Rise Against - Long Forgotten Sons Lyrics

Far from home on a road unknown
Where the vultures circle on winds that blow
From northern skies that haunt these waking moments
On shadows cast by the mountain range
On calloused soles we find our way
Through desperate eyes, we long for the horizon
While this sun is rising

We are the long forgotten sons
And daughters that don' belong to anyone
We are alone under this sun
We work to fix the work that you've undone

When cries for help go unanswered
And signal fires just burn and burn
We wonder if we're waiting here for nothing
'Cause our lips are sewn our ears are filled
With the constant drone of the unfulfilled
But we'll never fall if we stand for something
We stand for something

We are the long forgotten sons
And daughters that don' belong to anyone
We are alone under this sun
We work to fix the work that you've undone

Don't fall, I see lights in the distance
They're not far away
Stand up because the sky is turning gray

There's hope in these footsteps of persistence
So don't go astray
These lights get closer everyday

We are the long forgotten sons
Yeah we are the long forgotten sons

We are the long forgotten sons
And daughters that don' belong to anyone
We are alone under this sun
We work to fix the work that you've undone
What you've undone
(what happens now, we don't know, just hold on tight now here we go...)

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Rise Against Long Forgotten Sons Comments
  1. Ice Knight

    Between Collaspe(Post Amerika) and This song, I can't decide which song I love most in this entire album.

  2. Lucy Blades

    I forgot how much I fucking love rise against

  3. andrewf0784

    They are leftists idiots but I'll be damned if they arent musically gifted

  4. grp rodrigues

    F O R Z A 3 T H E B E S T

  5. MarioPwnz

    thank you Forza motorsport 3

  6. Enrique Nicolás Busto de la Villa

    Finally another song who talk about me

  7. Otaku

    This song is epic I love the guitar solo pretty amazing I listen to this in headphones in school i ignore everyone in school Cause there music is about rap and bitches I can't stand it it gets fuckin annoying

  8. kristinat1

    RISE AGAINST IS TH BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/

  9. GrantH

    NHL 2K11 anybody?

  10. Marvin Rodriguez

    Forza Motorsport 3 brought me here

    Samuel Merritt

    dude I played Forza 3 before I listened to their music but never noticed this song in there because I didn't actually listen to the music in the game. I later found this album in my older brothers iPod and listened to them alot. then I played Forza 3 like a week later and noticed this song in there.

  11. Myfavsandlikes

    I'm definitely forgotten...

  12. Razerware146


  13. Michael Schumacher

    this is a great song

  14. Shaye Derryberry

    Hate saying it..
    But Forza brought me here. Loved this track.
    Always one of those reason's I'd keep the game music up

    Jacob Rva

    Shaye Derryberry little late, but welcome! It doesnt matter how you get here, but if you stay!

    grp rodrigues

    FORZA3... the best!!!


    @grp rodrigues You sir know what's good

    Bruins Boy

    NHL 2K11 for me

  15. Sephiroth 2525

    I miss having that album


    +Sephiroth 2525 You're In Luck Then xD

    Sephiroth 2525

    +Hysteria sweet

  16. AslakAttack

    volume change is 3spooky5me

  17. You Rock

    I have not listened to Rise Against :)


    +You Rock Too busy taking heroine?

    John McSayer

    "heroine" heh.
    Also where the fuck did that come from?

  18. HurricaneT TKD

    This is a great band

  19. Gavin McNutt

    Dis is my jam

  20. Jori N-S

    NHL 2k11!!

    Vasya Pupkin

    +Jori N-S Forza motorsport 3.

  21. Kyle Schutten

    Good Music

  22. Kyle Schutten

    Much love

  23. Kyle Schutten

    Much wow

  24. alondra gallegos

    "we'll never fall if we stand for something"

    Brian Casteel

    We always stood for something

  25. MH Spirit

    "There's hope in these footsteps of persistence, so don't go astray, these lights get closer every day".

  26. TheGermanWhoEdits

    God I love Tim's voice......

  27. Sofia Pendragon

    love rise against!!! <3

  28. oaf

    I love the guitar.

  29. Nick

    :D poster of this vid plays/played RS.

  30. Christian Cage

    Remember kids without NoFx you wouldnt have rise against.

    Sean Kauder

    Christian Cage Remember kids without Bad Religion you wouldn't have NOFX.

    John McSayer

    This guy. I like this guy. Bad Religion ftw.

  31. Rhyanna Cadwallader

    Fricken love this band!!!

  32. Adam Anthony

    There are girls on the Internet?!

  33. Alma Saon

    This is around the thousandth comment I have gotten.
    It was a dumb joke.
    Now shut up

  34. Lord Fluffy

    ...You are a girl now*
    You were a guy
    then your balls went boom

  35. UnmaskedMan1

    Well, of course you are... your balls exploded.

  36. dingoatemybaby321

    thts hot!

  37. Surgi Vondoski

    Well, she doesn't anymore. xD

  38. Joshua Mueller

    Forza Motorsport 3 brought me here! Epic Racing game....FTW!!!! AE86 Trueno

  39. op2100

    You cannot have balls if you are a girl, it is a lie !

  40. SorainyBoy

    That makes me moist.

  41. cancer

    its this moment you turn into a girl ? :P

  42. SuperDcare

    i am making a movie with this song in it for the final fight scene you should subscribe to my channel so you can see the badassery i will have different actors than in my previous videos should be up in a mont or two

    Lanval de Lai

    I'm waiting ;)

  43. Alma Saon

    Nope. Testicles. They formed for a second, then exploded into meaty bits just because of this song.

  44. Casey Kent

    Zombie movies suck.. lmao

  45. Casey Kent


  46. pyronimoe

    still love it

  47. Firstnamesare Toomainstream

    First song I heard by them my vagina got scared and jumped away from me. I have a penis now.

  48. Cláudio Cavalcanti

    Rise Against in Brazil again!

  49. Gin.Is.Everything

    So you were a boy and now are a girl? :D

  50. Dehl Fudge

    Internet that's how.

  51. Dave Strider

    Walking Dead kind of ruined zombies for me...

  52. Waltz Norost

    wait how did that happend?....

  53. TheFace1531

    so it wasn't 100 billion

  54. Mason Tatum

    My ovaries exploded. I'm a guy.

  55. Samuel

    The long forgotten song sounds like the survivor from a apocalyptic war

  56. Hylian Prince

    i have no idea bro

  57. Jakob Ractliffe

    why? .3.

  58. emiel zijlstra

    lol the band i play in is cold the Forgotten songs xd

  59. Hylian Prince

    please PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEE don't ask me why but every time I think of rise against I think of regular show mordeci

  60. Andrea Ballesteros


  61. the5322

    Really ? Then I have bad news for you.

  62. Steve Richer

    Some people close friends may want an explanation O.o

  63. Randalf

    Forgot 12 nines there

  64. Noodlz81

    New album announced coming September this year -- check it out on their website

  65. Indskab

    Epic...! Thanks for the upload mate.

  66. Alexander Brodrick

    I think you should see a doctor about that.

  67. Doogasa34

    Right now, they are doing a European tour, so we have to wait. :(

  68. Victor Blixt

    Zombie movies weren't even good from the beginning. They're not scary, they are not funny, they are not action... they are simply nothing.

  69. Aj Carpenter

    i believe that they are currently on world tour or just got back from it

  70. Eli Shomo

    Zombie movies are way to over used.

  71. Andrea Ballesteros


  72. EnterANarwhal

    Such a great opening, and such a class song, by such an unreal band!

  73. Wtfninjasfromhell

    No, the joke is that she is a girl and her balls exploded, but she never had any. That's just how good Rise Against is.

  74. Kimi FW

    That's the joke?

  75. TechnoFreak13

    There's a sick music video of this to Eagle Eye haha

  76. Destabilising

    Fat Wrecked. x_x

    It's around 5 years now Ashley.

  77. ryan keen

    Fucking amazing Artist !!!

  78. NeRmZ RaDo

    Fucking amazing song ! <3

  79. Unforseen Possibilities

    Well of course you are now, you have no balls. Duh.

  80. Zach Allen

    Penguins simply cannot fly, why? ask them. :D

  81. PlatinumGenesis

    its also in nhl 2k11

  82. Alma Saon

    First Rise Against song I've ever heard....my balls exploded. I'm a girl.

  83. Kofuku Shinai

    someone finally made a lyric video the way I thought they should be made ^~^

  84. LGrant522

    Or a Resistance Cell in Post-Invasion USA? Red Dawn perhaps???

  85. Doogasa34

    Forza 2 or Forza 3 (they are racing games)

  86. Spectre

    did anyone else hear this song from a PeteZahHutt (Pete's) stream?

  87. Dr. Devashish

    All Rise Against songs should be full length movies.

  88. That Other Guy

    True dat, bro

  89. OHG1997

    Probably in some kind of superhero movie. It kinda sounds like that xD

  90. MrElite - Technology & Gameplay

    what game?

  91. Doogasa34

    its in a video game, Which is the next best thing

  92. hazrules123

    the cover means nothing, its just an abstract picture, it matches the band pretty well in my opinion ^^

  93. Ben Dover

    "Just" Became??!