Rivers, Johnny - Swayin' To The Music Lyrics

It's late at night and we're all alone,
just the music on the radio.
No one's comin', no one's gonna telephone.
Just me and you and the lights down low.

We're slow dancin', swayin' to the music.
slow dancin', just me and my girl.
Slow dancin', swayin' to the music.
no one else in the whole wide world,

Just you, girl.

And we just flow together when the lights are low,
Shadows dancin' all across the wall.
Music's playin' so soft and slow
The rest of the world's so far away and small, when...

[Repeat chorus]

Hold me, oh hold me, no, never let me go.
And as we dance together in the dark,
So much love in this heart of mine.
Whisper to me, hold me tight.
You're the one I thought I'd never find,
And now...

[Repeat chorus]

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Rivers, Johnny Swayin' To The Music Comments
  1. sromodent

    Gracias, lo máximo

  2. sandra evason

    Beautiful song reminds me when I was 16 dancing with my then boyfriend who 60 years later I still can’t forget love you always

  3. Christine Zikowitz

    How romantic

  4. Christine Zikowitz

    Beautiful song creates a good mood

  5. Brenda Orvis Shay

    Great song from John River! ♥️

  6. John 2 Sioch

    Grab hold tight that lovely lady and stop the world spinning just gazing into each other eyes Love ya Mary👁️🔥💕

  7. Mary Betz

    Love ❤️ his music. He is great 👍.

  8. robert wolf

    This song takes me back to my freshman year in high school.

  9. Laura LEsperance

    I grew up listening to Johnny Rivers.....My first record I bought of his was "Slow Dancing"

  10. Christina Escajeda

    Be happy ♡♡

  11. Lawrence Ahern

    Hold ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Mark Swasey

    All time best song for me!

  13. James. Klknn Klknnbsnell

    When my daughter was just a few months old it was hard to get her to fall asleep - every night I came home from work I sang this song to her to put her to sleep. Still some of the best nights of my life , rocking my beautiful baby girl to sleep with such a wonderful song . I'll always fondly remember that time of my life. They grow up so fast .

  14. Brandon Lee

    The best!

  15. Lecia Coronado

    January 2020

  16. Stephen Whiteman

    A Great Song

  17. tilog

    I love Johnny Rivers, but didn't realize he sang this song. Great voice.

  18. Peter Macias

    On 3/7/2020 it will be 15 yrs of marriage and I will be slow dancin with my hunny bunny.

  19. Buck Wild Productions

    Couple's skate at the skating rink a million years ago! lol


    An oldie but a goodie memories❤

  21. Robert Cudlipp

    Still loving in 2020 and forever!

  22. Debra Parkerson

    Nothing but good old music...
    Much love an respect
    I hear human voices, be apart in helping put an end to this small group...
    Georgia 🍑

  23. I’m A Tiny Tiger

    I’m not old enough to be married but this song. I have never. Ever. Cried over a song so much in my entire life. This song. My dad used to sing this to me every night before bed and we would slow dance together. And I remember having to stand up on my bed so that I’d be tall enough to hug him. And now this song just means so much to me. I grew up with this song. Hearing it for the first time in probably about ten years really just hit me like a sack of bricks. I hope one day I can sing this to whomever I get married to and make it an even more special song

  24. RGC2005

    Champs Roller Rink, Louisville.1979. Best couples skate song ever.

  25. Diana Hayse

    To someone special...being in your arms dancing would be so..... Just being with you...

  26. Jessica Cowan

    Beautiful song, Jesus brought us this one.

  27. Billie Shackleton

    Got Married 2007 my husband played this song wow when I hear it my heart feels so warm on the inside♡

  28. Logan McCarrell

    Beautiful Song Thank You Johnny for all the Great music.

  29. Peggie Ellis


  30. joaorolimdesouza rolim

    música linda... muito linda.

  31. Brenda Orvis Shay

    Brings back the young years when life was easy ♥️

  32. Joe Pitt

    That was some great make out music back in the day.

  33. David Ralph

    I kissed Jane L. Listening to this song back in 1977!

  34. Mavis Rogers

    I listened to this song for the first time in 1979. loved it then, love it now.

  35. Alice Parsley

    Me and Mike Pelfrey ❤❤

  36. Alice Parsley

    I grew up to this. Love, love, love me some Johnny Rivers...

  37. Ginny Vapes

    My all time favorite easy listening song.

  38. Joseph Halecki

    Meaning ..correction .sorry

  39. Joseph Halecki

    The...music..was..songs .with .mraning .and..sentiment

  40. Brian Currier

    If I had a honey here, I would be dancing to this, for sure!!!!

  41. Gr33n 3ggs

    January 1, 2020.
    Have not heard this in about 40years......
    Damn, do I miss my childhood of the 1970's.
    Not this nightmare world of the 21st century.

  42. Angela Coldwell

    So many memorable nights dancing in the kitchen with Jason, the love of my life❤forever in my heart💔



  44. pedro benicio de aquino


  45. A Armstrong

    💃🏼🚶🏻👣🎶slow dancin'

  46. joaorolimdesouza rolim


  47. No Name

    Bringing this one into 2020. And beyond. Timeless classic. Cant believe how perfect this fit into the most memorable night of my new life

  48. No Name

    Sweet home. I stink at this. Cant work so ial media very well. Hops you are well. I got stories if you have time. I have time to listen too.

  49. No Name

    Made this first verse happen on Christmas eve. Havnt seen this beautiful woman for 22 years!!! Facebook thank you for changing the rest of my life. Second d chances r for real. I'm not losing her again.

    No Name

    Flow together..... exactly. This guy knows his shit!!!!

  50. joaorolimdesouza rolim

    sem dúvida uma das canções mais linda que eu já ouvi.

  51. Mark Mayr

    Another "Eternal" song . . .

  52. Ronald Brezenski

    Moment in time which hearts beat to the next kiss ... Great times to a teenage lost in dreams

  53. Mike Davenport

    A lifetimes worth of love is in this song for myself and my deceased husband !thank you !

    Mike Davenport

    I'm a woman.but my phone only works under my daughter's boyfreinds facebook.mine is always hacked .

  54. Mike Davenport

    Luv this song

  55. 43Juliet

    danced this at a wedding with HS BF he took my face in his hands and kissed me the best kiss EVER in front of the world I still can feel it. I still love him

  56. wilson89001

    You can't stay that bad mood listening to this song. Love it.

  57. joaorolim rolim

    fecho os olhos e retorno aos anos 80

  58. Lorax Waters

    My favorite song in couples skate at EDRU roller rink gosh miss those good old days!!! 💕

    joaorolim rolim

    Lorax kiss😚

  59. Michael FrohnFrohn

    I’m here... born in 76 , wish the care and love would come back in the world like it was then

  60. Charles Johnson

    A song that makes me cry every time I hear it

    Charles Johnson

    It's a love song and it says so much wish I had a good girl to share it with

  61. Ana Paula Gomes Coura

    Como gosto desse tipo de musica

  62. Frank Springer

    Boy I do remember slow dancing to this, anyone remember what year was this out?

  63. Mike Davenport

    Now this song is lovely!

    Mike Davenport

    Think what you will but I'm a female .

  64. robin browne

    Nam was over but still flying in Laos and Cambodia.

    ellen munson

    You ok?      Hope so.       This music brings back a lot of memories.

  65. Phoebe Fugate

    Johnny Rivers ,slow Dancing ,love this ,he can sing anything ,so good looking ,I want him for Christmas Please Santa ,,,,Lol

  66. Mike Hancock

    I'm hear listening so many good songs never get played on the radio anymore!🤨🤔😖😥

  67. Gelson Fernando

    ...Johnny Rivers...Voz única e incomparável...Fecho os olhos e lembro da minha adolescência...Época de amor, romantismo...Só quem viveu sabe e entende exatamente o que estou falando...

  68. Mickey Bowser


  69. Raymond Marchand

    I love this song! Thank You!

  70. Mitch May

    Jr. High SLOW dances ;-)

  71. Tammy Landis

    My honey and I always dance to this. Who else is out there in december 2019?

    Mark DeLang

    Same here Donna Celebrating 30 Xmas together

    Norbert Bissonette

    Right on as to the feeling. I just melt.

    trey voyles

    I was born on 1985 and I listen to this song... but I was born in the wrong decade though.

    trezz8 fosho

    January 2020

    Always In my heart

    Here on January 3, 2020!

  72. Canal do Magiolli Caetano

    Slow dancing ever,ever...


    MY Dear 1.......UUURRR song's
    Is sooo meaningful to UUUSSS
    Thank UUU MY DARLING for seeing UUUSSS THRU.
    💘 ALWAAAYS*******€

  74. Mark Hall

    This is a suck face butt-fondling song if ever one was...

  75. Terry Griffiths

    Johnny Rivers should be in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

    Terry Foote

    They were too busy letting garbage acts in

  76. Daemon Whitebeard

    I'm old enough to remember when this song was new music. Granted, I was a child then. Love the song.

  77. Jenny Smith

    Beautiful Love Song

  78. Donna Spradlin

    Beautiful memories

  79. Cynthia's Channel

    One great cha cha song from 1977...

  80. Chris Clark

    I think Smokey Robinson recorded this song too. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  81. Robert Putnam

    Smooth as silk

  82. Phoebe Fugate

    Totally in love with Johnny Rivers ,so good looking ,,this song Blows me away slow Dancing ,whole me never let me go ,that my Guy

  83. Pattie Dillon

    wow I love this song i first heard it back when I was 16

  84. Alesia Bradley

    Always had a crush on him

  85. Janet Dall

    Under the blankets at bed time pretending to be asleep with my radio on up to my ear so scared I would miss my favourite song if I went to sleep..

  86. Keith Kubo

    Johnny Rivers
    One of the Best Ever

  87. Terry Hurst

    One of the great love songs of all time. I remember listening to this and many other songs on my friend (Steve Nourse) 's car 8 track - unbelievable music. Nothing to compare to it in today's so-called music. But I 'm probably just old.

  88. Jeffrey Richardson

    linda and brian
    jean and catherine tears crying
    mister welch buying

  89. Bryan Mcwhite

    2019 Rules forever. I'm Johñny river s and all the singers they play on Kbek forever promise to god. Steve Fikes Steve Perry of journey and all the singers they play on Kool 108 forever promise to god. Bye 👋 now.

  90. Laura Pacheco


  91. Warren Jacks

    The Mark of a Artist who stands the Test of Time is in his Voice. There are perhaps only a few dozen Singers that are recognized INSTANTLY from the first few notes of the Sound of his/her Voice. Johnny is one of those Immortal Talents.

  92. Ron Myers

    I was 13 when this great song came out. Still a bit young and no girl yet. But I could dream. Would surely dance to it today. Just me and my girl.

  93. frank stina

    I had a super crush on a womani she was tall, slender beautiful brown hair .big blue eyes, it was sometime in the early 8os.Havent seen her since,

  94. Celso Bezerra da Silva

    Bela canção e que transmite muito sentimento, Jhonny Rivres é incomparável...

  95. Randy Cable

    This next skate will be ladies choice couples only. Man so many great memories.

  96. Tammy Landis

    I listen to this song all the time..just me and my honey. Slow dancing

  97. Bennetta White

    (😃😃Wonderful song.😍😍

  98. Dale Harapat

    Romantic piece of heaven, this song is great love song....Johnny knew how to make any song breathe and come alive.

  99. Leilani Ku'uipo

    So loved being raised in the 70's. Childhood was misery but, music keeps us so alive :) Everyone be Blessed :)