Rivermaya - All For You Lyrics

Seems like it’s gonna rain again
Is it not gonna end?
Does it take a little while?
To target what happened
To remember how it used to be
A book of memories
A tale of yesteryears

It’s going to be fine
Everything’s gonna be alright
It took the wind out of our sails
But we are not off the air
An era under one’s belt

This is not a sad song
I have had enough for one day
What is right?
What is wrong?
I have nothing more to say

A venture into twilight
You have always been the bright side
Now it’s my turn to give up pride
What once was is still here to take a breath of fresh air
Predicament lingers
It has never stopped us before
We’re indebted by your support
An era under one’s belt
Take on the world once again

Sure, it’s going to be quite a ride
And it’s up to you if you want to be by my side
But if you decide to hold on to my hand
I won’t give promises
No more promises
For you already hold my heart

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