Riverdale Cast - Lifeboat Lyrics

I float in a boat
In a raging black ocean
Low in the water
And nowhere to go
The tiniest lifeboat
With people I know

Cold, clammy, and crowded
The people smell desperate
We'll sink any minute
So someone must go
The tiniest lifeboat
With the people I know

Everyone's pushing
Everyone's fighting
Storms are approaching
There's nowhere to hide
If I say the wrong thing
Or I wear the wrong outfit
They'll throw me right over the side

I'm hugging my knees
And the captain is pointing
I thought I was captain
Still, the weakest must go
The tiniest lifeboat
Full of people I know
The tiniest lifeboat
Full of people I know

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Riverdale Cast Lifeboat Comments
  1. Misty Creek Productions

    I hate these lyrics the lyric change and verything about it. I hate Riverdale.

  2. SauceSamuraï

    Most beautiful song in riverdale 😍

  3. Valerie Dols

    you guys have say whatever you want about the lyric change, but Camila's voice is really nice.

  4. Trisha Lennex

    This song is a truly underrated song in heathers... one of the best

  5. Leanne Hawthorne

    I lili reinhart

  6. Leanne Hawthorne

    I understand her situation😢

  7. Leanne Hawthorne

    This song want me to cry😔

  8. Fabia’s World

    Thx! you´re the best doing this, Now I know all the songs of heathers he musical in RIVERDALE High

  9. Kenya osuna

    Soy la unica que habla español?

  10. Ligity Digity

    Me: mom can we have heathers?
    Mom: we have heathers at home
    Heathers at home:

  11. Linda Medina

    This is one of the actually good songs riverscape did

  12. Cotten Candy Angel

    Her voice sounds better with this song right?

  13. Zichi Latic

    Sorry but I like Heathers better
    Still, very well performed, I liked this one still 💓

  14. josh

    Seventeen (Best of the Musical)
    Lifeboat (Honourable Mention)
    Our Love is God (Worst of the Musical)
    Candy Store (Dishonourable Mention (tie))
    Big Fun (Dishonourable Mention(tie))

  15. Antisocial Socialclub

    the musical is Better fight me

  16. Alesia Pintea

    I almost cried...

  17. Cloudy Sunshine

    her voice; whatever. her performance'; WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT

  18. isabella s

    this and seventeen were the only songs from heathers they didn’t ruin i said what i said don’t @ me

  19. Paul

    Ow, they just totally changed the background music. This is beautiful !

  20. Uniquley Bree

    This song is always looked over , it's such a strong message , and it always makes me tear up when I hear it cause that's how life and depression is💔

  21. bagles i didn't even want


  22. Victor Claw of Hogwarts

    This is a great song for the moment when both Veronica and Heather McNamara are in that sad depression-like state because it shows them letting out their feelings cause no one cares about their feeling so it’s like “You don’t care well I’m going to show you anyways!”

  23. Lil_Mis_Cringey

    They kinda ruined heathers

  24. Lilly H

    this was the only good song in the misical episode. cami/ronnie always owns the musical episodes

  25. Hadiyah

    Autotune has entered the chat

  26. I cry Easily

    The only riverdale heathers song remake I can tolerate

  27. Nissi Uzande

    Titanic anyone???

  28. Angel Chi

    This is actually good. The OG is obviously better but this is nice!

  29. Dustin Ashby

    heathers sounds better : /

  30. GingerStarburst

    No one asked for this, why does it even exist! This whole thing is a disgrace.

  31. Asia or Alex Animation :3

    I actually like this one :3

  32. Macca_ Arts

    Riverdale took a beautiful song from Heather's and use it for they pathetic show? Oh God how down we fell...

  33. Chelsea Oberlin

    Oh, yeah Full version!

  34. Red Rose

    They destoyed such a wonderful song ;-;

  35. just a person

    Everyone in my school is like 'I love heathers' and like no u don't you like riverdale and it really annoys me, that's why I hate riverdale

  36. Marauder Girll

    I literally got a riverdale ad before this vid😍

  37. Phillipa Schuyler

    She kinda sounds like Elle agh ❤

  38. Izanami

    Im not crying, you are.

  39. Isabelle Harte

    learning this for a talent show ((:

  40. Madalaine Moore

    no offense but i hated this episode bc it just ruins heathers

  41. Piper McAsey

    Not trying to be rude....But I just hate that Riverdale Did nearly all the Heather's songs! The old is better than the new. Nothing can replace the old lifeboat song

  42. Sad Cherry

    I cried frl ;-;

  43. Myyoutubeaccntig

    I would love to see shine a light reprise

  44. luciferian bell

    Everyone gonna ignore it's originally from Heathers??????

  45. Lisa Nation


  46. Lisa Nation

    Compare to the other songs, this one isn't so bad. I mean, they're all shit, but this one not so much.

  47. Amie Matthews

    I think this is one of the few songs where a lyric change makes just as much sense as the original lyrics
    Because the original line was “and the captain is pointing well who made her captain” which suggests that whoever is “captain” doesn’t deserve it, presumably heather duke who took the role that was heather chandlers, and is questioning why heather duke has control over her life while heather McNamara has none
    While the changed line is “and the captain is pointing I thought I was captain” suggesting she thought she had control but she doesn’t and now she can’t do anything about it

    Unlike in candy store with doorknob 😂


    Yeah, I will agree that "doorknob" didn't really make any sense. Like.... "doorknob"? Really? There are millions of insults out there.... and yet you said "doorknob". Hm.

  48. Gabriela Martinho

    Best song!!

  49. Sister Squad

    Camila has such a beautiful voice 💕
    My Fav Singers out of the riverdale Cast
    1.Lili Reinhart
    2. Madeline Petsch
    3. Cole Sprouse
    4. Camila Mendes

  50. Gacha Reader

    I am the only one to notice that Camila Mendes has the same surname as Shawn Mendes. Are they family or something


    You're not.


    mendes is a very common surname, especially among people from hispanic countries

    Carlos M

    @ash Technically they're both from Portuguese origins (Shawn has Portuguese ascendance and Cami is brazilian), but yeah, Mendes is pretty common.

  51. malfoy's wife

    0:53 - 0:56 OMG😻 HER VOICE!!

  52. Jane Woodwards

    When Camilla Cabello Married Shawn Mendes...

    Isabelle Harte

    Jane Woodwards lmao

  53. Star :3


  54. Anbie TM

    The original is honestly better

  55. Bella P

    this is really good but am i the only one annoyed by some of her vowels?

  56. Emma Davies

    I hate this. I love Riverdale but I love Heathers even more. This just doesnt have the same emotion as McNamara. Also, I HATE the lyric changes.

  57. Beccy Luthe

    in the song she's supposed to raise her voice at 0:40 to show how much she's hurting. she just continues singing in her normal voice, no emotion. song clearly ruined :(

  58. Natka Kucicka

    BardO fajna piosenka.

  59. Once Upon A Blink

    I suggest anybody who hasn’t already seen the original go watch it I’ll link below the original version

  60. Renegade Art

    Not gonna lie

    She sounded like an older version of heather

  61. Emily Lone

    Love this episode sooooo much!

  62. Thomas Griego

    No joke best song performed in the musical episode

  63. sarah smells

    i don't get why this was made under riverdales name if it's from heathers lmao

  64. Olyvia Becerra

    Camila Mendes did so amazing with this song!!!

  65. J-hope's Flute

    This is actually good, way better than most of the horrible covers in the rest of the episode (no offense but yes offense)

  66. That_1_cat !


  67. Atomic Slash

    This was the best musical number in the Heathers episode

  68. Basikelele Ngqono

    From 'The World According To Chris' to 'Lifeboat' made me realize musicals in Riverdale are for Veronica tbh

    Jordy Alcasas

    No they seem more cheryl, but they work better with veronica.

    Elizabeth Sydney


    Allison Thomas

    Ya she has solos in both

  69. Richie Morgan

    This isn’t bad
    It just lacks a lot of emotion to give the song justice

    Richie Morgan

    Ashley Philip in caparison to the other riverdale song it is the most emotional but compared to the off broadway version it doesn’t give the song justice

    Ashley Philip

    Richie Morgan Well of course the actual heather had to audition for her role and her actual profession is to sing whereas Camila is an actor

    Richie Morgan

    Ashley Philip actors have to portray emotion when needed it doesn’t matter if it’s trough song or just speaking

    Ashley Philip

    Richie Morgan Acting doesn’t require an ability to sing. Personally, I think she sang this song with a lot of emotion and it’s like one of the few covers from this episode that I enjoyed

    Mewing Manda

    Ashley Philip idk, I just don’t feel anything. When I watched Elle perform it, I could feel all of the sadness and frustration, but in this one, I just don’t.

  70. —V.K

    Esta fue la mejor canción en mi opinión ( ya que yo escucho el musical)

  71. Rose Menon

    This was legit the only good song in the episode. Riverdale censored so much of the other ones, and had people that could barley sing have huge parts in songs.

    Kaytlyn Galindo

    I really think coles voice was beautiful in that song it did start off bad but like him harmonizing with lili is the best part of the episode

    :D :D

    Kaytlyn Galindo cole actually sang like 10% of his lines bc of autotune and he had like singer to do the parts

    Kaytlyn Galindo

    And what is your source of this information


    Kaytlyn Galindo you can hear the auto tune ? lmao

    Kaytlyn Galindo

    @chrysalxsmI wasnt wondering about the autotune part I was wondering where she or he heard that cole got other people to sing his part also I love your username hamilton for life

  72. mira

    this and seventeen were the only ones i liked lmao

  73. Brindleface

    At least the auto tune didn’t hit as hard here.

  74. Babybel!

    i think this should be credited to the heathers musical instead of a tv show that remade it

  75. Benjamin Wambeke

    Why did they take out the bridge in the show. It sounds actually not bad here

  76. Gorgeous Grace

    Love you

  77. HeatherDaleThings

    You can hear the emotion it's outstanding.

    Phoebus Kotsakis

    listen to the original

    Miaha Spam

    Please listen to the original if u think this is good

    uki bunni

    Listen to the original.


    hoeforlisa괭이 I love your username #blink

    uki bunni

    Summer Lees Aye #blink

  78. Itzririyass Duhh

    1:03 her vocals are like an angel 😢❤️🤗

  79. Anshika Singh

    It's make me cry. It's a very powerful song.

  80. Jordan Jines

    I hope V becomes happy and inherits Lodge industries. But Camila always slays the musical episodes

    Elizabeth Sydney

    Jordan Jines She just has such a huge range of personality especially considering her song in Carrie

  81. Eric

    Aw look heathers going to WHINE WHINE WHI-

    Hex 05

    @eydhanal Your ass is OFF THE TEAM -


    I looked up lifeboat heathers and when I saw this I was like wait what the hell

    Emma B


    Bri cx

    Emma B you don’t deserve the dream, you’re gonna die alone

    B r o k e n b i t c h

    @Bri cx

  82. Riverdale King

    I can Relate to this.
    After a break up

  83. Loading Account

    listen since when would heather m think she was captain??? like she knows she's a follower I'm-


    Loading Account they changed it to fit Veronica’s character I think, because she doesn’t really have a Heather. D

    j o o

    Loading Account
    they changed it to fit veronica. she’s not talking about anyone in this version, she’s just hurting from the news about her parents.

  84. Leon._.117

    Camila's voice 😢😳💕👌💓💖

    Carly Bamford

    Her voice is SO perfect for this song

  85. Emma

    WHAT THE HELL IS THE INSTRUMENTAL? Ok ok, so it's not that bad. But that instrumental came outta nowhere like wth

    Zara Basantez

    I honestly like the instrumental but it barely sounds like lifeboat so like I agree with you.

    isabella s

    same with candy store it’s so weird


    This song makes me cry so much

  87. Stevie K.

    Love Camila's voice!!

    Carly Bamford

    IKR!! This song fits her voice SO well

  88. Aaron jn

    It is gorgeous

  89. Aaron jn

    (Clears throat)

  90. Mina-Chan

    I love the musical and i was hyped for 3×16 because i also love riverdale and it fits perfectly

  91. remy is our saviour II-//

    i still don’t understand why they changed the lyric from “well who made her captain?” to “i thought i was captain?” it just doesn’t work??

    Kaytlyn Galindo

    It's not supposed to be just them rehearsing it's a metaphor for her life and it gives the song deeper meaning opposed to her just running lines for a school play it's a beautiful way to fit the plot in with the song

    Jay Vibezzz

    Get your cup of roasted coffee it’s because veronica was the glue that held her family together so without her they wouldn’t work that’s why

    Puddin Duck

    It has to due with her parents

    Vr Games

    @remy is our saviour II-// but cheryl didnt sing it so they changed it

    Vr Games

    @Briana Mata shes venting more than rehearsing

  92. palasha shrestha

    I love this and 17💜

    Updating Millie

    jessii vee fan 💕🦄 I love your username lol

    palasha shrestha

    @Updating Millie are you a part of the vee team to

  93. Vivian Stewart

    Honestly considering how bad the rest of the episode was this really isn’t that awful


    Vivian Stewart true

    Nole McSpride

    How dare you

    Hex 05

    Very true. Candy store, dead girl walking, and beautiful were atrocities, but this wasn't too terrible because Camille (I think that's her name) is decent at singing and they didn't change too many lyrics

    Kaytlyn Galindo

    I really dont think it was that bad the worst song in my opinion was dead girl walking I loved all the other songs

  94. Lucy Lin

    At least this one barely had a lyric change.

    Kinda Krazy Fangirl

    @The Three Railway Engines yes, they have to change that to make it more family friendly.....
    But that Archie and Ronnie shower scene, as well as an underage pile dancer (Betty), Dark Betty, and the fact that Penelope is a prostitute is absolutely fine.

    Nole McSpride

    @Mark Shaw LMAOO

    Nole McSpride

    @Sad Cherry LMAO

    Nole McSpride

    @Kinda Krazy Fangirl IM DEAD RN

  95. Kayla Lynn

    this song is too short

  96. Eduardo Marques

    Kd os BR?