Riverdale Cast - Seventeen (Reprise) Lyrics

Listen up folks, war is over

Brand new sheriff's come to town

We are done with acting evil
We will lay our weapons down

We're all damaged, we're all frightened
We're all freaks, but that's all right

We'll endure it, we'll survive it
Martha, are you free tonight?

I can't promise no more Heathers

High school may not ever end

Still, I miss you. I'd be honored
If you'd let me be your friend

My friend
We can be 17
We can learn how to chill
If no one loves me now
Someday somebody will

We can be 17
Still time to make things right
We want a better world
So why not start tonight?

Let's go be 17
Take off my shoes and dance
Act like we're all still kids
'Cause this may be our final chance

Always be 17
Celebrate you and I
Maybe we won't grow old
And maybe then we'll never die
We'll make it beautiful
We'll make it beautiful

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Riverdale Cast Seventeen (Reprise) Comments
  1. irini gantziaa

    do these people not know what dynamics are?-

    [The producers, not the actors FYI]

  2. ItsAydenOk?YT

    No one:
    Not even a soul:
    Not even the heathers cast:
    Josie: *We’ll enDUrEre it!*

    Like is no one talking about the voice crack, I’m dead!!

  3. rachelle de Haan

    Listen up folks
    War is over
    Brand new sheriff's come to town
    We are done with acting evil
    We will lay our weapons down
    We're all damaged, we're all frightened
    We're all freaks but that's alright
    We'll endure it, we'll survive it
    Martha, are you free tonight?

    I can't promise no more Heathers
    High school may not ever end
    Still, I miss you, I'd be honored
    If you'd let me be your friend

    My friend

    We can be seventeen
    We can learn how to chill
    If no one loves me now
    Someday somebody will
    We can be seventeen
    Still time to make things right
    We want a better world

    So why not start tonight
    Let's go be seventeen
    Take off our shoes and dance
    Act like we're all still kids
    Cause this may be our final chance!
    Always be seventeen
    Celebrate you and I
    Maybe we won't grow old

    And maybe then we'll never die
    We'll make it beautiful
    We'll make it beautiful

  4. brøken. vïbeż

    I use to hate this musical. Until I found out the true concept, I love this last scene. Cause it shows, the kids want their world to be better, but can't cause of all the shit that happens in Riverdale. And they just want to be regular kids and enjoy their lives, but can't, and their parents can't quite see it, but they still feel their kids emotions. Which is why they never clapped.

    Also, CAN PEOPLE PLEASE STOP HATING ON THIS MUSICAL! Like, the Riverdale cast aren't Broadway Performers! They are actors, they are actor's that play on a show! Not on Broadway! And plus, maybe the Riverdale Writers wanted to change stuff up, to make it more sense.

    So stop hating, I bet you wouldn't be able to accomplish making two musicals. But I'm glad, that the actors tried to do their best at making, Carrie, and Heather's. So be grateful, that the Riverdale Actors at least make Riverdale a fun experience, and not such a dark and twisty show, since that's how Riverdale is supposed to be.

  5. Vixx _Tee05

    Why is everyone analysing the end, the end of Heathers is where all the cast come out and bow and shit that’s what the end was.

  6. Nicole Hennings

    after this I can finally go back to the good version

  7. MiloGrande 143

    The soundtrack it amazing but the episode wasn't :(

  8. horrorific

    Ok I live heathers and I like riverdale but this episode had no sense to it there was no reason for this episode unless Betty and jughead was going to go against his parent or his mom but this musical thing has no meaning. But it is just a show and that is all.


    By live I meant love idk why my phone keeps on changing love to live

  9. Dip Shit

    "Listen op folks, war is over"
    OG Heathers fans: "OH NO BABY, IT JUST STARTED!"

  10. Kami 13

    Cuanto amo esta canción

  11. Real Jotaro Kujo

    Oh god, you can hear the auto tune in the song..

  12. Lucy M

    They missed out by not doing Meant to Be Yours or Blue...

  13. Vivienne White

    That note at 0:17 though... 🤭

    Vivienne White

    Also, what happened 2:27-2:29? That feedback is not cash money.

  14. cathi chandler

    i hate you

  15. I am Kathleen

    Am I the only onw bothered with Josie's voice? I mean

  16. lksdmtngaming

    Ironic they have Jughead say "Brand new sheriff's come to town" since the new sheriff was FP

  17. Picochu 7

    It´s finally over! WOOHOO! But it seems Martha suceeded in Kindergarten Boyfriend, which is saddening. But, here´s my opinion:
    The actors can act, but not sing.
    The lyric changes are cancerous.
    The music changes are bad.
    I lost my will to live.

  18. Pamela mencia

    OMG Coleeeeeee

  19. Luci

    Easily a 3rd place song for the rendition. Its very powerful and strong. I cant really describe it lol. 8/10

  20. olivia

    riverdale vs. illegal heathers
    ultimate battle

    Crystal Rainboom

    Olivia Mantero XD

  21. Horselover1081

    edgar: *starts clapping*

  22. Cartoons and Anime Rock

    Wait who is playing who in the episode?
    Betty-heather D
    Veronica-Heather M
    Cheryl-Heather C
    Sweet pea-Jd
    But who is Archie,reggie,Toni,jughead,Ethel playing

    Jonathan Gayle

    Archie is Kurt Kelly
    Reggie is Ram Sweeney
    Toni is Martha/ Ms. Flemming
    Jughead isn't in the play, but was included in the performance
    Ethel was not in the play

    Cartoons and Anime Rock

    Jonathan Gayle Oh okay thank you

    Jonathan Gayle

    @Cartoons and Anime Rock you're welcome

    Vixx _Tee05

    Betty - Heather D
    Veronica - Heather M
    Cheryl - Heather C
    Sweet pea - JD
    Archie - Kurt or Ram
    Reggie - Kurt or Ram
    Toni - Martha (Maybe) or just choreographer
    Evelyn - Martha (Maybe)
    Jughead - *MOTHER F-ING JUGHEAD*

  23. Lindsey Bradley

    Stop hating!! Y’all don’t spend y’alls time and money and effort into making these!! Chill out, this soundtrack is amazing!!

    Lindsey Bradley

    Sarah Tilgner well you can call me childish but I’m not I understand people have opinions and people love to tell them but hating on something that took someone time and effort to do is pointless. Idc that people are hating but they tried to make it work for their network and somewhat kid friendly so of course they changed things but nothing is as good as the original. As I said before it’s not your production, not your company, not your “skills” to make happen; then don’t say anything or “snap back” at my comment when I was saying in the first place there is no need to hate on it because it wasn’t you who made it and not the one who needs to hear comments from a disapproving crowd that can’t open up to different versions or changes to things!!

    Sarah Tilgner

    @Lindsey Bradley I agree that hating on things that take time and effort to produce is a waste of energy, but if a majority is speaking out against the quality of something, it is worth listening to, even if you may not agree and even if some of it is harsh.

    Personally, I do have these experiences under my belt. I've worked in and around musical theatre for well on 6 years now, both in production and performance. I know the work that goes into these things, and I can definitively say that the Riverdale "Heathers" episode could have been much better than it was. It is not hate to point that out, nor is comparing an homage, adaptation or cover of something to its original when it lacks something essential.

    At the end of the day, everyone has their own experiences that inform their opinions, and will no matter what you or I say. That's just the way things are.

    Lindsey Bradley

    Sarah Tilgner okay, I mean I have theater experience too, like I have done shows and been crews for them so Ik how things go and happen and I understand the hate, but there is no point in bashing them for doing something that fans asked them to do!! I mean they did that show for the fans because they loved Carrie so much so why complain when they gave you what you were asking!! Also Ik nothing is going to change from what you or I say but that doesn’t mean bashing and hating and all this other shit to people who did what you asked them to do!

    tehe hey

    *this is to the hate comment replies not the original commenter* just because it was changed from the heathers episode the actors singing the songs aren’t known really for singing and they really tried and it wasn’t bad. give some respect to kj apa who had to sing in a different accent, lily who had a beautiful voice, cole for actually singing, the whole cast worked hard on this and it is for a school play in the show. a school play. can every one stop hating on it the music isn’t bad maybe the episode layout is but don’t come here to shit on the hard work they put out.

    Lindsey Bradley

    tehe hey thank you I’m glad you understand where I’m coming from!!

  24. Trixie Box

    I think they really did a bad job with this Heathers Episode... with Carrie they did a great job but no please this is not good at all

  25. Angel Lpl

    I'm seventeen again

  26. Dance Moms Divas

    Ok I’m confused. At the beginning, Sweet pea said he was J.D. BUT, during the reprise, why does Jughead have on J.D’s costume???

    Vixx _Tee05

    Dance Moms Divas Jughead has on a Jughead costume

  27. Mayo_Cat

    I'm happy they didn't ruin meant to be urs

  28. Lucy Gregory

    "Martha, are you free tonight?"



    Confused about it too. My best guess is because of the character Martha from Heathers the Musical, but yet they've changed all the lyrics for riverdale, so IDFK lol


    We see them at the end after performing the musical, so they were in character for this reprise.

    Bad_EditzZ _

    They didn’t even cast anyone for martha because all the 20 year olds they cast as high schoolers are too “gOod LoOkiNg” to play martha lol. So they just kept that line in even without a martha to answer.

  29. Darius Burlacu

    Lyrics someone?


    @Jonathan Gayle thank you

    Jonathan Gayle

    @brianna you're welcome

    Wayne C

    @Jonathan Gayle it bothers me so much that you spelled now wrong but thanks for the lyrics lol

    Jonathan Gayle

    Wayne C lol

  30. Luiza Martins Vieira


  31. Generic Username

    🎵I can’t promise no more Heathers🎵

  32. r //

    i'm only here to enjoy the music lmao

  33. Lucifer

    Martha, are you free tonight?

    *No response*

    I guess she's dead

    Jason Dean


    ThatGuyDylan _

    Misaki sorry Martha could come to the phone right now. Why? Because she jumped off a cliff

    Anna Without

    No, Martha, I thought you survived that bridge. Katie Ladner you liar!

    Vivienne White

    This is the best comment on this video.

  34. Angel Vladich

    This Song Fits perfectly with the Show it's representing they all went through so much and want a better world.


    So true i 100% agree

    Heather Chandler

    But the Song isnt shitty...

  35. Strawbatorielle

    This part of the episode was my favourite. I cried. You can see what the kids of Riverdale want and how it affects their lives. They miss their childhood. It really hurt to watch. It was so beautiful. And this is coming from an og fan of Heathers

    Ismino Pierogin

    I 100% agree, I don't get it why everyone around is bitching about this episode being so bad... I mean, I don't think Riverdale cast are singing professionals (idk about Ashleigh though). Also no one seems to understand that this was not supposed to be the original Heathers the Musical performed by the actors of Riverdale - THIS MUSICAL AND ITS SONGS HAVE BEEN ADAPTED TO FIT THE DAMN SHOW AND WHOEVER HAS A PROBLEM WITH THIS PLEASE STOP RUINING THE EXPERIENCE FOR OTHERS. There are people who don't know Heathers, y'know? And everyone going "oMg mY p00r HeATheRs" makes themselves look stupid to those people. Don't like it? Stop watching Riverdale, if it's so bad. Just don't ruin the show for people who want to keep watching it.
    Okay this turned into quite a lecture, I think, but I just wanted to express my opinion.



    probably crying

    @Ismino Pierogin I actually stopped watching the show a long while ago cause I found it to be trash, just my opinion, and after listening to this soundtrack i'm uhh thoroughly disappointed. Even if it wasnt supposed to be based off of the musical Heathers, I found the rare harmonies and strange background music to be just a major letdown, not even the characters voices. In fact, I commend the characters for singing, although next time a tiny bit more emotion would be appreciated, i'm just disappointed in the producers, who could have made this stellar sounding, regardless of whether it was close to the original Heathers or not. If you do compare it to the original, it does none of the songs any justice except maybe two, which I actually quite liked, other than that, yeah i'm just disappointed

    Natalie Egan

    Ismino Pierogin PREACH

    Extremegayman :D

    Could they be worried people who hear this would think bad of the actual musical?

  36. Benny

    this is pure shit

    tehe hey

    Donner Grace that’s a little rude i actually really enjoy the singing even though it isn’t the same as the og heathers musical

  37. lamine428

    Hey no one died this episode


    Michael Humphrey its a character from heathers that they didn’t include


    itzMaria oh


    The trailer died :’(

    Lucy M

    @RiverdaleGang 87 God u have to say Ice Cream! (Snack is a bad word)

  38. Art3mis

    I love that Cole/Jughead sings "brand new Sherrif's come to town" and his Dad, FP, actually is the (quite) new Sherrif in Riverdale

    grace heriegel

    what did i just read

    Olivia Crockett

    grace heriegel 😂😂

    Knuxx Chae

    Yeah the only sheriff that is also a criminal

    Elana Hochbaum

    @grace heriegel same 😂😂


    I'm really confused on what I just read here in the replies

  39. Capivara do mal

    Subtitles in portuguese please again

  40. Joshua Jackson 2

    I love that last beautiful though!

  41. Peggy Schuyler

    This didn’t make sense. First of all the don’t have a Martha. Kurt, Ram, Heather C. and J.D are all suppose to be dead.


    And Jughead isn’t even apart of the cast. I dont think it was meant so much to be part of the musical but it was to send a message to the parents and to be in context with Riverdale. That’s why they take of their costumes and are in their own clothes.

    grace heriegel

    Julia Fajardo the point of the musical was to show the vulnerability of the characters


    Hania Baranowska no toni was ms fleming

    Lancie A

    Well at this point J.D is supposed to be dead in the original, but I get what you mean

    Vixx _Tee05

    xCryBaby That sentence was confusing

  42. kidflashgirl123

    Cole singing is a mood

  43. Carla_ Box

    This episode is the poorest attempt to make heathers I would go to say the illegal heathers is as bad

    Mystic ——

    let’s be honest illegal Heathers is way better than this lol

    pepto bismol!

    don't diss illegal heathers like this



  44. ThatGuyDylan _

    In context of the musical it’s self, this scene doesn’t make much sense because the beginnings between Veronica and Martha but they also didn’t have a Martha so that’s a problem... anyway.... I also like how Coles voice shines through a lot out of the guys part.

    Fuck My Life

    ELA 426 Ik and I agree. I was just saying they sang Seventeen Reprise like that to make a big statement on how they want to be normal.

    Fuck My Life

    Dance Moms Divas Ik, But Toni played the Character Betty

    Fuck My Life

    Dance Moms Divas also Betty was Heather Duke. Veronica was Heather M

    Lucy M

    @Chloe Gordon curtain call with jughead. not even in the cast

    Vixx _Tee05

    ThatGuyDylan _ Evelyn played Martha I think either her or Toni.