Ringo Starr - Wings Lyrics

If i had the wings of an eagle,
Over these broken dreams i will fly.
If i could be shot like an arrow.
Straight to you, in your arms i will lie.
Don't you know i love you?
Don't you know i love you so?

If i had the strength of a lion,
There'd be no one to keep us apart.
And if i was to crack just like thunder,
I would shout what i feel in my heart.
Don't you know i love you?
Don't you know i need you so?

Need you so much,
The melody's coming in clear. (so clear)
And with your touch,
The music keeps going around and around in my ears.

All right!

Don't you know i love you?
Don't you know i need you so?

If i had to live life without you,
I'd be lost like a ship in the night.
Your love never gave me no warning,
Like a bird i was shot down in flight.
Don't you know i love you?
Don't you know i love you so?

Don't you know i love you?
Don't you know i need you so? (need you so)

Don't you know i love you?
Don't you know i love you so?

Don't you know i love you?
Don't you know i need you so? (need you so)

Don't you know i love you?
Don't you know i love you so?

Don't you know i love you?
Don't you know i need you so? (need you so)

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Ringo Starr Wings Comments
  1. Amanda Ward

    Rengo Starr more like Han Solo

  2. Гена Севрюков

    Bravo Ringo !!!

  3. Alexandre D'ARPA

    The end of this videoclip is just magicalIy wondersome.

  4. Antony Gilbey

    Very underated beatle.

  5. tymime

    ...Is that autotune I hear?

    your creepy emo cousin

    Autotune isn't just used for singers that can't sing, it helps keep the vocals on beat and in tune. There's really nothing wrong with a little autotune as long as its not very noticeable

  6. Lizzy Chrome

    Sweet Billy Shears that possessed puppet's eyes are terrifying. EDIT: And I just now registered that line, "If I had the strength of a lion, there'd be no one to keep us apart." Holy creepy puppet stalkers Batman...and damn the whole thing is really fucking creepy. Creepy stalker puppet.

  7. Marc Towers

    *Grande Ringo*

  8. José Mendoza


  9. VACJ

    great rob, jingo!

  10. Bot 0902

    Wing-o Starr

  11. Graham Stafford

    This is charming.

  12. 青木朋博


  13. DADDY Albert

    Surprinly Ringo was the first beatle I subscribed to on YouTube.

  14. Shelelo Zahhak

    Wait is this a song named wings by Ringo or a song named Ringo by wings??

  15. Skuzzy

    The 1977 original version is better in my opinion.

  16. The Starman

    I liked it

  17. The Starman

    Rock it

  18. Super Luigi Weegee

    Ringo lo amare hasta la muerte

  19. Cameron Timmons

    This music video sorta scares the shit out of me. I wish Ringo just did this himself, doing his hip and jive dancing lmao.

  20. Sylvia Phillips

    Cute video!❤❤❤✌✌✌

  21. linda shields


  22. Rodrigo Souza

    A Beatle Always Will be a beatle.

  23. Green

    This is how I feel with all my celebrity crushes: ( lol

  24. Joe Joe

    That intro is how ASMR started

  25. Саша Бабій


  26. T Bone

    Very underrated

  27. Baryonyx Fischkralle

    he make great videos

  28. Lisa Lentile

    Ring o the puppet does you no justice your much cuter

  29. RicheyClear

    Great song... though possible allusions to Paul (Wings) and maybe John ("If I could be shot like an arrow", "like a bird I was shot down in flight") hmmm, no - I'll just enjoy the song as it is.

  30. Valeria _SOAD


  31. Green

    The dog looks so confused

  32. Green

    Life of a fangirl/fanboy

  33. Green

    This song is so catchy!

  34. James Dunn

    Wings? A nod to Paul?

    Kevin O'Brien

    this is a remake of this song that he originally did in 1977 off "Ringo the 4th" while it came out during Wings' run, it has nothing to do with them

  35. ezequiel alberto Escobar

    Que grande ringo tanto años de actividad y aún sigue firme junto a la música con materiales nuevos

  36. Hoober Atehortua

    great song. good video. greetings from COLOMBIA

  37. radio estaçao primeira radio rock

    Very good

  38. Matthew Medley

    I always thought photograph was his best song. Quite emotional.

    Nico Rayo

    Photograph was produced and co-written by George Harrison.

  39. Gabriel Marcovich

    A pesar que Paul fue mi Beatle favorito. ...Siempre quise ser como RINGO !!!!
    Tiene una magia única ,una alegría ...El MEJOR !!!

  40. Rosa Mercedes Valderrama


  41. Wanessa Paiva

    dont you know I love you?! dont u know I need you so?!

  42. Gabrielle Griffin

    Reminds me a lot of kaiser chiefs

  43. Legends rap

    I could listen this song for hours!

  44. Lorenetta

    Me encanta la música de Ringo !!

  45. Freddie faulig

    ringo I like your song but... this doll looks creepy :(

  46. trfesok

    In my Ringo playlist with the 1977 original.

  47. Alison Wild

    Puppets!! Ringo is my heart. Genius.

  48. gerryryan

    how do non talents like Ringpiece Starfish still have a career I mean who buys this shit? peace and love peace and love no autographs liverpool I couldn't wait to leave you

  49. Sandra Ayala

    No puedo creer que tenga tan pocas visitas, but i ♥ it

  50. Ruth TB-JPGR

    No es que le desee mal a Paul pero quiero que Ringo sea el último ex Beatles que quede con vida :v ❤ Disculpen ! jejeje 😘

    Manuel Orozco

    Ruth TB-JPGR jaja puede ser

  51. Diego B


  52. Diego B


  53. IVANEM

    I Love this Song!!! 😍😍😍😍💜

  54. Jesús Navarro De Anda

    La mejor canción

  55. A P

    i love You Ringo ! you are way more than a genious ❤❤❤❤❤

  56. Mundo Juillerat

    Who performs the Guitar work on this song? I really like it.


    It's Joe Walsh on guitar

  57. Fernanda Soto

    ✌Peace and Love✌ Ringo

  58. 『-GamingSoothesMe-』

    JackHammer87: One of Ringo's best songs in recent years.

    The Beatles may be gone but I love how the living members continue to create when they could have been doing what most old rich people would do.


    Well said!


    This song is written in 1977


    SpookyAkatsuki N JackSkellington coucou


    SpookyAkatsuki N JackSkellington nn

  59. Seven Harrison

    I adore the story. It is a concept not really thought by most. How the story is told is wonderful

  60. Cesar Aldair Millano

    Ciertamente Ringo tiene excelentes temas como este pero mi álbum favorito es Ringorama perfecto de principio a fin

  61. Sandra

    I💜Love Ringo

  62. Matias Cea

    Ringo tiene buenos temas, nose porque no se le reconoce tanto como a los otros beatles, en fin sigue asi Ringo :D

  63. foudroyaume

    Ringo's solo work is SO underrated.

    El Barto Runner

    I dont think so. His songs were always the same. Same beat, same melody, same riffs. Paul and John were more skilled songwriter. They can write songs even when they were blindfolded and hands tied. Ringo needs help from outsiders to create songs.

    Joey The Returning Snowpea

    Gerald Guzman and ask people to right unmeaningful songs? Pahh no

    The Starman

    @El Barto Runner Ringo is the most diversity. He was into Rock, pop and Disco

    Martin English

    @The Starman and Country and Music Hall and American Songbook!

    geek life geek life

    George needed Ringo to wrote songs

  64. AbelSplinter

    If you like this song, check out the original. Ringo first sang this song on the album "Ringo the 4th" from 1977. Its a bit more raw.

  65. Jose Wilmar Beltran Roa

    Mi talón de alquiles!

  66. Jóse Orlando C. C.

    Me recuerda canciones de George!!!... muy buena igual...

  67. Rosie Desire

    I love you <3

  68. Donas Daily

    Ringo un genio! , Lastimosamente no se le reconoce como Paul , VIVA RINGO!

    Lou Rodríguez

    +Donas Daily No se comparan, Paul es muchísimo mejor. Claro, Ringo merece crédito también.

    you should have known

    +Lou Rod ls dos son buenos en algo...uno no es mejor que otro

    Fernanda Soto

    Tienes mucha razón Ringo es un gran músico y no se le da la importancia que se debe

    Elena Gómez

    Es una pena ya que muy poca gente lo ve como un gran genio musical, la otra gente solo lo considera como "el batería"

    Virginia Abreu de Paula

    Apenas pessoas que nunca gostaram dos Beatles dizem isso. Por mais incrível que pareça muita gente ainda não sabe que os Beatles eram um quarteto.

  69. ultimatecartoon

    When I clicked on the video, I thought it was gonna be Ringo and Wings. But I was WAY off

  70. Fernanda Anguiano

    El y los demás, los mejores <3

  71. Martina Mendez

    Great job ringo!

  72. GingerGilligan

    Great video, blah song.

  73. F. Javier Rodriguez o Rodriguez rODRIGUEZ

    Tiempo al tiempo... conseguirá ser El Beeatle más conocido, reconocido y admirado del Siglo XXI... sencillamente, por que está "Vivo" de las dos maneras.. con vida, porque vive, y musicalmente está en "Onda".

  74. Angelica JG


  75. Angelica JG


  76. Leslie Doll

    truly disturbing.

    Lizzy Chrome

    Word. Someone should make a video of this to the Thomas trains instead.

  77. Emilio Rivas

    el perrito se llama fufy

  78. Lilí Starkey

    Una de mis favoritas

  79. Jose Assunção



  80. Игорь Шилин

    Absolutely brilliant! Magnetic magic music and magnetic magic clip!  So much love inside... Peace & Love, Ringo!

  81. Rosie Desire

    Genio! Ya tengo las entradas para el 1 de marzo en el plenetario!

  82. Clara Vega

    Gracias por existir!!

  83. Carolina Ramirez

    Amo esta canción, espero con ansias el 3 de Marzo para escucharla en vivo interpretándola el más grande, Ringo!!!

  84. SOLRRACK11

    ringo visit to Costa Rica someday

  85. Starkey1608

    Lo malo es que Ringo no es tan famoso como Paul, él en verdad se merece más reconocimiento por canciones como esta. Mi ex Beatle favorito, y pronto lo veré en el Auditorio Nacional :')


    @Laura Maria Guardado Laìnez Cierto. Aun asi, espero que sus próximos albums sean mas variados que Postcards (me gustó, en especial  Rorry and the Hurricans, pero se me hizo muy monótono).

    Eulalio de la Cuesta

    Starkey1608 yo también lo vi we *w* fue hermoso

    Manuel Orozco

    Starkey1608 así es amigo... ese Ringo es buenísimo

    Jillian Goode

    The most beautifully misinterpreted person wish he had lived in south Africa then things could have happened sooner ?k,,,

    Marc Towers

    *No merece más que Paul, pero si merece más reconocimiento del que tiene*

  86. The Jokester

    Hes a puppet. So he cant tell her how he feels or even let her know hes real

    Lizzy Chrome

    But if he's her puppet then he's already pretty, um, intimate with her...

  87. albensil

    Ringo tiene un montón de canciones buenísimas como ésta, pero algo que siempre le recriminaré como fan es que cuando vas a sus conciertos nunca sale de las más famosas o de las que cantaba con The Beatles: Yellow submarine, with a little help from my friends, boys, honey don't, etc., dejando fuera un chorro de buenas rolas de su reper solista que sería muy agradable escuchar en vivo.

    Jhasua Escobedo

    concuerdo contigo

    Amanda Ward

    WTH are you saying

  88. Sebastien Guilland

    ohhh gooood ..magnifique clip bravo 

  89. Luger Klaus

    I went to his concert last month and ,Man! It was amazing! I didn't expect anything that awesome!
    This song Rocks! Go Ringo! 
    He's in his middle 70's and looks like he's just hitting 50!

    Beetles With an A

    @Luger Klaus As well as all the Beatles have a prophet-like hidden message of love in their songs so does Ringo. You can learn all the secrets. Having read this book (the present) at truthcontestcom I´m already starting to make sense from even the trippy songs :D BEATLES SECTION STARTS PAGE 59!<:D

  90. J. K. Hauser

    Great puppetry and timing.

  91. BehindMySarcasm

    @Montana O'Connell:  That's not autotune, that's ADT- automatic double tracking, which was pioneered by the Beatles.

  92. Julia Wolf

    Ringo is my idol and this somg is amazing

  93. Kingshal11

    I feel bad. Back in the 50's and 60's he probably loved life, but after The Beatles he lost all the fame. He deserves it

    Tamara Sarwat

    @Jon Kopp I think he means he desrves this fame but lost it

    Jon Kopp

    Oh, haha.

    Jennifer M

    What did he do in the 50s? I think he did fabulous work after the Beatles. Had some amazing hits and I loved him as Mr. Conductor! Ringo is ,my 5yo daughters' favorite Beatle!

    The Starman

    He was very sucessfully in the 70's. He had #1 on billboard and worlwide hits.

    Lizzy Chrome

    I don't know him, but Ringo seems to love life way more than most dudes his age

  94. Νικ Τζάκολσον


  95. [Redacted]

    Unlike so I can like again! :P