Rob Zombie - Call Of The Zombie Lyrics

And out of the darkness, the Zombie did call
True pain and suffering he brought to them all
Away ran the children to hide in their beds,
for fear that the devil would chop off their heads

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Rob Zombie Call Of The Zombie Comments
  1. Dick Penisman

    Nice double ads of women's shampoo before the video that you definitely don't own.

  2. Rodrigo Jaramillo

    Twisted metal 3 OST theme

  3. Savannah Wiseman

    When I was a kid we used the beginning in our annual Halloween haunted basement and it always terrified me! Now I know why there was an awkward gap though.....obviously we didn't play anything after the beginning

  4. Sarah Nicole

    I remember my mom played this in the car when I was still in a car seat. I slept with a pillow over my head until I was seven or eight because I thought the devil was going to kill me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Damian Lopez

    When I first heard this song it reminds me of carnival like the intro this song sounds very close

  6. JeepZJ 101


  7. Widows Spouse

    Chapter 1

  8. Quorthon Simijonovic

    My first time here. '-' 💀

  9. cody uren

    I was like 7 when this came out and my dad would play it in the basement while he was lifting. Now I do the exact same lol

  10. Tank 314

    Haven't listen to this since I was 5, damn I'm old.

  11. Ricky Ray

    This should’ve been the standout song from this album IMO instead of Dragula

  12. Juicy_pickles445

    My dad used to play this all the time and it used to scare the shit out of me at the begining

    Gabriel Horn

    My dad did too and my brothers and I recited the beginning every time word for word.😂 we loved this song. Plus it’s old as I am😂😂


    Same! But afterwards I loved the rest lol

    Courtney Marie

    Same!!! I have searched and searched and finally just found it. I think about it all the time.

  13. Fercho2021 Pérez

    2018 lml !!

  14. Silvar

    I find it strange that this sounds better than the official video and yet, this video is older.

  15. Travis Amburgey

    Twisted medal

  16. Dennis Fischer

    What about that intro ???

  17. M Pines

    Abraham Mateo tried cut u
    Abraham Mateo silent Hill
    Abraham Mateo chainsaw massacre
    Freddy kruger Abraham mateo

  18. richmond levin

    classic for the future truth

  19. xo Kiss xo

    😍the best

  20. RockNight

    twisted metal 3 un clasico

  21. Stasia Maynard

    Idk y but I just love these songs they r just so amazing

  22. TS Sweets

    This was awesome but creepy when I was a kid (first grade so like 6 or 7) when my aunt and uncle would play it in the car for me and my brother and their daughter. Lol.

  23. notyoursavior78

    I played this at bars with random people I met there who dug it, those were some of the best times and I was so drunk too lol Also for the video gamers out there this song was in Twisted Metal 3, it was a crap game....but Twisted Metal 4 was better and you could play as Rob Zombie

  24. April Cohoe

    damn I miss this song I used listen to this when I was 13 yrs old I think now I'm 27.

    Jason Barry

    Literally same.


    Hold on, you THINK you’re 27? aren’t certain?


    Good thing I went to school


    You only think that your 27??????

  25. drsnowmon

    This would be a perfect walkout song for the Korean Zombie

  26. jamie in chains

    I was a child and I loved Call of The Zombie, maybe that's why I'm so fucking weird.

    jamie in chains

    @Terminal Cancer
    Am I freaking out?

    Terminal Cancer

    @jamie in chains no

    Brittany R Miller

    jamie in chains i did too lol i used sing it to my grandparents and they were like wtf are letting my grandaughter listen to lol

    Winter Nightshade

    Me too. It was my favorite as a kid.

    The Virgin Mary

    jamie in chains it is


    I thought it was HELL YEAH.
    HELL YEAH i'm the savage beast!😠

  28. Danny Augusta

    Twisted Metal!!!! Nostalgia!

  29. PuLsar Seven

    anyone here from FiftyGrand and Kellbender?

  30. The Little Painter

    bleave it or not this music makes me happy

    Beverly Davis

    The Little Painter me to


    Some of us have good memories while jamming this. Playing twisted metal is a good example.

    Jeremy Eaton

    Believe it or not, this is a GREAT song to fuck to.

    Zachary Valentine

    same anything that involves death and upbeat music is my type of song

    Angry Little Toe

    I "bleave" you should read a dictionary.

  31. Joel Holmes


    LivinDeadGurl Zombie

    Joel Holmes I'm a seizure beast.

  32. Santiago circus mosh

    vea pus yo no sabia que rob zombie era metal industrial severo :)

  33. Jeffery L

    Saw Rob Zombie two days for the first time!! He puts one hell of a show on!!

  34. Robert Arispe

    Birdhouse skate video anybody Jeremy Klein nosepick on that big ass bank to ledge anybody ?

  35. Dave30867

    if only the dead could dance  \m/

  36. Justin Baugh

    ahhh this brings me back...

  37. Holo Gram


  38. Hannah Rizzo

    the bennging was creppy as hell

    Alexa Thoele

    The beginning was amazing

    Kaley Hager

    Haha I have been saying the beginning since I was 3 I'm 15 now lol it's my line

  39. Spicky

    old school head banging at its best

  40. Crazy Curt

    Brings back memories of Twisted Metal 3. :D

    Taylor Felts

    Crazy Curt this one was on the 4th game, his meet the creeper song was on 3. Rob Zombie and Twisted Metal always mixed well together, you could even play as Rob Zombie on the 4th game. I loved it, I still play them. lol

    Crazy Curt

    Taylor Felts No, this was in the 3rd game. You hear it when you play the Hollywood level.

    Logan Campos

    Crazy Curt they should make the movie already

    Robert Arispe

    Twisted Metal 3 hell yeah!!!!



  42. Valhallen

    This album is the only one i actually own. Love it.

  43. TheCollecter 4U

    yup from twisted metal : )

  44. TheresAFungusAmongUs

    and out of the darkness the zombie did call, true pain and suffering he brought to them all, away ran the children to hide in their beds, for fear that the devil would chop off their heads


    +zombiekid789 Only just realized it's Sheri saying that, can't believe I was that slow on the uptake, been listening to it for years!!!

  45. Scherbyetz

    I fap to this music

    Corpse Grinder

    You too?


    @SynagogueOfSatan1 si senor

  46. PureBloodedVladimir

    Hell yeah! I would listen to this beast on my way to football. He got me so pumped.

  47. Yeah Its Jess

    Story of my life.

  48. Hitman1m1


    Join Us On Facebook,
    And heavymetalhitman Dot Calm

  49. lombax5pwn4

    i was brought up with rob zombie and other heavy metal until i was 8 and my parents went all im all sorts of messed up !!! only the superbeast can fix me now :)

  50. Jesse Saretzky

    Don't you mean SUPERBEAST!

  51. Frederik Claeyssens

    I'm happy for you!
    Black Sabbath has got some quality music up their sleeves.
    Just like White Zombies ofc. (:

  52. A Pennington

    If I may intrude, I'd like to voice my opinion that you must have had an awesome childhood. My parents were feeding me Black Sabbath and White Zombie while I was still in diapers, and it was great. High five for parents with great taste in music!

  53. Elizabeth Ortega

    This song is BEAST. It never gets old!

  54. Sam isa

    I call troll shenanigans! Leave me my uninteresting past! I thought it was funny so decided to comment, but what did you expect to find in the comments? The explanation of the lyrics?
    p.s. me taking 2 months to respond didn't have any meaning. I just rarely check my email and happened to see that I got a reply on a random comment I made...

  55. Chris Yarborough

    Fuck yeah!

  56. aleryou1

    Hey yeah im the Superbeast lml

  57. taylor ayze

    I love the children will hide underneath their bed fear that the devil will chop off their heads haah

  58. ken lanouette

    I was 8 when it came out and I loved it so much , the Dead will Raise again


    i know, i know. i just dont like it when everyone only comes here and says what game brought them here

  60. Rebel Black

    some people get up set when they see someone have more than one
    thumbs up

  61. Rebel Black

    LOL well stealing that line by the way

  62. Sam isa

    Apparently you do considering you took the time to comment ;)

  63. Sam isa

    Dude, I made the comment two months ago. What is the point in saying that? I don't see you saying that to all the other people that said something like "this was my favorite song when I was ____"

  64. willcaputo1

    saw this yesterday at Scranton. fuckin awesome

  65. esteban merlo


  66. AyZeD

    My favourite shit when I was about 13, this and korns old shit is what made me the metalhead I am today \m/

  67. Bronydom22

    Nigga... Da Hell iz you on?

  68. Bronydom22

    The Pentagram was adopted in the 50s and 60s by the Church of Satan and the Wiccan religion. Therefore, it is not Satanic by nature, it's just an old symbol whose meaning was made up by man.

    Btw, if Rob Zombie is Satanic, then Johnny Cash is Rap.

  69. Bronydom22

    Marry me?


    no, this is heavy metal

  71. ThePiePenguin

    "you face" What are you even talking about? Go away.

  72. Shub Negroroth

    I personally don't give a fuck, but a surprising amount of people do so. . . that's cool. . . I guess.

    Anyway, MAYHEM FEST!

  73. IGattsI

    i played twisted metal so fucking much XD

  74. RustyDarkSky

    i give a fuck i love rob zombie

  75. Aly Amr

    Noone gives a fuck.

  76. JCI1990

    twisted metal introduced me to this guy as kid

  77. twofoodstamps

    lol thanks for that laugh, I need that XD

  78. MenIn Black

    Your in a world of shit then? GOTTA CHOSE A SIDE MUTHAFUCKAS!! cant just sit in the middle and think nothing is gonna happen WHO YOU GONNA TURN TO WHEN GOOD AND EVIL CLASH! an the people that try to stay in the middle are gonna die! in the near future. . .

  79. MenIn Black


  80. Epic_gameing_network

    Well then...

  81. ThePiePenguin

    Minecraft is shit, you're shit. Piss off :)

  82. Bruno Travassos

    Ahhh, the Tainted Coil.

  83. Brutal

    Rob Zombie is about as twisted and wicked yet still awesome as you can get.... man, I can't get enough of this!

  84. twofoodstamps

    I never said I wasn't now did I?

  85. Epic_gameing_network

    Nobody cares :)

  86. TheBlueDog228

    Well that sound self righteous, judging whom that judge...your no better it would seem by logic.

  87. twofoodstamps

    666 is also the human races number not just satans 777 is gods number, but before you go into a tirade i dont be know whether god exists or not, but i do know most people who are religious are so self righteous it makes me sick and im including the atheist religion

  88. Shark Bait

    OMG lol! :)

  89. john jones


  90. jman18345

    I'm not a cod fan I just like zombies.

  91. john jones

    glad to meet another cod fan my comment got too many bad votes

  92. tommyt1971

    The guys from GS are WICCANS.

  93. tommyt1971

    The pentagram isn't always a symbol of Satanism. It was also considered symbolic of the number 5, which Pythagoras thought ID'd equality in the human body. And there are many other interpretations, not just Satanism. So, please, read a bit about something before you start mouthing off about it.

    And knowing Rob, he's simply using it for theatrical effect.

  94. jman18345

    -__- that was the joke

  95. Björn viðar Aðalsteinsson

    everyone knows godsmackis a christian band its stupid to call them satanic. but its not that rediculous with rob zombie have you even takena look at the lyrics or even the album covers or have you even gon live with rob.