you down river?
Do you run around all day avoiding mirrors?
Do you find comfort in the hate? I
S this abuse too late?
My heart's just bleeding for you
And this is my fuck you to you

By the time you were into my blood
I was all of seventeen
You were the light of my life
And the darkness in-between
Whatever that means

Did we sail you down river?
Do you run around all day avoiding mirrors?
Do you find comfort in the hate? I
S this abuse too late?
My heart's just bleeding for you
And this is my fuck you to you

I used to see you in my dreams
But I could not compete
Then you taught me the value
Of never losing sleep
How you sink like a home putting children on the street

Is it anger or sympathy
How I sail you down river?
But you must feel some disdain then I'll forgive you
All day long you are night
But I am vaguely right
My hearts just bleeding for you
This is a fuck you
This is my fuck you to you

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Robbie Williams My Fuck You To You Comments
  1. Asta Gim

    GREAT SONG!!!!♥️👍👌

  2. Xenia Lorenz

    Is it his house in the background?

  3. Emily Frasco

    He is so cute ♥️

  4. Jens Ohlson

    Fuck you to who?

    Johan Axelsson

    to you. It's right there in the title. :)

  5. Chay Se

    Much love to u Rob! xx

  6. Milan Kosa

    Генијално !!!

  7. Destination Generationx

    Robbies voice more mature is soothing. despite the message .. we love Robbie.. . my son has same name.. God bless Our Robbie.. PS Mr Williams this is a great song..
    we all felt this at one time D...

  8. Losers Reverse

    My heart is praying for you💖 😇😚

  9. No Body

    FEEL - FELL - FELT - FU2!

  10. Black Raine


  11. Sandra Borg

    How do you read my mind so many times and for so many years . Dam you for always singing my life right .

  12. Dave Roberts

    This is my Amazing to you and yours so this is a great To You RW Brilliantly sung

  13. Nina Carol

    OMG i love you 💜

  14. jaye boddy

    You say it best, great lyrics!😀🤗😇

  15. dean green

    Iconic voice, so unique and expressive

  16. Ben Cameron

    God-like Genius

  17. coolnout

    He looks like a taxi driver and can't sing. What the hell is wrong with you people?

  18. Axel Rønne Music Channel

    Great video !!!!! Sounds wonderful ...... :) Thank you for share this great song !!!

  19. Sunshine Love

    Smile, Robbie. Love your haircut. Beautiful Christmas 2018 and a Fabulous New Year 2019. All the very best. Love and Hugs and XOxoxoxoxoxoxo

  20. Milan Kosa

    Najubava pesna ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Graham Montgmoery

    Just for Nigel....He must have been one hell of a dickhead...Fair play Robbie...

  22. Rosi Haugg

    Wahnsinn diese Ähnlichkeit mit seinem Dad, Robbie

    Cemre Raikko

    I dont think they look like each other very much but I think their voices are similar.

  23. angelica galvan

    the best


    we would love to use this song for our documentary about the impact of unlimited social media on young peoples mental health. This would be an amazing addition, I love this. we want to get this into schools up and down the UK. Rob how would be go about getting this track in the film. Great work

  25. Milan Kosa

    Najubaa i najemotivna pesna sto sum ja cul do sea ❤️

  26. nita silva músicas Silva


  27. 5 втс

    Ты прекрасен,как всегда...По-русски-Вы прекрасны:)

  28. Maria Albenir


  29. Itschay sl

    Your music always give me so much love.. Your music make my life better. & i love ur voice. You're such an wonderful, strong, beautiful person. You're so precious, Rob. xx

  30. Verbs describe us

    let your light follow someone else's dreams - deep lyrics >)

  31. MrsRW

    Love it... x

  32. MAJESTY Gabriel Adrián Baglione

    i love you for ever My friend .

  33. Дмитрий Васильков

    I drink whiskey ... with you or ... for you...

  34. r qocayev


  35. Павел Трофименко


  36. rome sixer

    God like genius

  37. Adamor Sarmanho Neto

    fiz uma versão de ADVERTISING SPACE

  38. Adamor Sarmanho Neto

  39. lonewolf261000

    Robin Williams has been the GOAT ever since the 90's ( greatest of all time). She's the one still gives me chills

  40. Juergen Krause

    Will not say i was ever a fan. But i like his earlier songs. This one is real crap. Where is the good old Robbie been

  41. gari shepordd


  42. rocker

    Very Deep

  43. michaela nussie boswell

    thy will be done

  44. celeste aguirre

    Nos vemos el 10 de noviembre mi rey 😍

  45. el cejj

    Latinoamérica ❤❤❤❤

  46. Инокентий Аксельбрат

    Man, you r from steel. I know your biography, someone published it I forgot who, sorry)) Thank you from my friends and me may anyone)) Go to listen to my your favorite song Angels. Really)

  47. HarryS


  48. soullesss

    So Handsome



  50. sophia ellison

    Love him

  51. Simon Jäger

    Morrissey lookalike ?!

  52. Simon Jäger


  53. Char lotte

    It's a F..k you to drugs and addiction

  54. Willian Will

    Lovely Song!😊💗

  55. lemon yellow

    Looking forward to the end of 2018 and the next album

  56. lemon yellow

    Under The Radar volume 2 is a brilliant album

  57. Leah

    heartfelt and telling it like it is

  58. Celestina Ricci

    Ciao Robbie Williams Number One

  59. Matt

    This is my f*** you to you ,,,you non irrelevant singer.

    Johan Axelsson

    "non irrelevant"? That means that you think he is relevant, so this is my f*** you to you Matt!

  60. lena love

    Robbies big F**K YOU to ADDICTION. WELL DONE!

  61. Emilia _aok

    Handsomeeee 😍😍😍😍😍

  62. Emilia _aok


  63. Crazy Dee

    how the fuck have i just heard this going on Robbie lad

  64. jinge83gamer

    you are me hero!!! <3

  65. David Duarte

    You're the best, your music helps me when I'm sad and angry.

  66. Tina hauser

    UTR 2 is such a great album ❤️❤️❤️so damn blessed that you shared these great songs with us Rob ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  67. Ivcseu

    is it about TT and Barlow again? "By the time you were into my blood, I was all of seventeen... I used to see you in my dreams but I could not compete"

    Bogdan H

    It s about his addiction to cocaine. But yes, it's also very appropriate for realtionships.

  68. Catarina Aguiar

    Que sorriso safado!💗

  69. Jayme Johnson

    Broke the replay button :(

  70. David Lomidze

    FUCK 226 HATERS 3:)

  71. O Homem que Sonha


  72. AsifTML2

    Am Lost for words... That lyrics though👌 All time favorite singer, one of the best ever, legendary R.W 👍👍👍

  73. David Lomidze


  74. Andy Roo Calon FM

    Remind me to show you how to hold a cue properly son!!!

  75. Marlene Cirqueira


  76. Mirafal

    And this is my <> to you :D

  77. Anna-Maria Snigireva

    Gary meant?

    Anna-Maria Snigireva

    Man, you are unique. True. And honest. So a Buddha would be proud)) your own true way of being passed on would be highly appreciated by the ones who admire your path! U are a Star, not meaning celebrity, but One Who Gives Light.

  78. ntombozuko harmans

    the hells this underrated!!!

  79. Lynnie Heal

    #RobbieWilliams is a very talented musician.

  80. Je Dimarco

    U R amazing .. great song.

  81. Pablo Marchetti

    Buenaaaaa gordo!!!! sos un genio, mi ídolo!

  82. Csimár Kriszti Önéletrajz

    nagyon jó,! nagy gratuláció ! jó a fekete-fehér, mehet !

  83. Csimár Kriszti Önéletrajz

    Krisztina Csimar
    4 órája ·
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  84. pedra Bruta

    Lindo,amado!! Querido!!

  85. rome sixer

    This song has grown on me...the more I hear it the more I love it.

  86. novii srihanto


  87. mjTHbunny

    I love you, Robbie, but this song sucks like most of your songs since "Bodies". Your songs from the late 90s and early/mid 2000s are MUCH better. I miss this time when you made great/awesome music.
    I don't want to hurt you by saying that, I want you to make better music because I know you can. I want you to make awesome music again like in the late 90s and early/mid 2000s.

  88. Slash

    Haha crack up

  89. Micke Persson

    What ?! Why ?

    Celestina Ricci

    Robbie Williams? Robbie Williams Robbie Williams

  90. Poems About You

    Sad :0(



  92. Parkering Forbudt

    😍💙❤❤️ Great song!

  93. malcowicz

    Thank you for great album! Robbie you are my hero!

  94. Ximena Ramirez

    A beautiful love song...

  95. Elzbieta Jackowska

    Relax song :-)

    Elzbieta Jackowska

    I like song beautiful

  96. Светлана Шумай

    Your smile so cute